Trump administration working on Arctic oil leases despite shutdown

The bureau is legally required to hold public meetings on its plans. Wednesday marked the 19th day of a partial U.S. government shutdown caused by the failure of President Donald Trump and Congressional Democrats to agree on a spending bill that provides funding for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, one of Trump's key election pledges. Nine federal departments, including the Department of the Interior - whose BLM handles permits for oil and gas drilling on public land - have been affected, to ...
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Self-Described Proud Boy, QAnon Believer Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Brother With Sword

A 26-year-old Seattle man who described himself online as both a member of the far-right Proud Boys group and a believer in the sprawling QAnon conspiracy theory, Buckey Wolfe, is in custody after allegedly stabbing his brother in the head with a sword on Sunday, the Seattle Times reported.Read more...
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I went on a date with a CES robot. He was nice.

Relationships in the modern world can be tough. So, at CES this year, I decided to skip the messy hassle of apps and humanity altogether to instead date the tech itself. Enter Temi, advertised at the world's largest consumer tech convention as a "personal robot" who was ready to mingle through private, hands-on demos. Sounded intimate -- though I did have reservations about a partner seeing so many other people at the same time.  But who am I kidding? Hinge and Tinder dates probably do the...
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Canadian radio telescope takes the search for puzzling fast radio bursts into a new era

A new radio telescope in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley has detected 13 new sources of mysterious extragalactic phenomena known as fast radio bursts, including the second known source of repeated bursts. And the experiment is just barely getting started. The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment, or CHIME, picked up the radio signatures of the bursts over the course of three weeks in July and August, while the telescope was in its pre-commissioning phase and running at only a fracti...
Tags: Science, British Columbia, Okanagan Valley

Netflix Gets Its Own Killer Time Loop Show in the First Russian Doll Trailer

Normal time loop stories are out. Time loop stories based around someone dying over and over? In.Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Streaming, Natasha Lyonne, Time Loops, Russian Doll

Twitter Mulls Redesign That Looks a Heck of a Lot Like Facebook, Just With More Neo-Nazis

Twitter will be rolling out beta updates including “conversational”-style speech bubbles and indented/color-coded replies based on whether you follow another user in the coming weeks, the Verge reported on Wednesday. Other features under consideration, but which will not be available in the forthcoming beta, include…Read more...
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Report of Bounty Hunters Buying Phone Location Data Leaves U.S. Senators Seething

Senate Democrats called on federal agencies Wednesday to investigate the practice by major telecommunications companies of selling location data generated by subscribers’ mobile devices following an undercover investigation by a security reporter that shed new light on a black market trade.Read more...
Tags: Science, Privacy, Senate, Surveillance, T Mobile, You Are The Product

Hubble loses best camera but discovers brightest ever quasar

Nasa working on fix after space telescope’s wide-field camera broke downThe Hubble space telescope is operating without its best camera after a hardware problem forced it to shut down.Nasa said the camera stopped working on Tuesday but three other science instruments were still operating and able to continue celestial observations. Continue reading...
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Homeless Man Connected to $400,000 Alleged GoFundMe Scam Arrested in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Police Department said Wednesday that Johnny Bobbitt Jr., the homeless man linked to an alleged GoFundMe scam that raised more than $400,000, was arrested after he failed to appear in court in New Jersey the previous day.Read more...
Tags: Science, Scams, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Gofundme, Philadelphia Police Department, Johnny Bobbitt Jr

Mexico fuel shortage worries industry as lines in capital grow

Gasoline shortages in Mexico sparked by a crackdown on fuel theft prompted warnings from business leaders that industries like carmaking will suffer if the shortfalls persist as lines at gas stations in the capital grew on Wednesday. The drive to eradicate a crime that has deprived state coffers of billions of dollars is President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's first major move against chronic corruption since taking office on Dec. 1, but risks angering consumers and hurting the economy. Crimin...
Tags: Science, Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Three-Day Rout Wipes $6 Billion Off Xiaomi Stock

