Report Finds Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot Function May Pose Serious Safety Risks Without Driver Engagement

A newer Tesla feature to allow its cars to switch lanes automatically may present safety risks for drivers who aren’t actively engaged while the setting is enabled, according to findings by Consumer Reports.Read more...
Tags: Elon Musk, Science, Tesla, Electric Cars, Self Driving Cars

Small Greek islands punch for equal status ahead of local elections

Anáfi (Greece) (AFP) - On the small Greek island of Anafi -- population 273 -- each ferry arrival is a notable event. With a mere two connections a week to the port of Piraeus, Anafiotes feel little love from the state in distant Athens. All you can hear is the wind howling and cats meowing," says Martha Ferfiri, a recent arrival from northern Greece struggling to adapt to local life.
Tags: Science, Greece, Athens, Anafi, Anáfi Greece, Piraeus Anafiotes, Martha Ferfiri

China's Siri Plunges as Trump Widens Assault on Tech Firms

Iflytek slid as much as 8.2% in Shenzhen after people familiar with the matter said the U.S. is considering curbs on the company, as well as Shenzhen-listed Xiamen Meiya Pico Information Co. and Beijing Megvii Co., which is unlisted. Data firm Xiamen Meiya dropped as much as 8.4%. The Trump administration is broadening its attack on companies linked to China’s vast surveillance network, after initially tackling Huawei Technologies Co. Two security camera giants -- Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Te...
Tags: Science, China, Shenzhen, Trump, Huawei Technologies Co, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co, Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co, Siri Plunges, Xiamen Meiya Pico Information Co, Beijing Megvii Co, Xiamen Meiya

Interior Chief Can’t Shake Comment About Not Losing Sleep Over Climate Change

David Bernhardt’s apathy about the global crisis has become fuel for Democrats, including a few running for president.
Tags: Science, David Bernhardt

New York man put SpaceX rockets in jeopardy by forging inspection reports, feds say

James Smalley, 41, is accused of forging signatures on inspection reports for parts used by SpaceX.
Tags: Spacex, New York, Science, James Smalley

2 elderly African lions die at San Francisco, San Diego zoos

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Two beloved, elderly lions have died at zoos in California. The San Francisco Zoo announced Wednesday that a 16-year-old male African lion named Jahari died Monday of old age. African lions live to about 14 in the wild. He was born at the zoo in 2003 and raised by the staff […]
Tags: Science, News, California, Ap, Nation, San Diego, San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco San Diego, Jahari

Ford’s demo of a robot working in unison with a self-driving car is a wild glimpse into the future

If you're skeptical of or put off by the idea of self-driving cars, then there's a good chance you won't be a fan of Ford's intriguing research project designed to have robots get out of self-driving cars and deliver packages right to your door.Over the past few months, Ford and Agility Robotics have been working on a new initiative designed to assess how intelligent robots and self-driving cars can work in unison to more efficiently deliver items like groceries, packages, and ev...
Tags: Science, Washington, Ford, Ford CTO, Agility Robotics, Ken Washington

F-35 Fighter Pilots Might Soon Fly With Robotic Wingmen

One fighter jet could control many unmanned jets, changing the face of aerial warfare forever.
Tags: Science

DOJ Attorneys Reportedly Ready to Block T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

To literally no one’s surprise, the head of the Federal Communications Commission on Monday announced Monday that he’d recommend approving the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. But it now looks as if the Justice Department’s own attorneys vehemently oppose the merger.Read more...
Tags: Science, Sprint, Federal Communications Commission, Doj, Justice Department, T Mobile, T Mobilesprint Merger, Mega Mergers, Block T Mobile Sprint Merger

U.S. judge appoints Ken Feinberg mediator for Bayer Roundup settlement talks

Feinberg has been instructed to meet with lawyers for Bayer and plaintiffs within the next 14 days, U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria in San Francisco said during a court hearing on Wednesday. Chhabria, who oversees some 900 federal Roundup lawsuits, on April 11 ordered the parties to start confidential mediation.
Tags: Science, San Francisco, Bayer, Feinberg, Ken Feinberg, Chhabria, Vince Chhabria, Bayer Roundup

