This Video Explains Everything You Need to Know About My Favorite Science Fiction Superstructure

Superstructures—giant, impossible machines or buildings, popular in science fiction, more or less impossible in reality—are the absolute best. They are my jam. The Dyson Sphere is the best one. Read more...
Tags: Science, Design, Dyson Sphere, Superstructures

Two Arrested in Drone Incident That Disrupted Hundreds of Flights at Gatwick Airport [Updated: They've Been Released]

Updated 12/23/18 9:30 a.m. ET: Sussex Police have released the two suspects arrested in connection to the drone incident at Gatwick Airport without charge, Detective Chief Superintendent Jason Tingley said.Read more...
Tags: Science, Airports, Drones, Gatwick, Gatwick Airport, Sussex Police, Jason Tingley

Two Arrested in Drone Incident That Disrupted Hundreds of Flights at Gatwick Aiport

Following a drone incident that grounded planes and disrupted operations at the UK’s second-largest airport just days ahead of Christmas, officials say they have made two arrests in connection with the event.Read more...
Tags: UK, Science, Airports, Drones, Gatwick, Gatwick Airport, Gatwick Aiport

British Army to deploy advanced bomb disposal robots in £55m deal

The British Army is to deploy advanced bomb disposal robots costing around £1m each that will help diffuse potential explosives on the streets of Britain and in war zones. The first four Harris T7 robots were delivered to the Army after the robots were put through their paces in a rigourous eight week trial, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said. The Army is set to deploy 56 of the robots as part of a £55m contract with American defence company Harris Corporation. The caterpillar-tracked robot...
Tags: Science, US, Afghanistan, Britain, Northern Ireland, British Army, Army, Defence, Helmand Province, Northrop Grumman, HARRIS, Williamson, Millar, Harris Corporation, Peter Miller, Gavin Williamson

4 strategies for stopping 'rogue' drones from flying in illegal airspace

With Christmas approaching, London’s Gatwick airport, one of the busiest in the U.K., was forced to shut down for a day this week after reports of two “rogue” drones flying above the airfield. It is possible to track down drones and jam the signals the drone uses to communicate with the pilot flying it.
Tags: Science, London, Gatwick

James Wan Put That Pitbull Song in Aquaman Precisely Because It's Ridiculous

Sometimes, you just have to lean into it. And that was James Wan’s precise reaction when asked about “Ocean to Ocean”, Pitbull’s… interesting… remix of Toto’s “Africa.” The song appears both on the soundtrack and in a moment in the film, and Wan has a pretty clear explanation as to why. Read more...
Tags: Science, Africa, Dc, Warner Bros, Pitbull, Aquaman, Toto, James Wan, Ocean to Ocean, James Wan Put That Pitbull Song

Sacha Baron Cohen reveals he filmed an interview that was too grim even for Who Is America?

If Sacha Baron Cohen’s Golden Globe-nominated Showtime series Who Is America? really is finished—and honestly, we’ll believe it when we see it—there is at least one upside to the undercover show’s conclusion: Baron Cohen’s sudden willingness to do post-mortems on the series, the shooting of which is starting to sound…Read more...
Tags: TV, Science, America, Sacha Baron Cohen, Golden Globe, Baron Cohen, Who is america

Modder Transforms Super Mario 64 Into Super Mario Bros.

The brain behind a number of Super Mario 64 mods has done it again by recreating lots of Super Mario Bros. levels inside of Super Mario 64.Read more...
Tags: Science, Nintendo, Super Mario Bros, Kotaku Core, Super Mario, Mods, Mario Bros, Super Mario 64

Billy Eichner's Namor Really, Really Does Not Appreciate the Aquaman Movie

Aquaman’s in the limelight, but Marvel has its own ocean-faring counterpart, and he is not happy. Read more...
Tags: Science, Marvel, Warner Bros, Billy Eichner, Aquaman, DC Entertainment, Namor The Sub Mariner

Trump: What If the Border Wall Was Actually a Row of Pointy Sticks

This week, the Oogie Boogie Man made of deflated basketballs currently residing in the Oval Office, Donald Trump, made good on his threat to shut down the federal government if Congress doesn’t approve $5.7 billion in funding for his U.S.-Mexico border wall project.Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Congress, Mexico, Immigration, Infrastructure, Donald Trump, Border Wall, Oval Office Donald Trump, Sure Whatever, Pointy Sticks, Oogie Boogie Man

Facebook Removes 5 Accounts Tied to Shady Disinformation Tactics in Alabama Special Election

Following an investigation by the New York Times that revealed a group of researchers mirrored tactics used by the Russians to oppose Republican candidate Roy Moore in last year’s special election in Alabama, Facebook has reportedly closed the accounts of several individuals involved with the effort.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Russia, Alabama, Democrats, New York Times, Roy Moore, Disinformation, Russia Election Interference, Alabama Facebook

This bright, hazy blue blob is the brightest comet to visit Earth in 2018

For astronomers, spotting things at huge distances is all part of the gig, but sometimes our Solar System takes care of the hard work by bringing interesting objects withing a cosmic hair's width of Earth. Comets are one of those kinds of objects, and in a new blog post NASA shows off some lovely (if a bit blurry) images of the brightest comet of 2018. This particular ball of ice and rock is called 46P/Wirtanen, and the images you see here were captured on December 13th as the comet came wi...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Earth, Halley, Wirtanen

John Wick's Director Could Keep Doing This Forever

Mr. John Wick is riding a wild assassination train, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Read more...
Tags: Science, John Wick, Chad Stahelski, John Wick 3, The Continental

See Jeff Goodell Explain How U.S. Is Subverting Efforts to Curb Climate Change

Trying to understand the ramifications of the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which recently took place in Poland
Tags: Science, United Nations Climate Change Conference, Jeff Goodell

