Federal Program Offers Free Phones For the Poor, So Long as You're OK With Chinese Malware

So much for that “free” lunch, huh?
Tags: Android, Security, Science, Privacy, Malware

FBI Surveillance Vendor Threatens to Sue Tech Reporters for Heinous Crime of Doing Journalism

Motherboard on Thursday revealed that a “secretive” U.S. government vendor whose surveillance products are not publicly advertised has been marketing hidden cameras disguised as seemingly ordinary objects—vacuum cleaners, tree stumps, and tombstones—to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, among other law enforcement…Read more...
Tags: Science, Copyright, Federal Bureau of Investigation, ITAR, Surveillance Tech

Watch Out, Opportunity, Mark Zuckerberg Is About to Fuck You Up

On Thursday, Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg published his annual New Year’s resolution list. Last year, he promised to hold a series of public talks on issues posed by the tech industry (and boy, did he ever). Read more...
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More than 800 Russian academic articles retracted after "bombshell" report reveals plagiarism and other misconduct

After Antiplagiat, a private plagiarism detection company, accused Russia's scientific and scholarly journals of being rife with plagiarism, self-plagiarism, duplication and other misconduct, the Russian Academy of Sciences chartered a committee to investigate the problem: their report confirmed the accusations, finding more instances of plagiarism/self-plagiarism, as well as instances in which the same paper was published in different journals under different authors' names. The committee ...
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Alex Garland's Tech Horror Series Devs Drops an Eerie First Trailer

After all the intriguing glimpses we got of Devs—Alex Garland’s new FX on Hulu sci-fi series, starring Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) and Sonoya Mizuno (Garland’s Ex Machina)—at last year’s New York Comic Con, we’re excited to see there’s now an official trailer and a release date for the eight-episode series.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Horror, Streaming, Sci Fi, Nick Offerman, Ai, Hulu, FX, Quantum Computing, Alex Garland, Sonoya Mizuno, New York Comic Con, Devs, Nick Offerman Parks, Sonoya Mizuno Garland

Astronomers Are Increasingly Worried About How Satellite Megaconstellations Will Disrupt Science

Organizers of an American Astronomical Society conference in Hawaii held a special session to discuss the ways in which satellite megaconstellations, such as the one currently being built by SpaceX, are poised to disrupt telescopic observations. The astronomers also proposed potential solutions to this emerging…Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Spacex, Science, Hawaii, American Astronomical Society, StarLink, AAS, Space Traffic

Trump Has a Book Written By a Trump Advisor About How Trump Loves the Environment, Actually

Known bookworm Donald Trump would like you to know he has a book. That book is about Donald Trump, known environmental champion. It’s written and self-published by known Trump lover and advisor Edward Russo. Read more...
Tags: Science, Environment, Donald Trump, Trump, Edward Russo, Trumps On Trumps On Trumps

L'Oreal's Newest Skincare Gadget Is Even Cooler in Person

Sometimes things sound good on paper but don’t live up your expectations. When I wrote up the L’Oreal announcement for its upcoming skincare personalization gadget Perso, I was stoked and a little nervous that seeing it up close and personal would be a disappointment. After all, that’s generally how things go at…Read more...
Tags: Science, Ces, L'oreal, Skin Care, Loreal, Oreal, CES 2020, Skincare Tech, Moisturize Me

Facebook Quietly Made a Ton of Updates Hours After Trump Got Impeached

There are a few things Facebook’s proven, time and again, that it can’t get quite right—like keeping its user data under wraps, , and, as proved this week, blogging. Truly though, you need to give props to the multibillion-dollar tech giant for perfecting the art of the well-timed news…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Enforcement, Dumping, News Dumps, Facebook Quietly Made

Giant Chinese Paddlefish That Survived 150 Million Years Declared Extinct, Scientists Say

Researchers say that the last fish of its kind likely died between 2005 and 2010
Tags: Science

