GM halts operations at 11 Michigan plants after utility's appeal

General Motors Co said late Wednesday it will suspend operations at 11 Michigan plants and its Warren Tech Center, after a utility made an emergency appeal to users to conserve natural gas during extreme winter cold. The largest U.S. automaker said it had been asked by Consumers Energy, a unit of CMS Energy Corp, to suspend operations to allow the utility to manage supply issues. GM said workers were told not to report for the shifts at its Orion Assembly, Flint Assembly, Lansing Delta Townshi...
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Samsung Cuts Back On Semiconductor Spending as Profits Shrink

Net income fell to 8.3 trillion won ($7.5 billion) in the three months ended December, the Suwon, South Korea-based company said Thursday in a filing. While the figures underscore the impact of a global economic slowdown and U.S.-China trade tensions, Samsung said it’s taking steps to trim back capital expenditures.
Tags: Science, China, Samsung, Suwon South Korea, Samsung Cuts Back On Semiconductor Spending

Patients in Northwest measles outbreak traveled to Hawaii

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — A measles outbreak in the Pacific Northwest became more worrisome Wednesday with word that people infected with the extremely contagious viral illness traveled to Hawaii and central Oregon after being exposed.
Tags: Science, Oregon, Ap, Hawaii, Pacific Northwest, Vancouver Wash

Google Chrome Is Testing a Feature to Warn Users About Suspicious URLs

As phishing scams become increasingly sophisticated, Google’s engineers have been exploring ways to help users better identify potentially nefarious URLs. Google Chrome is currently testing a new warning to flag these types of domains, CNET reported Tuesday.Read more...
Tags: Google Chrome, Google, Science, Scams, Phishing, Cnet, Phishing Scams

New York Attorney General Finds That Sale of Social Media Bots, Fake Engagement Is Illegal

The New York Attorney General’s office has announced a settlement with Devumi LLC, a social media-marketing firm whose tactics were exposed by the New York Times last year, in what the office wrote is “the first finding by a law enforcement agency that selling fake social media engagement and using stolen identities…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, New York, Science, Technology, Pinterest, Youtube, Social Media, Law Enforcement, New York Times, Trade, Courts, Bots, Soundcloud, Astroturfing, New York Attorney General, Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior

Arctic air sends temperatures well below zero in midwest US

A brutal cold wave hit the American Midwest on Wednesday, bringing temperatures lower than those in Antarctica, grounding flights, closing schools and businesses -- and raising fears of hypothermia. Mail deliveries were suspended and people encouraged to stay home in nearly a dozen US states where the mercury plunged into the negative double digits, the worst freeze to grip the region in a generation. The phenomenon caused surreal scenes throughout the region, such as steam rising off the wate...
Tags: Science, US, Antarctica, Niagara Falls, Lake Michigan, American Midwest

'They always come back': French Guiana battles illegal gold hunters

A soldier stealthily emerges from the dense undergrowth of French Guiana's jungle, grabbing the shoulder of a man blasting gaping holes into the forest floor with a high-pressure hose, hoping the dirt will yield a golden payoff. "At sites that are easy to get to, near the river, they come back with two motors and a chainsaw and restart their operations in three days, as soon as we're gone," said Thomas, a lieutenant-colonel in France's Ninth Marine Regiment, giving only his first name in line w...
Tags: Science, France, Thomas, Afp, Guiana, Maroni, Ninth Marine Regiment

Samsung Net Income Misses Estimates as Chip Demand Slides

Falling demand for memory chips, worsening profitability in the display division and sliding sales of smartphones contributed to the results, according to Samsung. The figures underscore how the technology industry is reeling from a slowdown in smartphone demand and uncertainty over tensions between China and the U.S. Pessimism about the outlook for semiconductors increases the urgency of Samsung’s push to shore up its mobile devices, networks and displays sales to maintain growth.
Tags: Science, China, Samsung

Stephen King's The Stand Is Coming to CBS All Access

It’s been 25 years since Stephen King’s 1978 novel The Stand was adapted into a live-action format. Since then Hollywood has continually been trying to do it again. Now, it’s finally happening. The CBS All Access streaming service has ordered the epic story of good and evil as a 10-episode limited series.Read more...
Tags: Hollywood, Science, Stephen King, Streaming, Cbs, Cbs All Access, Josh Boone, The Stand

