Beth Chapman Becomes a Great-Grandma Amid Cancer Battle

The 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' star shared the exciting news on her Instagram on Friday.
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Swimmers return to bathe with Palau's golden jellyfish

Swimming with the famous golden jellyfish in Palau can be put back on the bucket list following a two-year ban, but bathers may be stung with a hefty price increase for the pleasure. The government ordered the famed Ongeim'l Tketau Jellyfish Lake closed to swimmers in 2016 because of dwindling numbers of the unique creature -- blamed on warming waters although with some suspicion sunscreen on bathers may also have contributed. The conservation move proved costly for tour operators with the los...
Tags: Science, Palau, Tketau Jellyfish Lake

Gerard Way's New Track For Umbrella Academy Is an Absolute Banger

If I had to be reborn as any person, I’d pick Gerard Way. Great writer? Great musician (if you’re a Millennial, anyway)? Dude is unstoppable lately. And the song he put out for the newest wave of Umbrella Academy promotion just totally rules. Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Gerard Way, Umbrella Academy

That Flying-Car Future Looks Like a Dystopia

It seems increasingly likely that aerospace companies and startups are rushing to embrace a world of vertical take-off robotaxis. A Boeing Co. prototype flying taxi completed its first test flight on Tuesday and Airbus SE’s drone-style self-driving air taxi will follow within weeks – both of them trailing in the wake of Alphabet Inc. founder Larry Page, whose Kitty Hawk vehicle took its maiden flight in New Zealand last year. In current parlance, “flying car” essentially means an aircraft t...
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Norfolk study shows new ditches could help improve rivers

Pollution from farmers' fields that endangers fish is cut by a university-backed project.
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Measles Outbreak Worsens in Washington as Governor Declares State of Emergency

Dozens of people have been infected in a measles outbreak that is currently spreading throughout parts of the Pacific Northwest, prompting Washington Governor Jay Inslee to declare a state of emergency in all counties on Friday.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Washington, Vaccinations, Pacific Northwest, Jay Inslee, Measles, Measles Outbreak

Brazilian Mining Disaster Leaves Dozens Dead, Hundreds Missing After Waste Dam Collapses

Authorities said this weekend that the death toll from an industrial disaster in Brumadinho, Brazil in Minas Gerais state has climbed to at least 34, with some officials saying that the true toll could reach the hundreds, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Environment, Infrastructure, Mining, Conservation, Brazil, Disasters, South America, Wall Street Journal, Vale, Minas Gerais, Brumadinho Brazil

Kingdom Hearts III: The Kotaku Review

Early in Kingdom Hearts III, series primary protagonist Sora returns to his spaceship with his Duck Dad Donald and his Dog Dad Goofy. This nuclear family sits in silence and ponders a crisis.Read more...
Tags: Science, Disney, Pixar, Donald Duck, Donald, Kingdom Hearts, Kotaku Review, Sora, Goofy, Kingdom Hearts III

The Lego Movie 2 Somehow Lives Up to Its Impossible Expectations 

The first Lego Movie is so good there’s a chance you don’t remember just how good it was. Not only did it tell a smart, hilarious, original story with a wildly famous IP, but it was filled with heart, eventually revealing itself to be a deeper story of a boy and his father bonding and the nature of the toy brand…Read more...
Tags: Toys, Science, Lego, Animation, Elizabeth Banks, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Warner Bros, Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, Lego Batman, Mike Mitchell, Tiffany Haddish, The Lego Movie 2 The Second Part

CDC Warns Against Kissing, Snuggling Pet Hedgehogs Amid Salmonella Outbreak

It’s not every day that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issues an advisory about pet hedgehogs, but here we are.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Salmonella, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Outbreaks, Hedgehog, No Kissing

During Shutdown, Trump’s NY Golf Club Fired a Dozen Undocumented Workers, Report Says

As Donald Trump’s government shutdown over a border wall dragged on earlier this month, one of his exclusive golf clubs quietly went about the business of firing undocumented employees, many who had worked there for several years, The Washington Post reported.Read more...
Tags: New York, Science, Washington Post, Immigration, Donald Trump, Government Shutdown, Trump Organization, Golfer In Chief, NY Golf Club