Short Treks Heralds Star Trek: Picard With Hope in the Face of Tragedy

Coming into this season of Short Treks, “Children of Mars” was teased as one of two precursors to the events of Star Trek: Picard. It is not a factual indicator of what’s to come, or some grand, necessary setup for the plot Jean-Luc and his friends will tackle. But it does give us a tonal insight into the dark times…Read more...
Tags: Science, Star Trek, David Bowie, Streaming, Cbs, Mars, Patrick Stewart, Cbs All Access, TV Recap, Jean Luc, Star Trek Short Treks, Star Trek Picard, Star Trek Short Treks Recaps

China's Sars-like illness worries health experts

China’s viral pneumonia outbreak may have jumped species barrier, raising fears of pandemic The finding that the outbreak of viral pneumonia in China that has struck 59 people may be caused by a coronavirus, the family of viruses behind Sars, which spread to 37 countries in 2003, causing global panic and killing more than 750 people, means that health authorities will be watching closely.China says the illness is not Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome), nor Mers (Middle East respiratory syn...
Tags: Health, Ebola, Science, Biology, China, Society, World news, Medical Research, Asia Pacific, Infectious Diseases, Middle East, Microbiology, Epidemics, World Health Organization, Sars

An Extinct Human Species May Not Have Evolved in Asia After All, New Research Suggests

New research suggests Homo erectus—the most successful hominin prior to the emergence of modern humans—reached southeast Asia later than is conventionally assumed. It’s a significant finding, as it casts doubt on a theory that points to an Asian birthplace for this now-extinct species.Read more...
Tags: Asia, Science, Anthropology, Java, Homo, Homo erectus, Human Migrations, Human Origins

Scientists Describe Trove of New Bird Species on Indonesian Islands

Scientists encountered five previously undescribed bird species during a six-week trip to three Indonesian islands, according to a new study. Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Birds, New Species, Birdmodo, New Bird Species, Indonesian Islands

Senators Still Skeptical .ORG Sale to Private Equity Firm Won't Harm Nonprofits

In a letter last month, a group of U.S. lawmakers voice concerns about the proposed sale of the .ORG top-level domain to Ethos Capital, a private equity firm founded last year. Announced in November by ICANN, the organization that manages all internet domain names, the sale has worried nonprofits, which have…Read more...
Tags: Science, Elizabeth Warren, Icann, Private Equity, Ron Wyden, Internet Society, Org Domain

Apple Pay Users Are Getting Unintentionally Charged at NYC Subway Turnstiles

The MTA, New York City’s monument to dysfunction and grime and anguish, is overcharging us again, the bastards. Riders have reported seeing $2.75 charges on their Apple Pay accounts after walking past contactless OMNY fare readers, even when using the physical MetroCards. Like most of our city’s public transit woes,…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, New York City, Mta, Apple Pay, Express Transit, OMNY, Mystery And Crimes, NYC Subway Turnstiles

GrubHub Reportedly Considering Merging With Another Parasitic Food Delivery Service

Food-delivery giant GrubHub is mulling the possibility of selling itself off, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, as part of a strategic review of its options amid increasing competition and a declining valuation.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Food Delivery, Seamless, Wall Street Journal, Postmates, Gig Economy, Uber Eats, Doordash, GrubHub, Late Capitalism, Parasitic Food Delivery Service

The Mystery Virus in China Might Be an Undiscovered Cousin of SARS, Scientists Say

Scientists in China think they’ve made a break in the case of a mystery disease that’s caused pneumonia in dozens of people. In several patients, they’ve found a virus never before discovered—albeit one related to the viruses responsible for causing SARS and other respiratory illnesses.Read more...
Tags: Science, China, Infectious Diseases, Viruses, Outbreaks

Trump's Latest Rollback Would Ruin an 'International Treasure'

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) has helped federal agencies know any and all potential impacts proposed infrastructure projects may have on the environment, economy, and local communities. It’s a key pillar of environmental protection in the U.S. So of course on Thursday—in true Trumpian fashion—the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Oil And Gas, Donald Trump, Trump, NEPA, Environmental Regulation

What's In Your Cart, Rachel Hoffman?