US Adult Cancer Deaths Have Dropped, But Heart Disease Deaths Are Up

A new CDC report shows that while fewer American adults are dying of cancer, more are dying from heart disease.
Tags: Science, Cdc, US

Mona Lisa frown: Machine learning brings old paintings and photos to life

Machine learning researchers have produced a system that can recreate lifelike motion from just a single frame of a person’s face, opening up the possibility of animating not just photos but also of paintings. It’s not perfect, but when it works, it is — like much AI work these days — eerie and fascinating. The model is documented in a paper published by Samsung AI Center, which you can read it here on Arxiv. It’s a new method of applying facial landmarks on a source face — any talking head will...
Tags: Science, Samsung, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Marilyn Monroe, Moscow, Machine Learning, Berkeley, Facial Recognition, Einstein, Mona Lisa, Deepfakes, Samsung AI Center

High school holds early graduation, prom for teen diagnosed with cancer: ‘We’re gonna give her everything that we can’

A high school in Washington held an early graduation for a teen diagnosed with cancer.
Tags: Science, Washington

Donald Trump is a big booster of fossil fuels, so why are their stocks slipping?

With carbon dioxide at a record 48% over preindustrial levels, the public and investors grow increasingly worried about climate change: Our view
Tags: Science, Donald Trump

New Bill Would Require Agents to Actually Have Probable Cause to Search Electronic Devices at the Border

Customs officials at the border don’t need a warrant or probable cause to search your electronic devices, an invasive practice that has only spiked in the last few years, resulting in a bunch of horror stories and some profoundly dumb screwups. But two US senators want to change that, introducing a bill on Wednesday…Read more...
Tags: Science, Privacy, US, Customs

Explainer: China's rare earth supplies could be vital bargaining chip in U.S. trade war

Rare earth elements are used in a wide range of consumer products, from iPhones to electric car motors, as well as military jet engines, satellites and lasers. Rising tensions between the United States and China have sparked concerns that Beijing could use its dominant position as a supplier of rare earths for leverage in the trade war between the two global economic powers. WHAT ARE RARE EARTHS USED IN?
Tags: Science, China, Beijing, United States

George R.R. Martin Just Set a Very Peculiar Winds of Winter Deadline Threat for Himself

Now that Game of Thrones is over for good, the focus is on when George R.R. Martin is finally going to complete his side of the story. Thanks to an airline’s offer to fly Martin out so he can have some peace and quiet to finish The Winds of Winter, he’s jokingly promised a deadline. If he doesn’t meet it, New Zealand…Read more...
Tags: Books, Hbo, Science, New Zealand, Game Of Thrones, George Rr Martin, A Song Of Ice And Fire, The Winds Of Winter, Martin, George R R Martin, Golden Age Of Heroes, A Dream Of Spring

NYC Subway’s New Way to Pay Prompts Banks to Update Cards

More than 20 years after the initial switch to MetroCards from tokens, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is unveiling the ability to use tap-to-pay credit and debit cards for subway and bus fares. Visa Inc. says 80 of the top 100 U.S. retailers now accept the cards, with companies including Target Corp. and CVS Health Corp. adding the technology in recent months. “Mass transit is a really terrific use case for tap and pay -- people commute 10 times a week,” Visa Chief Executive Officer...
Tags: Science, Bloomberg Television, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Visa Inc, CVS Health Corp, Target Corp, Al Kelly, NYC Subway 's New Way

This Super Rare Mud Meteorite Crashed into a Costa Rican House

It could provide huge clues about the origins of our solar system.
Tags: Science

Novartis CEO plans gene therapy price 'far lower' than $4 million to $5 million range

Novartis is expecting the drug initially to be approved for infants and is in discussions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about whether approval will include other forms of the disease beyond the most serious Type 1, he said.
Tags: Science, Novartis, U S Food and Drug Administration

Medicinal Plants Used During the U.S. Civil War Are Surprisingly Good at Fighting Bacteria

