NASA wants you to celebrate New Years with its New Horizons space probe

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has been speeding through space since early 2006 and it's about to make what might be its most interesting flyby to date. After speeding past Jupiter and Pluto in the 12 years since its launch, the probe is about to have a very close encounter with a mysterious object in the outer Solar System called Ultima Thule. As luck would have it, it's going to meet its target on New Year's Day, and it's a pretty big deal for NASA. As we approach the prob...
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Indonesia widens exclusion zone around island volcano

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia has widened the no-go zone around an island volcano that triggered a tsunami on the weekend, killing at least 430 people in Sumatra and Java. The country’s volcanology agency said Thursday that the Anak Krakatau volcano’s alert status had been raised to the second highest level and the exclusion zone […]
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Amazon, Walmart Face Tougher Rules as India Helps Small Traders

E-commerce companies like Inc and Walmart Inc.’s Flipkart, which act as a facilitator between the buyer and seller by providing an online market place, must treat all vendors equally by providing the same terms, the trade ministry said in a circular Wednesday. The move against online retail will help Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party win support of local traders — a key voting bloc for the party that suffered defeats in provincial elections this month.
Tags: Science, India, Narendra Modi, Amazon com Inc, Bharatiya Janata Party, Amazon Walmart, Walmart Inc

Satellite images show collapse of Indonesian island volcano

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Radar data from satellites, converted into images, shows Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau island volcano is dramatically smaller following a weekend eruption that triggered a deadly tsunami. Satellite photos aren’t available because of cloud cover but radar images from a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency satellite taken before and after the eruption show the […]
Tags: Science, News, Indonesia, Nation, Jakarta Indonesia, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Anak Krakatau

YouTube Responds After Failing to Credit Video From One of Its Own Creators in Tweet

YouTube appears to have found itself in hot water after it lifted an uncredited video from one of its creators and used part of the video for its own Christmas content on Twitter.Read more...
Tags: Google, Twitter, Science, Youtube

Trump Seems to Have Accidentally Revealed the Identities of a Covert Navy SEAL Team on Twitter 

With the government shutdown, Donald Trump has been looking for ways to distract the public from his failure to BUILD THE WALL, and a trip to Iraq seemed like a publicity slam dunk for his image at a critical time. Surely he couldn’t fuck this up, right?Read more...
Tags: Science, Navy Seals, Iraq, Oops, Donald Trump, Special Forces, Trumps Trip To Iraq, Trump Seems, Covert Navy SEAL Team on Twitter

The best science long reads of 2018 (part one)

A selection of the best science and environment published this year.
Tags: Science

In Blow to Amazon and Walmart, India Bans a Key Part of Their Business Strategy

The Indian government sent a strong screw you to Amazon and the Walmart-owned Flipkart on Wednesday, banning e-commerce companies from selling products from companies that they have an equity interest in or “entering into exclusive agreements with sellers,” CNBC reported.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Asia, Science, Technology, India, Narendra Modi, Walmart, Retail, Flipkart, Cnbc, E Commerce, Walmart India Bans

Japan Says It Will Withdraw From IWC and Resume Commercial Whaling

Japan announced this week it will be splitting from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in order to renew its commercial whaling practices. The announcement comes after years of Japan exploiting a loophole in IWC’s international moratorium on whale killings, and after the IWC declined to approve its bid for…Read more...
Tags: Japan, Science, Conservation, Whaling, Whales, Iwc, International Whaling Commission IWC, Japanese Whaling

Science says you shouldn’t kill spiders in your home

I know it may be hard to convince you, but let me try: Don’t kill the next spider you see in your home. Why? Because spiders are an important part of nature and our indoor ecosystem – as well as being fellow organisms in their own right. People like to think of their dwellings as safely insulated from the outside world, but many types of spiders can be found inside. Some are accidentally trapped, while others are short-term visitors. Some species even enjoy the great indoors, where they happily ...
Tags: Startups, Science, Syndication

The Best Comics of 2018

As the dust settles on both the year that was and our piles of comic books, it’s time to take stock of the series we’ve loved the most this year. From sci-fi epics to mindbending superheroism, these are our 10 favorite series we read in 2018.Read more...
Tags: Science, Saga, Year In Review, Power Rangers, Black Panther, Coda, Io9 Year In Review, X Men Red, The Immortal Hulk, Mister Miracle, 2018 Year In Review, Sex Death Revolution, Snagglepuss, Moth Whisper

