The 2020 Aston Martin Rapide E Is Aston's First Electric Production Car

The 600-hp electric supersedan will do around 200 miles per charge, and just 155 will be built.
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Report: The FCC's Big Millimeter-Wave Auction Won't Help Speed Up 5G Rollout All That Much

Last week, Donald Trump and the Federal Communications Commission announced a huge push to sell off up to 3.4 gigahertz of the millimeter-wave spectrum, part of a plan to speed the rollout of 5G technology. The president introduced the push by telling an audience at the White House that he will not allow “any other…Read more...
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SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy center core booster falls over on ship amid heavy seas

Mother Nature has splashed cold water over SpaceX’s triumphant triple booster landing in the wake of last week’s Falcon Heavy rocket launch. Literally. After sending the Arabsat-6 telecommunications satellite on the first leg of its journey to geostationary orbit on Thursday, the three first-stage rocket cores went their separate ways. Two side boosters touched down safely at SpaceX’s Landing Zones 1 and 2 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, not far from their launch pad. The center core landed...
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NASA sent mice into space, and the results are unintentionally hilarious

At some point in the not-so-distant future, NASA and other space groups around the world will begin embarking on manned missions deeper into our solar system than our species has ever gone before. That means long journeys and extended stays in microgravity for the astronauts who embark on them, and that could pose a problem.Thanks to the International Space Station we know quite a bit about the effects of low gravity on the human body, but NASA wants to learn more. To that end, the agency has be...
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Seals, caviar and oil: Caspian Sea faces pollution threat

Seals waddling along the waterfront were once a common sight in Baku Bay, the Caspian Sea home of Azerbaijan's capital. Azer Garayev, the head of the Azerbaijan Society for the Protection of Animals, says the seals have for decades been suffering from over-hunting and the effects of industrial pollution. Bordered by Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan, the Caspian is the world's largest inland body of water, about the size of Japan.
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New limbs, new life for South Sudan amputees

Stephen, 12, romps confidently around the sunlit courtyard, weaving in between wheelchair-bound patients as he plays with the other children, his prosthetic leg barely a hindrance. When he was five years old, the car he and his family were travelling in hit a landmine in South Sudan's northern town of Bentiu. Stephen was flown to a physical rehabilitation centre run by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Juba, which serves both as a prosthetics factory and a hospital for pat...
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Three things to know as Germany opens massive ocean wind park

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be joined by French and Norwegian ministers Tuesday to officially open a massive wind farm in the Baltic Sea, a key project for her country's "energy transition". Here are three things to know about the Arkona wind park ahead of the political festivities. Erected in just three months last year, they are already supplying 385 megawatts of electricity -- enough for around 400,000 family homes.
Tags: Science, Germany, Angela Merkel, Baltic Sea, Arkona

The Moon Is Becoming a Hot Destination for Carmakers

BAIC Group is working with China’s Lunar Exploration Project to set up a laboratory for joint technology development, the company said Tuesday at the Shanghai auto show. The laboratory will provide support for BAIC’s development of a planetary rover, it said. BAIC and other Chinese companies are trying to tap into an $8 billion national space budget that’s second only to the U.S. China wants to be one of the world’s top three aerospace powers in about a decade, and the government is working on...
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Home Remedies for Foot Problems — Easy Treatments for Athlete’s Foot, Ingrown Toenails & More

It's important to visit a podiatrist regularly for a foot health check-up.
Tags: Science

Amid intense drought, deadly rains lash Afghanistan

Torrential rainstorms have lashed drought-stricken Afghanistan in recent days, bringing widespread flooding that has killed at least five people and washed away homes including in the capital Kabul, officials said Tuesday. While some welcomed the wet weather after the punishing dry spell of recent years, residents complained about the lack of infrastructure and government assistance to help them clear up from the deluge. Sixteen of Afghanistan's 34 provinces were hit in the past 24 hours, dest...
Tags: Science, Afghanistan, Kabul, Hashmat Bahaduri

The FDA just approved a diet pill that makes you feel full faster

There’s no magic pill for weight loss, except this one, maybe. Gelesis, a Boston biotech company, announced today that it had received clearance from the FDA to market what could account to a magic bullet solution to the growing obesity epidemic in America. The pill-based solution, called Plenity, is a proprietary blend of cellulose and citric acid that, when swallowed, helps people feel full faster. Taken with a meal, Plenity reportedly expands in the stomach and small intestine, leaving less r...
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Apple-Qualcomm Jury Includes Woman Who's Never Owned Smartphone

The panel also includes a former Major League Baseball player turned air traffic controller, a retired psychologist and an environmental consultant. Opening statements will start Tuesday in a San Diego trial over Apple’s claims that Qualcomm used its monopoly power as a maker of modem chips for mobile phones to extract excessive patent royalties from phone makers. Qualcomm, in turn, is seeking billions of dollars in unpaid royalties from Apple’s Asian contractors that assemble its iPhones and ...
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Oil extends losses into second session; Russia, OPEC output in focus

Oil prices edged down on Tuesday after a Russian minister said the nation and OPEC may boost crude output to fight for market share, checking a recent sharp rally driven by tighter global production. Brent crude oil futures were at $71.08 a barrel at 0111 GMT, down 10 cents, or 0.1 percent, from their last close. Brent ended down 0.5 percent on Monday.
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George Lucas Says The Phantom Menace Is One of His Favorite Films

The maker wasn’t there in person, but he was there in spirit. And via video.Read more...
Tags: Science, George Lucas, Ahmed Best, Star Wars Celebration, The Phantom Menace

SpaceIL’s first lander crashed into the Moon, but they’re already planning a second try

