More Frequent and Intense Tropical Storms Mean Less Recovery Time for the World’s Coastlines

More frequent coastal storms are stressing ecosystems.
Tags: Science

Uncovering secrets of mystery civilization in Saudi Arabia

A team of more than 60 experts is trying to find out more about the enigmatic Nabataean culture.
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, Nabataean

Elon Musk’s Starship May Be More Moral Catastrophe Than Bold Step in Space Exploration

An artist concept of the Starship following separation from the first stage Super Heavy
Tags: Elon Musk, Science

#fakeclimateclaims – list of fake news and bogus climate claims

Have started this hashtag today #fakeclimateclaims and will add/update this page when time permits. The first one below. Starting hash tag #fakeclimateclaims for my record. — Sanjeev Sabhlok (@sabhlok) October 2, 2019
Tags: Travel, Science, Bad Ideas, Public Policy, Sanjeev Sabhlok

Cultural Studies Key to National Security

A lack of understanding between American and Middle-Eastern culture is a national security risk.
Tags: Science, Middle Eastern

Before we put people on Mars, we should infect the planet with Earthly microbes, a group of scientists says

NASA seeks to prevent interplanetary contamination when exploring space. But some scientists argue we should be infecting Mars with Earth's microbes.
Tags: Science, Nasa, Mars

Anak Krakatau volcano collapse: 'Warning signs were there'

Taking all the available data, it was clear something was amiss with the tsunami-generating volcano.
Tags: Science

Sutherland spaceport plans cover 'extensive' site

Launch towers and "antenna farms" have been proposed for the 815-acre site in the north Highlands.
Tags: Science

10-fold surge in S.Africa teens treated for HIV: study

The number of young people in South Africa receiving treatment for HIV has increased 10-fold within a decade, a major new study has found. AIDS deaths have declined globally since the peak of the epidemic in the early 2000s, but an international AIDS commission warned last year of a resurgence if the world's booming adolescent population weren't protected.
Tags: Science, Africa, South Africa

A 50-year-old technology that uses bursts of electricity to treat pain might finally catch on as doctors hunt for alternatives to opioids

Neuromodulation isn't used very often, because it can be costly and require surgery. Plus, it can only treat some types of pain.
Tags: Science

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