The stock fell 4.1 percent as of 10:18 a.m. in Hong Kong, taking its three-day decline to 18 percent, or $6.3 billion in market value. Analysts at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and China International Capital Corp. were the latest to cut their price targets on the Chinese smartphone maker, joining at least five others who have tempered their estimates just this week. A flurry of off-exchange block trades showed that some have taken the opportunity to offload the stock, even though Xiaomi is nowhere...
Tags: Hong Kong, Science, Xiaomi, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, China International Capital Corp

Study Finds That Only Half of People Who Believe They Have Food Allergies Actually Do

A JAMA study found that only half of the people who think they have a food allergy actually do. The Mighty's editorial staff explains what we should remember following this news.
Tags: Science, JAMA

Of Course Steve Bannon Tried to Get a Job Lobbying for Juul

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon is a comically evil man, so logically, he apparently tried to get a job lobbying for the vape company Juul, according to a new report from The Daily Beast.Read more...
Tags: Science, Fda, Vaping, Lobbying, Juul, Trump, Lobbyists, Vape Life, Steve Bannon, Nick Muzin

Astronomers spot more mysterious radio signals from far outside the galaxy

Whenever some new “cosmic puzzle” crops up, you always have to be ready for the other shoe to drop. But just because something isn’t an alien message or Ringworld doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting science. Today’s shoe drop concerns “fast radio bursts” coming from a distant galaxy — but don’t expect a secret message from an advanced civilization. Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are short, intense blasts of radio waves that come from far outside our galaxy. No one knows what causes them, but they’...
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Judge proposes PG&E power restrictions for next California fire season

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Wednesday issued a proposed order to restrict utility PG&E from using power lines deemed to be unsafe during high winds in the 2019 California fire season, according to a court filing.
Tags: Science, California, San Francisco, Reuters

Hormone replacement tablets raise risk of deadly blood clots for menopausal women, study shows

Older menopausal women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) should be offered patches before pills, experts have said, after a study showed oral drugs raised the risk of a deadly blood clot. Although previous research has shown a link between HRT and clots it was unknown if it applied to all types of medication. Now a major study by the University of Nottingham which looked at the medical records of nearly 500,000 women in Britain has shown that the risk only applies to those taking tablets....
Tags: UK, Science, Britain, NHS, Imperial College London, HRT, University of Nottingham, Helen Stokes Lampard Chair of the RCGP, Yana Vinogradova, University 's School of Medicine, Channa Jayasena

Report: Coca-Cola Is Quietly Influencing China's Obesity Policy—and Shifting Blame From Itself

Soft drink companies have fought tooth and nail to hold onto their customers, even as public health experts and governments have tried to get people to cut down on the sugary products they make. But a new investigative report in the BMJ highlights just how far Coca-Cola in particular has gone to protect its profits…Read more...
Tags: Food, Science, Obesity, China, Coca Cola, Bmj, Coke, Money In Medicine

Uber and Lyft IPOs Are in Limbo as Shutdown Threatens 2019 Listings

Nine days into the year, the U.S. government shutdown could ruin the fun before it even gets started. Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc., both of which have filed confidentially with regulators for initial public offerings, believe the shutdown could slow the timeline of their listings, according to people familiar with the matter. While the final outcome depends on how long it takes for the Securities and Exchanges Commission to reopen and how substantial the feedback is when it does, neith...
Tags: Science, Uber Technologies Inc, Lyft Inc, Securities and Exchanges Commission

There's a Cleaning Kit Hidden Inside This Portable NES so You'll Never Have to Blow on a Cartridge Again

Do I need another portable gaming device weighing down my backpack every time I leave the house? My spine says no, but the retro gamer in me loves the idea of taking an NES with me wherever I roam. As handheld consoles go, My Arcade’s RetroChamp, announced at CES this year, pushes the boundaries of portable gaming.…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Video Games, Tech, Nes, Ces, Nintendo, Consumer Tech, My Arcade, CES 2019, Ces2019, Retrochamp

Some More Extremely Minor Things From CES 2019 That You Just Might Like

As the dust settles on CES and all of the big gadgets have astounded or disappointed, it’s time for another round up of the little devices that weren’t notable enough to warrant their own coverage but still deserve plenty of love.Read more...
Tags: Science, CES 2019

ACLU Warns: Trump's Attorney General Pick Is the 'Godfather' of America's Surveillance Hell

