The International Space Station is disgusting

The International Space Station has been home to space travelers for nearly two decades now, and with the current crew of six, there's been a total of 59 expeditions -- or, teams of astronauts from the U.S., Russia, and other countries -- since it was put into service. With so many human bodies moving in and out of the spacecraft, it was bound to get a little bit dirty, but a new study of the insides of the ISS reveals just how gross it's become on a microscopic level.Using samples from ...
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Cheap Renewables Shave $10 Trillion Off Estimate to Curb Warming

“While it’s true that Irena envisages higher clean investment needs, it’s astonishing how fast the cost of green power is falling,” the agency’s spokeswoman, Nicole Bockstaller, said by phone before the report was published.
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Grapes on Mars? Georgia winemakers aiming high

Now it wants to be the first to grow grapes on Mars. Now Nikoloz Doborjginidze has co-founded a project to develop grape varieties that can be grown on Mars. After NASA called for the public to contribute ideas for a "sustained human presence" on the Red Planet, a group of Georgian researchers and entrepreneurs got together to propel the country's winemaking onto an interplanetary level.
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Singapore Officials Set Horrifying Record, Busting 14-Ton Shipment of Smuggled Pangolin Scales

Authorities in Singapore have seized more than 14 tons of scales of pangolin scales bound for Vietnam in what Paul Thomson of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Pangolin Specialist Group described as the largest single such shipment on record, the New York Times reported on Monday. Thomson…Read more...
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After cyclone ruin, back to square one for Mozambique's Beira

Daviz Simango, mayor of Beira on the Mozambican coast, had worked to shore up the city's climate defences, drawing on World Bank help to build deterrents against rising seas, flooding and storms. Packing winds twice the speed Beira was built to withstand, the superstorm swamped the city's drainage system, overwhelmed its floodgates and mocked its brand-new basin, designed to hold storm water. Idai made landfall on March 14, ripping roofs off buildings, pulling down electricity pylons, uprootin...
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Survival in arid eastern Chad depends on struggle for water

The young entrepreneur is one of the informal but indispensable links in a chain to supply people in Ouaddai, eastern Chad, with water, the stuff of life. Scorching temperatures, an open sky, a shortage of deep wells and lack of water purification system make this a thirsty part of the world indeed.
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Oil slips from five-month highs as economic worries counter tight market

Oil prices eased on Tuesday, slipping away from 5-month highs reached earlier in the session as a sluggish economic outlook countered an otherwise tight market. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures also hit a November 2018 high, at $64.77 per barrel, before easing to $64.36, 4 cents below their last settlement. Despite the economic concerns, global oil markets are tight, and Brent and WTI crude oil futures have risen by 40 percent and 30 percent respectively since the start of ...
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San Diego Zoo says farewell to last 2 giant pandas

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The San Diego Zoo is saying goodbye to two big, furry superstars. The zoo on Saturday began a three-week farewell celebration for its last two giant pandas. Bai Yun, a 27-year-old female, and her 6-year-old son, Xiao Liwu, will be sent to China this spring. A male, Gao Gao, returned to […]
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Dan Loeb Can Walk His Way to Victory at Sony

Shareholders loved the news, driving the company’s Tokyo shares up as much as 7.4 percent Tuesday morning after its U.S. ADRs climbed as much as 9 percent overnight. The last time he agitated for change at Sony, six years ago, Loeb bought a stake and proposed a partial spinoff and IPO of the company’s entertainment business.
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How Do Elecon Engineering Company Limited’s (NSE:ELECON) Returns Compare To Its Industry?

Want to participate in a research study? Help shape the future of investing tools and earn a $60 gift card! Today we'll evaluate Elecon Engineering Company Limited (NSE:ELECON) to determine whether it could have potential as an investm...
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Alpine glaciers risk 90-percent melt by 2100: study

Unchecked greenhouse gas emissions could see more than 90 percent of glaciers in the Alps disappear by the end of the century, scientists said Tuesday in new research. There are more than 4,000 glaciers -- vast, ancient reserves of ice -- dotted throughout the Alps, providing seasonal water to millions and forming some of Europe's most stunning landscapes. A team of researchers in Switzerland used cutting-edge climate models and paired them with the most sophisticated measurements of glaciers ...
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The Shazam Sequel Is Officially in the Works

Mere hours after Shazam handily won the box office on its opening weekend, news about a sequel has already started to break.Read more...
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We may be just days away from seeing a black hole for the first time ever

For how much astronomers know about black holes -- it's a lot, trust me -- it's a bit of a shock that mankind has never actually seen one. Everything science knows about black holes is based on inference rather than actually witnessing one with our own eyes (electronic or otherwise), but that may be about to change.The Event Horizon Telescope project plans to reveal the first-ever images of a black hole, and the international group of researchers working on the project have something ver...
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This Single Mission Could Solve 2 of the Biggest Mysteries of the Universe

Our universe is incredibly vast, mostly mysterious, and generally confusing. We're surrounded by perplexing questions on scales both great and small. We have some answers, for sure, like the Standard Model of particle physics, that help us (physicists, at least) understand fundamental subatomic interactions, and the Big Bang theory of how the universe began, which weaves together a cosmic story over the past 13.8 billion years.But despite the successes of these models, we still have plenty o...
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'That Can't Be Real!' Deep-Sea Explorers Find Trippy, Rainbow-Colored Wonderland

