Antarctic marine sanctuary talks deadlocked for eighth straight year

A multinational effort to create giant marine sanctuaries around Antarctica to counter climate change and protect fragile ocean ecosystems has failed for an eighth straight year, officials said Saturday. Opposition from China and Russia torpedoed the proposal at the annual meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), a consortium of 25 nations plus the European Union, sources familiar with the closed-door discussions told AFP. The meeting in the...
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TikTok Faces National Security Probe: Report

The viral short-form video app TikTok has been staring down heightened scrutiny after several senators raised the alarm about possible cybersecurity concerns last month, and now it’s reportedly the subject of a national security review.Read more...
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French Students Will Now Have to Learn About Bitcoin

High school students in France may be among the first people in the world to actually understand how cryptocurrency works. Read more...
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The 10 Best Deals of November 1, 2019

We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...
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Space station will be getting a satellite made by Seattle students — plus cookies!

When Northrop Grumman launches a robotic Cygnus cargo capsule to the International Space Station on Saturday morning, it'll mark one giant leap for one small satellite built by students at the University of Washington and Seattle's Raisbeck Aviation High School. The 7-pound HuskySat-1 is among 8,200 pounds of supplies, equipment and scientific payloads packed aboard the Cygnus for liftoff atop Northrop Grumman's Antares rocket at 9:59 a.m. ET (6:59 a.m. PT) from NASA's Wallops Fl...
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Revenge Porn Law Is Stupidly Complicated

Now-former Congresswoman Katie Hill bid a tragic goodbye Thursday on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, leaving her apartment for the first time in the wake of a gruesome public shaming that she has vowed to combat. The tabloid publication of revenge porn, which caused her to resign on Sunday, calls into…Read more...
Tags: Science, Revenge Porn, U S House of Representatives, Katie Hill

And Now for Some Very Good Bears

You ever look around and notice that bears are notably absent from your newsfeed? That there are neither fat bears nor anywhere to be found? Reader, there is a clear scarcity of bear blogs, and for that reason, I think it only fair we point you in the right direction.Read more...
Tags: Science, Bears, Katmai National Park, Bear Friday, Bears Bears, Did We Mention Bears

How to Write an Open Letter to Your Dipshit Boss

Letters to fuckwits: They’re all the rage! Just this week, we saw hundreds of Facebook employees co-sign a letter to Mark Zuckerberg condemning the site’s ad policies. But why should they have all the fun? With an open letter, you, too, can tell your company’s chief dipshit officer exactly how you feel.Read more...
Tags: Science, Anger

This AI-Powered Toothbrush Is Like a Fitness Tracker For Your Mouth

Smart devices are supposed to be better than dumb ones. By the nature of Bluetooth, wifi, or some kind of companion app, you’re theoretically getting something extra for all that money you’re plopping down. Smart lights are programmable, for instance. By that logic, the smart Oral-B Genius X should be more than just…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Health, Gadgets, Science, Toothbrush, Consumer Tech, Electric Toothbrush, Oral B, Maybe Not Everything Needs Quantifying, Oral B Genius X Review

Breaking Down the Monsters, Politics, and Bathtubs of The Witcher's Latest Trailer

Netflix gave us another look at its take on the world of Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher novels yesterday, and it dives deep into the monstrous beings and sinister humans that populate the Continent. It also gave us a rather infamous bathtub. Here’s all the cool throwbacks to both the books and the Witcher games we also…Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Streaming, Henry Cavill, Witcher, Andrzej Sapkowski, Trailer Breakdown, The Witcher

Netflix Is Pivoting to Scripted Podcasts

As Netflix faces increased competition with the release of two major streaming services this week, it appears Netflix is getting into the scripted podcasts game.Read more...
Tags: Science, Podcasts, Netflix, Streaming Wars

14-Year-Old Genius Solves Blind Spots

Using some relatively inexpensive and readily available technology you can find at any well-stocked electronics store, Alaina Gassler, a 14-year-old inventor from West Grove, Pennsylvania, came up with a clever way to eliminate the blind spot created by the thick pillars on the side of a car’s windshield.Read more...
Tags: Science, Inventions, Automotive, Genius, Blind Spot, Broadcom Masters, Alaina Gassler, Society For Science And The Public, Samueli Foundation Prize, West Grove Pennsylvania

To the moon and back with the eastern curlew

Ultra-endurance athlete, aerodynamic wonder … and facing extinction. Why the bird who flies 30,000km a year needs Australia’s mudflats• Vote for your favourite in the 2019 bird of the year pollThe ascent is vertical. Up, up and into the jet stream. If the conditions are not right up there it will come back down and wait. But if there is a good tailwind in the right direction it will begin an epic journey that will take it around the curvature of the Earth; from the Arctic Circle to the southern ...
Tags: Europe, Science, Climate Change, Australia, China, Animals, Russia, Environment, Australia news, Earth, Birds, Asia Pacific, Wildlife, Conservation, Queensland, New South Wales

Yet More Evidence That Neanderthal Bling Included Eagle Talons

New fossil evidence suggests the Neanderthal practice of collecting eagle talons, which were likely worn as jewelry or used to create powerful symbols, was more extensive than previously thought. Remarkably, the dating of these artifacts suggests modern humans might have copied this practice.Read more...
Tags: Science, Neanderthals, Neanderthal Bling, Ancient Jewelry, Neanderthal Jewelry, Anthropology Science

