Watchmen's Nicole Kassell Opens Up About Paying Homage and Breaking Free From the Comics

Watchmen became a different kind of show following Agent Laurie Blake’s introduction earlier this season, but after this week’s episode , the show has transformed once again. Despite the series’ shifts into new forms, executive producer Nicole Kassell recently explained to us that as wild as things have become for…Read more...
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Mystery sounds from storms could help predict tornadoes

Scientists narrow down causes of low-frequency rumbles emitted before twisters formMysterious rumbles that herald tornadoes could one day be used to predict when and where they will strike, according to researchers.Storms emit sounds before tornadoes form, but the signals at less than 20Hz are below the limit for human hearing. What causes these rumbles has also been a conundrum. Continue reading...
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Google Escalates Internal Crackdown, Firing Four Employees

An internal memo sent this afternoon states that four Google staffers have been fired for “clear and repeated violations of our data security policies.”Read more...
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CERN's Oldest Particle Accelerator is Still Running, 60 Years Later

The oldest particle accelerator at CERN, home to the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, is celebrating its 60th birthday. It’s still running.Read more...
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Breathe Easier With This Discounted Coway Air Purifier, Now Cheaper Than Ever

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA and Eco Mode | $116 | AmazonRead more...
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This Is the Way to Some Gorgeous New Mandalorian Concept Art

When an episode of The Mandalorian ends , it’s sad. You have to wait a whole week to find out what’s next in the continuing adventures of Bounty Hunter and Baby Yoda. However, the credits are filled with stunning concept art for the episode you just watched, and it shows how beautiful the collaboration between concept…Read more...
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Netflix Doing Something That Was Basically Illegal Until Last Week

Netflix has saved a well-known movie theater in New York City from imminent closure, and that is ostensibly a good thing. But something much more devastating lies beneath.Read more...
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NASA’s space pallet concept could land rovers on the moon cheaply and simply

Establishing an enduring presence on the Moon will mean making a lot of landings — and NASA researchers want to make those landings as reliable and cheap as possible. concept would be a dead simple (as lunar landers go) way to put up to 300 kilograms of rover and payload onto the Moon’s surface. Detailed in a technical paper published today, the lander is a sort of space pallet: a strong, basic framework that could be a unit in many a future mission. It’s still a concept and doesn’t really ...
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Scientists surprised by what first-ever recording of a blue whale's heart reveals

Among other things, the data reveals answers about the size of blue whales, the largest organisms to have ever lived on Earth.
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Is Julian Assange Okay or What?

Julian Assange got a doctors’ note—doctors’, plural, from over 60 doctors, yes, s-i-x-t-y. In an assessment culled from “harrowing eyewitness accounts” from his October court hearing, as well as testimony from various doctors and visitors over the years. They write that he can’t stand trial and call on the UK to get…Read more...
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Facebook Working On a Messenger Feature for Sorting Your Real Friends From Your Fake Friends

Facebook is prototyping a feature to mimic Instagram’s Close Friends feature, which allows users to share some content with a select group of friends rather than everyone they’re connected with on the platform—a feature that might prove helpful for anyone hoping to keep snoopers out of their feeds.Read more...
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Thieves Start Fire to Disarm Security in Billion-Dollar Heist at German Castle

Thieves swiped hundreds of artifacts from some of the largest collections of art in Europe early Monday morning.Read more...
Tags: Art, Europe, Science, Germany, Art Crimes, Art Heist

Scientists developed a new AI framework to prevent machines from misbehaving

They promised us the robots wouldn’t attack… In what seems like dialogue lifted straight from the pages of a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel, researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Stanford claim they’ve developed an algorithmic framework that guarantees AI won’t misbehave. The framework uses ‘Seldonian’ algorithms, named for the protagonist of Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” series, a continuation of the fictional universe where the author’s “Laws of Robotics” first app...
Tags: Startups, Science, Stanford, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Isaac Asimov

First Measurements of a Blue Whale’s Heart Rate Is a Glimpse Into the Biology of Extremes

For the first time ever, marine biologists have recorded the heart rate of a blue whale in the wild—the results of which even surprised the scientists.Read more...
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Even Good News Comes With Bad News

We’re long past the era of having nice things, and that’s doubly true when it comes to the climate. So it’s fitting that even on a day when there’s a bit of good news about coal’s decline, we also learned that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hit a new peak.Read more...
Tags: Science, Coal, Fossil Fuels, Greenhouse Gases, Carbon Dioxide, WMO, Emotional Rollercoaster, Carbon Brief

First Measurements of a Blue Whale’s Heart Rate Are a Glimpse Into the Biology of Extremes

For the first time ever, marine biologists have recorded the heart rate of a blue whale in the wild—the results of which even surprised the scientists.Read more...
Tags: Science, Whales, Diving, Marine Biology, Blue Whales, Cardiac Function, Whale Hearts, Whale Physiology

