Modern sculpture meets ancient Greece in unique island exhibition

It is there, on an island best known for its archaeological treasures, that British contemporary artist Antony Gormley is showing 29 of his sculptures. Gormley is perhaps best known for his gigantic Angel of the North, a 20-metre high steel work that since 1998 has been an unmissable landmark in its home at Gateshead, northern England. "It's an extraordinary responsibility," Gormley told AFP at the opening.
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Apple, Google Remove Three Dating Apps FTC Said Could Expose Minors to Sexual Predators

The Federal Trade Commission on Monday said that Apple and Google had removed three dating apps from their respective app stores after—yikes—the agency found they allowed children under the age of 13 to sign up, collected data on them in likely violation of federal law, and could allow sexual predators to contact…Read more...
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Trump's Tariffs on Chinese Electric Cars Seen Likely to Last

“I expect that President Trump will keep tariffs on electric cars as high as he possibly can,” Michael Dunne, chief executive officer of consultancy ZoZo Go, said Monday in a speech to the Automotive Press Association in Detroit.
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Magnitude 7.2 earthquake jolts Papua New Guinea

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — A magnitude 7.2 earthquake has rattled the Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea. The quake hit around 7:20 a.m. Tuesday about 33 kilometers (21 miles) southeast of Bulolo, on the country’s eastern side. It struck at a depth of 127 kilometers (79 miles), U.S. Geological Survey said. It wasn’t immediately […]
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US climate sceptics send shivers through Arctic cooperation

For the first time in over two decades, member states of the Arctic Council failed to agree on a final declaration at their bi-annual ministerial meeting on Tuesday, due to a US refusal to mention climate change. At the start of the 11th gathering of Arctic foreign ministers, in the Lapland town of Rovaniemi, Finnish Foreign Minister Timo Soini announced a change to the planned agenda, saying the final joint declaration would be replaced by ministerial statements. Several sources said it was b...
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Kacey Musgraves Is a Barbie Girl in a Met Gala World

Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
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If You're a Woman, Here Are the Keys Signs of a Stroke to Look For, According to Experts

May marks National Stroke Awareness Month, so to make sure you are up to date on stroke signs and prevention, POPSUGAR spoke to Icilma Fergus, MD, associate professor of medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and cardiologist at the Mount Sinai Hospital as well as Joshua Willey, MD, assistant professor of neurology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons about the signs and symptoms to look out for, especially as it pertains to women. Let's start with the basics.
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Exclusive: Pence to offer 'carrots' to Venezuela military, warnings to judges

In a speech to the Americas Society at the State Department, scheduled for 3:25 p.m. (1925 GMT), Pence will also warn that the United States will soon move to sanction 25 additional magistrates on Venezuela's supreme court, the official said on Monday, speaking on condition of anonymity. Pence will also offer assistance for refugees who have fled the country, and an economic aid package contingent on a political transition, according to the official. Pence's speech will lay out the administrat...
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Damn, Donald, Back At It Again With the Gross Pools

The president of the United States may be an infamous germophobe, but he is also an infamous cheapskate whose business ventures regularly attract the attention of health authorities. The latter of these two impulses appears to have won out by far with respect to pools at his resorts in Florida, which Quartz reported…Read more...
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The Pride of the U.S. Navy: Why This Aircraft Carrier Will Dominate for Decades

Today’s average sixty-four-jet air wing is significantly smaller than its predecessors, with three squadron of Super Hornets, a half-size squadron of Growlers, and two squadrons of older FA-18C/D Hornet jets which are transitioning to new F-35C Lightning stealth jets. These last enable penetration of defended enemy airspace and can fuse their powerful sensors with friendly ships or Super Hornets.Giant aircraft carriers have become synonymous with U.S. military power, but many do not realize just...
Tags: Science, United States, U S Navy, United States Navy, U S Pacific, Super Hornets, Chester Nimitz

Sunscreen Found in Bloodstream, Study Shows

Sunscreen Found in Bloodstream After One Day, Study Shows Earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration announced it was asking sunscreen manufacturers for more information on 12 chemicals...
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Mike Pompeo Says Melting Sea Ice Opens 'New Passageways' For Trade

During the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Finland, Pompeo emphasizedthat the Arctic Ocean "is rapidly taking on new strategic significance
Tags: Science, Arctic Ocean, Mike Pompeo, Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting, Finland Pompeo

How was it for you? Female flies sense when sex partner a good fit

You can't ask a fly whether she finds sex rewarding. Ulrike Heberlein, a senior fellow at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Virginia, and Lisha Shao at York University in Toronto, had set out to investigate the neurons involved in the reward circuitry of Drosophila melanogaster, or the common fruit fly.
Tags: Science, Virginia, Toronto, York University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Ulrike Heberlein, Lisha Shao

Florida couple loses custody of son after stopping his chemotherapy

A Florida couple that went on the run with their 3-year-old son who had beenin need of "lifesaving medical care" has lost custody of their child and couldface neglect charges, according to ABC 13
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If You're a Woman, Here Are the Keys Signs of a Stroke to Look For, According to Experts

May marks National Stroke Awareness Month, so to make sure you are up to date on stroke signs and prevention, POPSUGAR spoke to Icilma Fergus, MD, associate professor of medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and cardiologist at the Mount Sinai Hospital as well as Joshua Willey, MD, assistant professor of neurology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons about the signs and symptoms to look out for, especially as it pertains to women. Let's start with the basics.
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Strong 7.2 quake rocks Papua New Guinea