Microsoft Sales Meet Estimates; Cloud Concerns Hit Shares

Adjusted profit in the period ended Dec. 31 rose to $8.58 billion, or $1.10 a share, compared with the $1.09 average estimate of analysts polled by Bloomberg. Sales climbed 12 percent to $32.5 billion, Microsoft said Wednesday in a statement, matching predictions. Microsoft’s market value soared above its peers during the quarter as investors bet the company’s cloud and enterprise-software business was more stable than other parts of the technology market.
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Extreme Weather Is Already Breaking Records Around The World In 2019

In just a few weeks' time, extreme temperatures have smashed records around
Tags: Science

This South American City Was Just Named the World Capital of Architecture

The city has plenty of historic landmarks, but with buildings like Santiago Calatrava’s Museum of Tomorrow, also the futuristic and cutting-edge.
Tags: Science, Santiago Calatrava

Eating Breakfast Maybe Not Be That Helpful for Weight Loss After All

Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day, but according to a new review out Wednesday in the BMJ, it won’t help you lose weight. The study found no good evidence that regularly eating breakfast helps us cut down on calories or avoid weight gain. More damning, it even found some evidence that…Read more...
Tags: Science, Obesity, Weight Loss, Breakfast, Bmj

Block party: scientists celebrate robot that can play Jenga

MIT researchers develop machine with physical skills needed to master children’s gameThe humble game of Jenga has become the latest human pursuit to fall to machines, scientists have announced.In what marks significant progress for robotic manipulation of real-world objects, a Jenga-playing machine can learn the complex physics involved in withdrawing wooden blocks from a tower through physical trial and error. Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Technology, World news, Mit, Robots, Mit - Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

SoftBank's Giant Debt Burden Looks Worse Than It Actually Is

SoftBank’s loan-to-value ratio, its net interest-bearing debt over the value of its investment portfolio, is less than 20 percent, according to separate calculations by Daiwa Securities Group Inc. and SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. The company’s own goal is to keep it under 35 percent, a level that Daiwa considers conservative. SoftBank, which controls the world’s biggest investment vehicle in the almost $100 billion Vision Fund, has been suggesting so-called LTV as a better measure of its leverage...
Tags: Science, Softbank, LTV, Daiwa Securities Group Inc, Daiwa, SMBC Nikko Securities Inc

Overwatch Gets New Paris Map

Surprise surprise, Overwatch—which players have taken to declaring a veritable dust bowl of new content in the wake of yet another seasonal event retread—is getting a new map. This one’s set in Paris, the city of romance (and now, romance’s close friend, Death) just in time for Valentine’s Day.Read more...
Tags: Science, Blizzard, Overwatch, Paris, Kotakucore, New Paris

Here's Everything Tesla Thinks It Can Pull Off Starting in 2019

A big part of the Tesla mythos is that you’re always being promised a brighter future. When so much of it comes through, you forget about the stuff that doesn’t, like battery-swap stations or full self-driving or highways lined with... well, these things. And now, here’s a full list of everything Tesla is telling us…Read more...
Tags: Science, Tesla, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Semi, Tesla pickup, Tesla Model Y

Facebook Shares Surge as Sales, Profit Beat Wall Street Estimates

The company said fourth-quarter sales were $16.91 billion, ahead of the $16.4 billion analysts expected. Facebook’s audience grew, bolstering its ability to collect data from users that can lure advertisers. The company also reported an uptick in users in mature markets like Europe, which investors were concerned had reached saturation.
Tags: Facebook, Europe, Science, Facebook Shares Surge

Eating Breakfast May Not Be That Helpful for Weight Loss After All

Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day, but according to a new review out Wednesday in the BMJ, it won’t help you lose weight. The study found no good evidence that regularly eating breakfast helps us cut down on calories or avoid weight gain. More damning, it even found some evidence that…Read more...
Tags: Science, Obesity, Weight Loss, Breakfast, Bmj

Hey, kids! Here’s your chance to re-enact the Apollo 11 moon landing with robots

Fifty years after the first Apollo moon landing, students from across the country will get a chance to re-enact the feat with drones and robots, thanks to an educational challenge orchestrated by NASA and the University of Washington's Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline. The event — known as the Apollo 50 Next Giant Leap Student Challenge, or ANGLeS Challenge for short — got its official kickoff today at Kent-Meridian High School in Kent, Wash. "This is a truly interdisciplinary cha...
Tags: Science, Nasa, University of Washington, Kent Wash, Kent Meridian High School, Northwest Earth and Space Sciences, Robert Winglee, Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline

Now You Can Be Busted for Selling Fake Web Followers, Likes

The deal with a small marketing company called Devumi LLC, which halted operations last year, targets the systematic use of so-called bot accounts that pretended to express genuine opinions of real people to deceive the public, New York Attorney General Letitia James said Wednesday in a statement. “This settlement marks the first finding by a law enforcement agency that selling fake social media engagement and using stolen identities to engage in online activity is illegal,” the statement says....
Tags: New York, Science, New York Times, Letitia James, Devumi, Devumi LLC

