8 Best Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain, According to a Podiatrist

From in-office procedures to simple at-home remedies, these expert-approved tips will help relieve your pain.
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Welcome to the House of Stealth: This Is Where the F-35 Is Born

A factory like no other.
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The Largest Aircraft Ever Built: Meet the H-4 Hercules (Or the Spruce Goose)

Why did it only fly once?
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Thinking of Trying Keto? First, Read What These 3 Registered Dietitians Have to Say

The ketogenic diet, aka keto, is still going strong in the weight-loss world. The super-low-carb diet restricts sugars and carbohydrates, forcing your liver to burn fats and create compounds called ketones to use for energy instead.
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Passive noise cancellation?

A hollow tube textured to prevent sound waves from passing through it. Imagine a wall made up of these stacked donuts. You can see through them, but you can't make out conversations happening on the other side.Imagine what this could do for suppressors! . [Author: Tam]
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India’s PSLV rocket puts 29 satellites in orbit, just days after anti-satellite test

India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle has put a military satellite and 28 secondary payloads into orbit, with Seattle-based Spaceflight and other commercial ventures playing supporting roles. The PSLV C45 mission lifted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Center at 9:27 a.m. local time April 1 (8:27 p.m. PT March 31). The primary payload was India's Electro-Magnetic Intelligence Satellite, or EMISAT, which is reportedly designed to intercept radar transmissions for military intelligence pu...
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Why I Attended the Autism Science Foundation Day of Learning

Tom Bak shares his experience attending the Autism Science Foundation Day of Learning as an adult with autism.
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Martin Shkreli Is Reportedly in Solitary Confinement After Trying to Run a Company From Prison

So-called “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli earned the eternal ire of the public when he was the CEO of a company called Turing Pharmaceuticals, which he had buy up the rights to and jack up the price of life-saving drug Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 a pill. He then landed himself a seven-year prison sentence in 2018 on…Read more...
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Apple’s Major Supplier Takes One for the Team

Inventory figures at Apple’s primary chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. were also high at the end of 2018, up 40 percent from a year earlier. In the fourth quarter, Apple was the primary client for such technology. My conclusion in January was that, to avoid holding inventory, Apple was pushing it back onto suppliers.
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American Gods' Bruce Langley Has Some Thoughts About the Technical Boy's Inner Workings

Out of all the deities vying for cultural dominance on Starz’s American Gods, the Technical Boy is perhaps the character who went through the most drastic reimagining in his translation from Neil Gaiman’s original novel to the small screen. He’s the embodiment of the very change that keeps the cutting edge sharp, but…Read more...
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Canada experiencing warming at twice global level: report

Canada is experiencing warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, with the effects most pronounced in the country's north, according to a new government report cited by local media Monday. Average temperatures have risen by 1.7 degrees Celsius (3.1 degrees Fahrenheit) since 1948, or about double the global average of 0.8 degrees Celsius, and "will warm further in the future, driven by human influence," according to a report by Environment and Climate Change Canada, which will be made p...
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Liquid crystal technology could prevent idiots from distracting pilots with laser pointers

On the long list of things you should never, ever do, shining a laser pointer at an airplane is definitely very close to the top. They might seem harmless when you're using a laser pointer to play with your cat, but the bright beams the tiny tools produce can be detrimental to a pilot's orientation, and even cause vision damage when they strike a cockpit.Literally thousands of reports of laser pointer "attacks" on planes are reported by pilots every year, and the idiots that do this kind...
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Space debris from India shooting down satellite could threaten ISS, says Nasa

Head of space agency says shooting down low-orbiting satellite was a ‘terrible, terrible thing’The head of Nasa has branded India’s destruction of one of its satellites a “terrible thing” that had created 400 pieces of orbital debris and led to new dangers for astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).Jim Bridenstine was addressing employees five days after India shot down a low-orbiting satellite in a missile test to prove it was among the world’s advanced space powers. Continue r...
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Boeing's 737 Max Fix Won't Be Ready for Weeks, FAA Says

Boeing’s 737 Max line of jets won’t be flying passengers again for at least a few weeks as the company continues working on software and hardware updates deemed necessary after two air disasters, CNN reported on Monday, citing an updated timeline issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.Read more...
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Game of Thrones Season 8 Is About to Begin, So Savor the Moment With This Art

It’s almost here. After almost two years of waiting, the final season of Game of Thrones begins April 14, which means you only have a few more days to bask in this moment before any character you love could be brutally murdered at any second.Read more...
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This massive antenna is going to help NASA learn a lot about Europa

