Global climate rally kicks off with kids Down Under

A global day of student protests aimed at spurring world leaders into action on climate change to protect the planet for future generations kicked off in Australia and New Zealand Friday. Thousands of youths marched in Wellington carrying placards reading "Time's Melting Away" and "Act Now or Swim" as part of an ambitious plan to stage 1,000 demonstrations in more than 100 countries during a worldwide day of action. "This is young people taking the reins and realising that they do have people ...
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Johnson & Johnson Hit With $29.4 Million Verdict Over Its Talc Products

A woman who alleged that Johnson & Johnson products containing talcum powder were linked to her mesothelioma was awarded millions by a jury in California, Reuters reported Wednesday. The verdict follows a nine-week trial that began shortly after the start of the year.Read more...
Tags: Science, Cancer, Johnson, Asbestos, Mesothelioma, Johnson Johnson, Talc, California Reuters

Tracing the MCU Timeline of That Important Captain Marvel Artifact

Aside from the fact that it stars Carol Danvers, a hero we know will team up with the Avengers in Endgame next month, Captain Marvel’s wider connections to the Marvel Cinematic Universe don’t really become clear until quite a bit into the movie. If you’ve got questions about it, we’re here to help.Read more...
Tags: Science, Infinity Gauntlet, Avengers, Marvel Studios, The Avengers, Carol Danvers, Tesseract, Captain Marvel, Thor Ragnarok, Captain America The First Avenger, Avengers Infinity War, Infinity Stones, Avengers Endgame

Russian-US crew arrives at International Space Station

BAIKONUR, Kazakhstan (AP) — A Russian-American crew arrived at the International Space Station on Friday, five months after a botched launch led to an emergency landing for two of the three astronauts.
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New York to spend $500 million for Manhattan flood protection

New York will invest $500 million to protect part of the US business and cultural capital Manhattan from climate change, the municipality said on Thursday. It is allocating the funds to four projects aimed at protecting areas at risk on the southern tip of Manhattan. Among the projects is a permanent protective wall south of Battery Park City, which is a few blocks from Wall Street.
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Former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles Gets Suspended Jail Term

The Tokyo District Court cleared the former Mt. Gox chief executive officer of embezzlement charges. Karpeles, who wore a dark suit and bowed to the judge in court on Friday, wasn’t on trial for the mysterious disappearance of Bitcoins that led to Mt. Gox’s implosion.
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In Caracas, water an obsession after days of blackout

Plastic bottles and containers at the ready, Keisy Perez ignores the stench from the brown river as it slips slowly through the grimy San Agustin district of Venezuela's capital. The quest for drinkable water has rapidly become an obsession for millions like her in Caracas days after a crippling power blackout stalled the city's pumps. In this part of Caracas, the Guaire river is effectively an open sewer.
Tags: Science, Venezuela, Caracas, San Agustin, Guaire, Keisy Perez

NASA may be forced to rely on a commercial rocket to test its new crew capsule

NASA is betting big on its Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft as a one-two punch that will send astronauts on missions to the Moon and beyond. Both the Orion and SLS are currently in development, but they're not progressing at nearly the same rate.This leaves NASA in a bit of a pinch as it looks at its immediate schedule. A lunar test flight of the Orion, perched atop the SLS rocket to send it on its way, was supposed to take place by the middle of 2020, but the SLS is way behind sched...
Tags: Science, Senate, Nasa, Orion, Jim Bridenstine, Bridenstine

The Materials Show Preps for Major Debut in Europe in May

The show will take place in London, adding to the schedule of materials events in Portland and Boston.
Tags: Europe, Science, London, Portland

The Materials Show Set to Debut in Europe in May

The show will take place in London, adding to the schedule of materials events in Portland and Boston.
Tags: Europe, Science, London, Portland

16-Year-Old Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Greta Thunberg Is Cracking Down on Climate Change

You're never too young to speak out for change, and 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg has made her voice heard, loud and clear - so much so, in fact, that she's been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. "We have proposed Greta Thunberg because if we do nothing to halt climate change, it will be the cause of wars, conflict, and refugees," said Freddy Andre Ovstegard, one of three Norwegian lawmakers who nominated the Swedish teen for the prestigious award.
Tags: Science, Greta Thunberg, Freddy Andre Ovstegard

2 dead gray whales wash ashore in San Francisco Bay

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Marine experts say two dead gray whales were found in the San Francisco Bay this week and that one of them died from severe malnutrition. The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito said Thursday scientists were unable to determine a cause of death for the other whale. A team conducted necropsies on […]
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C-section 50 times more deadly for women in Africa: study

The death rate among women undergoing a C-section to deliver a baby is about 50 times higher in Africa than in most wealthy nations, researchers said Friday. One in 200 women perished during or soon after a caesarean in a sampling of nearly 3,700 births across 22 African countries, they reported in The Lancet Global Health. Death rates related to C-sections are roughly the same across most developed countries.
Tags: Science, Africa, Lancet Global Health

Pentagon Brass Bafflingly Accuses Google of Providing 'Direct Benefit' to China's Military

There are many reasons to be critical of Google. But on Thursday, General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stopped just short of accusing the tech giant of treason.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, China, US military, Pentagon, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joseph Dunford, You Cant Please Everyone

Oracle Sales Top Estimates as Push to the Cloud Gains Momentum

Sales in the current period will be little changed or decline as much as 2 percent from a year earlier, Chief Executive Officer Safra Catz said on a conference call, meaning it could become the fourth consecutive quarter with falling sales. Profit, excluding some expenses, will be $1.05 to $1.09 a share, compared with an average analyst prediction of $1.09, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Oracle has built up a wide array of internet-based programs in a bid to steal market share from c...
Tags: Science, Salesforce com Inc, Safra Catz, Amazon com Inc Microsoft Corp, Bloomberg Oracle

