Pine martens returned to Forest of Dean after facing extinction

A group of Scottish pine martens have been brought to the Forest of Dean and fitted with tracking collars.
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NASA issues its fast-track plan to get two commercial lunar landers for 2024-2025

After two preliminary rounds, NASA today published its final call for industry proposals to have the first two landers capable of putting astronauts on the moon ready for 2024 and 2025. NASA's broad agency announcement, known as NextSTEP-2 Appendix H, makes clear that two different companies would be chosen to build human-capable landers. One of them would be used for the Artemis 3 mission, which aims to send two astronauts to and from the lunar surface in 2024. The other would be used for a...
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Aide: After Brexit science is No 10's top priority

Boris Johnson has given details of a £200m fund for science and technology.
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Leave ‘Em Laughing Instead of Crying: Climate Humor Can Break Down Barriers and Find Common Ground

Social science and humanities scholars have been examining new, potentially more effective ways to communicate about climate change.
Tags: Science

Morning Workout Benefits You May Not Be Thinking About

Waking up in the morning to work out while the rest of the world is sleeping takes a lot of effort. Sleeping is one of the most satisfying human activities, so it’s understandable if you want to snuggle under the sheets instead of working out. Most people actually prefer working out in the evening. However, after a long day at work, you might not have the energy for an impactful workout session. So why would you rather workout in the morning and not in the evening? Well, there is scientific proo...
Tags: Health, Science, Lifehacks, Brigham Young University

Prince Harry honours soldier killed in anti-poaching effort

The Duke of Sussex praises Matthew Talbot, saying he played a "huge part" in conservation efforts.
Tags: Science, Harry, Duke of Sussex, Matthew Talbot

315 billion-tonne iceberg breaks off Antarctica

The Amery Ice Shelf in Antarctica produces its largest iceberg in more than 50 years.
Tags: Science, Antarctica

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