Sea levels are rising steadily for hundreds of years. NO acceleration.

This issue comes up frequently because of major obfuscation by the mainstream media that has been hijacked by extreme socialists. The facts are simple: “the highest quality coastal tide gauges from around the world show no evidence of acceleration since the 1920s” (Source) The longest NOAA tide gauge data record is at the Battery, New […]
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Climate change: The girl inspired by Greta to help the planet

Anwen Whitehead is getting her family to make small changes, inspired by campaigner Greta Thunberg.
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Melting ice is slowing down the Atlantic ocean's circulation system. Yes, that's similar to what happens in 'The Day After Tomorrow.'

A new UN report found global oceans could rise 3 feet by 2100 due in part to melting ice. That melt could also slow the Atlantic ocean current system.
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At Least 70 Countries Have Engaged in Disinformation Campaigns, Study Finds

In Vietnam, citizens were enlisted to post pro-government messages on their personal Facebook pages. The Guatemalan government used hacked and stolen social media accounts to silence dissenting opinions. Ethiopia's ruling party hired people to influence social media conversations in its favor.Despite increased efforts by internet platforms like Facebook to combat internet disinformation, the use of the techniques by governments around the world is growing, according to a report released Thur...
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NASA's future missions will explore an icy moon of Jupiter, collect samples on Mars, and more. Here's what's coming in the next 10 years.

NASA intends to return to the moon, continue on to Mars, and look for life near Saturn and Jupiter within 10 years. Its other plans go even further.
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You know Greta Thunberg. Meet 15 other young climate activists taking on world leaders

You know Greta Thunberg. But here's a look at the 15 other young climate activists who are demanding the United Nations take action on climate change
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San Francisco's homelessness crisis has gotten so bad, residents are putting boulders on the streets to stop people from sleeping there

This isn't the first time boulders have been used to block homeless encampments in San Francisco, where the homeless population is nearing 10,000.
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The next generation: mice can reproduce after space stints, study finds

There have been some signs that spending time in space could negatively affect sperm, including radiation damage seen in freeze-dried mouse sperm that spent nine months in outer space, and decreased sperm counts in rats that spent 13 days in orbit. Upon their return to Earth, the researchers used sperm from the mice to fertilise eggs from female mice who had not experienced space travel, and found the astronaut rodents produced healthy offspring. The team, led by Masahito Ikawa, a professor at...
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