Farewell, Cortana

Come the end of January, it appears the Cortana app’s getting booted to the Microsoft assistant graveyard. At least poor Clippy will have some company now.Read more...
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Army photogrammetry technique makes 3D aerial maps in minutes

Aerial imagery is a common asset in military matters, but 3D maps can be difficult to collect on short notice without specialized equipment. This new photogrammetry technique from the Army Corps of Engineers, however, can make accurate 3D maps from ordinary aerial footage in just minutes. Photogrammetry is the process of comparing multiple photos of the same location or item to produce a 3D map of it. It’s a well-known method but in some cases is still reliable on human intelligence to determine...
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Facebook Has One Big Boob Problem

Dozens of activists plopped a giant inflatable boob outside Facebook’s London headquarters to protest the platform’s restrictions on depictions of nudity, the BBC reported Friday .Read more...
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Disney Plus Is Going to Embiggen The Simpsons Back To Its Proper Aspect Ratio Next Year

For classic The Simpsons , 16:9, the default widescreen viewing ratio, is not the most cromulent option. In fact, it’s a pretty bad one. Read more...
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Sophia Di Martino Is Joining Tom Hiddleston for Marvel's Loki Series

With Disney Plus launched, more or less, a slow trickle of news related to Marvel’s upcoming TV shows for the platform has begun. We still know very little about Loki’s series , which will feature Tom Hiddleston reprising the role of the trickster Norse god he made his own in the Avengers and Thor movies. But at least…Read more...
Tags: Science, Marvel, Avengers, Tom Hiddleston, Loki, MCU, Sophia Di Martino, Disney Plus

Tail on Narwhal the Puppy's Head Might Have Been a Vestige of a Parasitic Twin

A puppy with a tail on his face gained viral fame this week."I would die for Narwhal," a number of Twitter commenters pledged.The rescue mutt was named for a marine mammal with a single tusk that sticks out of its face. But instead of a tusk, Narwhal the puppy has a miniature tail flopping between his eyes. Scientists don't agree on how the unusual heart-stealer came to exist.A Missouri shelter called Mac's Mission, which specializes in what it calls "janky" dogs, took in the abandoned p...
Tags: Science, New York Times, Tufts University, Levin, Brady Belichick, Kilroy, Wallach, Michael Levin, Narwhal, Allen Discovery Center, Casal, Margret Casal, David Kilroy, Van Wallach

Hibernation Works for Bears. Could It Work for Us, Too?

There are three major seasons in the life of a bear: the active season, beginning in May; a period of intense eating, in late September, and hibernation, from January into spring.Physiologically, the hibernation period is the strangest, and the most compelling, to researchers. When a bear hibernates, its metabolic rate and heart rate drop significantly. It does not defecate or urinate. The amount of nitrogen in its blood rises sharply, without damaging the kidneys or liver. The animal becomes re...
Tags: Science, Australia, Afghanistan, United States, Alaska, New York Times, Mars, Madagascar, U S Food and Drug Administration, Andrews, University of Nebraska Lincoln, Washington State University, Jansen, Brian Barnes, Communications Biology, Matt Andrews

Brand New Cherry Flavor, a Supernatural Revenge Story, Is Headed to Netflix With Rosa Salazar in the Lead

Okay, this sounds fantastic: Deadline reports that Rosa Salazar , alongside an excellent cast including The Good Place’s most charming Floridian, have signed on for Netflix’s Brand New Cherry Flavor, a new eight-episode series based on a horror novel by Todd Grimson.Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Channel Zero, Rosa Salazar, Jeff Ward, Manny Jacinto, Brand New Cherry Flavor, Todd Grimson

Randall "XKCD" Munroe has a New York Times column where he answers weird science questions

