NASA offers best look yet at surface of space rock Bennu

NASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid probe has already had quite an eventful year. After initially arriving at the space rock known as Bennu in early December, the spacecraft ended 2018 by successfully entering orbit around the object, making Bennu the smallest body ever orbited by a man made spacecraft. Now, as NASA prepares for what will be a months-long investigation of the asteroid, the OSIRIS-REx team has revealed the most stunning images of the rock so far. Captured from orbit by the probe'...
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P.E. Sucks

There has long been a consensus of sorts among schoolchildren: gym fucking sucks. Unless you are very good at sports or perhaps a young masochist, gym is just another opportunity to feel shitty, when you are a tween and already feel shitty all the time. And now, data agrees! Read more...
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15-minute workouts may reverse type 2 diabetes in just six weeks

Fifteen-minute workouts could reverse diabetes in just six weeks, new research suggests. A trial of overweight men found that short, intense resistance training sessions three times a week significantly boosted their ability to manage insulin. Previous research has indicated that 45-minute workouts could have this effect, but the new study has been greeted with particular excitement as experts believe type 2 diabetes patients will be more likely to commit to shorter sessions. It is estimated tha...
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Singapore's $1.4 Billion Telco Takeover Leaves Wireless Giant in a Bind

Axiata, M1’s biggest shareholder, has less than three weeks left to decide whether to tender its stock into a takeover offer valuing the target at S$1.9 billion ($1.4 billion). The Malaysian company held a board meeting last week to discuss the merits of the bid from Keppel Corp. and Singapore Press Holdings Ltd., according to people with knowledge of the matter. Axiata sees that there isn’t enough time left to pull together its own counteroffer, the people said.
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Apple Shares Rally as Company Outlines Life Beyond the iPhone

The company’s Wearables business, which includes the Apple Watch and AirPods, surged 50 percent. Without getting into detail, Cook suggested Apple will get further into the original video content business. Apple shares rose 5.5 percent in extended trading on Tuesday.
Tags: Apple, Science, Cook, Apple Shares Rally as Company

Reylo Headlines a Beautiful Art Show of Meet Cutes

Whether in life, art, or fandom, romance drives us all. We imagine ourselves with the one we love. In TV and movies, we cheer for characters to live happily ever after. And these days, even if those fictional people aren’t necessarily involved, we just “ship” them together. Easy-peasy. Read more...
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For some whales, sonar may provoke suicidal behaviour: study

Scientists have long known that some beaked whales beach themselves and die in agony after exposure to naval sonar, and now they know why: the giant sea mammals suffer decompression sickness, just like scuba divers. Short answer: beaked whales -- especially one species known as Cuvier's -- get really, really scared. "In the presence of sonar they are stressed and swim vigorously away from the sound source, changing their diving pattern," lead author Yara Bernaldo de Quiros, a researcher at the...
Tags: Science, Spain, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Cuvier, Yara Bernaldo de Quiros, Institute of Animal Health

3 Top Biotech Stocks to Buy Right Now

Biotech may be a tough industry to invest in, but we've found three companies within that space that are worth looking into.
Tags: Science

Here's How Much Weed Apple Could Buy With Its $245 Billion Cash Pile, and Other Useless Calculations

Tech giant Apple last year took advantage of Republican tax cuts to announce it was bringing home a hoard of $252 billion it had stashed overseas at a meager 15.5 percent tax rate ($100 billion of which it later said would go to stock buybacks). As of Tuesday, when the company announced its first-quarter earnings,…Read more...
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'Serious consequences,' U.S. warns, after Venezuela moves on Guaido

The sweeping U.S. sanctions on oil firm PDVSA, announced on Monday, means the state-run company may not be able to fulfill contracts with North American buyers, the government of President Nicolas Maduro said. Aimed at driving Maduro from power, the sanctions were the strongest measures yet against the 56-year-old former union leader, who has overseen economic collapse and an exodus of millions of Venezuelans in recent years. The measures triggered higher global oil prices, angry responses fro...
Tags: Science, China, Russia, Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, Maduro, PDVSA, Guaido

Veterinarians perform first-ever spinal tap on dolphin at SeaWorld San Antonio

A groundbreaking procedure performed on a young bottlenose dolphin being housed at SeaWorld San Antonio has helped to secure its future as marine officials search for its forever home. A female bottlenose dolphin named Rimmy, who was rescued in 2017 after becoming stranded at the Sea Rim State Park in Texas off the Gulf of Mexico, underwent the first-ever spinal tap performed on a dolphin in early December of 2018, Dr. Hendrik Nollens, vice president of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment's veterina...
Tags: Texas, Science, Gulf of Mexico, SeaWorld San Antonio, SeaWorld Parks Entertainment, Sea Rim State Park, Rimmy, Hendrik Nollens

Indigenous village faces existential threat from Brazil dam burst

"On Thursday, I was here washing my clothes, bathing with my children, and now I can't even touch the river," said Sot de Ionara Pataxo Hahahae, holding back tears. "Our hearts are so sad knowing that nothing can be done." The Pataxo-Hahahae's plight comes as Brazil's current government, which took office earlier in January, has signaled it wants to cut mining regulations and shrink protections currently afforded to indigenous communities. For critics, the dam burst reveals the danger of bot...
Tags: Science, Brazil, Sot de Ionara Pataxo Hahahae