This Right Here Is an Incredibly Annoying Thing About Android

Everything to love about Android, there is still one deeply annoying problem. One that can be so annoying it could make you swear off the OS altogether. It takes forever for the Google’s OS updates to trickle down to products manufactured by companies like Samsung, OnePlus, and Huawei. So while Samsung S9 and OnePlus…Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Science, Samsung, Huawei, Operating Systems, Consumer Tech, Android 9, Android Pie, Android 9 Pie

'Doomba' Will Turn Your Roomba Into a Doom Hellscape Generator

The Roomba’s most sinister-sounding feature—recording maps of your home that iRobot CEO Colin Angle swears he will totally never sell to advertisers—can now be used for more overtly hellish purposes thanks to Doomba, a tool that converts Roomba maps for use in the 1993 shooter Doom.Read more...
Tags: Games, Science, Technology, Video Games, Hacks, Doom, Roomba, Modding, Vacuums, Colin Angle, Doomba

LinkedIn Co-Founder Apologizes for the Mess He's Made

Reid Hoffman has a lot to apologize for, but today he’s specifically saying that he’s sorry for funding a political experiment gone horribly awry.Read more...
Tags: Science, Reid Hoffman, Russiagate, LinkedIn Co, Dirty Tricks Done Dirt Cheap

Reports: Severe storms ignite over Texas, cause cancellation of college bowl game

Severe thunderstorms, including the potential for a few tornadoes, will track across the south-central United States prior to the end of this week.
Tags: Texas, Science, United States

Live updates: Severe storms ignite over Texas with damaging winds, tornado threat

Severe thunderstorms, including the potential for a few tornadoes, will track across the south-central United States prior to the end of this week.
Tags: Texas, Science, United States

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Released From Hospital After Undergoing Cancer Surgery

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been released from the hospital after undergoing surgery for early stage lung cancer, according to CNN. "Justice Ginsburg was discharged from the hospital yesterday and is recuperating at home," a spokesperson for the Supreme Court said in a statement. Ginsburg is a survivor of colon and pancreatic cancer.
Tags: Science, Supreme Court, Cnn, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, U S Supreme Court Justice, Ginsburg

Watch a NASA astronaut relearn how to walk after nearly 200 days in space

It's only been about a week since three of the crew members aboard the International Space Station flew back down to Earth aboard Russia's Soyuz spacecraft. Their vehicle, which was the same one that sprung a leak on a component that was ultimately jettisoned before reentry, held up just fine and the trio made it back to Earth just fine. Astronaut Drew Feustel is no strange to space, and while he wasn't part of the crew that returned to Earth last week he knows all about the struggle...
Tags: Science, Russia, Nasa, Earth, Mars, Iss, Feustel, Red Planet, Indira, Drew Feustel

Report: Washington Redskins Killed Stadium Wifi Deal With Huawei Over Security Concerns

The Washington Redskins axed a deal in 2014 with Chinese tech giant Huawei to provide free wifi at games near the nation’s capital after being warned that the company could pose a cybersecurity threat, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing a source familiar with the matter.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Privacy, China, Sports, Cybersecurity, Hacking, Hackers, Espionage, Washington Redskins, Huawei, Wall Street Journal, FedEx Field

Iraqi lawmakers criticize Trump visit as blow to Iraqi sovereignty

Iraqi political and militia leaders condemned U.S. President Donald Trump's surprise visit to U.S. troops in Iraq on Wednesday as a violation of Iraq's sovereignty, and lawmakers said a meeting between Trump and Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi was canceled due to a disagreement over venue. Sabah al Saadi, the leader of the Islah parliamentary bloc, called for an emergency session of parliament "to discuss this blatant violation of Iraq's sovereignty and to stop these aggressive actions by...
Tags: Science, Iraq, Iran, Donald Trump, Trump, Adel Abdul Mahdi, Islah, Hadi al Amiri, Sabah al Saadi

