Facebook Suspends Three Pages With Millions of Video Views, Saying They Need to Disclose Russia Ties

Facebook has suspended three video-centric pages run by Maffick Media, a company mostly owned by Ruptly, a subsidiary of the state-run RT (formerly Russia Today) network, CNN reported on Friday.Read more...
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Gloomhaven Should Be On Your Board Game Bucket List, and It's Under $100 For the First Time Ever

I realize that you’re not used to paying $99 for a board game, but you should make an exception for Gloomhaven. It’s Board Game Geek’s #1 board game ever, and is “astoundingly good” according to Ars Technica. Hell, it weighs 20 pounds! . If you love…Read more...
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Report: Writer Ned Benson Has Been Brought in to Rewrite the Black Widow Movie

Marvel’s Black Widow movie is still in development, now with a new writer working on the script. Read more...
Tags: Science, Marvel, Disney, Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson, Marvel Studios, Ned Benson

Samsung Gives Up on Blu-Ray, Will Not Release Any New Players in the US

Samsung has given up on Blu-ray—at least in the U.S., where it has given up on producing new models of Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray players, CNET reported on Friday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Television, Movies, US, Samsung, 4k, Streaming, Dvd, Cnet, Blu, Blu Ray, Blu Ray Players

63 New Illnesses Reported in Ongoing Turkey Salmonella Outbreak That's Sickened Hundreds

Hundreds have fallen ill in a Salmonella outbreak tied to raw turkey, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting more than 60 new cases in 24 states since its last report in December.Read more...
Tags: Science, Turkey, Salmonella, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Outbreaks, Raw Turkey, Ongoing Turkey Salmonella

Washington Lawmakers Advance Bill to Ban Vaccine Exemptions for Personal Reasons Amid Measles Outbreak

A measles outbreak in Washington state has prompted outcry over exemptions that allow residents to opt out of vaccinations for personal or philosophical reasons.Read more...
Tags: Science, Washington, Vaccines, Pacific Northwest, Measles, Measles Outbreak

Ken Jeong Reveals Bradley Cooper Supported Him & His Wife During Her Cancer Battle

"The Masked Singer" panelist Ken Jeong opens up on Access Live that his former co-star from "The Hangover," Bradley Cooper, offered support to Ken while his wife was being treated for breast cancer during the filming of the comedy.
Tags: Science, Bradley Cooper, Ken, Ken Jeong

Merck, Pfizer drug combo extends kidney cancer survival: study

Nearly 90 percent of patients who received the combination therapy were still alive after 12 months compared with about 78 percent of patients who were alive after a year when treated with the older drug Sutent, data showed. Merck on Monday released interim data from the trial, saying the combination reduced the risk of death by 47 percent compared with Sutent. The findings add to an arsenal of positive clinical data for Keytruda, which is approved to treat several types of cancer, making it ...
Tags: Science, Merck, Merck Pfizer

Potential privacy lapse found in Americans' 2010 census data

WASHINGTON (AP) — An internal team at the Census Bureau found that basic personal information collected from more than 100 million Americans during the 2010 head count could be reconstructed from obscured data, but with lots of mistakes, a top agency official disclosed Saturday.
Tags: Science, Washington, Ap, Census Bureau

After Latest Minecraft Update, Fans Are Creating In-Game TVs

Minecraft’s latest snapshot update, 19w07a, changed the way paintings work which has allowed some crafty players to create in-game TVs. The new update, which also added adorable foxes into the game, breaks paintings into multiple textures. Before this update, paintings in Minecraft were created using a single texture.…Read more...
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Storm-lashed South Carolina reassesses global warming's role

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — When he took the job 15 years ago, Horry County Emergency Manager Randy Webster figured his biggest disasters would be wind and surge rolling over his county's beaches, South Carolina's top tourist destination.
Tags: Science, South Carolina, COLUMBIA S C AP, Randy Webster

Potential privacy lapse found in Americans’ 2010 census data

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top Census Bureau official says an internal agency team found that basic personal information collected from more than 100 million Americans during the 2010 head count could be reconstructed from encrypted data — but with lots of mistakes. So far, this privacy vulnerability has only been captured by internal hacking teams, […]
Tags: Science, News, Washington, Ap, Nation, Census Bureau

C'mon, people, let's leave poor Jar Jar out of this

First, a word of reassurance to anybody who woke up this morning and saw that Star Wars’ least-favorite Gungan was trending on Twitter: Jar Jar Binks isn’t dead. (It’s not his birthday, either. Or hatch-day? We’re sure someone out there knows if Jar Jars do live birth, and if they could do us a favor and never, ever @…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Film, Donald Trump, Jar Jar Binks

Report: Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn Might Return for Suicide Squad 2 After All

Recently, rumors surfaced suggesting some shakeups for the Joker-ific side of the DC cinematic world, particularly indicating that Jared Leto would not be returning as the Joker. The report also said, according to inside sources, that Margot Robbie would not be returning for Suicide Squad 2, instead focusing on Birds…Read more...
Tags: Science, Suicide Squad, Birds Of Prey, Dc, James Gunn, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, The Joker, Suicide Squad 2, Harley Quinn Might Return for Suicide Squad