Adobe Projects Profit That Falls Short of Analysts' Estimates

(Bloomberg) -- Adobe Inc. gave a profit forecast for the current quarter that fell short of Wall Street’s estimates, signaling the Photoshop maker is still digesting two big-ticket acquisitions in its bid to become a leader in marketing technology.
Tags: Science, Bloomberg Adobe Inc

Astronauts who survived Soyuz breakdown blast off to ISS

It is Nick Hague and Alexey Ovchinin's first flight since their rocket malfunctioned last year.
Tags: Science, Alexey Ovchinin, Nick Hague

It's Surprisingly Easy to Make AI Think a Taxi Is a Vacuum Cleaner

Technologists like to put machine learning on a pedestal, exalting its ability to complement and even exceed human labor, but these systems are far from perfect. In fact, they are still tremendously vulnerable to self-owns. A research paper from January details how just how easy it is to trick an image recognition…Read more...
Tags: Science, Image Recognition, Neural Networks, Deep Neural Network

This Groundbreaking Mathematician Wants You to Pursue a Career in STEM

"It's sad that we are missing out on the balance of smart young women."
Tags: Science

Um, Do You Actually Need to Wash Your Feet?

Foot health experts come clean.
Tags: Science

Spend $20 On Stuff You Need to Buy Anyway, Get a $30 Mrs. Meyer's Gift Set For Free

Here’s your no-brainer deal of the day. If you visit this page and enter your email, Grove Collaborative will give you $30 worth of Grove and Mrs. Meyer’s products for free when you spend $20 on anything else on the site. I was also given a free glass spray bottle and concentrated cleaner, for seemingly no reason at…Read more...
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Researchers Found a Way to Extract Detailed Slo-Mo Videos From a Single Blurry Photo

The Phantom high-speed cameras used by YouTube channels like The Slow Mo Guys to capture mesmerizing slow-motion footage are obscenely expensive. But soon, thanks to a new technique that can extract slo-mo videos from a single photo, the smartphone in your pocket could outperform even a high-speed camera that costs…Read more...
Tags: Photography, Science, Research, Smartphones, Harvard, Slow Motion, High Speed Photography, EPFL, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Slo Mo, Virtual Frame Technique

U.S. considers sanctions to restrict Visa, Mastercard in Venezuela: official

The United States is considering imposing financial sanctions that could prohibit Visa Inc , Mastercard Inc and other financial institutions from processing transactions in Venezuela, a senior Trump administration official said on Thursday. The move, which has not been finalized, would represent another step in tightening the financial noose on the government of President Nicolas Maduro and his supporters. The sanctions would be targeted at the elite and groups loyal to Maduro, including memb...
Tags: Science, United States, Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, Trump, Maduro, Visa MasterCard, Visa Inc Mastercard Inc

'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek thanks his supporters amid cancer battle: 'I'm a lucky guy'

'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek is expressing gratitude to the "hundreds of thousands of people" who rallied behind him following his cancer diagnosis.
Tags: Science, Alex Trebek

A 'Hairy Blue Spider' on Mars Is One of the Cool New Scenes Captured by European Orbiter

Sadly, David Bowie was wrong about spiders on Mars, despite this exciting new image of what appears to a gigantic blue tarantula on the Martian surface. In reality, the false-color picture shows a series of trails produced by Martian dust devils. The photo is one of many captured by Europe’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter,…Read more...
Tags: Europe, Science, David Bowie, Space Exploration, Mars, ExoMars, Planetary Science, ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter

How Neolithic stews, yogurt helped lead to 'F' and 'V' sounds

Changes to the human diet prompted by Neolithic advances in agriculture played a role in human jaw evolution that allowed people to pronounce the consonants F and V, researchers say. The Neolithic era -- spanning from 6,000 to 2,100 BC -- was when wheat and barley-based farming took root and animals such as goats, sheep and cows, were domesticated. "Language is not usually studied as a biological phenomenon and it does not normally figure in, say, the curriculum of biology," said Balthasar Bic...
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Deadspin MLB Announces Several Rule Tweaks Amid Broader Gathering Sense Of Doom | Splinter ‘Full-Tim

Deadspin  | Splinter ‘Full-Time Freelance’ Is Just the Industry Standard | Jezebel Sephora Drops Sponsorship Deal with Olivia Jade | The Root Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Asked Twitter for Furniture Advice. The Answers Were Hilarious | The A.V. Club…
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Sprawling storm threatens several US states, thousands evacuated

A massive late-winter storm hit several central US states Thursday, forcing thousands to evacuate, snarling air traffic and leaving drivers stranded. There were widespread road closures and more than 1,000 flights canceled at the worst affected airports. The intense storm affected much of the nation's midsection with "heavy snows, blizzard conditions and widespread wind gusts over hurricane force," according to the National Weather Service.
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Facebook's C-Suite Continues to Melt Down Amid Zuckerberg's Plan to Bundle Products

Chris Cox, one of the first handful of engineers hired to Facebook, a close personal friend of Mark Zuckerberg’s and, until very recently, Chief Product Officer of the entire suite of the company’s products, is departing the company.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Instagram, Whatsapp, Zuckerberg, Chris Cox, Chris Daniels, Exits

Biggest obstacle to passage of Green New Deal? Democratic lawmakers

Democrats agree that climate change needs to be addressed. Pronto. But they're divided on whether Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' Green New Deal is the answer.
Tags: Science, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

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