Austrian Blockchain Center for Multidisciplinary Research Established in Vienna

The COMET Centers, which are coordinated by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), have approved the Austrian Blockchain Center (ABC) in Vienna, according to a Nov. 29 press release. ABC involves 21 scientific institutions, 54 companies, 17 associated participants, and 16 international institutions and companies. According to the release, the research center will be multidisciplinary and focus on Internet of Things (IoT), finance, energy, logistics, and applications in public administra...
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Mike Pence Tweets and Later Deletes Photo With Florida Sheriff's Deputy Sporting a QAnon Patch

As further evidence that we’re all trapped in an increasingly surreal waking nightmare, Vice President Mike Pence tweeted a photo-op on Friday of himself with a sheriff’s deputy whose uniform prominently sported a patch for QAnon, the elaborate, pro-Donald Trump conspiracy theory with 4chan roots.Read more...
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Fox, Cosmos producers both say they're investigating sexual misconduct allegations against Neil deGrasse Tyson

Fox and the producers of its popular science program Cosmos have both issued statements today in regards to recent allegations of sexual misconduct against host Neil deGrasse Tyson, stating that they’re investigating the charges raised in a recent report posted to the website Patheos. In it, author David G. McAfee…Read more...
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What are the ethics of baby gene-editing?

"It's obvious that everything that is technically feasible is not ethically desirable," said Cynthia Fleury, a member of the French Ethics Committee. Certainly the case in China has brought the debate to the fore. China's government said it was opposed to the experiment, while the scientific world erupted in uproar.
Tags: Science, China, Cynthia Fleury, French Ethics Committee

Alaska surveys damage from major earthquakes

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Chris Riekena was driving his 7-year-old son to school when his car started acting up. As he pulled over, he realized the problem wasn’t his car — it was a huge earthquake. Riekena turned around to calm his son in the back seat and when he looked forward again, the road […]
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Google May Be Shutting Down Hangouts for Consumers Sometime in 2020: Report

It looks as though Hangouts will join a growing list of Google chat products to bite the dust. After years of indications that such a move could be imminent, Google may finally be shutting down its Hangouts platform for consumers.Read more...
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NASA's Martian quake sensor InSight lands at slight angle

NASA's unmanned Martian quake sensor, InSight, has landed at a slight angle on the Red Planet, and experts are hopeful the spacecraft will work as planned, the US space agency said Friday. The $993 million lander arrived Monday at its target, a lava plain named Elysium Planitia, for a two-year mission aimed at better understanding how Earth's neighboring planet formed. "The vehicle sits slightly tilted (about 4 degrees) in a shallow dust- and sand-filled impact crater known as a 'hollow,'" NAS...
Tags: Science, US, Nasa, Earth, Red Planet

Tesla Needs Subaru or Maybe Mazda to Succeed

The recent reports that Elon Musk told his employees that the $35,000 Model 3 would cost $38,000 to build made me realize some things: first, -$3,000 is a pretty crappy profit margin, and second, Tesla needs some friends. Specifically, they need some friends who build lots of good cars yet have no clear plans to build…Read more...
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The Hidden Danger of Cleaning Up Our Space Junk

As an international relations scholar who studies space law and policy, I have come to realize what most people do not fully appreciate: Dealing with space debris is as much a national security issue as it is a technical one. As outer space activities are deeply rooted in the geopolitics down on Earth, the hidden challenge posed by the debris is the militarization of space technologies meant to clean it up. The term “space debris” refers to defunct human-made objects, relics left over from act...
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Beneath Antarctica’s ice is a graveyard of dead continents

The satellite’s eye revealed that East Antarctica is a jigsaw puzzle of at least three geological titans, showing geological similarities with some of Australia’s bedrock, while another resembles part of India’s. The third is an amalgamation of pieces of old seafloors.
Tags: Science, News, Australia, India, Antarctica, East Antarctica

The Vision Is Coming to Disney's Scarlet Witch Streaming Series

As the sun sets on the Netflix-bound portion of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, the new slate of shows premiering on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service are rising to seemingly take their place. Read more...
Tags: Science, Marvel, Disney, Marvel Comics, Avengers, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney Plus, Vision And The Scarlet Witch

The Cassian Andor Star Wars Show Has Found Its Showrunner

And he knows a thing or two about good spy shows. Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Lucasfilm, Stephen Schiff, Cassian Andor, Disney Plus

A museum showing its age, and sharing its DNA

The Zoological Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ collection, first formed from acquisitions made by Peter the Great three centuries ago, is now helping to unlock genetic information and precious clues to aid species survival.
Tags: Science, News, Peter, Nation & World

Five big ways the United States will need to adapt to climate change

The National Climate Assessment is out. After the dire warnings, now is time to look at how we can adapt to the changes that are coming.
Tags: Science, News, Environment, United States, Nation & World

