This Smart Faucet Should Pour Exactly the Amount of Water You Need at the Perfect Temperature

Three years at CES 2017 Moen revealed a smart shower system that could be preheated from your smartphone without having to climb out of bed in the morning. This year the company is bringing that technology to the kitchen with a new smart faucet that delivers some surprisingly practical features.Read more...
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L'Oreal's New Doodad Sounds Like the Supersmart Skincare Gadget I Need

Skincare is a $148 million dollar industry, and you best believe that I stress about moisturizing as I drag my increasingly decrepit ass to the dry Nevada desert for CES every year. Scouting skincare tech at the show every year has become a not-so-secret hobby of mine, and on that front, L’Oreal usually brings the…Read more...
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Bosch's LCD Car Visor Only Blocks Your View of the Road Where the Sun Is In Your Eyes

Fully autonomous vehicles are already being tested on roads across the country, but there’s one feature in every car that feels like it hasn’t been upgraded in a century: the sun visor. So a group of engineers from Bosch set out to update this antiquated feature so that it blocks the sun without also blocking a…Read more...
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Withings's Latest Smartwatch Doubles Down on Medical Wearables

Last year, Withings wowed at CES with a hybrid smartwatch that could also take your ECG. That was no small feat, considering it came just months after Apple made waves with the same feature on the Series 4. This year, it’s doubling down on ‘medical-grade’ hybrid smartwatches with the ScanWatch, which can take ECGs and…Read more...
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Sure Looks Like Apple Is Still Selling This iMac from 2006

Apple products are notoriously expensive, but this is just ridiculous. Apparently, Apple’s website is still listing the 2006 iMac 17-inch 1.83-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo for around $1,000—depending on where you’re trying to buy from. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Desktop, iMac, Intel Core, Even I Dont Think Apple Loves Capitalism This Much

The Beefy Suunto 7 Is a Great Reason to Be Excited About Wear OS

Unless you’re hardcore into outdoor fitness, you probably haven’t heard of Suunto. The Finnish company is mostly known for its compasses and GPS sports watches, but at CES 2020, the company is launching its first Wear OS watch, the Suunto 7.Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Smartwatches, Consumer Tech, Suunto, Wear OS, CES2020, What A Big Boi, Suunto 7

Vector, the Little Robot That Could(n't Do Much) Is Back From the Dead

Vector, a tiny desktop companion robot that was both surprisingly endearing and unsurprisingly useless, met its demise earlier this year when its creator, Anki, ran out of money and shut down. But despite the robot failing to justify its $250 price tag, it apparently has its fans, and Vector is being brought back from…Read more...
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This Avengers: Endgame Star Defies Tony Stark and Goes Sledding With Captain America's Shield

Which is probably a terrible idea, if we’re being honest. Read more...
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All the Ways You Can Use Multiple Smart Speakers Together

With another holiday season over, it’s more likely than ever that you’ve got multiple smart speakers in the same house—Alexa or Google Assistant within shouting range in multiple rooms, just in case you want to check the weather forecast or set a timer. If you do have several smart speakers installed, here are the…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Google Nest, Google Home, Smart Speakers

This Timeline Might Make Watching The Witcher a Little Easier

A lot of things could be said about The Witcher. One of the most resounding things I’ve heard about it, however, is that it starts out really confusing, due to the surprising choice to split timelines during the first episodes of the show without really signposting this decision to the audience. The result of this…Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Henry Cavill, Timeline, The Witcher

Matrix's Juno Uses Thermoelectrics to Cool Down Even the Hottest Drinks Fast

For the past few years, Matrix has been mostly known for its body heat-powered smartwatches. But at CES 2020, the company is taking a different tack with its thermoelectric tech. Its latest gadget, Juno, is meant to help you cool super hot drinks super fast.Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Ces, Consumer Tech, Juno, Matrix, Matrix Industries, CES 2020

Mystery illness in Chinese city not Sars, say authorities

Fears of new epidemic after people taken to hospital in Wuhan with viral pneumoniaA mysterious respiratory illness that has infected dozens of people in a central Chinese city is not Sars, local authorities have said.The 2002-03 epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome started in southern China and killed more than 700 people. Fears of a recurrence arose this month after a number of people were taken to hospital with unexplained viral pneumonia in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province. Conti...
Tags: Science, China, World news, Asia Pacific, Infectious Diseases, Wuhan, Sars, Hubei

The Harry Potter Funko Advent Calendar Is All The Way Down to $22

Harry Potter Funko Advent Calendar | $22| Amazon
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Amazon deals, Funko Deals, Harry Potter Deals

Get a Pair of $30 New Balance Sneakers For All Of Your 2020 Workouts

Men’s CUSH District Run Shoes | $30 | Joe’s New Balance OutletRead more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Joe, Joes New Balance Outlet Deals

The search for Eden: in pursuit of humanity’s origins

Our species, Homo sapiens, evolved in Africa over hundreds of thousands of years. Now we are beginning to understand howUnderneath our skins, we are all Africans. That is the recent, simple conclusion of scientists studying the origins of our species. Genes, ancient stone tools and fossil bones – analysed over the past few decades – make it clear that men and women today are the direct descendants of hunter-gatherers who evolved somewhere in Africa and took over the continent before one group de...
Tags: Science, Biology, Africa, World news, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Evolution

Astronomers find wandering massive black holes in dwarf galaxies

Studies with the VLA indicate that roughly half of the massive black holes in dwarf galaxies are not in the centers of those galaxies. This gives astronomers new insights into the conditions in which similar black holes formed and grew in the early history of the universe.
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Volunteer tourism can aid disaster recovery

Volunteer tourism can help communities recover from natural disasters, as well as offer a unique and rewarding experience for volunteers, a new study reveals.
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Robotic trunk support assists those with spinal cord injury

A Columbia Engineering team has invented a robotic device -- the Trunk-Support Trainer (TruST) -- that can be used to assist and train people with spinal cord injuries (SCIs) to sit more stably by improving their trunk control, and thus gain an expanded active sitting workspace without falling over or using their hands to balance. The study is the first to measure and define the sitting workspace of patients with SCI based on their active trunk control.
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Complex Innovative Trials: New guideline adoption could get medicines to patients faster

Complex Innovative Design (CID) trials could be transformed for the better, following the publication of recommendations in the British Journal of Cancer.
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Task force recommends changes to increase African-American physics and astronomy students

Due to long-term and systemic issues leading to the consistent exclusion of African-Americans in physics and astronomy, a task force is recommending sweeping changes and calling for awareness into the number and experiences of African-American students studying the fields. 'The Time Is Now: Systemic Changes to Increase African-Americans with Bachelor's Degrees in Physics and Astronomy' discusses the factors responsible for the success or failure of African-American students in physics and astron...
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