Jordan Peterson, Sir, Mr. Surrogate Dad Sir: Please Return My Ten Dollars

Jordan Peterson’s Thinkspot has not one, not two, but ten of my stinkin’ dollars, and I want them back.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Social Media, Free Speech, Platforms, Jordan Peterson, Thinkspot, Brain Worms

Dig a Fantasy Grave and Open Schrödinger's Box in the Latest Tabletop Gaming News

Welcome back to Gaming Shelf , io9's regular column all about board games and tabletop roleplaying games. It’s Thanksgiving week for some, meaning there will be plenty of time to enjoy (or escape) the family with board game nights. We’ve got some suggestions for games to look out for, along with some exciting…Read more...
Tags: Science, Cats, Board Games, RPG, Tabletop Games, Gaming Shelf

Americans' Life Expectancy Problem Goes Back Decades

A new study this week highlights a unique, long-spanning crisis among Americans. For decades, it suggests, the U.S. life expectancy has lagged behind similar countries. And for close to a decade, young to middle aged Americans have actually been dying more than in previous years, thanks in part to worsening rates of…Read more...
Tags: Death, Science, Obesity, Suicide, Life Expectancy, Opioid Crisis

Some Pretty Good Twitter Handles That May Soon Become Available

Twitter is gearing up to remove scads of inactive accounts. That means one thing and one thing only: one lucky idiot might soon have rights to the handle @sexhaver, leaving the rest of us (losers; virgins) in their digital dust.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Underexplained Lists

There's an Invisible Woman Movie in the Works, But It's Not Sue Storm

As Universal Pictures continues to diversify and surprise with its upcoming slate of monster movies , Elizabeth Banks is stepping into the mix.Read more...
Tags: Science, Elizabeth Banks, Universal Pictures, Erin Cressida Wilson, Universal Monsters, Invisible Woman

Bloodsucking Prison Telecom Is Scamming Inmates With 'Free' Tablets

When you get free technology, you can reasonably assume that you’re getting screwed. That’s infinitely truer if you’re in prison.Read more...
Tags: Science, Prison, Global Tel Link, GTL, Ghouls, This Shit Should Be Illegal, Bloodsucking Prison Telecom

If You Collect Doomed Technology, Valve Is Now Selling Off the Steam Controller For $5

Valve’s Steam Box consoles weren’t the runaway success that the gaming giant hoped they’d be, but the accompanying Steam Controller still stands out as a truly innovative gamepad design. However, the time has come for it to ride off into the sunset, and Valve is now clearing out the last production run of the…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Video Games, Tech, Steam, Valve, Steam Machines, Consumer Tech, Steam Controller

Website Calls for Investigation of Ring, Gets Blocked by Facebook

A leading digital rights organization reported on Tuesday that Facebook was actively blocking users from sharing a link to a web page critical of Amazon, describing its surveillance products, such as Ring doorbell cameras, as a threat to “privacy, civil liberties, and security.”Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Facebook, Science, Ring, Surveillance Tech

Musk to Testify He Didn't Do the Thing and Furthermore, He Deleted the Thing That He Did

Elon Musk, who called a British national “pedo guy” for publicly flogging his fragile ego over the Thai cave submarine fiasco last year, will evidently defend himself during his testimony in court by claiming that he didn’t call Unsworth a pedophile.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Elon Musk, Science, Lawsuits, Never Tweet, Unsworth

The Expanse Season 4 Is Almost Here, So Here's a Crash Course on Where the Sci-Fi Standout Left Off

The Expanse premieres its fourth season ( thank you, Amazon ) on December 13, which means you technically still have time to re-watch seasons one through three. But if you don’t have several dozen spare hours between now and next Friday, we’ve got a handy primer to remind you of exactly where things stand.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Books, Science, Streaming, The Expanse, James Sa Corey, Amazon Studios, Steven Strait, Wes Chatham, Naren Shankar, Dominique Tipper, Cas Anvar

Of Course, Facebook Bought the One Good VR Game

Virtual reality gaming is a thing, but even so, you probably can’t name very many off the top of your head. And if you can, chances are the first one that pops into mind is Beat Saber—the One Good VR Game that any putz can enjoy without upchucking their lunch due to VR-induced motion sickness, or looking like a complet…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Vr, Oculus, Virtual Reality, Beat Saber, Good Things Never Last

The Energy Upside to Ilhan Omar's Trillion-Dollar Public Housing Plan

The nation’s 1.3 million public housing units are woefully underprepared for the worsening climate crisis . Nearly half a million government-subsidized households are in flood plains, and when climate disaster hits, affordable units are less likely to get rebuilt.Read more...
Tags: Science, Housing, NYCHA, Ilhan Omar, Green New Deal, Homes For All Act

German Man Develops Fatal Infection After Being Licked By His Dog

An unassuming lick from a dog is being blamed for the death of an otherwise healthy German man. It’s a strange medical case involving a normally harmless bacterium, but experts say it’s nothing to worry about and that most of us can continue to let our dogs slobber all over us.Read more...
Tags: Science, Dogs, Bacteria, Infectious Diseases, Dont Panic

California's iconic fog is bringing super-toxic mercury ashore

Researchers find that the neurotoxin is carried in by coastal fog, deposited on the land, and then makes its way up the food chain where it is approaching toxic thresholds in pumas.
Tags: Science, News, California

'Bleak' U.N. Report Finds World Heading to Climate Catastrophes

Four years after countries struck a landmark deal in Paris to rein in greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to avert the worst effects of global warming, humanity is headed toward those very climate catastrophes, according to a U.N. report issued Tuesday, with China and the United States, the two biggest polluters, having expanded their carbon footprints last year."The summary findings are bleak," the report said, because countries have failed to halt the rise of greenhouse gas emissions even af...
Tags: Science, Australia, China, Spain, Canada, United States, New York Times, Paris, Norway, Madrid, World Resources Institute, Western Europe, International Energy Agency, World Meteorological Organization, United States Brazil, Michael Lazarus

