TSMC's Not-New Management Presents New Challenges for Investors

TSMC was quite open about the issue in a statement late Friday. For the full-year, operating margin will be cut by 0.2 percentage points -- which I estimate to be around $70 million, based on its previous revenue guidance. Just five months prior, another supplier mishap brought some TSMC production lines to a halt when new equipment came replete with an installation of the WannaCry virus.
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Istanbul vets make city's stray animals feel at home

Concerned for the health of a black cat roaming around the university campus where she works, Mevlude dropped off the feline at the veterinary clinic for street animals run by the Istanbul municipality. Visitors to the Turkish city, who admire its centuries-old mosques and Ottoman palaces, are often surprised to see cats and dogs making themselves at home on the streets, and watch them taking the best seats in cafes and restaurants without a care for the world. Like Mevlude, many Istanbul resi...
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The Next Great Walking Dead Villain Is Here, and She Wants to Kill Civilization

After almost nine seasons, it’s pretty rare for a brand new character to get their very own episode of The Walking Dead and yet that’s exactly what happened Sunday night. The episode, called “Omega,” introduced Samantha Morton as Alpha, the eventual leader of and mother to Lydia, the young woman Daryl…Read more...
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The War On Climate Change Won’t Be Won Quibbling Over The Green New Deal’s Costs

The Green New Deal unveiled last week by Sen
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Clothing conscience

How sustainable are your fashion habits? Take our quiz.
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Opportunity Rover, New Gmail Features, and Death Speeds: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Space enthusiasts collectively mourned this week with the death of Opportunity, the Martian rover that chugged along making important scientific discoveries for far, far longer than it was expected to explore the Red Planet. In case you missed it, Gizmodo wrote about the incredible distance traveled by Opportunity…Read more...
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Watch Ava DuVernay in Conversation With the Directors of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Some of the best directors in the business, talking one of the best films of last year. Read more...
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Report: More Than 300 Chemical Weapons Attacks in Syria, With Pro-Assad Forces Responsible for 98 Percent

Well over 300 chemical weapons attacks have occurred during the nearly eight years-long Syrian civil war, with President Bashar al-Assad’s government and its allies accounting for the vast majority of them, the Washington Post reported on Sunday, citing new research by the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPI).Read more...
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Huawei Crackdown Exposes Europe as Laggard in Global 5G Race

A year later, the U.K. is among European nations weighing restrictions on the Chinese tech giant that phone carriers say could delay the fifth-generation mobile networks needed to connect driverless cars and automated factories. “The risk is that it puts Europe further behind the curve,” said Neil Campling, an analyst at Mirabaud Securities in London. While Europe led the way with earlier mobile technologies, China, South Korea, Japan and -- to a lesser extent -- the U.S., are ahead on the nex...
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U.K. Lawmakers Recommend Harsher Penalties For Tech Companies

Damian Collins, the policy maker who spearheaded the inquiry, called for Parliament to create new laws to help a proposed regulator oversee the industry, with fines for companies to be calculated based on their revenue. “Companies like Facebook exercise massive market power which enables them to make money by bullying the smaller technology companies and developers who rely on this platform to reach their customers,” Collins said in a statement Monday.
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Tokyo Is Testing a New System to Detect 'Guerilla' Rain and Tornadoes Up to 30 Minutes in Advance

Officials in Tokyo are testing a new technology that utilizes weather radar and terrestrial digital radio waves to “quickly and precisely predict torrential rain and tornadoes” up to 20 to 30 minutes in advance, the Mainichi reported on Sunday.Read more...
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Bill de Blasio Does Not Appear to Be Taking the Amazon HQ2 Breakup Well

Jeff Bezos yanked his would-be HQ2 campus this week in a show that Amazon simply couldn’t take the heat from New Yorkers who opposed the secretive deal and its potential implications for the city’s residents, and the Queens community in particular. After Amazon announced it was pulling out, many progressive…Read more...
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Rare owls thrive in ghost town near Los Angeles airport

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Researchers have discovered a group of rare owls thriving in a nature preserve near Los Angeles International Airport, according to a newspaper report Sunday. The 10 burrowing owls are the most seen at LAX Dunes Preserve in 40 years, the Los Angeles Times reported. Among the raptors are a breeding pair […]
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Plastics reach remote pristine environments, scientists say

Birds’ eggs in High Arctic contain chemical additives used in plasticsScientists have warned about the impact of plastic pollution in the most pristine corners of the world after discovering chemical additives in birds’ eggs in the High Arctic.Eggs laid by northern fulmars on Prince Leopold Island in the Canadian Arctic tested positive for hormone-disrupting phthalates, a family of chemicals that are added to plastics to keep them flexible. It is the first time the additives have been found in A...
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LG Has No Immediate Plans to Release a Foldable Smartphone, Head of Mobile Says

If you were holding out for a folding phone from LG in the near future, you may be waiting a while. According to the company’s head of mobile communications and home entertainment divisions Brian Kwon, LG thinks it’s too soon for a such a release.Read more...
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Softbank Says Leverage Not a Problem. Rating Firms Not Convinced

While Son has won some converts among the analyst community, SoftBank’s debt-fueled growth strategy is preventing S&P Global Ratings and Moody’s Investors Service from upgrading the company to investment grade, according to analysts at both rating companies. A downgrade to SoftBank’s ratings, now one level below investment grade, is more likely than an upgrade, both say. SoftBank listed its Japanese telecom unit last year as Son reshapes the company he founded almost four decades ago into one ...
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This Company Is Japan’s Top Contender for Global Internet Domination

