ICE Granted Access to Data on Migrant Children as Part of Deportation Initiative

As part of a push to bolster deportation efforts, the Trump administration took steps this month to blur the lines between ICE and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), an agency responsible for unaccompanied migrant children, according to six current and former administration officials who spoke with the …Read more...
Tags: Science, Immigration, Ice, Deportation, Donald Trump, Trump, Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement ORR, Trump Administration

Pro-Trump Publisher Booted Off Facebook for Doing The Bad Thing

Facebook has put an end to the brainwashing of innocent Trump supporters who have been told to support Trump by a Chinese spiritual group. And thus, it puts a bow on 2019.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Trump, Falun Gong, Epoch Times, the BL, End This Year, Beauty Of Life

Cox Communications Ordered to Pay $1 Billion For Failing to Stop Pirates

A Virginia jury ruled on Thursday that Cox Communications must pay a whopping $1 billion to several music publishers because the telecom company didn’t take enough action to stop its customers from pirating music. Read more...
Tags: Music, Science, Virginia, Piracy, Cox, Cox Communications, Cox Communications Ordered, Stop Pirates

Apple Plays Catch Up With Super-Lucrative Bug Bounties

Apple is opening its bug bounty program to all security researchers as well as expanding the systems they can be reported for. And hoo buddy, Apple is willing to slide them a pretty significant chunk of change for it, too.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Ios, Security, Science, Bugs, Exploits, Bug Bounty, macOS, Bugs Bugs Bugs

Apple's Best Show Is an Alt-History Cold War Epic About Moon Missions With Women

For the last month, I’ve been struck with a problem I fear far too few people have been struck with. I’ve been confusing my sharply written sci-fi shows that use alternative history to explore the ways we marginalize whole groups of people. Watchmen has explored the travesties America has committed against black…Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, America, Apple TV, Streaming Media, For All Mankind, Apple TV Plus

Rare Skeleton Points to Compassion, Care, and Tragedy in Prehistoric China

The discovery of a 5,000-year-old skeleton of a young adult who had serious physical limitations suggests a form of social support existed in Neolithic China, but only to a point, as this individual may have met an untimely death.Read more...
Tags: Science, Anthropology, Disabilities, Neolithic, Ancient Humans, Neolithic Era, Neolithic China, Dwarfism, Prehistoric China

Big Pharma Money Really Does Influence What Doctors Prescribe, Report Finds

A new ProPublica report out Friday confirms what many people already suspect about Big Pharma’s influence on health care: Doctors who get money from a pharmaceutical company related to a specific brand name drug are more likely to prescribe that same, often expensive drug to their patients.Read more...
Tags: Science, Medicine, Drugs, Big Pharma, Money In Medicine

Foldable Moto Razr Gets Delayed Less Than a Week Before Pre-Orders Go Live

The new foldable Razr seems like the perfect reboot, capturing the style and spirit of Motorola’s iconic mid-2000s phone, but with clever upgrades based on more modern tech. Unfortunately, less than a week before pre-orders were scheduled to go live, Moto has just announced that the Razr’s launch is getting delayed. Read more...
Tags: Android, Motorola, Science, Smartphones, Moto, RAZR, Moto Razr Reboot Launch Gets Postponed, Moto Razr 2020, Razr Reboot

Genius Series: The most influential scientist of all time

Big Think has just launched its Genius Series of tees, sweatshirts, posters and more! Buy here.Our third genius is Sir Isaac Newton. His contributions to science are nearly impossible to overstate.Select Rush or Super Rush Delivery to get your order before Christmas Day! None If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants.– Isaac Newton None Isaac Newton is perhaps the most influential scientist of all time. He discovered and formulated the law of gravity, the classical laws...
Tags: Science, Design, Learning, Religion, History, Physics, Nature, Spirituality, Innovation, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Isaac Newton, Giants, Great Britain

Washington State Lawmaker Engaged in Domestic Environmental Terrorism, Report Finds

