Science Settles With FTC for Rifling Through Its Users' Email Inboxes to Find Receipts

Email cleanup service has settled with the Federal Trade Commission and must delete information it gathered from some consumers after it was revealed the firm was mining and selling data from users’ inboxes, the agency announced on Tuesday.Read more...
Tags: Startups, Uber, Science, Technology, Email, Privacy, Advertising, Data, Cybersecurity, Federal Trade Commission, Ftc, Unrollme

Study: Massive Blowout at Gas Well in 2018 Spewed 5 Times as Much Methane as ExxonMobil Estimated

Research published this week shows that an ExxonMobile-owned natural gas well blowout in Belmont County, Ohio in February 2018 released a hell of a lot more methane than previously thought.Read more...
Tags: Energy, Science, Climate Change, Environment, Oil, Climate, ExxonMobil, Exxon Mobil, Gas, Times, Methane, Exxon, Belmont County Ohio

A Space Scavenger Makes a Very Strange Discovery in Sci-Fi Short Eden

Would you hand over your soul for the ultimate score?Read more...
Tags: Science, Eden, Short Films, Kristian Bakstad

First Mode forges $13.5M agreement with Anglo American to develop mining tech

First Mode, a Seattle engineering firm founded by veterans of the Planetary Resources asteroid mining venture, says it'll be working on innovations for the earthly mining industry under the terms of a three-year, $13.5 million agreement with Anglo American. The deal demonstrates that First Mode is branching out from space applications, a year after it was founded. The company has been providing design, engineering and system development services for projects including NASA's next Mars ro...
Tags: Science, Nasa, Seattle, Anglo

This Is How You Paint Jeff Bezos

The National Portrait Gallery of Washington, D.C., is currently displaying a psychological thriller of a painting: “Untitled, Jeffrey P. Bezos,” 2019. We won’t ask why the gallery would choose to display a six-by-five-and-a-half portrait of the 2019 fundraising gala honoree as it enjoys a new spate of VIP interest and…Read more...
Tags: Art, Science, Jeff Bezos, National Portrait Gallery, JEFFREY, Artmodo, National Portrait Gallery of Washington D C

Legendary Cats, a Barkham Horror, and More in Tabletop Gaming News

Welcome back to Gaming Shelf, io9's regular column all about board games and tabletop roleplaying games. It’s almost the holiday season, which means it’s time to think about those last-minute gifts you forgot! Otherwise, maybe a couple of titles to bring for family game night during the holidays. Either way, here are…Read more...
Tags: Science, Sherlock Holmes, The Expanse, Board Games, Alien, RPG, Tabletop Games, Kingdom Hearts, Gaming Shelf

Climate watchdog urges PM to get back on track

The comments from the UK's official climate come ahead of a global climate conference in Glasgow.
Tags: UK, Science

A quantum physics explanation for polyamory, BDSM, and queer people

Quantum physics! Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about sex. Cultural norms would have us believe that human sexuality is divided up into a series of categories. We’re all supposedly somewhere between totally heterosexual and entirely homosexual on the Kinsey Scale, and everyone’s either male, female, in-between, both, or neither. From a quantum mechanics perspective, none of this makes any sense. It’s not that anyone is necessarily “wrong” about human sexuality, it’s that we simply do...
Tags: Startups, Science, Opinion, Insights

Rian Johnson Thinks Catering Foremost to Fanservice Is a Potential Mistake (and He's Right)

As we sit waiting to see (and hear more about beyond vague social media reactions) just how Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker puts an end to the Skywalker saga, many people involved in the process have been reflecting on what it means to tell a story that caters to the passion of its audiences. Elsewhere, The Last Jedi…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Rian Johnson, Skywalker, Fandom, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker

Investors Want to Exhume Body of Crypto-CEO Who Had the Password to Millions In Bitcoin

It’s been about a year since users of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX were informed that the company’s CEO unexpectedly died, taking the password that accessed most the money from their accounts with him to the grave. And now, those clients want to know what’s inside that grave. Read more...
Tags: Science, Bitcoin, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Gerald Cotten, QuadrigaCX