The First Captain Marvel Funko Pops Tease an Intriguing Alternate Name for Carol Danvers

To paraphrase liberally from Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a Hollywood blockbuster in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a Funko Pop line. Captain Marvel is no such exception—and its Pop vinyl toys are giving an intriguing little hint about the movie.Read more...
Tags: Hollywood, Science, Marvel, Jane Austen, Marvel Studios, Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, Funko, POP Vinyl

Guy Hacks Printers Around The World To Tell People To Subscribe To Pewdiepie

Despite an avalanche of over-the-line jokes and gaffes that cost him deals and a show, as well as an ever-changing YouTube landscape, Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg remains the king of YouTube mountain. For now, anyway: An Indian music production company called T-Series has been fast on his heels for a while and—with…Read more...
Tags: Science, Youtube, Pewdiepie, Sure Why Not, FELIX, Kjellberg, T Series

A Face Transplant Gave This 26-Year-Old a ‘Second Chance at Life’

A 26-year-old’s success story receiving a face transplant gives hope for the future to patients like him.
Tags: Science

Only Jail-Time and Stiff Fines Will Stop This, Say Senators After Marriott Breach

Of all the reactions thus far to the “jaw-dropping” Marriott hotel-chain data breach, the strongest unsurprisingly came from the U.S. Senate’s leading privacy advocate, Democrat Ron Wyden of Oregon.Read more...
Tags: Science, Data Breach, Marriott, Ron Wyden, U S Senate, Marriott Hotels, Ed Markey

California wildfire emissions equal year of power pollution

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Wildfires in California in 2018 released the rough equivalent of about 68 million tons of heat-trapping carbon dioxide — about the same amount of carbon emissions as are produced in a year to provide electricity to the state, U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Friday. The carbon dioxide figure — based […]
Tags: Science, News, California, San Francisco, Ap, Ryan Zinke, Nation & World, state U S Interior

88 Confirmed Dead in California's Camp Fire as Search for Victims Ends

The search teams went through about 18,000 buildings
Tags: Science, California

President Trump Reportedly Wants to Make Asylum Seekers Wait in Mexico. It's Not That Simple

Experts talk to TIME about the legality of Trump's plan for asylum seekers
Tags: Science, Mexico, Trump

The 10 Best Deals of November 30, 2018

We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...
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America’s next moon landing will be by private companies, not NASA

America’s next moon landing will be made by private companies — not NASA. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced Thursday that nine U.S. companies will compete to deliver experiments to the lunar surface. The space agency will buy the service and let private industry work out the details on getting there, he said.
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I Wanted to Stream Buffy, Angel, and Firefly for Free, But Not Like This

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and the good looking criminals of Firefly are finally going to be available for free online for anyone to revisit or watch for the first time. This should be a cause for celebration. But they’re coming back courtesy of Facebook Watch, and as much as I’d love for friends to finally see…Read more...
Tags: Science, Angel, Firefly, Buffy, Facebook Watch, Buffy Angel

UK may never recover £1.2bn invested in EU Galileo satellite system

British armed forces will not get access to Galileo, a rival to the US GPS system, after BrexitThe UK may never claw back £1.2bn of investment in Galileo, the EU’s satellite navigation system, as Theresa May officially pulled the plug on UK defence and security participation in the system after Brexit.Galileo, developed as a rival to the US GPS system, is due to be launched in 2020 with civilian and military variants. The UK’s continued involvement, given the extent of British funding of the sys...
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The Current Ebola Outbreak in Africa has Become the Second Largest in History

The ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has reached an especially tragic milestone. According to the World Health Organization, the outbreak is now the second-largest recorded in Ebola’s 42-year-long known history.Read more...
Tags: Ebola, Science, Africa, Infectious Diseases, World Health Organization, Outbreak, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Vaccines

Woman discovered tied up in a closet, husband stabbed, beaten to death: Part 2

Sandy Melgar, who suffers from epilepsy and other ailments, told police she woke up and found herself tied up in a closet but had no recollection of what had happened.
Tags: Science, Sandy Melgar

Marriott Is Already Getting Sued Over Huge Data Breach

On Friday morning, the Marriott hotel chain disclosed that its Starwood reservation system had experienced one of the largest data breaches of all time. By Friday afternoon, a class action lawsuit was already filed in a U.S. District Court.Read more...
Tags: Science, Data Breach, Marriott, Starwood, U S District Court Read, It Begins

Archaeologists Just Unearthed 8 Egyptian Mummies Dating Back to 300 B.C.

Egypt’s archaeologists keep unearthing magnificent new finds.
Tags: Science, Egypt

Woman indicted for brutal murder of husband after three decades of marriage: Part 4

The prosecution tried to convince the jury how and why Sandy Melgar murdered her husband after 32 years of marriage.
Tags: Science, Sandy Melgar

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