Scientists retract study suggesting mutation shortens life

NEW YORK (AP) — Scientists have retracted a study that appeared to show people may live shortened lives if they carry a DNA mutation that reduces their chance of HIV infection. The study focused on people who carry a specific mutation in both copies of a gene called CCR5. It was published in June in […]
Tags: Health, New York, Science, News, Ap, Nation

Good News, Rich People! Garmin's New Nav System Will Land Your Private Plane for You

Those worried about the safety of autonomous vehicles might be surprised to hear that most commercial aircraft can already fly and even land themselves. To date, it’s a feature that’s only been available on larger aircraft, but Garmin is now bringing it to smaller private planes with its new Autoland system. Thing is,…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Safety, Planes, Tech, Flying, Aircraft, Gps, Garmin, Consumer Tech, Garmen, Autoland System, News Rich People Garmin

The ACLU Is Taking the Feds to Court Over Face Recognition Surveillance

The ACLU and its Massachusetts chapter are suing the federal government for more information about how it uses facial recognition with regard to surveillance. Read more...
Tags: Science, Massachusetts, Surveillance, Aclu, Facial Recognition, Face Recognition, Privacy And Security, Court Over Face Recognition Surveillance

Another Day, Another Wildfire

In a season of flames and blackouts across California, yet another intense wildfire has broken out outside Los Angeles. Read more...
Tags: Science, California, Drones, Wildfires, Los Angeles Read, Wildfire Season Is Year Round Now, Maria Fire

This Monitor Riser Is Hideous, But Also Functional and Inexpensive

AmazonBasics Metal Laptop Computer Monitor Riser Stand - Silver | $8 | AmazonRead more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Amazon deals

It's Not a Trap! It's the New Star Wars x Levi's Collection.

The Force is strong with Levi’s latest collection. Released today, the Star Wars x Levi’s collab transports wearers to a galaxy far, far away with jackets, jeans, tees, and accessories emblazoned will all your favorite, out-of-this-world quotes and graphics.Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Levis

America's 14-year-old 'Top Young Scientist' has a plan to fight superbug diseases

Kara Fan is not your run-of-the-mill 14-year-old. She is America’s Top Young Scientist.
Tags: Science

MIT’s self-propelled block robots can now manage basic swarm coordination

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has come up with a clever way for its small cube-like robots, which can move on their own, to communicate and coordinate with one another for self-assembly. The behavior is described by MIT researchers as somewhat ‘hive-like,’ and in the video above you can see what they mean by that. These cube bots can roll across the ground, navigate up and across each other, and even jump short distances. And thanks to recent improvements made ...
Tags: TC, Science, Tech, Mit, Culture, Bots, Robotics, Robot

How To Spot Fake Classic Video Games

Fake classic games are everywhere: At the flea market, in your local game store, on eBay, and maybe even mixed in with your own collection. The bootleggers who make them are churning them out, meaning that the market will only become more saturated with them as the years go by. If you’re going to collect games, you’ll…Read more...
Tags: Science, Ebay, Pokemon, Kotaku Core, Collecting, Game Collecting Tips, Game Collecting

UN confirms Madrid as new location for climate summit

BERLIN (AP) — The United Nations global climate meeting next month will take place in Madrid after previous host Chile canceled at short notice, officials said Friday. U.N. climate chief Patricia Espinosa said representatives of the body that organizes the annual conference had accepted Spain’s offer to host it in the country’s capital Dec. 2-13. […]
Tags: Science, News, Berlin, Spain, Ap, Nation, Chile, United Nations, Un, Madrid, Patricia Espinosa

How to Claim Your Free Apple TV+ Subscription

Apple surprised its fans in September when it announced that anyone who bought an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or MacBook from September 10 onward (for a limited time) would get a free year of Apple TV+. But Apple says the offer is only good for the next three months. The company has also been a little bit…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science

Google Buys Fitbit, Your Data, and a Wearable OS That Doesn't Suck

For a long time, it’s felt like Google has left the fate of its smartwatch and wearable platform—Wear OS—to third-party device makers like Fossil. But that’s all about to change now that Google has agreed to acquire wearable giant Fitbit.Read more...
Tags: Google, Wearables, Science, Smartwatches, Wear OS, Google Acquiring Fitbit

Bloodhound car ramps up its speed to 461mph

The arrow-shaped, jet-powered racer is now the third fastest British car of all time - unofficially.
Tags: Science

Reconsider the Vulture

The vulture is often depicted as death’s maligned servant, circling ominously in the clouds in search of decay. We’ve come to associate these creatures with disgust—but I don’t think the stigma is warranted.Read more...
Tags: Science, Birds, Vultures, Birdmodo

Our First Tiny Glimpse at Halloween Kills Teases a Familiar Callback

Sean Bean is heading to Snowpiercer, but not quite yet. Brannon Braga and Seth McFarlane are teaming up for a Clive Barker adaptation. Supergirl casts another recurring threat. Plus, Stranger Things is looking for some interesting characters to cast in season 4, Amazon sets its sights on more genre adaptations, and a…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Snowpiercer, Supergirl, Clive Barker, Sean Bean, Servant, Stranger Things, Brannon Braga, Seth McFarlane, Books Of Blood, The Power, Halloween Kills, Dampyr, Verotika, Hotel Beau Sejour

Google's New Anti-Smartphone Apps, Ranked

We know that we’re all spending too much time glued to our phones, rather than looking at the person we’re talking to, the movie we’re watching, the sunset we’re missing, or the children we’re ignoring, and Google and Apple know it too. Google has pushed out six ‘experimental’ apps to try and curb our collective…Read more...
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