Bushfires Still Ravaging Australia, With Thousands Reportedly Fleeing to Beaches in Victoria State

The ongoing Australian bushfire crisis has forced thousands of people in the southeast part of the country to flee towards waterfronts, Bloomberg reported, with an estimated 4,000-5,000 individuals in Mallacoota in Victoria state sheltering on beaches and piers as flames swept in on Tuesday.Read more...
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Open Channel: What Video Game From 2019 Needs Its Own Movie?

There were a lot of interesting video games that came out in 2019, with deep and complex stories that are begging for the big screen. Of course, seems like even the popularity of shows like The Witcher might not be enough to break the video game movie curse...but could one of 2019's games finally succeed?Read more...
Tags: Science, Video Game, Control, Death Stranding, The Witcher, Outer Worlds

How to recognize an alien when you see one

What would convince you that aliens existed? The question came up recently at a conference on astrobiology, held at Stanford University in California. Several ideas were tossed around – unusual gases in a planet’s atmosphere, strange heat gradients on its surface. But none felt persuasive. Finally, one scientist offered the solution: a photograph. There was some laughter and a murmur of approval from the audience of researchers: yes, a photo of an alien would be convincing evidence, the holy gra...
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Biden to Coal Miners: Learn to Code

Democratic presidential contender and Joe Biden has some advice for the recently disrupted: learn to program.Read more...
Tags: Energy, Learn To Code, Programming, Science, Technology, Jobs, Labor, Joe Biden, Coal, Coding, Biden, 2020 Election

Sonos Doesn't Understand How Recycling Works

Trashing your old electronics is bad for the planet—a big reason why you might’ve noticed tech companies push sustainability programs in recent years. Sonos recently joined the recycle brigade in October, launching its Trade Up hardware upgrade program that gives users discounts if they “responsibly recycle older…Read more...
Tags: Science, Sustainability, Recycling, Sonos, E Waste

The Chaos of California's New Privacy Law Has Already Begun

California is becoming a monument to how much businesses surveil and abuse its residents, as apps and stores are scrambling to put up “Do Not Sell My Info” notices in compliance with the state’s hefty data privacy law. Read more...
Tags: Science, California, Data Privacy, CCPA, California Consumer Privacy Act

Chinese scientist who led first gene-editing experiment on babies gets 3 years in jail

Chinese researcher He Jiankui, who stirred up a global controversy last year when he said his experiment produced twin baby girls with gene-edited traits, has been sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to pay a $430,000 fine, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported today. He tried to show that genes could be edited to reduce vulnerability to the HIV virus, but outside experts voiced deep doubts about the experiment's efficacy as well as the ethics behind it. The scientist dropped ...
Tags: Science, Lulu, Xinhua, Nana, He Jiankui

LOL The Uncharted Movie

Much like its protagonist, Nathan Drake, the Uncharted movie keeps falling off a cliff.Read more...
Tags: Science, Mark Wahlberg, Sony, Tom Holland, Nathan Drake, Travis Knight, Uncharted

RIP Syd Mead, Legendary Designer of Blade Runner and Tron

Science fiction would not be what it is today without the influence of Syd Mead. Mead, a futurist and industrial designer whose work on films such as , Tron, and Aliens, died early this morning at the age of 86. Curbed confirmed the sad news.Read more...
Tags: Science, Design, Obituary, Blade Runner, Tron, Concept Art, Syd Mead, Syd Mead Mead

Scientists Have Calculated How Long It'll Take to Reach Distant Stars

Are we there yet?
Tags: Science

ProtonMail Just Launched A Calendar So You Can Encrypt Your 2020

ProtonMail—an email service that makes it stupid-easy to encrypt communication—has now made it stupid-easy to encrypt your schedule. Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Protonmail, Proton, Proton Calendar

The Satellite Images That Show a Decade of Climate Change

The 2010s will be remembered as the decade when we could no longer deny climate change. Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Wildfires, Arctic, Solar Power, Icebergs

Don't Trust Netflix's 'Most Popular' List

Netflix’s “best of” content rankings reek of bullshit. And based on Netflix’s own metrics for popularity, they are.Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Streaming, Lists, Lies

What The Witcher Gets Wrong (and Right) About Disability Narratives

The world of fantasy has been one of the few genres to regularly include disabled characters, though this inclusion has always come with the concept of disfigurement and grotesquerie. One of the most famous disabled fantasy characters, George R.R. Martin’s Tyrion Lannister, is described in the first volume of the A…Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Disability, Streaming, George R R Martin, Peter Dinklage, Representation, The Witcher, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, Anya Chalotra

Cory Doctorow has a vision of "resilience and joyful thriving through and after a just climate transition"

Unless, of course, TINA gets in the way.
Tags: Science, News, Cory Doctorow, Tina

Prehistoric Stone Monument in Scotland May Have Been Intentionally Built to Attract Lightning

Researchers working in the Outer Hebrides island chain off the west coast of Scotland have uncovered evidence of a previously unknown rock monument located within a stone’s throw of the iconic Calanais Standing Stones. Read more...
Tags: Science, Scotland, Anthropology, Outer Hebrides, Mesolithic Period, Mesolithic, Callanish Stones

How our thinking changed in 2019: recycling and plastics

We are now prisoners of the petrochemical industry
Tags: Science, News

Thing I Instinctively Hate Likely to Become Wildly Popular

In its quest to create new ways to make its denizens dissociate from reality, Snapchat is launching a cartoon series that puts user avatars in the episodes.Read more...
Tags: Science, Snapchat, Snap, Bitmoji, Bitmoji TV