Deep in the Gulf of California, scientists have discovered a fantastical expanse of hydrothermal vents, full of crystallized gases, glimmering pools of piping-hot fluids and rainbow-hued life-forms.Punctuating it all are towering structures made of minerals from the vents, looming as tall as 75 feet (23 meters). A decade ago, scientists visiting this spot saw nothing unusual; this psychedelic seascape seems to have built up around an increase in hydrothermal venting -- spots in the seafloor wher...
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USB Drive Found on Jailed Mar-a-Lago Party-Crasher Contained Self-Executing Code

New details are starting to trickle in about the Chinese woman arrested while carrying a suspicious number of electronic devices and trying to get inside President Donald Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago club—among them that a USB drive in her possession began to auto-install files on a Secret Service agent’s computer the…Read more...
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You Can Now Put the Beetlejuice Sequel Back in the Netherworld Waiting Room

For years, there’s been talk of a Beetlejuice 2—the progress on which has only ever ebbed when, every once in a while, someone says that it’s still happening. That should give you an indicator that it’s probably not happening any time soon, but even more updates seem to confirm that, for now, it’s a total non-starter.Read more...
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Uber, ahead of IPO, sees some time before self-driving cars dominate the road

Raquel Urtasun, who is chief scientist at Uber Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) and heads the group's unit in Toronto, spoke about the challenges for self-driving development at a Reuters Newsmaker event in New York. "Self-driving cars are going to be in our lives. The question of when is not clear yet," Urtasun said.
Tags: Science, Toronto, Reuters, Raquel Urtasun, Urtasun, Uber Advanced Technologies Group ATG, New York Self

Even Greed Can't Excuse Amazon's Atrocious Prime Member Shopping Horoscopes

It appears not even our goddamn horoscopes are free from the targeted marketing of Jeff Bezos and his e-commerce monstrosity Amazon.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Amazon Prime, Jeff Bezos, Horoscopes, Astrology, Prime Horoscopes, Excuse Amazon

The 12 Best Foods to Eat During Menopause

Filling your diet with these nutrient-rich foods can help fight unwanted symptoms associated with this time in a woman’s life.  
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The first photo of a black hole is coming Wednesday. What are we going to see and what will we learn?

Astronomers will supposedly release the first-ever photo of a black hole on Wednesday. What's all the fuss about, and what will we learn from it?
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Venezuela pledges to honor oil commitments to Cuba despite sanctions

Venezuela will "fulfill its commitments" to Cuba despite United States sanctions targeting oil shipments from the South American country to its ideological ally, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said on Monday. Washington on Friday imposed sanctions on 34 vessels owned or operated by state-run oil company Petroleos de Venezuela as well as on two companies and a vessel that have previously delivered oil to Cuba, aiming to choke off a crucial supply of crude to the Communist-run island. Venezuela ...
Tags: Science, Washington, United States, Venezuela, Cuba, Petroleos de Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza

Doctor Who Championed Opioids for Years Flips on Pharma Ghouls to Save His Own Ass

A doctor who was an early advocate for the use of opioids for the treatment chronic pain now says pharmaceutical companies pushing opioids have created an epidemic—one that kills tens of thousands of Americans each year. Of course, he’s doing it to get out of being sued.Read more...
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These 'Astroecologists' Are Using Star-Spotting Tech to Count Endangered Animals

Astrophysicists sometimes turn to thermal infrared technology to help them find and study stars. The technology’s been around for decades, and it’s constantly evolving to reveal more about the cosmos. Now, some of these scientists are bringing their expertise to the world of conservation. If thermal cameras are…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Drones, Endangered Species, Astroecology, Bornean Orangutan

Chelsea Manning's FBI Files Are Central to Ongoing Criminal Proceedings, Bureau Claims

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is refusing to make public any records it has amassed on whistleblower Chelsea Manning, even though the former U.S. Army intelligence analyst waived her rights under the Privacy Act and requested in a letter that her more-than-8,000 page file be released.Read more...
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Pinterest Seeks Up to $1.28 Billion in IPO, Below 2017 Value

The maker of online inspiration boards is offering 75 million shares for $15 to $17 apiece, according to a filing Monday. Based on the total number of Class A and Class B shares outstanding after the offering, if it priced at the top of the range, that would give Pinterest a market valuation of about $9 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Pinterest will start its IPO roadshow in New York Monday and travel to cities including Boston, San Francisco and Chicago to market the shares,...
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3 Simple Tips to Prevent Caregiver Stress

Follow these tips to help yourself stay healthy while providing care to someone else.
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The Super Rich Can Now Stream Movies Still in Theaters to Their Penthouses

If you were looking for another reason to hate the rich, Red Carpet Home Cinema is here to help out. For $1,500 to $3,000 per film, the company will let you rent first-run films from the comfort of your tricked out mansion.Read more...
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New Study Finds That Dogs Can Smell Cancer With Incredible Accuracy

Dogs provide us with unconditional love and support, remind us to be grateful and present, and keep us walking and healthy well into our golden years. But it turns out, there's another skill dogs have that can improve our lives tremendously. New research presented at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology's annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, suggests that dog's highly evolved sense of smell can identify cancer in blood samples with about 97 percent accuracy.Wher...
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Stanwood farm recalls contaminated frozen raw pet food

A Stanwood farm is recalling some of its raw frozen ground pet food because it could be contaminated with listeria monocytogenes. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Thogersen Family Farm is recalling 2-pound packaged varieties of coarse ground rabbit, mallard duck, llama and pork. The labels did not have any lot identification, batch codes or […]
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