We Need to Change Our Perspective on Autism and Girls

Kate Sinclair discusses the different way autism can present in women.
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Jury awards couple $2 billion in weed killer cancer trial

This is the third lawsuit related to Roundup that Monsanto has lost in the state of California
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Nissan Considers Buying Stake in Chinese Electric Carmaker

The Japanese company wants to buy a stake of as much as 25% in a Chinese electric-vehicle maker, and it has narrowed the potential targets to startups including WM Motor Technology Co., Zhejiang Hozon New Energy Automobile Co. and CHJ Automotive Co., said the people, asking not to be named as the plan isn’t public. The plans signal Nissan is looking to push ahead with ambitions in the EV space started when Carlos Ghosn was still chairman of the carmaker’s board. While Ghosn was arrested in Nov...
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PG&E proposes court order for CEO, board to tour town destroyed by wildfire

The order, agreed to by the U.S. Justice Department and U.S. Probation Officer, awaits U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup's signature. The judge last week called for PG&E officials to tour Paradise town.
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AI is now better at predicting mortality than human doctors

As scientists continue to toil away at creating machine learning algorithms that will one day ~~enslave humanity~~ save us all, artificial intelligence researchers have discovered that computers are outpacing human doctors in a number of important areas. We've already seen the ability of AI to spot things like cancer, and a new study reveals that a digital brain may also be better at predicting overall mortality and specific conditions such as heart attack with greater accuracy than a traine...
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NASA dubs 2024 Moon mission 'Artemis,' asks for $1.6 billion

NASA's next mission to the Moon will be called Artemis, the US space agency announced Monday, though it's still looking for the money to make the journey happen by its accelerated 2024 deadline. In March, US President Donald Trump's administration moved the date for the next American lunar mission up by four years from its original goal of 2028 while pledging to get a female astronaut to the Moon's surface for the first time. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told reporters the agency would n...
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Report: WhatsApp Vulnerability Used to Secretly Infect Phones With NSO Group's Notorious Spyware

Powerful spyware developed by Israeli cyber-intelligence company NSO Group exploited a vulnerability in encrypted messaging app WhatsApp to transfer itself to targeted devices, the Financial Times reported on Monday.Read more...
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White House seeks $1.6B more as ‘down payment’ for NASA’s newly named Artemis moon program

The White House is asking Congress for $1.6 billion more than the $21 billion it previously requested for NASA's budget, to fund what's now known as the Artemis program to put American astronauts on the moon by 2024. "This initial investment, I want to be clear, is a down payment," NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told reporters today. He and other NASA officials got on the line for a hastily called teleconference after President Donald Trump tweeted about the supplemental request: Und...
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The Moon is shrinking: study

The Moon is steadily shrinking, causing wrinkling on its surface and quakes, according to an analysis of imagery captured by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) published Monday. A survey of more than 12,000 images revealed that lunar basin Mare Frigoris near the Moon's north pole -- one of many vast basins long assumed to be dead sites from a geological point of view -- has been cracking and shifting. Since the moon's crust is brittle, these forces cause its surface to break as the inte...
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Yale researchers spot a biomarker that could help to predict suicide

Researchers at Yale University believe they’ve found a marker within the brain that could help to prevent suicide. The marker, known as mGlurR5, is a glutamate receptor found throughout all regions of the brain, and is known to play a role in a number of functions like sleep and memory. Individuals currently experiencing suicidal thoughts show elevated levels of the marker, while those without thoughts of suicide had normal levels. “If you have people who suffer from high blood pressure, you wan...
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SoftBank Slump Reaches $16 Billion as Ride-Hailing Luster Dims

SoftBank has lost about $16 billion in market value in the past three trading days as Uber plunged nearly 20% below its IPO price. Just two months ago, Son told the audience at the Milken Institute conference in Tokyo that SoftBank controls 90 percent of the ride-hailing market worldwide through its portfolio companies which also include China’s Didi Chuxing, Southeast Asia’s Grab and India’s Ola.
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Sanders urges political revolution, Green New Deal support

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont called for a political revolution on Monday night as he and other speakers urged approval of the Green New Deal, a sweeping plan to address climate change.
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NeNe Leakes Reveals That Husband Gregg Is Currently Cancer Free: 'Look at God!'