NASA has spent decades studying many of the planets in our solar system up close. Probes like Juno and Cassini have taught us a lot about the conditions of the planets they are sent to, but oftentimes the moons orbiting these planets are just as interesting as the planets themselves. Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, is of particular interest to astronomers, and NASA is going to send a new spacecraft to check it out.The mission, called Europa Clipper, will see a spacecraft sent to Europa and r...
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Venezuela's Guaido pledges more protests over power, water shortages

Scattered protests continued throughout several working-class neighborhoods of the capital Caracas on Monday, with small groups of people blocking roads demanding water be returned after a week of intermittent blackouts that have left many areas without electricity. "We are going to protest, we are going to make demands, we are going to take to the streets of Venezuela, because it is our right." Power outages over the weekend prompted Venezuela's main oil terminal, Jose, to halt operations inc...
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Fossils tell story of day meteor struck Earth

The impact of the Chicxulub asteroid 66 million years ago left a massive crater and triggered the mass extinction of land and sea creatures. DePalma has been digging for the past seven years at a site in North Dakota that he and other scientists believe provides a unique fossilized record of what happened on that day. "You almost never get this opportunity at fine tuning the timing of any event in geologic history," DePalma said in an interview with AFP.
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Thousands Tell the FCC to Scrap Its Dumb Rules That Let Carriers Block Text Messages

Thousands of people have written to the Federal Communications Commission to lambast the agency over its controversial decision to give wireless carriers far more power over text messages sent to large groups.Read more...
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Blood test could detect nine in 10 cases of endometriosis, saving women a long and painful battle

Scientists have developed a blood test that can detect up to 90 per cent of cases of endometriosis. The painful condition, suffered by around 1.5 million women in the UK, is difficult to diagnose, with the average sufferer waiting more than seven years before it is identified. Often, patients need to go undergo keyhole surgery to identify tissues around the ovaries and fallopian tubes in order to diagnose the condition. The new test looks for tiny DNA fragments in the blood, providing a diagnosi...
Tags: UK, Science, NHS, Lena Dunham, Newcastle, University of Oxford, Christian Becker, MDNA Life Sciences, Nuffield Department of Women, Harry Smart MDNA Life Sciences, Andrew Harbottle

35 New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to Check Out in April

April showers won’t bring you down if you have a nice pile of rainy-day books to keep you occupied. We’ve got a bumper crop this month, featuring vengeful magicians, space pirates, spelunkers on alien planets, alternate supernatural histories, a rebellious gnome, and so much more.Read more...
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Curiosity Rover Detected Methane on Mars in 2013, a New Analysis Confirms

NASA’s Curiosity rover shook the science community six years ago when it apparently detected traces of methane—an important chemical linked to life—on Mars. Researchers failed to confirm these results in the years that followed, but that’s now changed thanks to a re-analysis of data collected from orbit.Read more...
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Exclusive: Investors drop out of two groups vying for Petrobras' gas pipeline unit - sources

At least three investors left separate groups interested in acquiring a gas network pipeline that will be sold by Brazil's state-controlled oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA, three sources with knowledge of the matter said. The final bids for TAG, as the unit is known, are due on Tuesday. After the previously reported departure of Australia's Macquarie from one of the groups, which included Brazilian investment firm Itausa Investimentos SA and Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC, the other tw...
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‘Inside Edition’ Anchor Deborah Norville to Undergo Cancer Surgery (Video)

“Inside Edition” anchor Deborah Norville revealed to viewers on Monday that she will undergo surgery to remove a cancerous nodule on her thyroid.“The doctor says it’s a very localized form of cancer, which tomorrow I’ll have surgery to have removed. There’ll be no chemo, I’m told no radiation, but I will have surgery and I’ll be away for a bit,” Norville said on “Inside Edition.” “If you believe in prayer, please say one for me and for my surgeon and I thank you very much.”Norville said she firs...
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NASA: Lunar 'Gateway' Is Still Our Best Bet for Putting Boots on the Moon

NASA's directive to put astronauts on the moon has some experts sensing doom the long-planned Gateway project-here’s why it could be a blessing in disguise.
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Inside Edition ’s Deborah Norville Undergoing Thyroid Cancer Surgery After Viewer Spotted a Lump

Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville to Get Cancerous Nodule Removed
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How to Know if You Have 'Fungal Acne'—and How to Treat it

Yes, it’s a thing.
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Pompeo: Paris Climate Deal ‘Didn’t Change a Thing’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday that the Paris Climate Agreement signed by the Obama administration "didn’t change a thing" regarding the carbon emissions of the more than 170 other countries that chose to sign it.“Go look at the countries that are still in the Paris agreement and see what their CO2 emissions were. It’s one thing to sign a document; it’s another thing to actually change your behavior,” Pompeo said. "Go look at Chinese carbon emissions since they entered the Paris agre...
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9 Things Healthy People With Diabetes Do

People with diabetes share the strategies they use to stay healthy.
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