This New Featurette Teases the Fundamental Stephen King Creepiness of Castle Rock's Second Season

Now that Castle Rock is building a multi-season journey of spooks, the broader goals of its seasonal storytelling are becoming clear. There’s hints of an anthology here, but also gestures toward a broader story, a unifying theory of scary Stephen King stuff. How do the creators plan to weave those threads together?…Read more...
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New Details on Microsoft's Dual-Screen Windows OS Leak

While Microsoft has been pretty tight-lipped so far about Windows 10X, an upcoming variation of its OS expected to debut with the Surface Neo, a leak this week appears to give us a closer look at how the company plans to customize the user experience for dual-screen devices.Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Windows, Laptops, Windows 10X

Employees Continued to Get Screwed by MyPayrollHR Fiasco

When cloud payroll provider MyPayrollHR abruptly closed its doors amid fraud allegations last month, it sent its roughly 1,000 clients, many of them small businesses, into disarray as employees saw their paychecks disappear from their accounts. The fallout continued this week after MyPayrollHR’s third-party processor,…Read more...
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Brandon Routh Says Goodbye to Legends of Tomorrow

Brandon Routh, the superhero leading man who never quite got his due, has been a highlight of Legends of Tomorrow ever since his arrival on the scene. Which is why it’s particularly a shame to see him preparing to depart the show this season. Read more...
Tags: Science, Dc, Warner Bros, Cw, Legends Of Tomorrow, Brandon Routh, Arrowverse

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s takes on impeachment, Syria, climate

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is persisting in a claim that goes to the heart of the U.S. military withdrawal from Syria — that he’s bringing the troops home. He isn’t. This deception has surfaced repeatedly, in the face of contrary words from his military people and sometimes from his own statements acknowledging that […]
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Why women didn’t win any science Nobels this year

That’s a return to business as usual, after biochemical engineer Frances Arnold won in 2018, for chemistry, and Donna Strickland received the 2018 Nobel Prize in physics. Strickland was only the third female physicist to get a Nobel, following Marie Curie in 1903 and Maria Goeppert-Mayer 60 years later. When asked how that felt, she noted that at first it was surprising to realize so few women had won the award: “But, I mean, I do live in a world of mostly men, so seeing mostly men doesn’t reall...
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Block on GM rice ‘has cost millions of lives and led to child blindness’

Eco groups and global treaty blamed for delay in supply of vitamin-A enriched Golden RiceStifling international regulations have been blamed for delaying the approval of a food that could have helped save millions of lives this century. The claim is made in a new investigation of the controversy surrounding the development of Golden Rice by a team of international scientists.Golden Rice is a form of normal white rice that has been genetically modified to provide vitamin A to counter blindness an...
Tags: Science, UK News, Asia Pacific, Farming, Gm, Food Safety, Food Science, Rice

Researchers' budget blown when a migrating eagle's tracker chip connects to an Iranian cellular tower and sends expensive SMSes

Volunteers at Novosibirsk's Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre put trackers on 13 wild eagles to track their migration patterns; the trackers connected to cellular towers and message the researchers with the birds' location. However, some of the eagles flew into territories with extremely high roaming charges -- notably Iran and Pakistan -- and the automated text-messages ran up a bill that exhausted the researchers' budget. After a crowdfunding effort to "Top up the eagle's mobile" raised ...
Tags: Post, Happy Mutants, Science, News, Delightful Creatures, Russia, Telcoms, Roaming Fees, Da Boids, Owned By Eagles

Quantum computing’s ‘Hello World’ moment

Does quantum computing really exist? It’s fitting that for decades this field has been haunted by the fundamental uncertainty of whether it would, eventually, prove to be a wild goose chase. But Google has collapsed this nagging superposition with research not just demonstrating what’s called “quantum supremacy,” but more importantly showing that this also is only the very beginning of what quantum computers will eventually be capable of. This is by all indications an important point in compu...
Tags: Google, TC, Gadgets, Science, Hardware, Tech, Quantum Computing, Quantum Computers

Saturday's Best Deals: Beats In-Ear Headphones, Vitamix Blenders, Light Bulbs, and More

Beats In-Ear Headphones, a Vitamix Gold Box, a Home Depot light fixtures sale, and a 4-pack of reliable light bulbs lead off Saturday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science

Early Impressions Call Doctor Sleep A Worthy Successor to The Shining

Doctor Sleep, Mike Flanagan’s adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel novel to The Shining, has an impossibly high pedigree to live up to in the form of Kubrick’s The Shining adaptation, one of the best horror films ever made. So how did he do?Read more...
Tags: Science, Horror, Stephen King, Rebecca Ferguson, Ewan McGregor, Mike Flanagan, Doctor Sleep

Richard Branson: ‘Aviation can be carbon neutral sooner than we realise’

The relentlessly upbeat entrepreneur believes efficiency and electricity could stop airlines worsening the climate crisisLife has been quite a trip for Sir Richard Branson so far, and this weekend will be no exception as he flies to the US from Tel Aviv via London with space rockets on his mind. He is heading to Wall Street to ring the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange as his spaceflight company, Virgin Galactic, becomes a listed company tomorrow. Continue reading...
Tags: Business, Science, Technology, Climate Change, Virgin Galactic, Airline Industry, Virgin Group, Richard Branson, Hyperloop, Virgin Atlantic

A Month With the Improved Galaxy Fold and I Actually Still Like It

Following the ambitious but janky Royole Flexpai, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was supposed to be the redeemer, a device that demonstrated the power of foldable tech. Then Samsung gave the Fold to a bunch of savages (aka tech reviewers), who pawed at it like it was a normal phone, and then the Fold had to go away for some …Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Smartphones, Consumer Tech, Flexible Display, Foldables, Galaxy Fold, One Month With The Samsung Galaxy Fold

The universe is expanding faster than scientists thought, a study confirms — a 'crisis in cosmology' that could require a 'new physics'

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and new mirror technology confirmed a mystery that could lead to a "new physics," one astrophysicist said.
Tags: Science

This 6-Pack of Light Bulbs Is Only $14 and Will Never Leave You In The Dark

AmazonBasics 100W LED Light Bulb, 6-Pack | $14 | AmazonRead more...
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Doubts grow over UK environment protection post-Brexit

Concerns have been raised over how a government established watchdog will enforce new green targets.
Tags: Science

How are implicit biases holding us back?

It's important to realize the implicit biases we carry regarding gender.In school settings, women are less likely to be encouraged to pursue careers in STEM fields because it's assumed that men have greater math skills. This simply isn't true.In the interest of a successful society, everyone should be allowed to pursue work based on their interests and skills. Whistleblowers: Honesty in America from Washington to Trump Wh...
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Microsoft Beats out Amazon for Pentagon's $10 Billion Cloud Computing Contract

The Pentagon’s $10 billion deal to provide cloud computing services to the Department of Defense officially went to Microsoft Friday. The news came as an upset to Amazon, whose competing bid appeared to be the frontrunner for most of the contract’s deliberations. Throughout the yearlong process, President Donald Trump…Read more...
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Military Equipment — the Future is On our Door Step

Military Equipment — the Future is On our Door Step Autonomous Military Vehicles are under development as part of the Army Futures Command Next-Generation Combat Vehicle program. Four companies have been selected to build non-developmental prototypes.  The hope is that these prototypes will be in ...
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