Not so fast: Most Germans favor speed limits on the Autobahn

A majority of Germans favor setting maximum speed limits for Germany's famously fast Autobahns to help battle climate change, according to a poll published on Saturday. A government-appointed committee studying the future of transport is looking at ending the "no limits" sections on motorways as part of a broader proposal to help Germany meet European Union emissions targets. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, a conservative from Bavaria, the home state of carmakers Daimler and Audi, a unit o...
Tags: Science, Germany, European Union, Volkswagen, Bavaria, Audi, Daimler, Andreas Scheuer

Poor hedgehogs are to blame for spat of Salmonella infections

That pet hedgehog might not be such a great idea after all. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put out a notice Friday about 11 Salmonella infections across eight states, and in all but one of the cases the people had been in contact with a pet hedgehog. Only one person has gone to the hospital because of the outbreak, but health officials are concerned about the growing number of cases infecting people in Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, and Wyom...
Tags: Science, Minnesota, Cdc, Wyoming, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Don

Australia Continues to Fry Under Scorching Heat Waves

The second heat wave in two weeks in Southern Australia continued to punish the region, with temperatures in Melbourne hitting 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit (42.8C) on Friday afternoon, and the state of Tasmania struggling to deal with “30 uncontained fires,” according to the Guardian.Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Australia, Global Warming, Wildfires, Melbourne, Tasmania, Extreme Weather, Southern Australia, Heat Wave

This Video Runs Down the Fictional History of One of Star Wars' Most Recognizable Blasters

Okay, the most recognizable blaster in Star Wars is probably Han’s Blaster, the Dl-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. But this is the second. Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Vfx, Stormtroopers, Blasters

Bear cub burned in Colorado wildfire released into wild

DURANGO, Colo. (AP) — An orphaned bear cub burned by a Colorado wildfire has been released back into the wild. The Durango Herald reports that the cub was placed in the mountains west of Durango on Friday, asleep inside a man-made den along with a second orphaned cub. Officials hope they will not wake up […]
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U.S. calls on world to 'pick a side' on Venezuela; Europeans set to recognize Guaido

In heated back-and-forth exchanges at a United Nations Security Council meeting, the opposing camp led by Venezuela and Russia, which has invested heavily in Venezuela's oil industry, accused Washington of attempting a coup, and lambasted Europeans' demand that elections be called within eight days. Guaido, who took the helm of the National Assembly on Jan. 5, proclaimed himself interim president on Wednesday. The United States, Canada and a string of Latin American countries recognized the yo...
Tags: Science, Washington, Russia, Venezuela, United Nations Security Council, National Assembly, United States Canada

Resident Evil 2 Remake On PC Has A Fantastic Graphics Menu

Resident Evil 2 is getting positive reviews from both critics and fans. I’ve been playing the game and I have to agree with most folks thoughts on the game. The RE2 remake feels like a wonderful mix of classic Resident Evil gameplay and modern Resident Evil mechanics. But I don’t see as many people praising the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Pc, Settings, Kotaku Core, Pc Gaming, Re2, Resident Evil 2

Brazil dam disaster leaves 34 dead, hundreds missing

Thirty-four people were confirmed dead and nearly 300 missing Saturday, with hopes fading of them being found alive, after a dam collapsed at a mine in southeast Brazil. The disaster struck Friday at the Vale mine near the city of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais state, spewing millions of tons of muddy sludge across the facility and down towards farmland alongside the nearby town of Brumadinho. Dozens of helicopters were used in the rescue operation Saturday because the released mud engulfed bu...
Tags: Science, Brazil, Vale, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brumadinho Dozens

Guess What, Everybody: Roger Stone Is the Real Victim Here

The unscrupulous political hit man who led pro-Trump hillbillies and InfoWars zombies in attacks on Hillary Clinton with chants of “Lock her up!” wants you to look deep into your heart and realize how much he’s suffering at the hands of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.Read more...
Tags: Science, Hillary Clinton, Wikileaks, Donald Trump, Trump, Roger Stone, Obstruction of Justice, Robert Mueller, Mueller Investigation

Saudi seeks to attract $427 billion with industrial program

"The (NIDLP) program targets 1.6 trillion Saudi riyals ... so it is quiet ambitious but it is over a 10-year period so we have got the time to do it," Falih told a press conference. The government has made attracting greater foreign investment a cornerstone of its Vision 2030 plan to diversify the economy of the world’s top oil exporter away from oil and create jobs for Saudis.
Tags: Science, Falih

