Report: WeWork Delaying Mass Layoffs Because It Can't Afford Severance

WeWork, the company that is either a transformative way of life or a dangerously overleveraged real estate company posing as a cultish tech firm, is planning on laying off thousands of employees.Read more...
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Zuckerberg: I Feel Responsible for the 'Different Ways' Facebook Was Used to Cause, Uh, 'Effects'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing calls to break up the company on the campaign trail, mounting antitrust inquiries from federal and state authorities, and the looming prospect of 2020 disinformation campaigns that could again kick his company’s ass. So he’s emerged from his gilded panic room more regularly as of…Read more...
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Watchmen's Incredible Soundtrack Is Coming First to Vinyl, Because of Course It Is

The world of HBO’s Watchmen sequel is a bizarre one that is both contemporary and, technologically speaking, trapped a few decades in the past. So in that regard, it makes sense that the fantastic soundtrack for the show, by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (of Nine Inch Nails fame, of course), is being launched…Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Vinyl, Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails, Atticus Ross, Soundtracks, Watchmen

Switching from asteroid mining to blockchain: ConsenSys Space unveils TruSat satellite tracker

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A year after taking over the assets of a Redmond, Wash.-based asteroid mining company known as Planetary Resources, ConsenSys Space has unveiled its first project: an app-based system that makes use of amateur observers and Ethereum blockchain technology to keep track of satellites. The open-source TruSat app was released tonight in conjunction with the International Astronautical Congress here in Washington, and is aimed at addressing what's expected to be a satellite tra...
Tags: Science

In the Final Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer, an Awe-Inspiring Battle Begins

Good against evil. Light against Dark. A reborn Rebellion against the shadows of the Empire. The Skywalker Saga is entering its final hours—and it is, as an angry young wayward force user once said, time to let old things die.Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Disney, Lucasfilm, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker

Nikon’s Microscopic Photography Competition Winners

Formally titled the 2019 Small World Photomicrography Competition, Nikon’s Microscopic Photography Competition calls for entries as “a means to recognize and applaud the efforts of those involved with photography through the light microscope.” Thus, that means all of the images are shot under a microscope, using some variant of photomicrography. This year’s winning shot, by Teresa Zgoda and Teresa Kugler, depicts a turtle embryo in …
Tags: Photos, Photography, Science, Design, Animals, Cameras, Nature, Culture, Nikon, Photomicrography, Linkaboutit, Microscopic, Photo Competitions, Mircoscopes

Researchers Taught Autonomous Camera Drones to Film Like a Hollywood Director

Skydio was one of the first companies to create a flying drone that can autonomously track, follow, and frame the action, but it was more concerned about not crashing than aesthetics. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are taking the idea one step further by teaching camera drones how to not only fly safely but…Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Autonomous, Drones, Quadcopters, Carnegie Mellon University

NASA Needs New Strategies to Protect the Solar System From Earthly Contamination, Report Finds

NASA has worked hard to prevent microbes from hitching rides on our spacecraft and spreading around the solar system, but the agency’s tactics are now woefully out of date. A new report outlines the changes needed to modernize NASA’s planetary protection policies and prevent our germs from contaminating scientifically…Read more...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Moon, Space Exploration, Mars, Solar System, Astrobiology, Planetary Protection

The 10 Best Deals of October 21, 2019

We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science

Neanderthal 'glue' points to complex thinking

A Neanderthal tool from the Netherlands bears traces of ancient "glue".
Tags: Science

Company That Profits Off Political Misinformation Says It's Going to Do More to Stop It

After a month of blistering criticism over Facebook’s decision to help more politicians lie in online advertisements, the company has conveniently announced an update on its efforts to shield American voters from the misinformation chronically afflicting its platform.Read more...
Tags: Science, Facebook Ads, Election Interference

Scientists create cancer-resistant mouse chimeras that age 25% slower

A team of researchers from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre have developed a method for creating a sort of ‘super mouse’ that’s slimmer, cancer resistant, and lives 25% longer than regular mice. Astonishingly, this feat’s been accomplished without gene therapy. Rather than cut and paste genes together to create a designer mouse, the researchers combined two zygotes to create a chimera with one, specific defining feature: hyper-long telomeres. Scientists have long suspected that telome...
Tags: Startups, Science, Tech

WeWork Gets a Life Raft: Report

WeWork just may live to order another keg of complimentary kombucha.Read more...
Tags: Science, Softbank, WeWork, Wegrow Wework Welive Wedie

Slime mold proves that intelligence isn't that difficult

The world's weirdest living thing should encourage us to rethink what we think about intelligence.
Tags: Science, News

It Took Just Three Weeks for Superbug to Resist Last-Resort Drug, Doctors Say

Just in time for Halloween, doctors in France say they witnessed a real-life horror tale involving an antibiotic-resistant superbug. In less than a month, their patient’s infection evolved resistance to the last-resort drug they had used to treat it. Thankfully, the doctors were still able to defeat the microscopic…Read more...
Tags: Science, Antibiotic Resistance, Superbugs, Infections

2019 Had the Smallest Ozone Hole on Record, No Thanks to Us

In 2019, good news is in short supply, let alone news showing we can actually solve a pressing global problem. So folks, savor this: The ozone hole hit its smallest maximum extent ever recorded. It just, uh, comes with a tiny caveat.Read more...
Tags: Weather, Science, Ozone, Ozone Hole