Delta Goodrem Says Olivia Newton-John Sent Her a Touching Letter After Her Own Cancer Diagnosis

Delta Goodrem Talks Friendship with Olivia Newton-John
Tags: Science, Delta Goodrem Says Olivia Newton John

R.E.M. Copyright Complaint Gets Trump Tweet Axed by Twitter

Apparently even Donald Trump is not immune to copyright takedowns. On Friday, the president tweeted a mocking video playing R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” over Democrats’ reaction to the State of the Union—originally created by some dude using the pseudonym “Carpe Donktum” and best known for winning an Infowars meme…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Music, Science, Technology, Social Media, Copyright, Donald Trump, REM, Infowars, Our Garbage President, Dmca Takedown

Albanian protesters attack PM's office to demand he quits

Several people, including journalists, were hurt as police fired tear gas to push back the protesters, some of whom were residents angry over the planned demolition of homes to make way for the highway around Tirana. During four hours of unrest, they attacked two large art installations outside the office of Prime Minister Edi Rama, an artist and former basketball player elected in 2013. Saturday's unrest erupted after a group of protesters broke away from a rally by several thousand oppositio...
Tags: Science, Tirana, Edi Rama, Rama

New research shows bees can do math

The humble honeybee can use symbols to perform basic maths including addition and subtraction, shows new research published today in the journal Science Advances. Despite having a brain containing less than one million neurons, the honeybee has recently shown it can manage complex problems – like understanding the concept of zero. Honeybees are a high value model for exploring questions about neuroscience. In our latest study we decided to test if they could learn to perform simple arithmetical ...
Tags: Startups, Science, Tech, Syndication

AAAS: Machine learning 'causing science crisis'

Techniques used to analyse data are producing misleading and often wrong results, critics say.
Tags: Science, AAAS

Ja Rule Claims He's Planning Another Fyre Festival-Like Event, Which Seems Fine

Surely you haven’t forgotten about Fyre Festival, the event that scammed models, the rich, and many Bahamian vendors into believing it would be one of the greatest events of the decade—headlined by Blink 182 for god’s sake—before it all came crashing down.Read more...
Tags: Apps, Science, Festival, Ja Rule, Fyre Festival, Fyre Media

Pokémon GO Lawsuit Settlement Might Lead To Some Pokéstops And Gyms Being Removed

Pokémon GO creator Niantic is looking to end a lawsuit that was first started back in 2016, during the height of Pokémon GO’s popularity. The suit was filed by numerous homeowners who believed the company had caused players to trespass onto their property to catch Pokémon or activate Pokéstops.Read more...
Tags: Mobile, Lawsuit, Science, Pokemon, Kotaku Core, Niantic, Pokemon Go

Germany to extend electric company car tax incentives: paper

German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz plans to extend tax incentives for electric company cars, he told a newspaper on Saturday, the government's latest attempt to boost demand for clean vehicles. Germany is trying to increase electric car sales in the wake of a diesel emissions cheating scandal that has engulfed its auto industry in the last three years. "Half of all cars sold in Germany are company cars," Scholz told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.
Tags: Science, Germany, Scholz, Olaf Scholz

How Oral Hygiene Could Be Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

More research is needed, but it's an interesting step forward.Read More...
Tags: Science

In the 1980s, Israel Developed a 'Heavy Hammer' F-4 Super Phantom: What Happened?

Some fighter history you may not know.
Tags: Science, Israel

When to Go to Urgent Care Vs. the ER

Deciding between urgent care and the ER can be tough.
Tags: Science

The Number 1 Reason You Should Stop Wearing Heels

Don’t have to tell me twice.
Tags: Science

Sudan lawmakers postpone amendment to keep Bashir in power

A parliamentary committee tasked with amending Sudan's constitution to allow President Omar al-Bashir to run for another term said on Saturday it would indefinitely postpone a meeting to draft these changes, state news agency SUNA said. The move comes amid almost daily street protests since mid-December, initially sparked by rising food prices and cash shortages, against Bashir's nearly 30-year rule. SUNA cited "special emergency commitments" as the cause for the delay without providing furthe...
Tags: Science, Sudan, Bashir, Omar al Bashir, SUNA

Archaeologists discover Incan tomb in Peru

Peruvian archaeologists discovered an Incan tomb in the north of the country where an elite member of the pre-Columbian empire was buried, one of the investigators announced Friday. The discovery was made on the Mata Indio dig site in the northern Lambayeque region, archaeologist Luis Chero told state news agency Andina. Archaeologists believe the tomb belonged to a noble Inca based on the presence of "spondylus," a type of sea shell always present in the graves of important figures from the I...
Tags: Science, Peru, Lambayeque, Mata Indio, Luis Chero, Andina Archaeologists

Saturday's Best Deals: Rakuten Sitewide Sale, Instant Pot, Slime Gold Box, and More

A Samsung QLED TV, Aukey USB-C Cables, and a World Wide Stereo Sale lead off Presidents’ Day Weekend’s best deals.Read more...
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