It's been a very interesting month thus far for SpaceIL, the Israeli organization which sent the Beresheet lunar lander into space and subsequently crashed it into the Moon. Needless to say, things didn't go exactly as planned, and while the mission was a huge success in a number of ways the company would love another crack at landing a spacecraft on the Moon in a much more gentle fashion.It seems they're going to do just that. In an announcement that came very shortly after the cras...
Tags: Science, Kahn, Morris Kahn, Beresheet

Water Pipeline Workers Stumble Across Dozens of Iron Age Skeletons

Dating back over 2,000 years, the remains, some possibly victims of human sacrifice, could offer a vital look into the country's ancient past.
Tags: Science

AT&T Uses Supercomputer to Map Out How Climate Change Will Destroy Its Networks

Rising sea levels can submerge the backbone of the internet, increasingly powerful storms can destroy the cell networks phones need to work, and high-intensity winds can tear down the critical infrastructure that makes 21st century America go.Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, America, Att, Supercomputers

U.S. measles cases surge nearly 20 percent in early April, CDC says

The number of confirmed cases of measles in the United States this year jumped by nearly 20 percent in the week ended April 11, in the country's second-worst outbreak in nearly two decades, federal health officials reported on Monday. As of April 11, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recorded 555 cases of the disease since the beginning of the year, up from 465 cases confirmed by April 4. The measles virus is highly contagious and can lead to complications and death, pa...
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I Have, Honest to God, Lost Track of Who Is Launching What Service

Have you heard the news? Someone is launching another goddamn service. This time, if I recall correctly, it’s Amazon.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Amazon, Science, Disney, Services, We Have Enough Damn Services

Researchers develop first printed 3D heart in major scientific breakthrough

For the first time in history, scientists have created a three-dimensional, fully vascularized human heart. The biomedically engineered heart was created using a 3D printer by researchers at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel.
Tags: Science, University of Tel Aviv

U.S. natural history museum will not host event honoring Brazil president

The American Museum of Natural History in New York said on Monday that it will not host a planned gala dinner that was set to honor Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro as "Person of the Year." The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce's plans to honor Bolsonaro, who has suggested he would pull Brazil out of the Paris Accord on climate change and wants to develop the Amazon rainforest, at a museum dedicated to science and nature was met with outrage last week. "With mutual respect for ...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Brazil, American Chamber of Commerce, Jair Bolsonaro, Bolsonaro, American Museum of Natural History in New York

A Weight Loss Aid That Makes Your Stomach Full With Less Food Just Cleared the FDA

Overweight and obese people will soon have a new medical option to help them manage their weight. On Monday, the Boston biotech company Gelesis announced they had received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration to market their novel weight loss aid to the public, a pill-based medical device called Plenity…Read more...
Tags: Science, Obesity, Drugs, Boston, Weight Loss, Food And Drug Administration, Fda, Gelesis

The 10 Highest-Paying Federal Government Jobs

Uncle Sam has plenty of jobs that pay six figures.
Tags: Science, Sam

Angelina Jolie Officially Drops Pitt From Her Last Name Following Divorce

The 'Maleficent' star had her name legally restored as part of their divorce.
Tags: Science

Statins failing adequately to reduce cholesterol in 'half' of patients

Statins are failing adequately to reduce cholesterol in more than half of patients, a major review has found. Experts have called for an end to “blanket” prescribing and for better methods of predicting which patients will respond to the drugs after new figures showed millions are not meeting the official cholesterol reduction target. The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (Nice) stipulates that patients should see a reduction in “bad” low-density cholesterol of at least 40 per cen...
Tags: UK, Science, Oxford, University of Manchester, University of Nottingham, Stephen Weng, Márcio Bittencourt, University Hospital Sao Paolo

Cops Are Trying to Stop San Francisco From Banning Face Recognition Surveillance

San Francisco is inching closer to becoming the first American city to ban facial recognition surveillance, a booming technology that’s a fast-growing business in the United States and extends to the core of China’s high-tech authoritarianism.Read more...
Tags: Science, China, San Francisco, Surveillance, Artificial Intelligence, United States, Facial Recognition, Privacy And Security

FX's Long-Awaited Y: The Last Man TV Show Is No More [Updated]

A year after FX ordered a pilot for a TV series based on Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s beloved comic Y: The Last Man, and just two months after it was ordered to series, it appears the project is no more. Read it and weep, in this message that comes directly from would-be showrunners and executive producers Aida…Read more...
Tags: Science, FX, Y The Last Man, Diane Lane, Michael Green, Brian K Vaughan, Lashana Lynch, Pia Guerra, Aida Croal

Angelina Jolie’s Life No Longer in the ‘Pitts’ … Gets Old Name Restored

Angelina Jolie just got something returned that has been near and dear to her heart over the years … her name. According to documents, obtained by The Blast, the “Maleficent” star’s moniker has been restored to the pre-Pitt status of simply, Jolie. The Blast broke the story, Jolie and Brad Pitt were officially made single […] The post Angelina Jolie’s Life No Longer in the ‘Pitts’ … Gets Old Name Restored appeared first on The Blast.
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Senior's weakness for scams may be warning sign of dementia

WASHINGTON (AP) — Does an older friend or relative have a hard time hanging up on telemarketers? Or get excited about a "You've won a prize" voicemail? New research suggests seniors who aren't on guard against scams also might be at risk for eventually developing Alzheimer's disease.
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Indigenous leaders want less drilling near sacred sites

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Leaders of the Navajo Nation and Pueblo tribes expressed frustration Monday with federal oversight of oil and gas leases on public holdings near ancient Native American cultural sites and endorsed legislation to restrict natural gas development around Chaco Culture National Historic Park.
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