How do you choose a Nobel Prize winner?

The Nobel Prizes are amongst the most prestigious awards in a variety of fields, so how do you win one?
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NASA shares 3D Moon data for CG artists and creators

If you want to set your movie or game on the Moon, it’s not hard to find imagery of our photogenic satellite. But NASA has just released a useful and beautiful new set of data just for creators that includes not just imagery but depth data, making it simple to build an incredibly detailed 3D map of the Moon. The CGI Moon Kit comes from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, where science visualization expert Ernie Wright found that data he had assembled for other purposes was proving popular with 3...
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America Needs a Space Force: These 5 Movies Could Help

Does the U.S. military need some inspiration? Fire up Netflix and get inspired.
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Report: University of Iowa Faculty Told Not to Promote Greta Thunberg Visit on School Social Media

University of Iowa officials have told faculty at the school that they should not promote 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist Great Thunberg’s surprise appearance at a Friday climate strike in Iowa City on its social media channels, according to a report in the Gazette.Read more...
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How do you pick a Nobel Prize winner?

The Nobel Prizes are amongst the most prestigious awards in a variety of fields, so how do you win one?
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FDA Urges Consumers to Avoid THC Vapes Amid Lung Disease Outbreak

Don’t use vapes containing THC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned Friday as it continues to investigate a recent epidemic of a mysterious lung disease that seems connected to vaping. Any vaping products purchased from illicit or unknown sources should also be avoided, the FDA said, which honestly is just a…Read more...
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The Trailer for the Fourth Season of The Expanse Asks Hard Questions About Space Colonization

Hot off an Amazon pickup and huge buzz at San Diego Comic-Con, The Expanse didn’t have to flex too hard on their Saturday morning New York Comic Con panel. But they still did. The panel started with the Season 4 premiere and ended with an incredible new teaser for the folks at home.Read more...
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Purported Leaked Pixel 4 Demos Show Off Improved Google Assistant

As the self-appointed “friend who looks everything up,” I’m open to any app or update that might make my constant fact-checking less of a production. With the “new Google Assistant” on the Pixel 4, issuing a command or query may become as simple as raising your phone and asking away.Read more...
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Six Elephants Die in Thailand Trying to Rescue Each Other From Waterfall

At least six wild Asian elephants died in southern Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park after trying to save each other from a waterfall, Reuters reported on Saturday.Read more...
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The Superstar Artist of The Wicked + The Divine Soars into Deep Space With The Killing Horizon

Jamie McKelvie is one of those guys. Your favorite comics artist’s favorite comics artist, a status cemented by the just-ended five-year marathon spent as the draftsman on award-winning pop music super-drama The Wicked + The Divine. For his next trick, he’s going full cartoonist, writing and drawing an all-new sci-fi…Read more...
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The First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery's Third Season Sets Course for a New Future

The climax of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season was explosive in more ways than one: Michael Burnham, the Discovery, and her crew were catapulted into a future so far beyond anything previously seen in a Trek TV show. Now, we’ve finally got a solid glimpse at what that brave new universe looks like.Read more...
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Orangutans can play the kazoo – here’s what this tells us about speech evolution

A kazoo might seem a world away from the spoken word. But our ability to produce its buzzing, Donald Duck-like sound at will was key in us ever developing the ability to speak at all. And while our capacity for speech is unique, my colleague Robert Shumaker and I have used the novelty instrument to show that great apes aren’t far behind. Speech is one of the defining marks of humanhood. It is the interface of our social and societal relationships, and the baton through which individuals and gene...
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Scientists Solve a Puzzle: What's Really in a Fatberg

LONDON -- When a giant fatberg was discovered in the sewer of a small coastal town in southwestern England last year, the company that manages the pipes was so mystified by the greasy mass of solidified fats and waste materials that it enlisted the help of scientists to discover what it was made of.The grisly results of an autopsy were made public Friday, and they were not pretty, but held some surprises. Stuck within the massive, stomach-churning lump were wet wipes, as expected; oils; sanitary...
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FDA Approves New HIV-Prevention Drug, but Not for Women

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved a new drug, Descovy, for prevention of infection with HIV, only the second drug approved for this purpose.The first, Truvada, has become a mainstay of government efforts to turn back the HIV epidemic. But the FDA approved Descovy for use only in men and transgender women, because its maker, Gilead Sciences, tested it only in those groups.The approval explicitly excludes women and does not outline a plan for making the drug available to them. ...
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Saturday's Best Deals: David Archy Underwear, Snappy Popcorn Oil, Halloween Decor, and More

David Archy Men’s Micro Modal Trunks, Snappy Popcorn Supplies Coconut Oil, and a $10 off coupon on household supplies from Amazon lead off Saturday’s deals.Read more...
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The CW's Batwoman Has a New Enemy, and It's Rachel Maddow

In what some are calling the greatest lesbian crossover event of all time, the superhero world’s most prominent lesbian, Batwoman, is about to find a new foe in the most prominent lesbian of prime time news. That’s right, Rachel Maddow is coming to Batwoman. Read more...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Talking to dogs, flawless sound, architecture-inspired pleasure toys and the changing face of fashion New Technology Enhances Dog-Human Communication From Maria Goodavage’s brand new book Doctor Dogs, an excerpt in Wired probes the FIDO program at Georgia Institute of Technology’s Animal-Computer Interaction Lab. The epicenter of dog-human communication studies in the US, FIDO’s researchers have developed several prototype talking vest for dogs. They employ tabs and pulleys …
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Scientist Who Discredited Meat Guidelines Didn't Report Past Food Industry Ties

A surprising new study challenged decades of nutrition advice and gave consumers the green light to eat more red and processed meat. But what the study didn't say is that its lead author has past research ties to the meat and food industry.The new report, published this week in the Annals of Internal Medicine, stunned scientists and public health officials because it contradicted long-standing nutrition guidelines about limiting consumption of red and processed meats. The analysis, led by Br...
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All the Bewitching Cosplay from New York Comic Con 2019, Days 1 and 2

‘Tis the season for New York Comic Con to haunt the greatest city in the world! Spooky Witchy Fall has arrived, and the Big Apple is teeming with thousands of cosplayers and fans who have come together to celebrate their fandom and show off some great outfits.Read more...
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Save $10 When You Buy Three or More Household Items From Amazon

Save $10 When You Buy 3 Household Items or More | AmazonRead more...
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An ant colony has memories its individual members don’t have

Like a brain, an ant colony operates without central control. Each is a set of interacting individuals, either neurons or ants, using simple chemical interactions that in the aggregate generate their behavior. People use their brains to remember — but can ant colonies do that too? This question leads to another question: what is memory? For people, memory is the capacity to recall something that happened in the past. We also ask computers to reproduce past actions – the blending of the idea of t...
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Apple Offers Repairs for Busted iPhone 6s Models So Long As It's Their Fault

If you’re an Apple user who’s still rocking an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and it suddenly started refusing to turn on, don’t worry: It’s Apple’s fault, not yours.Read more...
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