Study This Fancy Photo: This Might Be Russia's Next Deadly Warship

Look closely.
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Congratulations to Glossier, Now a $1.2 Billion Unicorn

Glossier, a company that has never successfully marketed makeup to me (but give it time), is now a unicorn.Read more...
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China clones 'Sherlock Holmes' police dog to cut training times: state media

Scientists in southwest China's Yunnan province have cloned what they called the "Sherlock Holmes of police dogs" in a program they hope will help cut training times and costs for police dogs, state media reported on Wednesday. The dog, named Kunxun, was cloned from a police sniffer dog by the Beijing-based Sinogene Biotechnology Company and the Yunnan Agricultural University, with support from the Ministry of Public Security, the state-owned tabloid Global Times reported. Sinogene is hoping t...
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Nintendo, Sony Fall After Google Unveils a Gaming Service

Nintendo dropped as much as 4.6 percent and Sony declined 4.5 percent Wednesday, the biggest intraday drop for both stocks in six weeks. Stadia lets developers put games on a streaming platform that will allow players to access the action through the web, skipping expensive consoles or personal computers, Google announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.
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Scientists are trying to make the International Space Station’s bathroom a little less gross

The International Space Station is like no other place on Earth, and not just because it's not actually on Earth at all. The orbiting laboratory is inhabited by crews of scientists that live there for months before being changed out for fresh faces, and this poses a huge challenge when it comes to cleanliness.It's not that astronauts are any messier than the rest of us, but they're definitely still human, and being human means carrying a whole host of microorganisms with you on a dai...
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Tencent Music's Debut Release Is No Chart Topper

The Chinese music and entertainment company listed in December and shares started to take off in mid-January. Social entertainment, Tencent Music’s largest business which includes live streaming and online karaoke, experienced only a mild increase in monthly active users. Its music business – larger by users but smaller by revenue – faced even weaker growth, and seems to be struggling to sign up more customers.
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Gates Joins Bezos as the Only Two Members of the $100 Billion Club

Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates, once the world’s richest person, has again eclipsed the $100 billion threshold, joining Inc.’s Jeff Bezos in the exclusive club, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Gates’s fortune, now $100 billion on the nose, hasn’t reached such heights since the dot-com boom, when Bezos was only beginning his march up the world’s wealth rankings. The Amazon founder is now worth $145.6 billion, having added $20.7 billion this year alone, while Gat...
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Matt Hancock: gene tests show I have a heightened risk of prostate cancer

Matt Hancock has revealed that he is at heightened risk of developing prostate cancer as he urges the NHS to roll out gene testing more widely. The Health Secretary said he has undergone tests which show that he has a higher rate of the disease than the average man, despite no family history of the cancer. Mr Hancock called for a national debate about the biggest ethical questions concerning a revolution in genomics, as he revealed that he was shocked by his own results. The tests found he has a...
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This Marvel Fan Art Is Bright, Vibrant, and Beautiful

Sometimes you look at a piece of fan art and think, “No, that has to be professional.” This is one of those times. Read more...
Tags: Science, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Fanart, Avengers Infinity War, Spider Man Into The Spider Verse, Kirk Manley

Rita Wilson on How Surviving Breast Cancer Shaped Her New Album

Actress and singer Rita Wilson explains the meaning behind her new album, ‘Halfway To Home’ and how some of the songs were influenced by her breast cancer journey.
Tags: Science, Rita Wilson

NASA’s InSight lander still has a big problem, and nobody is quite sure how to fix it

One of NASA's most exciting ongoing missions is that of the InSight lander that currently calls Mars home. The robotic lander has the potential to teach scientists a great deal about the Red Planet and its history, but first NASA has to figure out what to do with one of its important, but underperforming, instruments.The tool, which is described as a "self-hammering mole" is designed to dig several meters into the planet in order to take temperature readings and paint a more complete picture...
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Rare supermoon coincides with the first day of spring

