Nasa and Boeing confident Starliner capsule will land safely

Starliner capsule due to land in New Mexico on Sunday after failing in its mission to dock with the international space stationThe Nasa and Boeing team behind the un-crewed Starliner space capsule that failed on Friday in its mission to dock with the international space station has expressed confidence that they can land the faulty spacecraft in the US desert on Sunday. Related: Boeing's 737 Max troubles threaten booming Seattle-area economy Continue reading...
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NASA and Boeing trace roots of Starliner’s bad timing — and prepare for landing

NASA and Boeing say they've learned more about the timing glitch that kept Boeing's uncrewed CST-100 Starliner space taxi from making its planned rendezvous with the International Space Station — and they're getting "an enormous amount of data" in advance of Sunday's planned touchdown. Starliner was launched early Friday on what was supposed to be the last flight test before astronauts climbed on board. About a half-hour after launch, the mission went awry when a scheduled orbita...
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The Newest Star Wars Visual Dictionary Introduces a Whole New Calendar System for Some Reason

For many years, Star Wars nerds everywhere have understood time in a specific way. Now, thanks to the newest Star Wars Visual Dictionary, that might change. And it’s giving me a headache. Read more...
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Garfield Cartoonist Jim Davis Is Putting 30 Years of Strips Up for Auction

Garfield, the daily comic strip about a cat who does nothing and believes in nothing, has been going on for over 40 years. Now, the first three decades and change of strips, from the beginning of the orange cat’s lasagna fetishist ways in 1978 all the way to 2011, are going up for sale in a series of weekly auctions. Read more...
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Lucky strike? How lightning inspired builders of Callanish

New technology reveals a star-shaped burn mark hidden under peat that gives clues to the meaning of the standing stones on LewisFor thousands of years the Callanish standing stones erected on the remote Hebridean island of Lewis have remained a mystery. Why were they placed there? And for what purpose?Now archaeologists have uncovered dramatic new evidence that suggests our Neolithic ancestors were inspired to construct the megaliths as devotional monuments by the natural phenomenon of lightning...
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How to Make Sure You Return to a Tidy Inbox After the Holidays

If you’re lucky, the holiday season means a few days away from work and the office—but the soothing, calming effect of that break can be quickly undone when you return to an inbox overflowing with hundreds of emails. Before you head off to spend some time with friends and family, here’s how to make sure you come back…Read more...
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Saturday's Best Deals: Jachs Hoodies, Samsung S10, Nerf, Play-Doh, Storage Bags, and More

A Cozy Hoodie sale at Jachs, a Samsung Galaxy S10 + $50 Amazon Gift Card, and a Nerf, Play-Doh, & Hasbro Games Gold Box lead off Saturday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...
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Locust invasion threatens Somali farmers with starvation

Somali farmers on Saturday urged their government and the international community to help protect their crops from an invasion of locusts that is leaving many unable to feed their families. The insects have already destroyed 70,000 hectares (175,000 acres) of farmland in Somalia and neighboring Ethiopia, threatening food supplies in both countries in the worst locust invasion in 70 years, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Wednesday.
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12 Things to Do to Your Friends' and Family's Tech to Get Them to Stop Bothering You

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: The time when you get to tackle a year’s worth of tech troubles in just one visit to the home of a relative. If you’re the designated IT expert in your branch of the family, here’s how to pass on the most useful advice in the quickest time possible, so you can get back to…Read more...
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Our first Christmas as empty nesters

The kids have left home, and we’re not really coping, so this seems like the perfect chance to lure them backMy husband and I don’t think we have the condition until, one day last month, hundreds of miles from home, we find ourselves outside our younger son’s university accommodation at 11.30 on a Sunday morning. I am clutching supplies in a little brown paper bag. Our son knows we’re in town, but isn’t expecting this rude awakening. It’s a surprise.“Do you think we should have called first?” I ...
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Autonomous Delivery Vehicles Authorized For Commercial Use In California

Are you ready to be stuck in traffic behind armies of autonomous delivery robots? No? Well good news: if you live in California you can soon stay home and have all your stuff delivered by autonomous delivery robots. Starting January 17, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles will start approving permits for…Read more...
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Save Up to 40% On Nerf, Play-Doh, and Hasbro Games During Today's Gold Box

Nerf, Play-Doh, and Hasbro Games Gold Box | Amazon
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Carbon dioxide in homes, offices, and classrooms could cut our capacity for complex, strategic thinking by 50% within 80 years, scientists warn

Even basic cognitive performance could drop by 25% with higher levels of carbon dioxide. A growing body of research shows how CO2 affects the brain.
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

5,700-year-old chewing gum, pertinent plant discoveries, 2019's biggest innovations and more inspiration from the web 2019 Plant Discoveries Include a Cancer-Fighting Fungus and More 102 plants and eight fungi were officially named by experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in 2019 (roughly 2,000 new species are named worldwide every year). Among the roster of the recently identified are a few additions with remarkable attributes, …
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2019 most talked about: Why flat-Earth theory and anti-vax conspiracies exist

Big Think's most talked about video of 2019 presents the explanation that if you see animals when you look at clouds or see faces in pieces of wood, that's called pareidolia: the phenomenon of making familiar objects from vague stimuli.Humans evolved to be superstitious, and Michio Kaku posits that there is a gene for superstition and magical thinking. Nine times out of 10, your beliefs can be wrong, but one time out of 10 it saved your ancestors' butts, says Kaku.Flat Earthers and anti-vaccinat...
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NASA Mission to Space Station Goes Horribly Wrong

A high-tech space capsule malfunctioned Friday morning during its first NASA test mission, temporarily stranding the unmanned spacecraft in the wrong place and dealing a blow to Boeing, its developer. The failed launch is a setback for NASA as it scrambles to finish work on a pair of new spacecraft that the space agency wants for carrying astronauts to the International Space Station. The new capsules could finally end the American space program’s long reliance on Russian capsules.Boeing’s CST-1...
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Forester Vacancy Recruitment by Uttarakhand SSSC 2019

Recruitment of Forester Vacancy by Uttarakhand SSSC 2019 The Uttarakhand Subordinate Service Selection Commission (UK SSSC) invites online application submission for the recruitment of 316 Group-C  Sarkari Naukri vacancy posts of Forester (वन दरोगा) for Forest Department of Government of Uttarakhand (Advertisement No. 22/2019). SarkariNaukriBlog dot com Uttarakhand... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (Manisha)]
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Gazing into crystal balls to advance understanding of crystal formation

Researchers at The University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science conducted simulations considering and neglecting hydrodynamic interactions to determine whether or not these interactions cause the large discrepancy observed between experimental and calculated nucleation rates for hard-sphere colloidal systems, which are used to model crystallization. The team obtained similar nucleation rates from both simulations, clarifying that hydrodynamic interactions cannot explain the mismatch obser...
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Ancient wasp-mimicking fly from South Korea named after PSY's 'Gangnam Style'

Russian and South Korean paleontologists discovered a new species of extinct pollinating flies, which lived during the first half of the Cretaceous period, about 110 million years ago, when the angiosperm radiation occurred. As evident from their long proboscis, these insects were nectar feeders and probably fed on the first flowers or cones of entomophilous gymnosperms. Like many modern flower-visiting flies, newly described fossils mimicked stinging wasps to scare off predators, while actually...
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