Three DC Movies Are Coming Summer 2021, Including The Batman Without Ben Affleck [UPDATED]

The next Batman movie has its release date: June 25, 2021. And the franchise is saying goodbye to Ben Affleck.Read more...
Tags: Science, Ben Affleck, Warner Bros, James Gunn, DC Entertainment, Matt Reeves, The Batman, Suicide Squad 2, DC Super Pets, The Suicide Squad

'Don't deal in Venezuelan gold,' White House says, in anti-Maduro push

National security adviser John Bolton tweeted that traders should not deal in gold, oil or other commodities "being stolen" from the Venezuelan people, as opponents of Maduro's government worried that a Russian-operated plane had shipped gold out of Caracas on Wednesday afternoon. The White House said U.S. President Donald Trump spoke to Venezuela's self-proclaimed interim president, Juan Guaido, by phone on Wednesday, reiterating support for his "fight to regain democracy." On one side of the...
Tags: Science, White House, Opec, United States, Venezuela, Donald Trump, Don, Caracas, John Bolton, Maduro, Juan Guaido

Canada to reduce staff at Cuba embassy after another diplomat falls ill

The United States reduced embassy staffing in Cuba from more than 50 to a maximum of 18, after more than two dozen personnel developed unusual illnesses. "A further reduction in the (Canadian embassy) footprint is deemed to be the appropriate response," a Canadian government official told reporters. Canada is one of Cuba's most important economic partners.
Tags: Science, Canada, United States, Cuba

Scientists create the deepest space image ever by mining Hubble images for new light

The Hubble Space Telescope has produced some of the most stunning glimpses of distant objects mankind has ever laid eyes on, but one particular image has repeatedly wowed researchers and continues to yield new discoveries. It's a composite image of an area of space known as the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field, and it took hundreds of hours to produce using the telescope's Wide Field Camera 3. The observations revealed ancient galaxies dating as far back as 13.2 billion years, and it's the "...
Tags: Science, Spain, Hubble Space Telescope, Canary Islands, HST, Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias IAC, Alejandro S Borlaff

How Scientists Used a 1906 Photo to Find the Center of San Francisco's Most Infamous Earthquake

Researchers used a grainy photograph of a toppled train combined with an eyewitness account to analyze the deadly earthquake that struck San Francisco over 110 years ago.Read more...
Tags: Science, Trains, San Francisco, History, Physics, Earthquakes

Nigerian opposition candidate to consider amnesty for corruption suspects

Abubakar is the main challenger to President Muhammadu Buhari in the Feb. 16 election, where corruption, security and the economy have been key issues. Buhari is hoping his anti-corruption agenda can win him a second term. Nigerian state coffers have in past years been ransacked by government officials and their associates, and corruption is prevalent throughout society.
Tags: Science, Muhammadu Buhari, Buhari, Abubakar

Disappearing Act: Venus Hides Behind the Moon Before Dawn on Thursday

When the moon's in the sky, and Venus goes "goodbye," that's an occultation. This has been a busy month for the moon. On Jan. 20, it traveled through Earth's deepest shadow to dazzle millions of skywatchers with a total lunar eclipse dubbed the "Super Blood Wolf Moon." And just days into the new year, the moon became host to a new visitor: China's Chang'e-4 lander, the first mission to the lunar far side. January continues to be a spectacular month for lunar enthusiasts. On...
Tags: Google, Science, China, Earth, Moon, Pacific, Pluto, Caribbean, Venus, Bolivia, Chang, South America Central America, Eastern Standard Time, Central Standard Time, Polynesia, Earth Pluto

U.S. lawmakers urge Pentagon to revise climate change report

The Pentagon's report, released on Jan. 10, said climate change was a national security issue and listed 79 domestic military installations at risk from floods, drought, encroaching deserts, wildfires and, in Alaska, thawing permafrost. It also failed to list any Marine Corps bases or installations overseas. U.S. Representative Adam Smith, the chairman of the House committee, said the Trump administration's report was inadequate.
Tags: Science, Alaska, House, Marine Corps, Pentagon, Adam Smith, Trump

2019 Could Be the Year Your Phone Finally Gets a Real Dark Mode

Windows 10 has had dark mode settings for a quite some time, and Apple added it to macOS with its Mojave update last year. But strangely, neither iOS nor stock Android offers a true system-wide dark mode option right now.Read more...
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