Deborah Chow Explains Why the New Obi-Wan Story Is Way Better as a TV Show

It feels like we’ve been discussing rumors of Ewan McGregor’s return to the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi for as long as Disney has owned Star Wars at this point—but until earlier this year, for much of that time the idea was specifically floated as a brand new spinoff Star Wars movie . Now it’s a TV show, and according to… Read more...
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How The Army’s Use Of TikTok Could Be A National Security Threat

Last week, Senator Chuck Schumer wrote the U.S. Army to ask it to think twice before using TikTok for recruiting purposes. Schumer cited TikTok’s Chinese origin and laws that required Chinese companies to assist with Chinese intelligence operations. Schumer’s letter dropped just as the U.S. Army was exploring new ways…Read more...
Tags: Science, China, Army, US Army, U S Army, Schumer, Chuck Schumer, Tiktok

What Are You Looking Forward To Buying on Black Friday?

Black Friday is finally around the corner and in anticipation of my favorite time of year, we’re asking you to spotlight something you’re looking to buy. Whether it’s something you’ve been saving up for or saw a leaked ad for, we want to know all about it.Read more...
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U.S. Police Already Using 'Spot' Robot From Boston Dynamics in the Real World

Massachusetts State Police (MSP) has been quietly testing ways to use the four-legged Boston Dynamics robot known as Spot, according to new documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts. And while Spot isn’t equipped with a weapon just yet, the documents provide a terrifying peek at our…Read more...
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The Plan to Fix the Web Needs More Murder

A skeptic might read the headline “I Invented the World Wide Web. Here’s How We Can Fix It” as another hollow New York Times regret-itorial along the lines of “I Created a Monster. Here’s My Next Thing!” But Tim Berners-Lee, the benevolent father of the internet, has produced an international treaty to rebuild the web…Read more...
Tags: Science, New York Times, Tim Berners Lee, Contract for the Web

Exclusive: Amazon's Own Numbers Reveal Staggering Injury Rates at Staten Island Warehouse

Since opening in September 2018, Amazon’s massive fulfillment center on New York’s Staten Island has garnered a reputation as grueling and unsafe, even among a logistics network broadly criticized as such. Now, leaked company documents reveal that injury rates at the warehouse, known as JFK8, are over three times the…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, New York, Science, Labor, Jeff Bezos, Staten Island, Nycc, Nycosh, Make The Road, Jfk8, Staten Island Warehouse

Has Anyone Seen a Bear?!

His Dark Materials sometimes it feels like it’s moving through plotlines at breakneck speed , but the latest episode knew to slow things down. That’s because there’s no way in hell that anyone’s gonna rush the debut of Lee Scoresby ( ) and Iorek Byrnison, the armored bear . Read more...
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Millennial Republicans Aren't Quite as Into Climate Denial as Boomers

Younger Republicans are finally kinda sorta starting to understand climate change, according to new survey results. But they’ve got a seriously long way to go. Results from a Pew Research Center poll released on Monday show that while younger members of the Republican party are starting to shift away from climate…Read more...
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Sure Hope StubHub Scams Don't Rise Now That Viagogo Owns It

As of today, StubHub has a new parent company. EBay has sold the ticket reseller to Viagogo for $4.05 billion in cash, a neat little profit when you consider EBay initially bought the company for $310 million back in 2007. Read more...
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Florida High School Enlists ‘Synthetic’ Alternative for Frog Dissections

The superintendent says it’s the first school in the world to use the technology
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Let's Pump The Brakes On the So-Called 'No-Brainer Nobel Prize'

Researchers in Hungary have published the exciting new claim that they’ve discovered a new subatomic particle, but it’s nowhere near time to start talking about Nobel Prizes as CNN (and now everyone who syndicates them ) has done. Read more...
Tags: Science, Cnn, Physics, Hungary, Cern, Particle physics, Fundamental Forces, X17

Let's Pump The Breaks On the So-Called "No-Brainer Nobel Prize"

Researchers in Hungary have published the exciting new claim that they’ve discovered a new subatomic particle, but it’s nowhere near time to start talking about Nobel Prizes as CNN (and now everyone who syndicates them ) has done. Read more...
Tags: Science, Cnn, Physics, Hungary, Cern, Particle physics, Fundamental Forces, X17

Automate Your Outlets With a Pair of Wemo Smart Plugs For a Low $20

Wemo Mini WiFi Smart Plug Two-Pack | $20 | Best Buy | Add one to cart and change quantity to 2Read more...
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In this Exclusive Animated Game of Thrones History, Ponder the True Power of King's Landing

Winterfell. Highgarden. Storm’s End. The Wall. King’s Landing. Westeros is filled with iconic locations and cities teeming with rich histories that made them the icons they are. But is it the grand heroes and powerful rulers who made those places iconic that gives them their power? Varys ponders an alternate source in…Read more...
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