Buzz Aldrin shares latest moonshot vision: No to NASA’s Gateway, but yes to China

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin says there's no need for the lunar-orbiting Gateway outpost that plays a key role in NASA's vision to land astronauts on the moon by 2024. Instead, he envisions a differently configured transportation system that makes use of commercial rockets under the leadership of a "Space Exploration Alliance" that includes China as well as NASA's current partners. "I'm not a big fan of the Gateway," Aldrin said today during a panel discus...
Tags: Science, Washington, China, Nasa, Aldrin, International Astronautical Congress, International Academy of Astronautics

Half of Tonight's Walking Dead Was Fantastic, the Rest Was a Saved by the Bell Episode

And if that craziness doesn’t make you want to check out this damn show again, I don’t know what will.Read more...
Tags: Science, Amc, Zombies, Walking Dead, TV Recap, Walkingdeadrecap

Here's A New, Appropriately Gruesome Look at Vin Diesel in Bloodshot

Blood. Shot. You know, those two words together conjure up an image. So, when scrolling down, you can probably imagine what you’re going to see. Read more...
Tags: Science, Vin Diesel, Comic Book Films, Valiant Entertainment, Bloodshot

Scientists 'may have crossed ethical line' in growing human brains

Debate needed over research with ‘potential for something to suffer’, neuroscientists sayNeuroscientists may have crossed an “ethical rubicon” by growing lumps of human brain in the lab, and in some cases transplanting the tissue into animals, researchers warn.The creation of mini-brains or brain “organoids” has become one of the hottest fields in modern neuroscience. The blobs of tissue are made from stem cells and, while they are only the size of a pea, some have developed spontaneous brain wa...
Tags: Science, Neuroscience, World news, Medical Research, Ethics

Kik's Messaging App Won't Be Killed Off After All

It seems Kik hasn’t quite kicked the bucket yet (heh). MediaLab just acquired the popular anonymous chat app and plans to invest in its future, according to a company blog post Friday boasting how “Kik is here to stay!” The app had one foot in the grave ever since its creator and previous owner, Kik Interactive, …Read more...
Tags: Science, Whisper, Kik, Media Lab, Kik Interactive, Kik Messenger App

Kik's Back, Bitches

It looks like Kik hasn’t quite kicked the bucket yet (heh). MediaLab just acquired the popular anonymous chat app and plans to invest in its future, according to a company blog post Friday boasting how “Kik is here to stay!” The app had one foot in the grave ever since its creator and previous owner, Kik Interactive, …Read more...
Tags: Science, Whisper, Kik, Media Lab, Kik Interactive, Kik Messenger App

China Censorship, Facebook Headcanon, Pixel 4, and Apple Beats: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Another week in the bag, everybody. And we’ve been seeing plenty of sparks fly online between the umpteenth debate between the Democrats’ presidential hopefuls and reports of Joker-on-Joker beef between Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix (though is it still technically “beef” if only one of them is throwing a tantrum?).…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Blizzard, Beats, Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix, Activision, Best of the week, Climate Crisis, Best Of Gizmodo, Pixel 4, China Censorship Facebook Headcanon Pixel

The Next Into the Dark Holiday Extravaganza Is a Disastrous Thanksgiving LARP

Maybe just don’t dress up as a pilgrim. It’s not ever going to go well. Read more...
Tags: Science, Horror, Hulu, Pilgrim, Blumhouse, Marcus Dunstan, Into the Dark, Into The Dark Pilgrim

Twitch "Watch Parties" Let Me Stream Movies to the Viewers I Don't Have

Ever since Amazon bought Twitch for a cool $970 million back in 2014, it seemed inevitable that eventually its catalog of movies and shows would make their way onto the streaming platform for live viewing get-togethers. It may have taken a hot minute, but Twitch finally began testing a “Watch Parties” feature this…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Streaming, Prime, Twitch, Jk I Use Mixer

Taika Waititi Still Plans On Directing Akira, Eventually

Western anime adaptations are always fraught and complex, but few have been as troubled in their development as Akira. Recently, it was delayed due to director Taika Waititi’s major commitments elsewhere. And while some viewed that as another death knell on another failed adaptation of Akira, Waititi isn’t so sure. Read more...
Tags: Science, Film adaptations, Anime, Taika Waititi, Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo

A psychotherapist explains why some adults react badly to young climate strikers

Young climate strikers I spoke to recently are confused and distressed about the things adults are doing. It’s not just inaction during the worsening climate crisis that bothers them, but the increasingly bizarre criticism many older people throw at striking schoolchildren, in the media and elsewhere. In the absence of any meaningful attempts to restrain global carbon emissions, the direct action of young people should, logically, be applauded. But maybe we’re not dealing with an entirely logica...
Tags: Startups, Science, Syndication

The Batman Has a Composer, and All It Took Was an On-Stage Proposal

Most movies get their composers in normal, behind-the-scenes deals. Some calls, some emails, probably some demos. You know, business stuff. The Batman is a bit different. Read more...
Tags: Science, Robert Pattinson, Dc, Warner Bros, Paul Dano, Zoe Kravitz, Michael Giacchino, The Batman

Sunday's Best Deals: REI Outlet, Weighted Blankets, Omega Juicer, and More

An REI Outlet sale, a discounted Omega juicer, and a marked-down Ring Alarm Home Security System lead off Sunday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science

Scientists create ‘artificial skin’ that could make smartphones ticklish

Scientists have developed an “artificial skin” that they say can wrap around devices such as smartphones and make them ticklish.The prototype, which has been designed to look like and mimic human skin, responds to different forms of human contact such as tickling, caressing and pinching.
Tags: Science

Schumer calls for federal probe of contaminated baby food

NEW YORK (AP) — The Senate’s top Democrat is calling on the Food and Drug Administration to examine a report that found dozens of baby food products contaminated with lead and other metals. Sen. Chuck Schumer says Sunday the FDA must take more action to regulate the baby food industry. A study by Healthy Babies […]
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What happens if your mind lives for ever on the internet?

It may be some way off, but mind uploading, the digital duplication of your mental essence, could expand human experience into a virtual afterlifeImagine that a person’s brain could be scanned in great detail and recreated in a computer simulation. The person’s mind and memories, emotions and personality would be duplicated. In effect, a new and equally valid version of that person would now exist, in a potentially immortal, digital form. This futuristic possibility is called mind uploading. The...
Tags: Psychology, Science, Technology, Cloud Computing, Neuroscience, Computing, Consciousness, Virtual Reality

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