A powerful but deep 7.2-magnitude earthquake rocked Papua New Guinea on Tuesday, officials said, cutting power and knocking items off shelves though there were no immediate reports of serious damage. The quake struck at a depth of 127 kilometers (80 miles) about 30 kilometers (20 miles) from the town of Bulolo at 2119 GMT Monday according to the US Geological Survey, and was felt in the capital Port Moresby about 250 kilometres away. Officials said there were no immediate reports of major dama...
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ɐpu∩ uʍop sǝoפ ǝʞᴉɹʇS ɹǝq∩

A broad coalition planning action against ridesharing giant Uber in over a dozen cities just received some international reinforcements: Australian drivers have announced their intention to join this Wednesday’s mass strike.Read more...
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I'm Sorry to Say This Whole Consumable Ads Nightmare Is Coming to Your TV Set Soon

Just when we thought that so-called shoppable content was the worst conceivable concept for the near-term entertainment future that awaits us, NBCUniversal has stepped in to further disrupt this increasingly hellish advertising space.
Tags: TV, Science, Entertainment, Walmart, Netflix, Nbcuniversal, Streaming, Ads, Nbc Universal, VUDU

Flexera's Owners Pursue Sale for Up to $3 Billion

The company’s backers, Teachers’ Private Capital and the private equity firm TA Associates, are working with an adviser to run an auction process, said the people, who asked not to be identified because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly. Flexera, based in Itasca, Illinois, is expected to attract interest from other private equity firms, the people said. Teachers’, the investment arm of Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, bought a majority stake in Flexera in 2011 from the private equity fir...
Tags: Science, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, Itasca Illinois, TA Associates, Flexera, Teachers ' Private Capital

Telecom Giant Orange on Trial in France After 19 Employees Died by Suicide

Orange, a French telecom giant, is being sued for moral harassment, among other charges, after 19 employees died by suicide and another 12 attempted to kill themselves over a three-year span. Over 100 people have claimed work culture at the company, contributed to employees’ mental health issues.Read more...
Tags: Science, France, Suicide, Mental Health, Telecom, Telecom Giant Orange on Trial

Anadarko backs Occidental's revised bid, pressuring Chevron to respond

Anadarko Petroleum Corp's board on Monday backed a $38 billion bid from Occidental Petroleum Corp, adding pressure on rival Chevron Corp to raise its offer or walk away from the takeover contest. The decision capped a series of moves by Occidental to finance and quickly complete its $38 billion deal after Anadarko balked at several earlier offers. Occidental received the board's endorsement after raising $18.8 billion in cash pledges that allowed it to avoid a vote by its shareholders on the d...
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Recent airline crashes run against trend toward safer flying

After a long trend toward greater safety in air travel, there has been an uptick in airline accidents and deaths in 2018 and 2019.
Tags: Science

Scientists develop device to detect bacteria in minutes, not days

The era of doctors prescribing patients powerful antibiotics while they wait for lab reports could soon be numbered, with a new device returning results within minutes instead of days. It was invented by a team at Penn State university and described in a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday. Co-developed by Pak Kin Wong, a professor of biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering, the device uses microtechnology to trap single bacteria cells tha...
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Democrats challenge Trump's UN nominee over climate change

WASHINGTON (AP) — Three Democratic senators are calling on President's Donald Trump's nominee for U.N. ambassador to clarify that she will put U.S. interests ahead of her own financial interests when it comes to climate change.
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U.S. court grants stay in PDVSA debt cases due to Venezuela 'political situation'

A U.S. court granted a 120-day stay in a legal battle between a hedge fund and Venezuela's state-run oil company, PDVSA, over unpaid debt in light of the country's "political situation," according to a ruling filed on Monday. The move will delay proceedings in two suits brought by Red Tree Investments against PDVSA in New York courts for $182 million for allegedly defaulting on four loan agreements. The ruling could set a precedent for other suits against PDVSA and Venezuela's government, whic...
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This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Sit All Day

If you're one of the millions of Americans with an office job and have yet to jump aboard the standing desk bandwagon, then you're likely used to spending the bulk of your day sitting down. And, as you might expect, spending eight-plus hours moving little more than your fingers as you type doesn't exactly do wonders for your overall health—especially over the course of a decades-spanning career. But what exactly makes all those hours slumped in your desk chair so harmful? From muscle...
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Massive dust storms may have sucked Martian water away

Mars as we know it today is a mostly dry, dusty place with a few pockets of ice in remote regions. It's barren and we're pretty sure it's lifeless today, but that might not have always been the case. Scientists think that Mars was once a relatively wet world, but if that's true then where did all of that moisture go?A new study published in Nature attempts to answer that question, and a recent event on the Red Planet may have shown us exactly how it lost the majority of its water...
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1 in 3 People Could Develop This Alzheimer's-Like Disease by Age 85

A new disease mimics Alzheimer's symptoms in people aged 85 and older—but it's entirely different. Get the facts on LATE.
Tags: Science

FTC to Face Questions Over How It Handled Years' Worth of Privacy Disasters

America’s top consumer watchdog will face questions from congressional lawmakers this week concerning a veritable laundry list of privacy-related scandals—including many that will be focused on Facebook’s own protracted series of failures.Read more...
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Apple Releases Its Second iOS Game Ever, and It's a Tribute to Getting Filthy Rich

If you haven’t already heard the news, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway investment firm recently pumped a bunch of money into ‘cash-strapped’ Apple. To say thanks for helping to keep the company afloat, Apple released its first iOS game since 2008: a Paperboy ripoff called Warren Buffet’s Paper Wizard that’s…Read more...
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