SpaceX’s Starship goes sci-fi shiny with stainless steel skin

SpaceX’s futuristic Starship interplanetary craft may embody the golden age of sci-fi in more ways than one: in addition to (theoretically) taking passengers from planet to planet, it may sport a shiny stainless steel skin that makes it look like the pulp covers of old. Founder and CEO Elon Musk teased the possibility in a picture posted to Twitter, captioned simply “Stainless Steel Starship.” To be clear, this isn’t a full-on spacecraft, just part of a test vehicle that the company plans ...
Tags: TC, Gadgets, Space, Spacex, Elon Musk, Science, Tech, Musk, Falcon, Scott Manley, Starship, Bfr

Toyota Wants to Put a Robot Friend in Every Home

Well-known for its automated assembly lines, Toyota sees a not-so-far-off future in which robots transcend the factory and become commonplace in homes, helping with chores -- and even offering companionship -- in an aging society where a quarter of the population is over 65 and millions of seniors live alone. What Toyota has going for it are $29 billion in cash reserves, a new artificial intelligence research center and a well-respected inventor, Gill Pratt, heading its effort. Toyota has been...
Tags: Science, Toyota, Gill Pratt

How Becoming Ill Is Like Moving to a Foreign Country

Carolyn Thomas explains how developing heart disease was like moving to a foreign country.
Tags: Science, Carolyn Thomas

The Mandalorian May Feature a Familiar Star Wars Bounty Hunter

We know very little about the plot for the upcoming live-action Star Wars television show, The Mandalorian. But when you think “Mandalorians” you think great warriors. You think bounty hunters. And a character that’s both of those things may be coming to the show.Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Disney, Streaming, Jon Favreau, Lucasfilm, The Mandalorian, Disney Plus, Ig 88

The IRS Wants to Investigate Tax Dodgers via Social Media

The Internet Revenue Service (IRS) is looking to get its hands on a product that will help its agents investigate tax dodgers who’ve set up shop on social media, according to a request posted to the federal government’s procurement website, FedBizOpps.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, Social Media, Internal Revenue Service, social media Monitoring, IRS Wants to Investigate Tax Dodgers, Internet Revenue Service IRS

A New Jersey Hospital Could Have Exposed Thousands of Patients to HIV and Hepatitis

Thousands of people got a particularly crummy gift this Christmas: A warning that they could have been exposed to dangerous bloodborne diseases like HIV and viral hepatitis while receiving care at the hospital.Read more...
Tags: Science, Infectious Diseases, Contamination, Whoops

Scientists Turn Copper into ‘Gold’ — Will Bitcoin Replace as Store of Value?

According to a new paper published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, researchers in China have made a groundbreaking discovery that could profoundly impact the face of the precious metals landscape — and provide bitcoin with an opportunity to shine. Scientists Turn Copper into Substance ‘Almost Identical’ to Gold Per SCMP, a team of scientists at
Tags: Science, China, Scmp

Exxon continues drilling offshore Guyana as Venezuela lodges complaint

Exxon Mobil Corp said on Wednesday its oil drilling and development activities offshore Guyana were unaffected by a weekend incident in which Venezuela's navy stopped two exploration vessels the company had hired. Venezuela's navy halted seismic data collection by the boats on Saturday. The governments of each of the two South American neighboring countries said the exploration vessels were in their territorial waters.
Tags: Science, Venezuela, Guyana, Exxon, Exxon Mobil Corp, Venezuela s navy

Ex-Insys CEO to plead guilty to opioid kickback scheme

The former chief executive of Insys Therapeutics Inc has agreed to plead guilty to participating in a scheme to bribe doctors to prescribe a powerful opioid medication sold by the company, U.S. prosecutors said on Wednesday. Michael Babich, who resigned as the Arizona-based drugmaker's CEO in 2015 and was due to face trial next month, has agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy and mail fraud charges, federal prosecutors in Boston disclosed in a court filing. Five former Insys executives and ma...
Tags: Science, Boston, Arizona, Babich, Insys, Michael Babich, Insys Therapeutics Inc, John Kapoor

Battered Apple Poised to Lead FAANGs in 2019, Munster Says

Apple will be rewarded in the coming year as investors focus more on revenue and earnings growth rather than iPhone unit sales, said Loup Ventures’ Munster, who has covered the company for more than a decade. With a few days to go in 2018, Apple is the second-worst performer in the group of large-cap internet and technology stocks. It’s been a year that saw the iPhone maker become the first to reach a $1 trillion market capitalization and then lose its crown as the world’s most valuable compan...
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