It will be the first spring equinox supermoon in 19 years, and won't happen again until 2030.
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Kapersky Labs Files Antitrust Complaint Against Apple in Russia Over App Store Policies

Russian cybersecurity firm Kapersky Labs has filed an antitrust complaint against Apple in Russia, claiming that latter firm used its monopoly over the App Store to force the company to remove app control and Safari browser blocking from the iOS version of its Kapersky Safe Kids app, ZDnet reported on Tuesday.Read more...
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These New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Shorts Share Tales of Robots, Sinister Pizza, and a Strange Place Called Earth 

Last time we did one of these short film round-ups, we gathered 10 shorts all under 10 minutes. This time, we’ve got seven creator-submitted shorts, most of which run a little longer, but all of which tell some wonderfully twisted tales. So be careful who you go home with, beware that wormhole, and seriously...don’t…
Tags: Science, Horror, Fantasy, Robots, Sci Fi, Ai, Short Films

NASA captures devastating Nebraska floods from high above

Many of NASA's satellites spend their entire lives pointed deep into the cosmos, but the space agency also had plenty of lenses pointed back down towards Earth. NASA tracks all kinds of things that happen here on our planet, including weather systems and natural disasters like the record-setting floods currently taking place in Nebraska.In a new series of images, NASA's Landsat 8 satellite shows how dramatically much of Nebraska has changed as flood waters turned otherwise calm waterways...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Missouri, Nebraska, Elkhorn

Houston petrochemical fire spreads, Texas expands air monitoring

Houston officials and environmental groups raced to expand air monitoring after a raging fire at a Mitsui & Co petrochemical storage site spread on Tuesday, billowing acrid smoke that could be seen and smelled miles away. The blaze at Mitsui unit Intercontinental Terminals Co in Deer Park, Texas, has ignited or consumed 12 of 15 tanks at the site, officials said in a late Tuesday briefing. The fire began on Sunday when a leaking tank containing volatile naphtha, a fuel used in the production ...
Tags: Texas, Science, Houston, Itc, Mitsui, Mitsui Co, Deer Park Texas, Intercontinental Terminals Co

Climate Challenge Will Be Harder Than It Seems, JPMorgan Executive Warns

In his annual “Energy Outlook” report, Michael Cembalest, chairman of market investment and strategy for the asset management group, wrote that the U.S. needs to reduce its use of carbon much faster -- a view he shares with the authors of the Green New Deal, including first-term Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. “People are not getting the full picture about what’s feasible,” Cembalest said in a phone interview Tuesday.
Tags: New York, Science, Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, JPMorgan Executive Warns, Michael Cembalest, Cembalest

How Much Would You Pay for a Holy Grail Google Stadia Subscription

Today was the big coming out party for Stadia, Google’s upcoming game streaming platform that promises to let you play games over the internet on practically any device, and hopefully lag-free.Read more...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Game Streaming, Consumer Tech, Stadia, Google Stadia, Stadia Google, How Much Will It Cost

Hayabusa-2: Asteroid mission exploring a 'rubble pile'

The mission exploring an asteroid finds that it consists of material blasted off another asteroid.
Tags: Science

Coroner says 'Young and Restless' star died of heart disease

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Officials say "Young and the Restless" star Kristoff St. John died of heart disease, with heavy drinking at the time of his death a contributing factor.
Tags: Science, Los Angeles, Ap, Young, Kristoff St John

Over 200 dead in Mozambique after Cyclone Idai, millions hit

MAPUTO/HARARE (Reuters) - The number of people killed in a powerful cyclone and flooding in Mozambique has risen above 200, more than doubling the country's death toll from a storm that could rank as one of the worst weather-related disasters in the southern hemisphere. Mozambique's President Filipe Nyusi said in a televised statement following a cabinet meeting on the disaster on Tuesday that the death toll after Cylone Idai now stood at more than 200, up from 84. Winds of up to 170 kph (105 ...
Tags: Science, Africa, United Nations, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Reuters, Filipe Nyusi, MAPUTO HARARE, Cylone Idai

