Apple Says China iPhone Ban Would Force Settlement With Qualcomm

The U.S. company was responding to a Chinese court that ruled this week Apple infringed two Qualcomm patents and issued injunctions against the sale of six older versions of the iPhone. Apple, which has filed a request for consideration, argues the decision harms China’s interests by potentially raising the royalties and fees that phonemakers pay Qualcomm.
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UN climate summit set for tense finale as nations sound alarm

UN talks aimed at averting catastrophic climate change are set to wrap up in Poland Friday after two weeks of heated disputes between rich and poor nations that saw countries most at risk plead for action. Sources close to the COP24 talks told AFP that delegates from nearly 200 nations were still far apart on several issues -- from adopting the latest environmental science to how future climate action is funded. Ministers must agree on a common rule book to make good on promises made by countr...
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Drive with Nasa's next rover on Mars

Scientists have already planned the route Nasa's next robot will drive when it lands on Mars in 2021.
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Would You Pay to Watch HBO on Facebook or Is Facebook Just Incredibly, Incredibly High

Hypothetical question: Assuming that Facebook wasn’t at once impressively incompetent, incredibly dangerous, and also, you know, evil, would you pay to watch some of your favorite movies or TV shows on its platform? Would you be willing to use your hard-earned money to transform Facebook into your one-stop-shop for…Read more...
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NASA orbiter spots InSight lander (and its junked hardware) on Mars’ surface

Two weeks after NASA’s InSight lander touched down on Mars, its precise location on Elysium Planitia has been pinpointed, thanks to pictures from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. And it’s not just the car-sized lander: The orbiter even identified the sites where the spacecraft’s heat shield as well as its backshell and attached parachute ended up. In today’s mission update, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory says the lander, heat shield and parachute are all within 1,000 feet of one another on ...
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'Billion-Dollar View'! See Incredible Footage from Virgin Galactic's 1st Spaceflight (Video)

Dramatic in-flight video from Virgin Galactic shows the dazzling view Earth from above from the private spaceflight company's SpaceShipTwo vehicle, the VSS Unity, during its historic first flight to space Thursday (Dec. 13) over California's Mojave Desert. Just 14 minutes elapsed between vehicle separation and the moment Unity's wheels touched down again.
Tags: Science, California, Virgin Galactic, Unity, VSS Unity

DNA-based diet and exercise plans offer little more than self-fulfilling prophecy, study

Stanford University, over the course of a year, recruited 223 participants in a fascinating study at the intersection of diet, exercise, and DNA. Researchers sought individuals willing to take DNA tests to educate them of their personalized genetic makeup, and specifically, how it applies to diet and exercise. It was all fake. What researchers Brad Turnwald and Alia Crum were actually interested in wasn’t specialized diet plans or exercise routines, but how people reacted to them. So they devise...
Tags: Startups, Science, Stanford University, Brad Turnwald, Alia Crum

Tumblr Returns to Apple’s App Store Following Porn Ban Announcement

After Tumblr mysteriously disappeared from Apple’s Apple Store last month, it appears it has returned to the iOS store. The re-emergence of Tumblr’s app on the platform this week follows its controversial and maligned ban on adult content, which the company said would begin taking effect on December 17.Read more...
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Smog and a hard place: China regions caught between economic woes and pollution war

China has promised to put an end to a "growth at all costs" economic model, which has blackened its skies and contaminated large stretches of its water and soil. The government just embarked on another winter campaign against polluters in a dozen smog-prone provinces and regions. Environmental compliance has become a key test of political loyalty among local officials, but this year they must plot a course that will also keep the economy on track.
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No foul play suspected in deaths of two workers at U.S. research station in Antarctica

The two fire-safety technicians died in unexplained circumstances on Wednesday while performing preventive maintenance on a building that houses a generator for a radio transmitter outside the NSF-managed McMurdo Station, the agency said. While the science foundation, a U.S. government agency, said an official inquiry into the deaths was just getting under way, spokesman Peter West told Reuters that investigators had turned up no evidence of foul play. NSF also declined to disclose any person...
Tags: Science, Virginia, Antarctica, Reuters, NSF, McMurdo Station, Leidos, Peter West, Pae, U S Antarctica Program

UN climate talks 'deadlocked' on key issues: top China diplomat

UN negotiations aimed at preventing runaway global warming remain deadlocked less than 24 hours before the 12-day talks are set to end, China's top climate diplomat said Thursday. Ministers working overnight along parallel negotiating tracks struggled to weave dozens of strands into a "rule book" that would bring to life the Paris Agreement on climate change. The 2015 treaty vows to cap the rise in Earth's temperature at "well under" two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), and 1.5C if po...
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UCLA Launches First Accredited Blockchain Engineering Course

Blockchain courses are being adopted by more institutions as a way of teaching and equipping the next generation of crypto engineers to meet the ever-increasing demand for the technology and its applications. Now, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is gearing up to offer its first blockchain engineering course, thanks to a sizable donation from
Tags: Science, University of California Los Angeles UCLA

App-ology: Tech tycoon atones for coastal damage with mobile guide

Los Angeles (AFP) - When tech whizz Sean Parker angered conservationists with a lavish but damaging outdoor wedding to match the excess of any Hollywood party he apologized in the only way he knew how -- he built an app.
Tags: Hollywood, Science, Los Angeles, Sean Parker

It's Time to Plan for How Quantum Computing Could Go Wrong, Say Entrepreneurs and Physicists