When domestic terrorists took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in early 2016, the face of the takeover was rancher Ammon Bundy. But it turns out a good chunk of the planning going on behind the scenes was done by someone with a little more power: Washington State Representative Matt Shea.Read more...
Tags: Science, Washington, Terrorism, Extremism, Ammon Bundy, Domestic Terrorism, Malheur Wildlife Refuge, Matt Shea, Environmental Terrorism, Matt Shea Read

'Anonymized' Location Data Leak Allows Reporters to Quickly Track Trump's Secret Service Detail

New York Times reporters working on an investigation into the sprawling location data business—in which the paper obtained a three-year-old file containing 50 billion location pings for over 12 million Americans—were able to track the movements of a member of Donald Trump’s Secret Service security detail. And thus,…Read more...
Tags: Security, Elections, Science, Technology, Smartphones, Cybersecurity, Surveillance, Military, New York Times, National Security, Secret Service, Gps, Location Tracking, Donald Trump, Tech Policy

'Sonic attack' impacted 'at least 20 regions' of US diplomat's brain - but cause remains unknown, new study finds

An independent analysis of the brain of diplomat Mark Lenzi has found that the 2017 so-called “sonic attack” on the US diplomat in China has impacted at least 20 regions of his brain, but a cause of the damage has still not been determined.Mr Lenzi was stationed in Guanzhou when he began experience unexplained symptoms including a headache, memory problems, difficulty reading, and sleep issues.
Tags: Science, China, US, Lenzi, Guanzhou, Mark Lenzi

Five Inexpensive Ways to Organize Your Mess of Gadgets

I wouldn’t call myself a tech hoarder, but I definitely have an abundance of gadgets strewn about my office. If it feels like you’re constantly battling a mountain of cables, discs, and screens, you can make much better use of your space with a few cheap organizing tools. Here’s what I use to keep my clutter to a…Read more...
Tags: Science, Organizing, Organizing Tech

The Amazon rainforest is about to cross an irreversible threshold that will turn it into a savanna, top scientists say

Fires and logging could trigger a process called "dieback," in which the rainforest would dry up, burn, and become a savanna-like landscape.
Tags: Amazon, Science

Largest Statewide Ban On Styrofoam Likely to Take Place Where Else But New Freakin' Yawk, Baby

Cawfee cups. Disposubuhl coolahs. Those little trays wit da lids the good halal cart puts ya lamb ova rice in. Whaddathey got in common, besides containin’ some-a life’s most precious food items fer consumin’ after a long day in da Big Apple? Nine times outta ten, they’re freakin’ styrofoam. And not fuh nothin, but…Read more...
Tags: New York, Science, Cuomo, Plastic Ban, Styrofoam ban, Tha Gawdamn Environment, Whaddathey

The World's Oldest Fossil Trees Have Been Discovered in Cairo, New York

The fossilized trees date back over 380 million years.
Tags: Science, Cairo New York

If There Was Any Question, You Definitely Aren't Getting $125 From Equifax

I hate to say it, but the Federal Trade Commission was right. We’re not going to see anything near that piddly $125 we were hoping to get out of Equifax’s massive data breach. But you know who will be seeing a pretty payday in the case? The attorneys who represented consumers.Read more...
Tags: Science, Data Breach, Lawsuits, Federal Trade Commission, Equifax, Equifax Breach, What Money

A Superbug STD Is on the Loose in Australia

Researchers in Australia are sounding the alarm over a foodborne and sexually transmitted disease that’s become resistant to every common antibiotic used to treat it.Read more...
Tags: Science, Australia, Sex, Infectious Diseases, Antibiotic Resistance, Superbugs, Stds

Gadget Hacker Solves the Biggest Problem With Robovacs by Making One That Flies

Even the most expensive robot vacuums—like those capable of emptying themselves so they can run autonomously for weeks—lack the ability to climb up and down stairs in order to clean multiple floors of a house. YouTuber Peter Sripol came up with a solution to that problem, but it’s a hack you probably won’t see as an…Read more...
Tags: Cleaning, Gadgets, Science, Drones, Hacks, Robots, Vacuums, Peter Sripol, Robovacs