Meet a Guy Who Taught Himself to Animate His Own Sci-Fi Web Series

Back in high school, Denver Jackson got the idea for a science fiction and fantasy movie called Esluna: A World Beyond, about a land ruled by people with the power to control the wind. Eventually, that idea turned into a web series that recently launched its first season—something Jackson animated by himself.Read more...
Tags: Science Fiction, Science, Interview, Fantasy, Animation, Jackson, Web Series, Webseries, Denver Jackson, Esluna, Erica Meany

Zack Snyder's Next Movie Will Be an 'Epic and Crazy' Zombie Heist for Netflix [UPDATED]

What happens when a group of mercenaries attempts to invade a zombie quarantine zone and rob a casino? We don’t know, but Zack Snyder is about to show us.Read more...
Tags: Science, Zombies, Netflix, Streaming, Zack Snyder, Army of the Dead

How to Get Through Flu Season When You're Pregnant

We asked the experts how to tell if you have the flu, how to treat it, and whether the vaccine is safe in pregnancy. Everything moms-to-be need to know during flu season, ahead.
Tags: Science

South Korea's big buys on U.S. oil, gas to keep bilateral ties strong

South Korea is expected in January and February to import at least 18 million barrels of crude oil and 900,000 tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States, according to trade flow data from Refinitiv Eikon. The jump in South Korea's U.S. oil and gas imports comes as U.S. President Donald Trump continues to push to reduce trade deficits with the United States' major trading partners by selling more to them than it buys.
Tags: South Korea, Science, United States, Donald Trump

eBay Initiates a Dividend, Gives Upbeat Earnings Outlook

The company is initiating a dividend of 14 cents a share and added $4 billion to its share repurchase program, EBay said Tuesday in a statement. The company plans to return about $5.5 billion to shareholders this year.
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Apple's Sales Drop in China Means $5 Billion in Lost Revenue

Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has seen China as a key part of Apple’s sales and manufacturing strategy, with the company generating almost $52 billion in revenue from China and Hong Kong last fiscal year.
Tags: Apple, Hong Kong, Science, China, Tim Cook

The Grapevine Jussie Smollett Reportedly Hospitalized in Chicago Following Racist, Homophobic Attack

The Grapevine Jussie Smollett Reportedly Hospitalized in Chicago Following Racist, Homophobic Attack [Updated] | Adequate Man  | Jezebel A Young Woman Fell and Died Trying to Carry Her Baby’s Stroller In a Subway Station With No Elevator | Splinter Howard Schultz’s Hostage Negotiation | The…Read more...
Tags: Evening Favorites, Science, Chicago, Howard Schultz

YouTube Is Going to Bury 'Borderline' Content. It Won't Tell Us What That Means

Last week in a company blog post, YouTube informed its approximately 2 billion users that it would begin to change how recommendations function, reducing instances of content that “comes close to—but doesn’t quite cross the line of—violating our Community Guidelines.” What defines “borderline” content, and who does…Read more...
Tags: Science, Youtube, This Isnt That Hard

The 10 Best Deals of January 29, 2019

We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science

How to Protect Yourself in Extremely Cold Weather

Get cozy.
Tags: Science

Amgen 2019 forecast falls short of expectations, shares dip

By Deena Beasley (Reuters) - Amgen Inc on Tuesday reported fourth-quarter profit that easily surpassed expectations as sales rose and tax expense fell, but competition for older medicines is growing and the drugmaker forecast 2019 earnings below Wall Street estimates. Shares of Amgen, the world's largest biotechnology company, were down 2.6 percent at $187 in after-hours trading. For the full-year, Amgen projected adjusted earnings of $13.10 to $14.30 per share on revenue of $21.8 billion to...
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This Automation Platform Helped Eliminate 40,000 Jobs, and Now It's Available to Companies Everywhere

Over the last five years, the global management consulting company Accenture has developed proprietary automation software called the SynOps platform that it says has helped it cut 40,000 jobs within the company.Read more...
Tags: Science, Labor, Automation, Accenture, Automaton

Measles Outbreak Causes State of Emergency in Washington

Measles was effectively eradicated by 2000 — but false information spread by so-called "anti-vaxxers" has meant a resurgence in the deadly disease
Tags: Science, Washington, Measles Outbreak Causes State of Emergency

Automation Software That Helped Consulting Firm Cut 40,000 Jobs Is Reportedly Now for Sale

Over the last five years, the global management consulting company Accenture has developed proprietary automation software called the SynOps platform that it says has helped it cut 40,000 jobs within the company.Read more...
Tags: Science, Labor, Automation, Accenture, Automaton

There's A State Of Emergency In Washington Thanks To Anti-Vax Parents

A growing measles outbreak in Washington state led the governor to declare a
Tags: Science, Washington

Apple Results Suggest Stability After a Tough End to 2018

While iPhone sales fell, revenue from other businesses, such as services and wearable devices, grew from a year earlier. Analysts were looking for $58.97 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Apple shares rose more than 5 percent in extended trading on Tuesday.
Tags: Science, Bloomberg Apple

Disney World Restaurant Worker Tests Positive for Hepatitis A, No Others Infected

Disney World Restaurant Worker Tests Positive for Hepatitis A, No Others Infected
Tags: Science

Mummified skin, hypothermia: What happens to your body in minus 50 degree wind chill?

Dr. Michael DeFrank, emergency medicine physician at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay, talked to us about extreme cold.
Tags: Science, Green Bay, Michael DeFrank, Vincent Hospital

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