At U.N., Pompeo asks countries to 'pick a side' on Venezuela

Pompeo was addressing the 15-member U.N. Security Council, which met at his request after Washington and a string of countries in the region recognized Guaido as head of state and urged Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to step down. "Now it is time for every other nation to pick a side ... Either you stand with the forces of freedom, or you're in league with Maduro and his mayhem," Pompeo told the council. "We call on all members of the Security Council to support Venezuela's democratic tra...
Tags: Science, Washington, Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, Security Council, National Assembly, U N Security Council, Maduro, Pompeo, Guaido

Eleven dead, 296 missing in Brazil dam disaster

Eleven people were confirmed dead and nearly 300 missing, many also feared dead, on Saturday after a dam collapsed at a mine in southeast Brazil. The disaster struck Friday at the Vale mine near the city of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais state, spewing out millions of tons of muddy sludge across the facility and down towards farmland alongside the nearby town of Brumaldinho. "We still have hopes of finding people alive," the head of the state's fire service, Colonel Edgard Estavao, told report...
Tags: Science, Brazil, Vale, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brumaldinho, Edgard Estavao

Germany should phase out coal use by 2038: commission

Germany should stop using coal for electricity production by 2038, a government-appointed commission said Saturday, laying out an 80-billion euro roadmap to phase out the polluting fuel. The commission agreed to the deadline after months of bitter wrangling as pressure mounts on Europe's top economy to step up its commitment to battling climate change. The panel, consisting of politicians, climate experts, unions and industry figures from coal regions, announced the deal after a final marathon...
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One dead after protesters storm Turkish military camp in north Iraq: Kurdish officials

One protester was killed and at least 10 others wounded when they stormed a Turkish military camp near Dohuk in Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdish region on Saturday, burning two tanks and other vehicles, residents and Kurdish officials said. Najib Saeed, the chief health official in the area, said it was not yet clear what caused the death. Turkey said the attack was carried out by members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) who disguised themselves among civilians to fuel conflict between Turki...
Tags: Science, Iraq, Turkey, Dohuk, Kurdistan Workers Party PKK, Najib Saeed

Wake Up, Oppy! NASA Sends New Commands to Mars Opportunity Rover

NASA’s beloved Mars rover Opportunity has been silent for months after getting swept up in an enormous dust storm on the Red Planet last summer, and NASA engineers have been pinging the rover to answer to no avail. Now, NASA says it will send new commands to the resilient explorer in hopes of making contact, even as…Read more...
Tags: Space, Science, Nasa, Mars, Opportunity, Mars Exploration, Red Planet, Please Phone Home

Report: Citizen Lab Targeted in Botched Sting After Researching Israeli Firm's Ties to Saudi Arabia

“International undercover operatives” have been hounding members of the internet watchdog Citizen Lab, whose researchers helped reveal that an Israeli cyber-intelligence firm named NSO Group may have played a role in dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder at the hands of state-employed goons, the …Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Cybersecurity, Espionage, Citizen Lab, NSO Group, Jamal Khashoggi, Cyber Intelligence

After satellite flap, Swarm Technologies raises $25M for space-based IoT network

A year after making a $900,000 mistake, Swarm Technologies is raking in $25 million in a funding round aimed at getting a constellation of sandwich-sized satellites up and running for the Internet of Things. Getting the constellation in orbit could open up a big frontier for tiny satellites within the next year and a half. "We're just excited to get launched and get our network up there and start offering global, affordable internet," said Swarm CEO Sara Spangelo, a veteran of NASA's Jet...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Swarm Technologies, Sara Spangelo

Staring deep into Uranus: Science is peeking at its weird angles

Uranus is arguably the most mysterious planet in the solar system – we know very little about it. So far, we have only visited the planet once, with the Voyager 2 spacecraft back in 1986. The most obvious odd thing about this ice giant is the fact that it is spinning on its side. Unlike all the other planets, which spin roughly “upright” with their spin axes at close to right angles to their orbits around the sun, Uranus is tilted by almost a right angle. So in its summer, the north pole points ...
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Good News: Artichokes Can Help Lower Body Fat

Don’t have to tell me twice…
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