With conventional medicines in short supply during the Civil War, the Confederacy turned to plant-based alternatives in desperation. New research suggests some of these remedies were actually quite good at fighting off infections—a finding that could lead to effective new drugs.Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, History, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Plants, Civil War, Antibiotics, Fighting Bacteria

Qualcomm Leans on Appeals, Trump Help to Reverse FTC Order

The San Diego-based chipmaker is dealing with the fallout from a decision by a California federal judge, who sided with the Federal Trade Commission in a case brought in 2017 accusing the company of anticompetitive practices. Qualcomm is asking that U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh’s decision be put on hold while it pursues a rapid appeal, where it may get support from other branches of the federal government, which in the past have indicated the company’s importance to U.S. technology leadership a...
Tags: Science, California, San Diego, Qualcomm, Federal Trade Commission, Apple Inc, Koh, Lucy Koh, Qualcomm Leans on Appeals Trump Help

Sea dragons captivate visitors at California aquarium

LA JOLLA, California (AP) — At first glance, it looks like a branch of kelp, but then an eye moves among its leafy appendages, and ridges of tiny, translucent fins start to flutter, sending the creature gliding through the water like something from a fairy tale.
Tags: Science, California, Ap, La Jolla California

Tesla Woes Make It a ‘Restructuring Story,’ Morgan Stanley Says

“Tesla was seen as a growth story,” Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said on the call, a recording of which was obtained by Bloomberg News. Today, Tesla is not really seen as a growth story. Tesla shares extended a streak of declines to a sixth consecutive day, closing down 6% to $192.73, the lowest since December 2016.
Tags: Science, Tesla, Morgan Stanley, Adam Jonas, Morgan Stanley Says, Bloomberg News Today Tesla

We Don't Need to 'Pause' Police Use of Face Recognition—We Need to Ban It Forever

Facial recognition experts called to testify before a congressional hearing on Wednesday found themselves in broad agreement: Citing a litany of abuses, each pressed federal lawmakers to respond to the widespread, unregulated use of the technology by law enforcement at every level across the country. However, the idea…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Privacy, Law Enforcement, Face Recognition

Amazon shareholders support selling face recognition tech to police

Amazon on Wednesday confirmed that shareholders rejected proposals to prohibit sales of facial recognition technology to governments and study how it might threaten privacy or civil rights. The proposals voted down at Amazon's annual stockholders meeting were put forth by a group of shareholders but opposed by the board of directors. Seattle-based Amazon developed facial-recognition technology called Rekognition and sells it as part of its cloud services unit.
Tags: Amazon, Science, Seattle

Exclusive: Guaido says Washington should help Venezuela keep U.S. refiner Citgo

Venezuela's opposition is pushing to remove President Nicolas Maduro amid a catastrophic economic collapse that has created a humanitarian crisis. It also wants to protect overseas assets that it says will be crucial for a future economic recovery after Maduro leaves office. Guaido, who invoked the constitution in January to assume the interim presidency after declaring Maduro's 2018 re-election a fraud, said a U.S. executive order protecting Citgo from seizure was the best option to keep the ...
Tags: Science, Washington, Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, Maduro, Citgo, Guaido

Apple Is Testing Private Web Ads on Safari So You Feel Less Creeped Out While Shopping

Ads are the bane of the internet. On top of being an eyesore, by now everyone’s had that experience of googling an item, only to find targeted ads for that same product follow you across the web. It’s creepy, and today, Apple announced in a blog post that it’s working on a way to make the ads you see while browsing on…
Tags: Apple, Science, Privacy, Safari, Browsers, Ads

Trump administration readies draft plan to speed environmental permitting

The Trump administration will complete a draft proposal to streamline environmental permitting for big infrastructure projects by next month, an administration official said on Wednesday, marking a key step in its controversial effort to cut red tape for industry over the objections of conservationists. Ted Boling, associate director for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) at the White House Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ), said the draft rule to reform NEPA would be sent to the...
Tags: Science, Trump, NEPA, Ted Boling, White House Council of Environmental Quality CEQ

Mom Donates a Lifesaving Kidney to Firefighter Who Helped Daughter: 'It's a Lifetime Bond'

Mom Donates Kidney to Firefighter Who Helped Daughte
Tags: Science

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