See the reality star's new post!
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Uber Blame Game Focuses on Morgan Stanley After Post-IPO Tumble

(Bloomberg) -- Morgan Stanley nabbed the biggest U.S. initial public offering of the past five years. Now it gets to field the second-guessing after Uber Technologies Inc. tumbled 18% in its first two days of trading.
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Trump targets Pell Grant money for NASA's budget boost

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is hoping to shift money for Pell Grants for college education to fund new spending, including a $1.6 billion bump for NASA.
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Third US jury finds Roundup weed killer likely caused cancer, awarding couple $2 billion

In a bombshell verdict, a couple in California have been awarded more than $2 billion in punitive damages in their civil case against Monsanto, after accusing the maker of Roundup weed killer of causing their cancer. Alva Pilliod and wife Alberta of Livermore, both in their 70s, were diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2011 and 2015, respectively. The Oakland jury, which awarded each spouse $1 billion in punitive damages in addition to other damages, found that the active ingredient in Ro...
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What's at stake for Europe Inc in a trade spat with Washington

Europe's listed companies are expected to generate 1.2 trillion euros (£1.04 trillion) in revenue from the United States this year, highlighting what's at stake as global trade tensions grow and earnings and economic growth stall. Analysts and investors say that based on revenues, European companies are more vulnerable to a dispute than their competitors in the United States. U.S. President Donald Trump is due to decide by Saturday whether to impose duties on car imports, potentially posing an...
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Monsanto Loses Another Roundup Cancer Trial, With Jury Awarding Over $2 Billion

Monsanto Co. lost a legal battle over its massively popular Roundup herbicide on Monday to the tune of $2.055 billion, with a jury in San Francisco ordering the court to pay out the stunning sum to a couple that said it caused their non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.Read more...
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The Southern Cross Electrical Engineering (ASX:SXE) Share Price Is Down 28% So Some Shareholders Are Getting Worried

Want to participate in a short research study? Help shape the future of investing tools and you could win a $250 gift...
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'Step-change' in energy investment needed to meet climate goals: IEA

The world must double spending on renewable power and slash investment in oil and coal by 2030 to keep the Paris climate treaty temperature targets in play, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said Tuesday. Money going into new upstream oil and gas projects -- exploration, drilling and infrastructure -- rose four percent in 2018, while investment in new coal sources went up by two percent, the first increase in that sector since 2012. At the same time, investment in new renewable power of al...
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SpaceX founding member: Musk's success made space a safer investment

Elon Musk tweeted a photo that gave a look at SpaceX's plan to provide internet access worldwide via satellite. SpaceX founding member and Vector CEO Jim Cantrell says his and other companies owe Musk for making space a safer investment.
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Catapulting spider winds up web to launch itself at prey: study

A study published Monday has found that an arachnid species is capable of winding up its web to store up elastic energy, before releasing its grip and catapulting itself at furious speed toward its unsuspecting prey. The development places the triangle-weaver spider, or Hyptiotes cavatus, alongside humans as the other known species to amplify muscular energy with external devices, a feat people achieve with crossbows or ballistae. Researcher Sarah Han, a doctoral student at the University of A...
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BP's Investors Unite Over Fears It's ‘Falling Behind’ on Climate

A resolution at the company’s annual general meeting on May 21 will ask BP to prove in a series of reports how individual capital investments, and its overall business strategy, are aligned with the goals of the Paris climate accord. The proposal already has the backing of almost a tenth of the company’s shareholders, including seven of the oil major’s 20 largest stockholders, such as Legal & General Investment Management Ltd., and UBS Asset Management. The resolution is intended to make BP ad...
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Low-dose aspirin may be linked to bleeding in the skull, new study finds

For people without heart disease, a new study found taking low-dose aspirin is associated with an increased risk for bleeding within the skull.
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Trump says he's adding $1.6 billion to NASA's budget

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says he is adding $1.6 billion to NASA's budget "so that we can return to Space in a BIG WAY!"
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Trump seeks extra $1.6 billion in NASA spending under goal of returning to moon

The increased funding request, announced by President Donald Trump on Twitter, comes nearly two months after Vice President Mike Pence declared the objective of shortening by four years NASA's timeline for putting astronauts back on the moon for the first time since 1972. The proposed increase would bring NASA's total spending level for the 2020 fiscal year to $22.6 billion. The bulk of the increase is earmarked for research and development for a human lunar landing system, according to a summ...
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Couple Awarded $2 Billion in Roundup Trial, Jury Says Weed Killer Contributed to Their Cancer

Couple Awarded $2 Billion in Roundup Trial, Jury Says Weed Killer Contributed to Their Cance
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The Moon is shrinking, wrinkling due to quakes: study

The Moon is steadily shrinking, causing wrinkling on its surface and quakes, according to an analysis of imagery captured by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) published Monday. A survey of more than 12,000 images revealed that lunar basin Mare Frigoris near the Moon's north pole -- one of many vast basins long assumed to be dead sites from a geological point of view -- has been cracking and shifting. Since the moon's crust is brittle, these forces cause its surface to break as the inte...
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A Full Flower Blue Moon Is Coming This Month, and You Need to See It

One thing might surprise you...
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New study suggests the Moon may be shrinking

Earth isn't the only place that "quakes." Rocky planets and moons regularly experience similar movements, and faults can form between massive chunks of crust on other worlds the same as they can here on Earth. The Moon is one place we know that experiences those kinds of shifts, and new research suggests that it might actually be making the Moon smaller over time.The study, which was published in Nature Geoscience, explains how the cliffs observed on the Moon's surface hint at a cooling ...
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