Billionaire Buys 'Climate Change' on Google

When you have Mike Bloomberg money, there is no shortage of ways to spend it. And running for president opens up a whole new world of blowing through cash.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Billionaires, Ads, Mike Bloomberg, 2020 Election, Billionaires Doing Billionaire Things

CBD Isn't Just a Harmless Health Fad, FDA Warns

The Food and Drug Administration still isn’t cutting cannabidiol, or CBD, much slack. This week, the agency updated their stance on the cannabis-derived ingredient, warning the public that most products made with CBD on the market are untested, unregulated, and have the “potential to harm” users. It also issued more…Read more...
Tags: Science, Drugs, Cannabis, Food And Drug Administration, Fda, Cbd

I Would Eat Baby Yoda

When something as adorable as The Mandalorian’s little green gremlin floats into our collective conscious, we find ourselves wading through an overwhelming flood of emotions. Some of us whisper that they would kill for the tiny baby of indeterminate origin and species. Others, that they would sacrifice themselves,…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda, Eat The Baby

NORAD Will Neither Confirm Nor Deny a Flock of Birds Caused White House Lockdown

On Tuesday, The White House was placed under lockdown after it appeared that an aircraft was flying in restricted air space over Washington DC. But was it really an aircraft...or was it birds?Read more...
Tags: Science, Washington, White House, Norad, Geese, Birdmodo

Sure Seems Like One of Watchmen's KKK Villains Is Donald Trump's Father

This week’s episode of Watchmen told the story of Hooded Justice, the first American masked vigilante. It detailed how he ushered in an era of superheroes by dedicating himself to an ongoing crusade to rid New York City of the Cyclops, an organization of KKK members plotting to sow chaos amongst the city’s black…Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Police, New York City, Race, Alan Moore, Dc Comics, Racism, Kkk, White People, Warner Bros, Donald Trump, DC Entertainment, Damon Lindelof, Fred Trump, Dave Gibbons

The Mandalorian's Ludwig Göransson on Scoring What Felt Like 3 Star Wars Movies

The music of Star Wars is arguably the most iconic thing about it. John Williams’ scores for the eight (soon nine) film saga are  instantly recognizable to people who don’t even know the movies. In fact, George Lucas often credits Williams’ music with making the films so successful. Dipping a toe in that type of legacy…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Music, Science, Interview, Disney, Soundtrack, Williams, Streaming, Lucasfilm, George Lucas, John Williams, Ludwig Goransson, The Mandalorian, Disney Plus

Beloved Koala Famous for Viral Rescue Has Been Put Down

The inferno that’s ripped through thousands of square miles of Australia has, as of four days ago, reportedly claimed six lives, around 600 homes, millions of acres of forest, and koalas en masse. Today we’ve lost another baby, whose rescue uplifted social media for a fleeting moment and whose death quashes joy. Read more...
Tags: Science, Australia, Koalas, Brush Fire, Overwhelming Sadness

His Dark Materials' Most Confusing Plot Points Explained

Multiple worlds, armored bears, dust, daemons . BBC and HBO’s His Dark Materials can be pretty confusing. We’re here to open up the alethiometer and answer a few of your biggest questions about what the crap is going on .Read more...
Tags: Video, Hbo, Science, Bbc, Explainer, James McAvoy, Philip Pullman, Ruth Wilson, Lin Manuel Miranda, His Dark Materials, Dafne Keen

Humans Alone Were Responsible For This Big Atlantic Seabird's Extinction, New Evidence Shows

One of the northern hemisphere’s most famous extinct birds could have disappeared at the hands of humans and humans alone.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Genetics, Extinction, Population Genetics, Great Auk, Big Atlantic Seabird

Is Boutique Egg-Freezing a Scam?

The Trellis Fertility Studio, an egg-freezing clinic in Manhattan, is bathed in that particular color that’s come to be associated with millennials on the higher end of the economic spectrum, a reflection of the color pink the way La Croix seltzer is often joked to be the ghost of fruit. This desaturated blush of…Read more...
Tags: Wellness, Science, Fertility, Egg Freezing, Manhattan, Ivf, Trellis

'A Catastrophe': Leading Journals Warn Against EPA Proposal to Limit Science

Editors of the nation’s leading academic journals have come together to voice their worries with the president’s attempt to limit science within the Environmental Protection Agency.Read more...
Tags: Science, Epa, Trump Administration, Academic Journals, Science Denial

This is the Dumb Ford v Ferrari That We Deserve

Ford v Ferrari dramatizes the story of an engineer team’s quest to build a Ford car that can beat Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race so the American company can boost lagging car sales. The film, released earlier this month, has raised eyebrows and pumped fists alike, with reviews deeming it both a“ climate… Read more...
Tags: Elon Musk, Science, Tesla, Ferrari, Ford, Cybertruck

Save 35% On Everything BioLite Makes Starting Today

35% Off Sitewide | Biolite
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Amazon deals, BioLite Makes Starting Today

Deepfake Art Project Reimagines Nixon’s Speech Had Apollo 11 Gone Horribly Wrong

A prepared speech that President Richard Nixon thankfully never had to make has been brought to life in an art project that poses the question: Can a deepfake rewrite history? Read more...
Tags: Art, Space, Science, Space Exploration, Computer Art, Apollo 11, Nixon, Richard Nixon, Fake News, Moon Landings, Deepfakes

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