Uninstall ToTok, the Government Surveillance Tool Posing as a Chat App: Report

While, yes, your messaging apps are indeed spying on you, to argue that they were developed specifically for that purpose might seem like a stretch. But life is stranger than fiction in the year of our lord 2019, and now you can thank ToTok for making your worst dystopian surveillance state nightmares come true.Read more...
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Lightsabers From Star Wars Still Aren’t Real, But This Guy Made a Protosaber, Kind Of

In the old Star Wars expanded universe, lightsabers weren’t the first laser-sword weapons wielded by Jedi and the Sith. No, that honor went to the protosaber, the hilariously clunky version of the lightsaber that, instead of using an internal power cell, had an external wearable power supply. Like a wearable vacuum…Read more...
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TikTok Chalks Up Another Military Ban

Apparently taking a page from the Army’s playbook, the U.S. Navy recently announced that it considers TikTok a “cybersecurity threat” and has banned the popular short-form video app, once a controversial staple of the military’s recruitment strategy, from all government-issued mobile devices.Read more...
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Twitter Warns Millions of Android App Users to Update Immediately

If endlessly scrolling through Twitter on your phone is part of your daily ritual, you’re going to want to update the app as soon as you can if you’re an Android user. This week, Twitter confirmed a vulnerability in its Android app that could let hackers see your “nonpublic account information” and commandeer your…Read more...
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There’s a New Trailer for New Mutants Coming Next Month, Which Means New Mutants Might Still Be Released

No single film has been as emblematic of the fallout of the Disney/Fox deal as New Mutants, a semi-troubled X-Men spinoff production that went from “mostly finished” to “absolute development hell” as soon as Marvel Studios got its crossover-hungry fingers on the X-Men license. While random rumors about the movie have…Read more...
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Jonathan Hickman’s Newest Series Is Sci-Fi Epic Decorum, Launching This March

Recently, we all lost our collective shit over the wild treatment Jonathan Hickman and a few collaborators gave to the X-Men side of Marvel comics with House of X and Powers of X. For anyone wondering what the author’s next trick would be, here you go: it’s a new series at Image. Read more...
Tags: Science, Image Comics, Decorum, Jonathan Hickman, Mike Huddleston, House Of X, Powers Of X

Radar reveals very first footprints of Ice Age mammoths and prehistoric humans

The mammoth lumbers through our imaginations when we think about the world during the most recent Ice Age. They’re just one of many giant creatures that our ancestors lived alongside and which became extinct when the climate changed. The giant ground sloth – a large herbivore which was endemic to the Americas – is another. We can study these extinct animals from their bones – but also from the preserved footprints they left in mud. But these footprints are often hard to find – and while they can...
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In an Unprecedented Move, Universal Is Sending Theaters a Patched Version of Cats

Cats, Tom Hooper’s memetic hazard of a musical, is receiving unprecedented treatment from its distributors at Universal. As shared by the Hollywood Reporter, the company is sending theaters an updated version of the Ozymandias-like monument to hubris and toxoplasmosis. This new version of the film, according to a memo…Read more...
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This Electric Scooter Will Come Before Christmas and Is $150 Off

Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter | $349 | Amazon
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Honest Photo Facts That Will Help You Understand The Size Of The Earth A Little Better

So you forgot your umbrella at home and got absolutely soaked on your way to the bus stop – it seems like your day can’t get any worse, right? And while we can’t offer you a dry shirt and a pair of pants, we can offer you something that will help you take your mind off of your misery. Today we’ve prepared for you a collection of images that show just how small our Earth is compared to the rest of... Source
Tags: Science, Design, Earth, Size, Facts, Inspirations

Boeing astronaut Starliner capsule lands after incomplete mission

The uncrewed demonstration of Boeing's Starliner capsule is cut short because of technical problems.
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Climate change could make giving birth riskier for polar bears in northern Alaska

A new study suggests that before the end of the century, mother polar bears in this region may no longer be able to find the deep snowbanks they need to dig dens. Megan Liu, a high school student and research intern working with Glen Liston at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, presented the preliminary findings at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco this week. Scientists have long known that climate change is hurting polar bears, but most research has focused o...
Tags: Science, San Francisco, Alaska, U S Geological Survey, American Geophysical Union, Steven Amstrup, Megan Liu, Glen Liston, Colorado State University in Ft Collins

Apps help with breastfeeding -- at a cost

Mobile phone apps are increasingly being used to support breastfeeding decisions - sometimes at a cost, a Flinders University study indicates. Most infant feeding (IF) apps give mothers a perception of greater control, confidence and efficiency however, with more than 100 such apps available, the mobile content can also make new moms feeling overwhelmed by the information, concerns about over-reliance on the app, and even questioning the app's advice.
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Flexible thinking on silicon solar cells

Combining silicon with a highly elastic polymer backing produces solar cells that have record-breaking stretchability and high efficiency.
Tags: Science

Compliance with ID rules in recreational cannabis stores

A new study finds that recreational cannabis stores in Colorado and Washington state, both of which legalized adult recreational use in 2012, show high levels of compliance with rules preventing underage purchase of cannabis. The study also shows that there is more than can be done to reach full compliance.
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Time-to-death of Roman emperors followed distinct pattern

Roman emperors faced a high risk of violent death in their first year of rule, but the risk slowly declined over the next seven years, according to an article published in the open access journal Palgrave Communications. When statistically modelled, the length of time from the beginning of their reign until their death followed a set pattern, similar to that seen in reliability engineering, interdisciplinary research by Dr. Joseph Saleh, an Aerospace Engineer from the Georgia Institute of Techno...
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Fewer fats over the festive season may be the perfect formula for men's fertility

A diet low in fat and high in egg whites could be the key to boosting male fertility according to a new pilot study.
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Super-resolution at all scales with active thermal detection

IBS research team found the temperature increase caused by the probe beam could be utilized to generate a signal per se for detecting objects. Notably, this so-called 'active thermal detection' enables super-resolution imaging at all scales.
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Evolutionary changes in brain potentially make us more prone to anxiety

Neurochemicals such as serotonin and dopamine play crucial roles in cognitive and emotional functions of our brain. Vesicular monoamine transporter 1 (VMAT1) is one of the genes responsible for transporting neurotransmitters and regulating neuronal signaling. A research team led by Tohoku University has reconstructed ancestral VMAT1 proteins, revealing the functional changes in neurotransmitter uptake of VMAT1 throughout the course of human evolution.
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NUS researchers uncover how fish get their shape

NUS Mechanobiology Institute researchers investigated the science behind the formation of the 'V' patterns -- also known as chevron patterns -- in the swimming muscles of fish. The study focused on the myotome (a group of muscles served by a spinal nerve root) that makes up most of the fish body. The research team found that these patterns do not simply arise from genetic instruction or biochemical pathways but actually require physical forces to correctly develop.
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