Quantum computers that can crack our strongest encryption methods might be decades away—but a group of entrepreneurs and researchers think we better start talking ethics now. Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Physics, Ethics, Ibm, Quantum Computing, Eeroq

Nations still worlds apart at crunch UN climate summit

Nations at UN climate talks were haggling Friday over the world's plan to avert disaster as host Poland dumped a draft decision text on delegates just hours before the summit was due to end. Negotiators told AFP that delegates from nearly 200 nations were still far apart on several crunch issues -- from how the future fight against climate change is funded, to the levels of help given to countries already experiencing its effects. One negotiator told AFP there were "several areas of concern" s...
Tags: Science, Poland, Un, Afp

Controversial AI Service for Flagging 'Risky' Babysitters Hits Pause After Backlash

Predictim, a service that sells parents the opportunity to screen potential babysitters by crawling social media, the web, and criminal databases, has announced it’ll be taking a step back and rethinking its approach after a wave of bad press and public criticism. Read more...
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1 Side Effect Doctors Don't Want You to Fret Over, If You're Still Putting Off That Flu Shot

Despite the fact that it's easier than ever to get your flu shot (many stores and standalone pharmacies even offer the vaccine for free), there are lots of reasons you might be putting it off, from stressful holiday planning to vaccine-specific questions you simply haven't had the time to ask. Here's one you can check off your list: the flu shot is unlikely to interact with other injections or any of the prescription or over-the-counter medications you're taking.
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Blake Shelton Establishes Cancer Research Program at Children's Hospital in Honor of His Cousin

Blake Shelton Establishes Cancer Research Program
Tags: Science, Blake Shelton Establishes Cancer Research Program

PG&E seeks 12 percent rate hike in 2020

PG&E had previously forecast a 2019 electric transmission revenue requirement of $1.96 billion, up 9.5 percent from 2018. While the exact extent of PG&E's fire-related liabilities remains unclear, the company had previously said its liability could exceed its insurance coverage if its electrical equipment was found to have caused the Camp Fire.
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Godzilla's Kaiju Cohorts Grab the Spotlight on These Killer New King of the Monsters Posters

It’s been an outstanding week for Godzilla fans. First, we got a monster-packed new trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Then, we got a very fun fan-made remix trailer that looked at the upcoming movie through an old-school kaiju lens. And now, the movie’s supporting cast of “Titans” have their very own…Read more...
Tags: Science, Warner Bros, Godzilla, Godzilla King Of The Monsters

Antarctic climate change: Scientists visit the world's most remote island

Studying ice cores on a small island in the South Atlantic will help us understand why Antarctica's glaciers are melting.
Tags: Science, Antarctica, South Atlantic

NASA's InSight Lander Takes Its First Selfie From The Surface of Mars

NASA's lander InSight touched down on the Martian surface November 26 afte
Tags: Science, Nasa, Mars

These face-generating systems are getting rather too creepily good for my liking

Machine learning models are getting quite good at generating realistic human faces — so good that I may never trust a machine, or human, to be real ever again. The new approach, from researchers at Nvidia, leapfrogs others by separating levels of detail in the faces and allowing them to be tweaked separately. The results are eerily realistic. The paper, published on preprint repository Arxiv (PDF), describes a new architecture for generating and blending images, particularly human faces, that “l...
Tags: Science, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Nvidia

What Happened When I Bought Pre-Hung Double Doors That Were Too Wide For My Doorway

I became very well acquainted with a circular saw.
Tags: Science, Doorway

Amazon's Big Brother Dystopia Is Under Attack From All Sides

Nobody is too excited about an Amazon face-scanning doorbell that can call the police.
Tags: Amazon, Science

Google Claims It Wont Sell Face Recognition Tech—For Now

Google seems to be trying to distinguishing itself from the likes of Microsoft and Amazon with a recent statement claiming it will not sell its facial recognition technology until it figures out certain policy issues. Read more...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Science, Microsoft, Artificial Intelligence, Alphabet, Google Claims It Wont Sell Face Recognition Tech

Historic Virgin Galactic Flight Reminds Us That ‘Space’ Is Just a Concept, Man

Earlier today, Virgin Galactic sent its SpaceShipTwo commercial aircraft into space, a historic first for the private company. But at a maximum altitude of 51.4 miles (82.68 kilometers), the spaceplane fell 10.6 miles (17.32 kilometers) short of the Karman line—the internationally recognized boundary separating the…Read more...
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UNAIDS chief stepping down early after scathing report

The head of the U.N. agency for HIV and AIDS is stepping down in June, six months before his term ends, after an independent panel said that his "defective leadership" tolerated "a culture of harassment, including sexual harassment, bullying, and abuse of power". Michel Sidibe announced the decision on Thursday at the end of a three-day board meeting of UNAIDS that examined the panel's report, the agency said in a statement. Sidibe, a Malian national, has been executive director since 2009 of ...
Tags: Science, Sidibe, UNAIDS, Michel Sidibé, U N agency

How to Recognize the Difference Between Signs of Autism and Developmental Delays

Before parents leap to the conclusion that their child is on the spectrum it important to look into these diagnostic mimics.
Tags: Science

Virgin Galactic's most recent test flight looks pretty dang impressive in a new video

For the first time in the company's history, Virgin Galactic made it more than 50 miles up above Earth.  According to the spaceflight company founded by Richard Branson, this marks the first time their spaceplane — called SpaceShipTwo — has made it to suborbital space. And they have the video to prove it. "Today, we have shown that Virgin Galactic really can open space to change the world for good," Branson said in a statement.  The next step for Virgin Galactic now hinges on when the compa...
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