Preserving and Restoring Your Car Battery

The Noco Genius battery charger/restorer can extend the life of your car battery, and restore a failing battery to good health. While much focus these days is on new battery types; generally the most expensive investment in batteries we currently make is with the decidedly old fashioned lead-acid battery in our vehicles.  The technology dates back to the very first ever rechargeable batteries in 1859, and while there have been modern-day tweaks such as the development in the 1970s of “sealed” or...
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Influential excrement: How life in Antarctica thrives on penguin poop

For more than half a century, biologists studying Antarctica focused their research on understanding how organisms cope with the continent's severe drought and the coldest conditions on the planet. A new study published Thursday in the journal Current Biology found the influential excrement supported thriving communities of mosses and lichens, which in turn sustained vast numbers of microscopic animals like springtails and mites for more than 1,000 meters (yards) beyond the colony. "What we se...
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Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RETA) Q1 2019 Earnings Call Transcript

RETA earnings call for the period ending March 31, 2019.
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Chelsea Manning Has Been Released From Jail

Chelsea Manning was released today from the Virginia jail where she spent 62 days for refusing to testify about her past ties to WikiLeaks before a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia.Read more...
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San Francisco Has More Billionaires Per Capita Than Anywhere Else on Earth

Have you ever been to billionaire’s row in San Francisco? It’s an exceptionally rich part of San Francisco filled with enormous tech wealth, the kind of place where you can make a living out of digging through the trash of the rich.Read more...
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Avengers: Endgame Has Some Nerve Making Fun of Time Travel Movies

Because real-world time travel back and forth between the past and present is not (yet) possible, and the underlying science behind our working theories as to how it might one day be possible can be difficult to grasp, our ideas about it have largely been shaped by fictional depictions in books, television shows, and…Read more...
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Tunisia seizes illegal red coral worth two million euros

Tunisian authorities said Friday they had seized 671 kilogrammes of illegally harvested red coral worth two million euros and arrested 10 people on suspicion of trafficking. Interior ministry spokesman Sofiene Zaag said it was the first haul of that size in the North African country. The harvesting of Mediterranean red coral -- highly valued by jewellers -- is tightly controlled in Tunisia and has been banned for two decades in neighbouring Algeria.
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Need To Know: Bhansali Engineering Polymers Limited (NSE:BEPL) Insiders Have Been Buying Shares

Want to participate in a short research study? Help shape the future of investing tools and you could win a $250 gift...
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Google Is Releasing More Than 50 New Gender-Inclusive Emoji

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, emoji have become a key part of the way that many of us communicate, and that makes representation vitally important to the way they’re designed. With this in mind, Google is releasing 53 new emoji that work to be more gender inclusive. Read more...
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Lunar tunnel engineers excited by boring Moon colonies

As space agencies prepare to return humans to the Moon, top engineers are racing to design a tunnel boring machine capable of digging underground colonies for the first lunar inhabitants. There are discussions about going back to the moon, this time to stay," US-Iranian expert Jamal Rostami told AFP at this year's World Tunnel Congress in Naples. The administration of US President Donald Trump wants NASA to put humans back on the Moon by 2024, and the agency is also drawing up plans for a "Gat...
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How Much Is an Idea Worth? In Uber’s Case, $3.7 Billion

In the case of Uber Technologies Inc., the answer is $3.7 billion. The Uber IPO is America’s single greatest corporate wealth creation event since Facebook Inc. Uber’s initial public offering values the business at $75.5 billion.
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Exclusive: U.S. commander says he could send carrier into Strait of Hormuz despite Iran tensions

Vice Admiral Jim Malloy, commander of the U.S. Navy's Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet, did not say whether he would send the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group into the strategic waterway off Iran, through which passes a fifth of oil consumed globally. The group, whose deployment to the Middle East was fast-tracked by President Donald Trump's administration as a warning to Iran, transited through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea on Thursday and was now under Malloy's command. "If I need to brin...
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These Are the U.S. Counties Where Measles Could Strike Next

Like every single live-action Disney movie out this year, measles is making the comeback no one asked for. Already, there have been more than 700 cases of the viral and vaccine-preventable disease reported in the U.S. this year—a record high since it was eradicated in the country nearly 20 years ago.Read more...
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Radioactive remnants of decades-old nuclear bomb tests have settled on the ocean floor

Nuclear weapons testing dates back to the mid 1940s and ramped up significantly starting in the early 1950s. Several countries, including the U.S., Soviet Union, China and France spent decades testing new versions of the incredibly destructive arms and, as a new study shows, the Earth is still dealing with the fallout.In a new paper published in Geophysical Research Letters, researchers found traces of radioactive carbon from bomb tests in the 1950s and 1960s still present in organisms who call ...
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Diabetes Download: Will Alcohol Affect My Blood Sugars?