Roundup weed killer ‘substantial factor’ in causing man’s cancer, jury finds

A jury has found one of the world’s most widely-used weed killers to have been a “substantial factor” in causing a man’s cancer. The unanimous decision, made after five days of deliberations in San Francisco’s federal court, found that Roundup, Bayer AG’s weed killer, was responsible for California resident Edwin Hardeman’s non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It instead allows the trial to proceed to a second phase, which will determine the company’s potential liability and damages.
Tags: Science, California, San Francisco, Bayer AG, Edwin Hardeman

US official declares drought plan done for Colorado River

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Seven states that rely on a major waterway in the U.S. West have finished a yearslong effort to create a plan to protect the Colorado River amid a prolonged drought, the federal government declared Tuesday.
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Lyft IPO Oversubscribed Ahead of Listing Next Week

Now investors who want a piece of America’s second-largest ride-hailing company will likely need to pay a premium when the stock starts trading next week. The San Francisco-based company has only been on the road marketing its initial public offering for two days, but investors have already been informed that the listing is oversubscribed at the current price range, said people familiar with the matter, who asked not to be identified because the details are private.. Lyft is expected to price ...
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Low-dose aspirin has no effect, causes harm in some older people, study says

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine says healthy people who take low-dose aspirin every day receive no health benefit.
Tags: Science, New England Journal of Medicine

AMD Perplexes Analysts With a 12% Jump on ‘Well Known’ News

The stock rallied 12 percent Tuesday as Google unveiled its video-game streaming service that will use AMD processors, even though analysts said the chipmaker’s involvement was already known. AMD Chief Executive Officer Lisa Su said during a presentation at the CES trade show in January that its graphics processors would be used as part of Google’s gaming project. “We are surprised by the stock price move as we believed this was a well known win,” RBC’s Mitch Steves wrote in a research note af...
Tags: Google, Science, Amd, Rbc, Lisa Su, Mitch Steves

U.S. jury finds Bayer's Roundup caused man's cancer

The finding by the unanimous jury in San Francisco federal court clears the way for that same jury to determine if Bayer unit Monsanto is liable and must pay damages to California resident Edwin Hardeman in a second trial phase. Bayer in a statement on Tuesday said it was disappointed with the jury's initial decision. "We are confident the evidence in phase two will show that Monsanto's conduct has been appropriate and the company should not be liable for Mr. Hardeman's cancer," the company sa...
Tags: Science, California, San Francisco, Monsanto, Bayer, HARDEMAN, Edwin Hardeman

Second U.S. jury finds Bayer's Roundup caused cancer

Tuesday's unanimous jury decision in San Francisco federal court, which came after five days of deliberation, was not a finding of Bayer's liability for the cancer of plaintiff Edwin Hardeman. Bayer, which denies allegations that glyphosate or Roundup cause cancer, in a statement on Tuesday said it was disappointed with the jury's initial decision. Bayer acquired Monsanto, the longtime maker of Roundup, for $63 billion last year.
Tags: Science, San Francisco, Monsanto, Bayer, Edwin Hardeman Bayer

Sage gets U.S. approval for first postpartum depression therapy

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved Sage Therapeutics Inc's drug for postpartum depression, marking the first approval of a treatment specifically developed for the condition that affects a new mother's ability to care for herself or her baby. The drug, which is administered to new mothers as a single 60-hour intravenous infusion, is chemically identical to the hormone allopregnanolone.
Tags: Science, U S Food and Drug Administration, Sage Therapeutics Inc

Daily cannabis and skunk users run higher psychosis risk

Presenting results of a large international study conducted in one in site Brazil and across 11 sites in Europe – including in Amsterdam, London and Paris – the researchers found that people who used cannabis daily were three times more likely to have an episode of psychosis than people who had never used it. Skunk contains more THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, than regular cannabis, and THC can induce psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions and paranoia. The study found the ...
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