“We are there, every time people choose to do things,” said Masumi Minegishi, Recruit’s 55-year-old chief executive officer. As the biggest internet companies compete for world domination with apps that track consumers and use artificial intelligence to crunch data and provide tailored services, Recruit is Japan’s leading contender. “Recruit was an internet pioneer, starting their first website in the same month that Yahoo launched in 1995” said Sandra Sucher, a Harvard Business School profess...
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3 Top Diabetes Stocks to Watch in February

Innovative insulin pumps and promising drugs make these three companies worthy of investors' attention.
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Every Fake Game In Kingdom Hearts 3, Reviewed

Inside the Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts 3, players can find a video game store. This store is filled with games that presumably exist in the Toy Story universe. These games also need to be reviewed.Read more...
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This spider's eyes still glow, even though it died 110 million years ago

Fossil hunters in Korea discovered long-dead spiders preserved in rock. And to the delight of scientists, the arachnids' eyes are still reflective -- some 110 million years after the creatures died. It's rare for insects and arachnids -- which are far more brittle than shelled sea creatures -- to become fossilized in rocks. But for reasons still unknown, a couple of these spiders did fossilize, and the unique shape of their eye structures continue to reflect light -- even in their petrif...
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Beckham looks to '70s, Westwood turns catwalk into protest

Victoria Beckham looked back to the 1970s at London Fashion Week on Sunday, while Vivienne Westwood turned her catwalk into a stage to protest issues ranging from climate change to Brexit. In front of an audience including Beckham's husband David and their children, models wore dresses and skirts slim fitted over the knee, some with abstract chain patterns. In a collection rich in vibrant colors and patterns, Beckham stuck to her signature silhouette of fitted skirt suits, which were checkered...
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Haiti vows to trim expenses and investigate PetroCaribe amid protests

The Haitian government vowed to deepen the investigation into alleged corruption in the PetroCaribe oil program and to reduce its expenses, seeking to meet some of protestors' demands as demonstrations roil the country. During a televised address on Saturday night, Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant announced nine measures aimed at alleviating the country's economic crisis. Ceant said the government will reduce its expenses by 30 percent, meet with the private sector to try to raise the minimum w...
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This spider's eyes still glow, even though it died 110 million years ago

Fossil hunters in Korea discovered long-dead spiders preserved in rock. And to the delight of scientists, the arachnids' eyes are still reflective — some 110 million years after the creatures died.  It's rare for insects — which are far more brittle than shelled sea creatures — to become fossilized in rocks. But for reasons still unknown, a couple of these spiders did fossilize, and the unique shape of their eye structures continue to reflect light — even in their petrified form.  The ...
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Airlines Will Offer New Gender Options Beyond 'Male' and 'Female' for Non-Binary Flyers

Many U.S. airlines say they’re in the process of updating their booking systems in order to allow non-binary customers to use pronouns other than “male” or “female.”Read more...
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This Video Explores Starship Troopers’ Messy Satirical Relationship With Fascism

Starship Troopers is a seductive satire. Let’s dig into why, and how. Read more...
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U.S. Senator Rubio, other officials visit site of Venezuelan aid

While Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is refusing to allow in the food, medicine and other supplies, opposition leader and self-declared president Juan Guaido has vowed to move hundreds of tonnes of the aid into the country on Feb 23. Guaido, who argues that Maduro's 2018 re-election was a sham, invoked constitutional provisions to declare himself the country's leader last month. Most Western countries and many of Venezuela's neighbors have recognized Guaido as the legitimate head of state...
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The Star Wars Twitter Posted a Weird Tweet, and Fans Are Freaking Out

Ah, promotional Twitters, a regular source of both great joy and great consternation to fandom everywhere. Sometimes they bring trailers, exclusive clips, interviews, all the joys the excited fan demands. Sometimes, they bring a bounty like today’s: tweets that don’t make any sense. Read more...
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Study blames YouTube for rise in number of Flat Earthers

Conspiracy theories shown on video-sharing site persuade people to doubt Earth is roundResearchers believe they have identified the prime driver for a startling rise in the number of people who think the Earth is flat: Google’s video-sharing site, YouTube.Their suspicion was raised when they attended the world’s largest gatherings of Flat Earthers at the movement’s annual conference in Rayleigh, North Carolina, in 2017, and then in Denver, Colorado, last year. Continue reading...
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England and Wales to Require Thousands of Criminals to Wear GPS Tracking Bracelets

Thousands of convicted criminals and others accused of crimes in England and Wales will be required to wear GPS-coordinate-tracking bracelets, replacing an older generation of electronic tags not capable of monitoring someone’s movement in real time, the BBC reported on Saturday.Read more...
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Saudi crown prince begins Asia tour with $20 billion Pakistan investment pledge

Kicking off his tour of South Asia and China with a far higher Pakistan investment than expected, the crown prince said the $20 billion figure represents only the start of an economic tie-up that would bring the historic Muslim allies even closer. "It’s big for phase 1, and definitely it will grow every month and every year, and it will be beneficial to both countries," said the crown prince. "We have been a brotherly country, a friendly country to Pakistan.
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