Nalani Haviland, PA-C, explains how alcohol affects blood sugar levels and how to safely drink alcohol if you have diabetes.
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What Is Transient Aphasia, the Migraine Aura Symptom We Don't Talk About Enough

Aura symptoms can occur within an hour before a migraine attack, and include visual and sensory disturbances, and a lesser known symptom called transient aphasia, a temporary difficulty with speech and language skills.
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Jeff Bezos Wants to Deliver You to the Moon

Jeff Bezos Wants to Deliver You to the Moon
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Space Force Could Cost an Extra $1.9 Billion a Year

The Congressional Budget Office also says that setting up the new Space Force proposed by the Trump administration would involve startup costs ranging from $2 billion to $5 billion and would increase defense expenditures by about $1 billion to $2 billion a year.Here’s a quick summary of the new CBO analysis of potential Space Force costs, which examined the three organizational structures proposed by the Trump administration and two additional options:A new Space Force department: 5,400 to 7,800...
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Billionaire Bezos unveils moon lander mockup, embraces Trump's lunar timetable

The world's richest man and Inc's chief executive waved an arm and a black drape behind him dropped to reveal the two-story-tall mockup of the unmanned lander dubbed Blue Moon during an hour-long presentation at Washington's convention center, just several blocks from the White House. The lander will be able to deliver payloads to the lunar surface, deploy up to four smaller rovers and shoot out satellites to orbit the moon, Bezos told the audience, which included NASA officials and ...
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NHS accused of 'losing its grip'on cancer screening as checks fall

The NHS is losing its grip on its cancer screening programmes and has allowed failings to go undetected for more than half a decade, watchdogs have warned. The Public Accounts Committee accused health officials over presiding over “woeful” failings which have seen takeup of some checks reach a 21-year-low. Their report found that none of the four main programmes - for bowel, breast and cervical cancers, and abdominal aortic aneurism - is meeting their targets. MPs warned that millions of patient...
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Jeff Bezos Reveals Lunar Lander Designed for 'Sustained Human Presence on the Moon'

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin announced its first lunar lander, Blue Moon, at a press conference today.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Space, Science, Nasa, Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, Private Space Flight

'Game of Thrones' Actress Emilia Clarke Says She Felt 'Unattractive' After Her Brain Surgery

"Game of Thrones" actress Emilia Clarke shares the emotional challenges she faced while recovering in the hospital from brain aneurysm surgery.
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Good luck hiding from this new Chinese camera that can spot you from 28 miles away

A team of Chinese researchers has just announced their creation of an inexpensive but powerful camera that's the size of a shoebox and which seems destined to further chip away at privacy and individual anonymity -- what's left of them, at any rate.The camera is meant for surveillance and target recognition and is reportedly capable of spotting someone -- really, anything -- from up to 28 miles away, even in conditions that would otherwise obscure sight, like smog. And it's able to d...
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Uber Raises $8.1 Billion in IPO Priced Near Bottom of Range

Based on the amount of stock outstanding after the offering, the IPO price gives San Francisco-based Uber a market value of $75.5 billion, just below its last private market value of $76 billion. The fully diluted value, including restricted stock units and other shares, could be about $82 billion. Uber has prioritized selecting shareholders -- particularly institutional investors -- that it thinks will hold on to the stock for a long time, according to a person familiar with the matter.
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How Was the Chickenpox Vaccine Created? Teenager Who Refused Vaccine for Religious Reasons Gets the Chickenpox

He cited religious beliefs and concerns about how the vaccine was created.
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This striking Notre Dame concept imagines a rooftop garden and solar power generation

Vincent Callebaut Architectures says the concept for the iconic Paris cathedral would create more energy than it consumes.
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Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Plans to Start Colonizing the Moon

Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/GettyBillionaire Jeff Bezos made a rare public appearance in Washington, D.C. on Thursday to make a startling pitch: It’s time for humans to start colonizing the moon—and soon. The founder of Amazon explained that his call for a permanent extraterrestrial population is rooted in his belief that Earth alone cannot sustainably feed, shelter and power billions of human beings. “Earth is the best planet,” Bezos quipped. “It is not close. This one ...
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'Alexa, take me to the moon.' Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin wants to take astronauts to the moon by 2024

Blue Origin, Amazon CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos' rocket venture, is planning a manned mission to the moon, he announced Thursday.
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Unique genetic adaptation lets deep-sea fish see color in the darkness

Researchers analyzed the genomes of 101 fish species and found that three lineages of deep-sea fish, living up to about a mile (1,500 meters) below the surface, boast a specialized visual system to allow for color vision in inky blackness. Having acute vision could provide tremendous advantages to these fish as they search for food and mates and try to avoid becoming another creature's dinner in the exotic dark world of the ocean depths, the planet's largest habitat. Vertebrates use two types ...
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Amazon's Bezos unveils lunar lander project 'Blue Moon'

Jeff Bezos, who heads both Amazon and space company Blue Origin, unveiled a lunar lander Thursday that he said would be used to transport equipment, and possibly human beings, to the south pole of the Moon by 2024. "This is Blue Moon," he said at a presentation in Washington, as curtains lifted to show a mock-up of a huge vessel weighing many tons and able to carry four self-driving rovers. "It's an incredible vehicle, and it will go to the Moon," he declared.
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