The corporate lawyer and former chief U.S. law enforcement officer nominated to replace Jeff Sessions at the Justice Department has a controversial past involving the warrantless surveillance of Americans and once fought to make it easier for phone companies to secretly hand over customer records to the government,…Read more...
Tags: Science, Privacy, America, Aclu, Justice Department, Fourth Amendment, Trump, Jeff Sessions, William Barr, Unaccountable To Laws

China moon rover 'Jade Rabbit' wakes from 'nap'

China's lunar rover got back to work on the far side of the moon Thursday after waking from a five-day hibernation, its official social media page announced. The rover on Saturday went into standby mode to protect itself from temperatures reaching towards 200 degrees Celsius (390 degrees Fahrenheit), the China Lunar Exploration Program under the China National Space Administration (CNSA) said. The Chang'e-4 mission -- named after a moon goddess -- made the world's first soft landing on the moo...
Tags: Science, China, Chang, China National Space Administration CNSA, China Lunar Exploration Program

Science Confirms That Your Parents Love Fake News

A new study confirms something we all already suspected to be true: people older than 65 are more likely to share fake news on Facebook than people of other ages. Age was a better predictor of sharing fake news than any other factor, including sex, race, income, social media usage, or even political affiliation.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Media, 2016, Digital Literacy, Fake News, American Electorate

Giant Screens and Walking Cars: The Best of CES 2019

Apple covered the entire side of a hotel looming over the main convention center with a message aimed directly at Amazon, Google and Facebook, all of which have business models that rely on amassing huge amounts of consumer data. As the tech and automotive industries continue to blur together, CES has become a major platform for car companies to show off. Aptiv, a self-driving car technology company, partnered with Lyft to give attendees hands-free rides on the Las Vegas Strip in automated BMW...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Las Vegas Strip, Amazon Google, Giant Screens

8 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Before it's too Late

Cold and flu season is upon us, and if you don't want to get sick, there are some pretty clear rules you have to follow. Read on, and good luck out there.
Tags: Science

Marvel's Vision and Scarlet Witch Series Picked Its Showrunner From the MCU

We may not know what the future of Marvel Studios will bring on the big screen, but on the small screen we’ve got a pretty good idea. Three shows are in development for the upcoming streaming service Disney+, one of which just got itself a brand new showrunner.Read more...
Tags: Science, Marvel, Disney, Marvel Studios, Jac Schaeffer, Disney Plus, Vision And The Scarlet Witch

CES Will Honor Your Innovation so Long as It Doesn't Fuck 

At this year’s CES Innovation Awards—the consumer electronic show’s “annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products”—a sex toy company was selected as an honoree in the Robotics and Drone category, only to have their award swiftly rescinded by the organization’s…Read more...
Tags: Science, Robotics, Sex Tech, CES 2019

Google's New Policy Chief Weighs Washington Reshuffle

Karan Bhatia, who joined in June, is reassessing the roles of existing staff, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private matters. This may hasten the departure of Google’s longtime Washington director, former Representative Susan Molinari, according to one of the people. Molinari, a Republican who joined Alphabet Inc.’s Google in 2012, was slated to transition to an advisory role this month, opening up her position as head of policy for the Americas.
Tags: Google, Science, Washington, Molinari, Alphabet Inc, Susan Molinari, Karan Bhatia, Washington Reshuffle

Stratolaunch gets world’s biggest airplane ready for takeoff with 136 mph taxi test

Stratolaunch, the aerospace venture created by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, says its twin-fuselage, six-engine aircraft raced as fast as 136 mph down the runway at California's Mojave Air and Space Port today during its latest taxi test. That's almost takeoff speed for the world's largest airplane, which is designed to serve as a flying launch platform for orbital-class rockets. One of the pictures released in the wake of today's test run shows the plane's nose gear risin...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, California, Paul Allen, Space Port, Mojave Air, Stratolaunch

Star Trek: Discovery's Second Season Is Being Helped by a New Captain Who's Not a Massive Asshole

Turns out when you a) kill your good figure of authority two episodes in and b) replace them with a morally grey scapegoat you eventually reveal is an alt-universe, MAGA-quoting, colossal space-tool, you don’t really have the time to get into the heady moral questions of the day. So it’s a good job Star Trek: Discovery…Read more...
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