These Gorgeous Space Images Are Making People Want To Ice Skate On Mars

Stunning images from Mars have people across the internet wanting to strap on
Tags: Science, Mars

China's Nine-Month Freeze on New Video Game Approvals Will Soon Be Over

The Chinese government has ended a nine-month freeze on new approvals of video game licenses, the South China Morning Post reported on Friday, after the establishment of a “new body to review ethical issues in gaming” and the completion of a re-organization among government media agencies.Read more...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Technology, Video Games, China, Censorship, Tencent, South China Morning Post

Slack: Sorry We Gave You the Boot If You Visited Iran

After unnecessarily shutting down the accounts of some of its customers, Slack is now apologizing for the significant overreach.Read more...
Tags: Science, Iran, Sanctions, Slack, Iran Sanctions

Watch This Poster Artist Run Down the MCU's Best and Worst Designs

I’m passionate about movie posters, but I can’t say I really understand the craft of making them. James Verdesoto, a poster artist with a long career that includes, among others, the iconic poster for Pulp Fiction, does, though. And he’s generous enough to share. Read more...
Tags: Art, Science, Marvel, Marvel Studios, Movie Posters, James Verdesoto

Post-Christmas storm to strike the central US with snow, rain and thunderstorms

People with travel plans after Christmas may need to watch the weather closely over the central United States as the potential for a major storm exists with heavy snow across the north and the risk of flooding rain and severe thunderstorms across the south.
Tags: Science, US, United States

Major storm with heavy snow, flooding and severe weather risk looms for central US after Christmas

People with travel plans after Christmas may need to watch the weather closely over the central United States as the potential for a major storm exists with heavy snow across the north and the risk of flooding rain and severe thunderstorms across the south.
Tags: Science, US, United States

These Christmas Videos by Space Station Astronauts Are Simply Adorable

Astronauts have already decked the halls of the International Space Station for the holidays, if some new videos are any indication. "We wanted to talk to you for a little bit about what the holiday season means to us, both up here on orbit and down on Earth," McClain announces in a video released on Twitter Thursday (Dec. 20).
Tags: Science, McClain

This Icy Crater Near Mars' North Pole Is a Winter Wonderland (Photos)

Images of an "ever-icy" Martian crater reveal a distant yet mesmerizing winter wonderland. 
Tags: Science, Mars

A Dazzling Fireball Over California Thrilled Skywatchers This Week! See the Photos.

Lots of people got to admire, and puzzle over, the fireball that blazed up off the coast of Northern California just after sunset on Wednesday (Dec. 19). Folks as far south as Anaheim and as far north as the Oregon city of Medford spotted the meteor or the trail it left behind, according to a sighting map posted by the American Meteor Society (AMS). For example, David Smoyer saw it from the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.
Tags: Science, California, Oregon, Nevada, Northern California, Anaheim, Medford, American Meteor Society AMS, David Smoyer

U.S. Aircraft Carriers Must Evolve or Die: Study

U.S. aircraft carriers must either adopt new tactics and equipment for twenty-first-century warfare—or prepare to be sunk.
Tags: Science

Uranus is weird and researchers think a giant collision caused it

Uranus has always been a bit of an oddball in our solar system and a new simulation presented by a group of researchers might explain why. Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun, is a peculiar ice giant that is tilted at a 98-degree angle — while every other planet spins on a vertical axis in relation to its orbit, Uranus spins on a horizontal axis. Researchers suggest that this may have been caused by a massive collision. SEE ALSO: Moody photo from Mars shows a giant crater loaded with ice Jac...
Tags: Science, Mars, Durham University, Moody, Jacob Kegerreis, Kegerreis

Check In From Anywhere With This $32 Pan-and-Tilt Security Camera

Internet-connected security cameras don’t have to set you back over $100; this model from Yi is packed with features, and only $32 today.Read more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Amazon deals, Yi, Tilt Security Camera

Legendary Scoundrel Harry Mudd Returns In Final 'Star Trek: Short Trek' Trailer: 'The Escape Artist'

The "Short Treks" have got consistently better each month with "The Brightest Star" that aired just two weeks ago being the best yet — and we're shaking with excitement for the final episode. "Twenty counts of homicide…" The Tellarite continues. "Short Treks" is being shown in the U.S. on CBS All Access.
Tags: Science, Cbs, Harry Mudd

Spacex halts launch of U.S. military satellite due to winds

(Reuters) - Elon Musk's SpaceX scrapped Saturday's launch of a long-delayed navigation satellite for the U.S. military due to strong upper-level winds. The next launch attempt will be on Sunday at 8:51 a.m. EST/ 13:51 UTC, according to Space X officials. The launch would have been the rocket firm's first national security space mission for the United States. (Reporting by Eric M. Johnson in Seattle; Editing by Leslie Adler)
Tags: Spacex, Science, United States, Seattle, Eric M Johnson, Reuters Elon Musk

How the government shutdown impacts the weather industry

The shutdown forces several federal agencies to cease operations, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Weather Service, the U.S. Geological Survey and NASA.
Tags: Science

High Winds Delay SpaceX Launch of Advanced GPS Navigation Satellite

The launch of a SpaceX rocket carrying advanced GPS satellite for the U.S. Air Force on Saturday (Dec. 22) has been delayed for 24 hours by high winds over the mission's Florida launch site, company officials said. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was minutes from launching the new GPS III SV01 satellite, the first of a new breed of U.S. navigation satellites, from a pad at Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (liftoff was set for 9:21 a.m. EST, or 1421 GMT) when the company officially stood dow...
Tags: Florida, Science, SpaceX Falcon, U S Air Force, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

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