Weird ‘Vanishing Stars’ Could Potentially Be Aliens, Study Claims

A comparative analysis of historical and contemporary astronomical data has resulted in the discovery of approximately 100 star-like objects that unexpectedly vanished. These strange occurrences are likely natural, but scientists say alien technology is a remote possibility.Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Stars, Aliens, Seti, Astrophysics, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Were Not Saying Its Aliens

Disastrous NLRB Ruling Adds Another Hurdle for Tech Worker Organizing

Shortly after Google staffers engaged in the largest mass walkout at any tech firm in the United States, the company quietly lobbied the National Labor Relations Board in the hopes it would roll back a decision that safeguarded the only way protesters were able to organize that action as quickly as they did: email.…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Labor, Caesars Entertainment, United States, Donald Trump, National Labor Relations Board, Nlrb, Alphabet

'Nintendo Play Station' Prototype Will Be Auctioned Off In February

The original prototype of the PlayStation—a Super Nintendo with a CD-ROM drive attached, created via a partnership between Sony and Nintendo—will be auctioned in February via Heritage Auctions, the company has said. Its owner has turned down million-dollar offers for it in the past. Now the market will decide the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Playstation, Auctions, Sony, Nintendo, Kotaku Core, Heritage Auctions, Nintendo Playstation

REI's Last Minute Gifts Sale Will Save You Up To 40% On Gear

Last Minute Gift Sale | REI
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Rei Deals

The Weirdest Medical Cases of 2019

2019 has truly been the year of too much. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the bizarre medical cases that made the news this year. So let’s go ahead and take a trip down memory lane, just in case you were hoping to get a good night’s sleep ever again.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Infectious Diseases, Parasites, Flies, The Hills Have Eye Worms, Weird Medicine

SpaceX's biggest rivals are about to test-launch a new astronaut space taxi for the first time

Boeing is preparing to fly its new CST-100 Starliner spaceship, designed for NASA astronauts, into orbit for the first time on December 20.
Tags: Spacex, Science, Nasa, Boeing

Android TV vs Apple TV: The Best Platform for Your TV Right Now

If you want Google or Apple software running on your big screen TV as well as on your phone, you’ve got a few options: On the Apple side, the Apple TV box, and on the Google side, the Android TV platform built into sets from the likes of Sony and TCL, and also showcased very well on the Nvidia Shield TV.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Science, Android TV, Apple TV, Sony, Tvos, Tcl, Android TV Vs Apple TV

13 Helpful Party Tips From the Star Wars Holiday Special

The Star Wars Holiday Special is legendarily bad, and it lives up to every part of that legend. Airing once in 1978 and never again, it’s a travesty that makes Jar Jar Binks seem both understated and dignified. But that’s not to say it’s entirely without benefit! In fact, it’s full of helpful tips for throwing a…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Holidays, Superlist, Christmas, Disney, Holy Crap Wtf, Lucasfilm, Star Wars Holiday Special

Would you risk your kids' lives on a coin-flip flight?

The climate crisis concretely means facing many implicit hard-love tests.Who, or what, do you love (or hold sacred)? Really love. Love enough to sacrifice to protect? Or do you choose to protect your children, or your cherished way of life, only if it's cheap and easy, and if it doesn't interfere too much with your lifestyle? "The bigger your carbon footprint, the bigger your moral duty." None If you knew a flight had a coin-flip chance that it would crash, would you put your kids on it? An anal...
Tags: UK, Science, Climate Change, Environment, Future, Ipcc, Innovation, Tim Lenton, Thunberg, Hothouse Earth, Greta Thunberg, Daniel Countering

How to Fix the Biggest Issue Plaguing UN Climate Talks

This year’s international climate talks were the longest in the negotiations’ 25-year history, ending two days late. But despite going into overtime, the talks—known as COP25—failed to deliver any movement on the issue that was at the top of this year’s agenda (and last year’s agenda for that matter). Polluting…Read more...
Tags: Science, Un, Carbon Markets, Cop25