World's Loudest Bird Shrieks Directly Into Potential Mates' Faces

This candidate for the loudest bird in the world screams from the treetops with chainsaw volume, directly into the ear of a potential mate.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Birds, Birdmodo, Bellbird, White Bellbird, Loudest Bird

The 25 Apple Arcade Games That Make It Worth the Money

Out of all the subscription bundles that Apple has pushed out in its recent lurch towards being a services company, it’s the $5-a-month Apple Arcade one that makes the most sense—a ton of exclusive games for mobile and desktop, all for one flat fee. Just how good a deal Apple Arcade ends up depending on the games.…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Gaming, Science, Desktop, Apple Arcade

Climate change making stronger El Ninos, study finds

WASHINGTON (AP) — A new study finds climate change is making stronger El Ninos, which change weather worldwide and heat up an already warming planet. Scientists looked at 33 El Ninos since 1901. This natural weather phenomenon is the warming of equatorial Pacific that triggers weather extremes across the globe. Since the 1970s, scientists have […]
Tags: Weather, Science, News, Nation, Nation & World

NASA’s Jim Bridenstine says 2035 is doable for human landing on Mars – provided budget is there

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine took part in a joint presentation by the chiefs of a number of International space agencies at the annual International Astronautical Conference on Monday. At the end of the event, A question was put to the entire group – when do we get to Mars? After a joke answer of “Tuesday” by ESA Director General Jan Wörner, Bridenstine followed with a serious answer that he believes – provided everyone can get their governments to actually back them and provided the...
Tags: TC, Astronomy, Space, Science, Tech, Nasa, Esa, Moon, Mars, Aerospace, Outer Space, Jim Bridenstine

Adam Savage Talks to Us About His Latest Secret Cosplay, Fandom, and More

Adam Savage knows how to make an entrance—even when you don’t know it’s him. The maker and former Mythbusters star has become a household name in the cosplay community for his “Incognito Cosplay,” where he secretly tours comic convention floors in elaborate costumes. He recently hit New York Comic Con to debut his…Read more...
Tags: Costumes, Video, Science, Interview, Cosplay, Adam Savage, Mythbusters, Spirited Away, New York Comic Con, New York Comic Con 2019

The 20 Apple Arcade Games That Make It Worth the Money

Out of all the subscription bundles that Apple has pushed out in its recent lurch towards being a services company, it’s the $5-a-month Apple Arcade one that makes the most sense—a ton of exclusive games for mobile and desktop, all for one flat fee. Just how good a deal Apple Arcade ends up depending on the games.…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Gaming, Science, Desktop, Apple Arcade

Ocean acidification can cause mass extinctions, fossils reveal

Carbon emissions make sea more acidic, which wiped out 75% of marine species 66m years agoOcean acidification can cause the mass extinction of marine life, fossil evidence from 66m years ago has revealed.A key impact of today’s climate crisis is that seas are again getting more acidic, as they absorb carbon emissions from the burning of coal, oil and gas. Scientists said the latest research is a warning that humanity is risking potential “ecological collapse” in the oceans, which produce half th...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Environment, World news, Oceans, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Fossils

Mysterious Cases of Paralysis in Children May Be Caused by Polio-Like Viruses

In 2014, a rare polio-like illness that attacks the nervous system of its often young victims first emerged in the U.S.—an illness with no clear cause, according to health agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Now, scientists at the University of California San Francisco say they’ve unearthed…Read more...
Tags: Science, Infectious Diseases, Polio, Outbreaks, Acute Flaccid Myelitis

The Orionids meteor shower peaks this week. Here's how to see the shooting stars from the dust of Halley's Comet.

The Orionids make for a dramatic show, with shooting stars leaving glowing trains of dust and fireballs exploding in the sky.
Tags: Science

Amazon Found to Be Selling Loads of Expired and Inedible Food

The everything store appears to have a serious expired foods problem.
Tags: Amazon, Food, Science, Prime For What

Female spacewalking duo uplifted by excitement below

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — The astronauts who took part in the first all-female spacewalk are still uplifted by all the excitement down on Earth. International Space Station resident Jessica Meir (mere) said Monday that when she floated outside last week, she wasn’t thinking about whether she was going out with a man or woman […]
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Climate change: Peatlands 'turning into carbon sources'

Scientists call for urgent action to prevent peatlands drying out and releasing vast stores of carbon.
Tags: Science

Russian CRISPR scientist announces new controversial effort to edit genes that cause deafness

Russian scientist Denis Rebrikov claims that he's begun a gene-editing process to eventually enable couples who both carry a specific genetic mutation that causes deafness to birth children who can hear. Rebrikov formerly announced his effort to use the CRISPR tool for gene editing to create babies resistant to HIV. From Nature: In his e-mail to Nature, Rebrikov makes clear that he does not plan to create (a gene-edited) baby yet — and that his previously reported plan to apply this month f...
Tags: Post, Science, News, Genetics, Crispr, Gene Editing, Designer Babies

'I Wonder What They Are Hiding:' Lyft Drivers Can No Longer See How Much Riders Paid For Each Trip

At the beginning of October, Lyft rolled out a mandatory app update for its drivers. After installing the update, drivers noticed they could no longer see how much the rider paid for any given trip. It’s yet another move that potentially undercuts Lyft’s (and Uber’s) legal logic that classifies drivers as independent…Read more...
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