Stop Buying Gadgets with MicroUSB

Chances are you’ve done a lot of your gift shopping already, but if you’re like me and got a late start, this holiday season, I implore you not to buy any gadget still saddled with a microUSB port.Read more...
Tags: Holiday Shopping, Science, Usb, Ports, Connectivity, Consumer Tech, Usb C, No More Microusb, Microusb, Tech Rants

Welp, There’s at Least One Thing That Bing Does Better Than Google—Disinformation

The Bing search engine—which is still around ten years after Microsoft created it, despite having only —gets a lot of flak for not being as useful as Google’s search engine. But a recent study found that it’s actually even worse at delivering information than was previously known.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Microsoft, Russia, Bing, Disinformation, What Is It Good For, Propagana

Just the Tiniest Li'l Gingerbread House in the World

It's the size of one single human hair.
Tags: Science, World, Gingerbread House, Li

Pollution might make us too stupid to fight pollution, study finds

The climate change effects of rising levels of carbon dioxide are fairly well-known — but what if this air pollution makes us dumber, too? That's the proposal of the University of Colorado's Kris Karnauskas, an ocean sciences professor, in a paper he co-authored and presented at an American Geophysical Union meeting this fall."This is a hidden impact of climate change," Karnauskas explained in an interview withThe Atlantic, "that could actually impact our ability to solve the problem its...
Tags: Science, Atlantic, Trump, University Of Colorado, Skywalker, American Geophysical Union, George Conway, Karnauskas, Kris Karnauskas

Russia appears to have kept a major nuclear accident secret. But scientists called the 'Ring of 5' tracked the plume of radiation to its source.

"An unprecedented release" of radiation in Europe can most likely be attributed to an undeclared nuclear accident at Russia's Mayak nuclear facility.
Tags: Europe, Science, Russia

Native Hawaiians Scored a Major Victory in the Fight Over the Thirty Meter Telescope

Many Native Hawaiians have been protesting the construction of the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope atop sacred Mauna Kea for months. They scored a victory on Thursday when Hawaii Governor David Ige announced that construction efforts were hitting pause.Read more...
Tags: Science, Hawaii, Indigenous Rights, Mauna Kea, Thirty Meter Telescope, David Ige, Native Hawaiians

Flickr Could Be In Serious Trouble

Flickr, where we could live free if only we were willing to pay for it, may be on its last leg (again). On Thursday, TechCrunch reports, Flickr’s relatively new owner SmugMug has sent out an appeal to paying subscribers to tell their friends, bluntly describing Flickr as: “the world’s most-beloved, money-losing…Read more...
Tags: Science, Flickr, Smugmug

Friday's Best Deals: Warner Bros. 4K Film Collections, Fanatics, Gift Cards, Car Mounts, and More

A Warner Bros. 4K Film Collections Sale, up to 70% Off Sitewide at Fanatics, and a WizGear Car Mount Gold Box lead off Friday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Warner Bros, WizGear Car Mount Gold Box

Apple’s Secret Satellites Could Mean Trouble for ISPs

It’s no surprise that Apple has secret teams working on secret projects. Over the years, we’ve heard of Apple Cars, Apple AR Headsets—you name it. Now, a Bloomberg report says the latest “secret” team is working on satellites that could potentially beam data to devices sometime in the next five years. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Science, Bloomberg, Satellites, Space X, StarLink, Internet Satellites, Isatellites Are Gonna Be A Thing Huh, Project Juiper

MIT Engineers Create Laser Ultrasounds That Can Look Inside Your Body Without You Even Feeling It

Engineers at MIT have come up with a new approach to medical imaging that is both non-invasive and hands-off the patient. Using lasers, they can peer beneath the surface of the skin without any physical contact required, improving upon the limitations of equipment like ultrasound machines.Read more...
Tags: Science, Medical, Research, Mit, Lasers, Ultrasound, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Medical imaging

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