Randall Munroe's "Good Question" column in the New York Times is in the vein of his How To and What If books, in which he answers weird science questions with equally weird thoroughness. In his inaugural column, Munroe answers: "If I Touched the Moon, What Would It Feel Like?" Touching lunar rocks inside a spacecraft, or in a museum, is one thing; removing a glove and exposing yourself to the vacuum of space is another. In science fiction, terrible things befall such astronauts: their ...
Tags: Post, Happy Mutants, Space, Science, News, Webcomics, New York Times, Xkcd, Randall Munroe, Munroe, Randall XKCD Munroe, You're Soaking In It (regolith Edition, Col Joe Kittinger

Saturday's Best Deals: Yamaha Soundbar, PlayStation Plus, RAVPower USB-C Charger, and More

A Nintendo Switch bundle , Intex airbed , Jach’s flannels , and UnderArmour boxers lead off Saturday’s best deals from around the web. Read more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Nintendo, Intex

A Black Hole Threw a Star Out of the Milky Way Galaxy

There are fastballs, and then there are cosmic fastballs. Now it seems that the strongest arm in our galaxy might belong to a supermassive black hole that lives smack in the middle of the Milky Way.Astronomers recently discovered a star whizzing out of the center of our galaxy at the seriously blinding speed of 4 million mph. The star, which goes by the typically inscrutable name S5-HVS1, is currently about 29,000 light-years from Earth, streaking through the Grus, or Crane, constellation in the...
Tags: Science, Australia, Earth, New York Times, European Space Agency, Carnegie Mellon University, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Li, Royal Astronomical Society, Local Group, Carnegie Observatories, Jack Hills, Sergey Koposov, Ting Li

A Bay Area startup is working to make 'air meat' using protein-producing microbes discovered by NASA

NASA discovered that a class of microbes can turn CO2 into protein the same way plants do. The resulting powder could replace soy or pea protein.
Tags: Science, Nasa, Bay Area

SpaceX's Starlink internet satellites could make astronomy on Earth 'impossible' and create a space-junk nightmare, some scientists warn

SpaceX recently launched 60 Starlink satellites as part of its plan to blanket Earth in high-speed internet. But scientists foresee some problems.
Tags: Spacex, Science, Earth, StarLink

Analysis: Large-scale tree planting 'no easy task'

Trees are the latest green battleground in the election campaign, writes BBC Science editor David Shukman.
Tags: Science, BBC Science

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

From greener carparks to public art, scientific breakthroughs and custom cars, news from around the web Turning Big-Box Store Parking Lots into Urban Farms French design firm Studio NAB has proposed the Car Parks 2.0 concept, which strips away asphalt in the acres and acres dedicated to big-box store parking lots, in order to expose the soil trapped beneath and utilize a portion for urban …
Tags: Art, Science, Design, News, Sweden, Instagram, Internet, Climate Change, Dna, Social Media, Tech, Journalism, Genetics, Porsche, Parking, Durban

Add a Year To Your PlayStation Plus Membership For Just $40

1 Year PlayStation Plus Membership | $40 | eBay
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Honey bees are dying — but man-made hives could save them

Honey bees are under extreme pressure. Beekeepers in the US have been losing and then replacing an average of 40 percent of their honey bee colonies every year since 2010, a rate that is probably unsustainable and would be unacceptable in other kinds of husbandry. The biggest contributor to this decline is viruses spread by a parasite, Varroa Destructor. But this isn’t a natural situation. The parasite is spread by beekeeping practices, including keeping the bees in conditions that are very diff...
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Bloodhound land speed racer blasts to 628mph

The British jet-powered car goes faster still during trials on a dried-out lakebed in South Africa.
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The Leonids meteor shower sends bright green shooting stars across the sky early this week. Here's how to see them.

Sometimes the Leonids treat skywatchers to meteor storms, with thousands of shooting stars each hour. They glow green as their metals ignite.
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Survey finds gain in endangered red squirrel population

PHOENIX (AP) — Wildlife officials say an endangered squirrel subspecies in southeastern Arizona is fighting its way back after much of its mountain habitat was burned by a 2017 wildfire. The Arizona Game and Fish Department says the Mount Graham red squirrel’s population is stabilizing, with a 4% increase recorded in September during an annual […]
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