Welcome back to What’s In Your Cart, where we ask noteworthy creators, athletes, and celebrities about their favorite products, their shopping habits, and their deal-hunting acumen. If you or someone you know would like to be featured, shoot me an email at [email protected] with the subject line “What’s In Your…Read more...
Tags: Science, Interviews, Qa, Rachel Hoffman

HP May Finally Stop Screwing You When It Comes to Printer Ink

HP might finally be changing its printer business plan according to a new note by Morgan Stanley analysts. Typically HP sells printers for super cheap and then charges exorbitant prices for the required ink, leaving consumers paying hundreds a year if they want to keep this printer printing well.Read more...
Tags: Science, Hp, Morgan Stanley, Printers, Printer Ink, Finally Some Good News, HP Printer

This Is Intel's Graphics Card

Intel’s first graphics card in years, the Intel DG1, is coming later this year. Announced earlier this week at CES, here’s everything we’ve learned about the DG1, its architecture, Xe, and Intel’s plans to pair it with its next generation of CPUs, Tiger Lake. Read more...
Tags: Science, Intel, Ces, Gpu, Gpus, Xe, Intel Xe, Intel DG1, Intel Gpus, Xe Lp, Intel Xe Lp

Pentagon Believes Iran Shot Down Ukrainian Airlines Flight by Mistake: Multiple Reports

Officials at the Pentagon believe the Ukrainian Airlines Flight that crashed shortly after takeoff on Wednesday, killing all 176 people on board, was mistakenly shot down by Iran, according to a new report from Newsweek and follow-up reporting by CBS News and CNN.Read more...
Tags: Science, Cbs News, Iran, Plane Crashes, Aviation, Pentagon, Boeing, Newsweek, Ukrainian Airlines

The Number of Fires in the Amazon Rainforest Spiked in 2019

Last year was certainly the year of fire, and the Amazon was at the epicenter of it as humans used fires to clear land. Now, data from INPE, Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, confirms what we all suspected: The Amazon Rainforest suffered its highest rate of deforestation in a decade last year and the…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Brazil, Amazon Rainforest, Forest Fires, This Is A Climate Emergency, Amazon Rainforest Spiked

io9's Guide to All the Movies You Should Give a Damn About in 2020

No Star Wars? No Avengers? No problem! After the massive movie year that was 2019, one might assume 2020 would be underwhelming. To that we say...James Bond. Ghostbusters. Christopher Nolan. Godzilla vs. King Kong. Wonder Woman. Edgar Wright. Bill and Ted. Dune. Need we go on?Read more...
Tags: Science, James Bond Ghostbusters Christopher Nolan Godzilla, Edgar Wright Bill, Ted Dune Need

The secrets within a 2,600-year-old preserved brain of a decapitated man

Back around 500 BCE or so in what is now York, U.K, a gentleman was decapitated for who-knows-why and his head quickly buried. To the amazement of the archaeologists who dug up the skull in 2008, the cranium still contained a well-preserved brain. According to University of London neurologist Axel Petzold and his colleagues, understanding how the tissue has survived for more than 2,500 years may lead to new methods for extracting valuable information from ancient tissue. From Science: Using s...
Tags: Post, Science, News, Archaeology, Neurology, Brains, Diseases, University of London, York U K, Axel Petzold

The first full moon of 2020 - known as the wolf moon - will rise Friday night

The first full moon of the year – known as the wolf moon – will shine in the night sky Friday night.
Tags: Science

Watch Parrots Help Each Other Without Expecting Anything in Return

African grey parrots will help out their friends, even if they won’t personally benefit, an adorable new lab experiment shows.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Friendship, Parrots, Birdmodo

Google Teases Feature That Allows Assistant to Read Webpages to You in Dozens of Languages

Google has unveiled a potentially helpful new feature that will allow Google Assistant to read websites back to the user as well as translate them to more than three dozen languages.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Digital Assistants, Google Assistant

Flex Your Muscles at the Gym, Then Soothe Them With This Discounted Massage Gun

MaxKare Massage Gun | $105 | Amazon | Clip to 25% off couponRead more...
Tags: Amazon, Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Amazon deals, Maxkare Deals

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