Your Modern Car Is A Privacy Nightmare

Next time you feel the need to justify to a family member, friend, or random acquaintance why you drive an old shitbox instead of a much more comfortable, modern vehicle, here’s another reason for you to trot out: your old shitbox, unlike every modern car, is not spying on you.Read more...
Tags: Science, Privacy, Gm, Chevy, The Future Is Trash

Scientists found a 5,700-year-old piece of used gum in a lagoon — and sequenced the entire genome of the woman who chewed it

For the first time, scientists were able to extract an entire ancient human genome from a wad of birch "chewing gum" discovered in Denmark.
Tags: Science

io9's 14 Best (and 5 Worst) Television Moments of 2019

We may have already celebrated our favorite shows of the year, but that doesn’t mean we’re done looking back on 2019's TV. In a year packed with an extraordinary amount of TV, there were moments that had us broken-hearted, laughing our heads off, or pumping our fists and cheering—and there were moments that had us…Read more...
Tags: Science, Flash, Archer, Game Of Thrones, Year In Review, What We Do In The Shadows, BoJack Horseman, Steven Universe, Titans, Riverdale, Stranger Things, Watchmen, Good Omens, Star Trek Discovery, Doom Patrol, The Good Place

Apple Kills App That Made iPhones Look Like iPods Because No Fun Allowed

All good things must come to an end. Still, the end came swiftly for Rewound, a basic music player app that lets users download skins to make their iPhones look like ye olde iPods of yore—click wheel and all. Now it appears that Apple has summarily killed the app, saying it copied the iPod’s design and could be…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Iphones, App Store, Ipod Classic, There Is No Freedom In The App Store, Rewound

Samsung Electronics Chairman Is Going to Jail for Union Sabotage

Add a feather in prosecutors’ cap today in the arduous Samsung crackdown: Samsung Electronics’ chairman, Lee Sang-hoon, has been sentenced in Seoul to 18 months in prison for attempted union-busting activities in violation of labor laws. Read more...
Tags: Science, Samsung, Samsung Electronics, Seoul, Lee Sang hoon

Google's New AI Project Could Be a Conservation Game Changer

All around the world, conservationists and biologists have hard drives full of millions of camera trap photos. Going through these images can be laborious and time-consuming, but a new program—a partnership between Google and several conservation organizations—simplifies the process with the help of artificial…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Wildlife, Biodiversity, Big Tech, Tech Can Be Good Sometimes

'It Was an Almighty Boom': Car Explosion Chalked Up to Excessive Air Freshener Use

Let this serve as a lesson for those who mask the smell of smoke in their car with an exorbitant amount of air freshener spray. Read more...
Tags: Science, Car, Explosion, Cigarette

Discarded Neolithic chewing gum helps recreate image of ancient Dane

Analysis of birch tar describes a female hunter-gatherer with dark skin and blue eyesAt the dawn of the Neolithic era, a woman discarded a lump of ancient chewing gum made from birch tar into a shallow, brackish lagoon that drew fishers to the coast of southern Denmark.Nearly 6,000 years later, researchers excavating the site spotted the gum amid pieces of wood and wild animal bone and from it have reassembled her complete DNA and so painted the broadest strokes of her portrait. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Dane, Science, Biology, World news, Genetics, Anthropology, Evolution, Denmark

Scientists Reconstruct ‘Lola’ After Finding Her DNA in 5,700-Year-Old ‘Chewing Gum’

Scientists in Denmark have squeaked out an entire human genome from a prehistoric piece of “chewing gum.” Made from birch tar, the 5,700-year-old gum also contained evidence of diet and disease and is providing a remarkable snapshot of life during the early Neolithic.Read more...
Tags: Science, Dna, Bacteria, Genetics, Denmark, Chewing Gum, Germs, Diseases, Ancient Humans, Microbiomes, Neolithic Era

Need a Stocking Stuffer? Get $15 Off a $100 iTunes Gift Card

$100 iTunes Gift Card |$85 | Amazon | Promo code ITUNESPROMORead more...
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