Year in Science: Revisit a black hole and other sights that weren’t seen before 2019

What will people remember about the year 2019 in the year 3019? Just as they're likely to recall 1969 as the year humans first walked on the moon, they might well hold up the first portrait of a black hole as this year's most memorable achievement. By that measure, there's little question that the Event Horizon Telescope's radio view of M87's supermassive black hole, 55 million light-years from Earth, ranks as the year's top science story. "These are just singular moments...
Tags: Science, Washington, White House, Earth, Kelvin Droegemeier

This Is the Decade Smartwatches Actually Became a Thing

Over the past ten years, smartwatches have gone from futuristic tech relegated to sci-fi flicks to something so common, it’s not a surprise to multiple people sporting them on your daily commute. These wrist-sized computers can’t do quite as much as your smartphone, but these days the modern wristable can do…Read more...
Tags: Google, Wearables, Science, Android Wear, Smartwatches, Fitmodo, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Fitness Trackers, Garmin, Polar, Wear OS, Decades End, Decade In Review

Juul Employees Reportedly Can't Stop Vaping at Work

Who’d have thought the company that developed a discreet and highly addictive nicotine product would have trouble preventing its very own employees from using it in the workplace?Read more...
Tags: Science, Smoking, Vaping, Juul, Smoking Cessation

Mom Who Injected Feces Into Cancer-Stricken Son’s IV Gets 7 Years in Prison

An Indiana woman who poisoned her 15-year-old son with his own feces while he was on chemotherapy in 2016 is now set to spend more than a half-decade behind bars.Read more...
Tags: Science, Crime, Cancer, Indiana, Poisoning, Poop

The 9 Best Star Wars Moments of 2019

Star Wars has dominated much of the pop culture landscape in the past several years, but 2019 was ridiculous. With one saga of films ending, a whole new era of TV starting, the hype leading to both, and then all matter of other media, there’s a chance we’ll never have as much Star Wars as 2019 provided. Then there was…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Disney, Streaming, Lucasfilm, Year In Review, Ewan McGregor, Ahmed Best, Obi Wan Kenobi, Ian McDiarmid, Star Wars Celebration, Star Wars Galaxys Edge, Io9 Year In Review, The Mandalorian, Disney Plus, Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker

Asia's hardest year for dengue fever – in pictures

More than a million cases were reported in south-east Asia last year with poorer households most at riskThe global toll of dengue fever is becoming well known, with rising temperatures contributing to severe outbreaks that made 2019 the worst year on record for the disease.In 1970 only nine countries faced severe dengue outbreaks. But the disease, which is spread by mosquitoes that can only survive in warm temperatures, is now seen in more than 100 countries. There are thought to be 390m infect...
Tags: Asia, Science, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Global development, Global Health

Words of the year 2019: Fritinancy edition

Goodnight decade! Goodnight year! Goodnight words that made us cheer—or jeer—and which summed up the stories of 2019. So far, Oxford Dictionaries has selected climate emergency as its #WOTY19, Collins Dictionary—clearly tapping into the same zeitgeist—picked climate strike, and Cambridge Dictionary chose upcycling. In Australia, Macquarie Dictionary singled out cancel culture from a longlist of 75 words (see my own take on canceled below). Here in the US, chose existential (as...
Tags: Google, Twitter, Florida, Politics, Science, Australia, Senate, White House, US, Cnn, Current Affairs, House, New York Times, House Of Representatives, Jennifer Aniston, Linguistics

Google's Pixel Can't Win on Software Tricks Alone

After four generations of Pixel phones, one might imagine that Google with its vast resources and massive reach would be enjoying a similar position to what Apple enjoyed following the launch of the iPhone 4, or at least something close to that. But even after accounting for a wildly different gadget landscape and the…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Science

Well It Sure Was a Big Year for the 'Call-out Culture' Wikipedia Page

I can’t tell you exactly what inspired me to review the 1,000-odd crowdsourced edits made to the “call-out culture” Wikipedia page, which is something that I, idiotically, recently did. Maybe I imagined that somewhere in those crowdsourced edits I’d find a press representative trying to scrub a fallen figure off the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Wikipedia, Cancelled, Cancel Culture, Year In Review 2019

Report: India Prime Minister Proposes Helping the Coal Industry Survive Amid Climate Crisis

Coal may continue to reign in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proposed to skip a carbon tax on this dangerous fossil fuel, according to documents Reuters reviewed. Given how urgent the climate crisis is becoming, the world simply cannot afford any more handouts to the coal industry.Read more...
Tags: Science, India, Narendra Modi, Reuters, Coal Industry, Climate Justice, Coal Is Dead

CRISPR Scientist Gets Three Years of Jail Time For Creating Gene-Edited Babies

Disgraced Chinese scientist He Jiankui has been sentenced to three years in jail for creating the world’s first genetically modified human babies.Read more...
Tags: Science, China, Crispr, Bioethics, Gene Editing, He Jiankui, Time For Creating Gene Edited Babies

Sharon Stone Was Blocked From Bumble, Just Like Us

Proles were enthralled to discover in the wee hours of this morning that Sharon Stone is on Bumble, the dating app where ~ladies~ make the first move. Around 1 AM EST, she tweeted a screenshot showing that her account had been disabled; after what must have been a furious few hours for the Bumble customer service team…Read more...
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