Senators Told Cell Phones or Other Electronic Devices Won't Be Allowed at Trump Impeachment Trial

Senators have been told they have to leave cell phones and all other electronic devices outside the chamber when Donald Trump’s impeachment trial commences, according to “decorum guidelines” obtained by CNN.Read more...
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Only Known Full-Time Cybersecurity Director Working for Any Democratic Presidential Campaign Resigns

Democratic candidate for president and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign cybersecurity official has resigned, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.Read more...
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There's Something Very Wrong With Pokémon: Twilight Wings

While Pocket Monsters, the primary Pokémon anime, has already followed Ash Ketchum into Galar, the newest region where monsters from Pokémon Sword and Shield can be found, The Pokémon Company’s also just dropped Twilight Wings, a supplementary web series that more deeply explores the culture and lives of Galarian…Read more...
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Facebook Will Now Remind You When It's Not the Only One Looking at Your Data

Even if you’re a hardcore #DeleteFacebook-er, you’re probably guilty of using your worn out Facebook account to log into the occasional app—just for the convenience factor alone. Now, the company’s offering a bit more insight into how these tools function.Read more...
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Here's Why Game of Thrones Spin-Off House of the Dragon Was Chosen Over the Others

Fans waiting for the first Game of Thrones spin-off show have lots more waiting to do. HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys said today that the House Targaryen prequel, House of the Dragon, probably won’t arrive until 2022. Bloys also explained why that story, and not the Jane Goldman-penned prequel starring Naomi…Read more...
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Meet the NASA intern who discovered a new planet on his third day

This teenager found a new planet on the third day of his internship at the US space agency.
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All the Awesome New Comics to Add to Your Pull List in 2020

A new year, a new decade—one that’s bringing with it oodles of books, movies, and TV shows to look forward to. But you need something to read in between looking all those things, right? So thank goodness the first few months of the year are jam-packed with amazing new comic series kicking off—here are our picks for…Read more...
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There's An Actual Name And Reason For Those Beeps You Hear In Recordings Of Astronauts In Space

The American space program, I think we’d all agree, has its own very particular set of audiovisual signatures that immediately evoke all kinds of images and feelings. There’s a certain NASA look to the objects of space travel—that gold foil stuff, lightweight aluminum frameworks, white panels with American flags on…Read more...
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Why the Taal Eruption Won't Slow Down Climate Change

An eruption at the Philippines’ Taal volcano sent locals fleeing for cover as towering ash clouds rose on Monday. Lightning licked the plumes of smoke rising from one of the most active volcanoes in an island nation with dozens of others in various states of unrest.Read more...
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Fitbit Really Wants to Be Able to Diagnose Your Sleep Apnea

If you wake up during the night feeling like you can’t breathe, or if you roll out of bed each morning wondering why you slept like shit, you might have sleep apnea. An estimated 22 million American adults have the disorder, and many of them don’t know it. A diagnosis usually requires undergoing a supervised sleep…Read more...
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Free-Diving Neanderthals Gathered Tools From the Seafloor

New evidence suggests Neanderthals gathered clam shells and volcanic rock from the bottom of the Mediterranean, which they fashioned into tools. The work is yet more evidence that Neanderthals often ventured into the water, and it adds to the body of research showing that they were nothing like the unintelligent,…Read more...
Tags: Science, Anthropology, Neanderthals, Mediterranean, Human Evolution, Ancient Humans

The US saw 14 billion-dollar disasters in 2019 — the world's second-hottest year ever

"The decade that just ended is clearly the warmest decade on record," NASA scientist Gavin Schmidt said.
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Photos of the abandoned Fukushima exclusion zone show wild animals thriving, despite lingering radiation

The incident forced the evacuation of more than 150,000 people across 440 square miles, but animals near the abandoned towns seem to be thriving.
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Breakthrough gives insight into early complex life on Earth

Japanese team spent 12 years on the project after digging up deep-sea mudFor the first 2 billion years, life on Earth comprised two microbial kingdoms – bacteria and archaea. They featured an innumerable and diverse variety of species, but, ultimately, life on Earth was not that exciting judged by today’s standards.Then, the theory goes, a rogue archaeon gobbled up a bacterium to create an entirely new type of cell that would go on to form the basis of all complex life on Earth, from plants to h...
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First asteroid found inside orbit of Venus: Caltech

Some extra-planetary Caltech news to take your mind off Earth Reports Caltech: “A rare asteroid orbiting snugly within the inner confines of our solar system has been discovered by Caltech's Zwicky Transient Facility, or ZTF, a survey camera based at Palomar Observatory. The newfound body, named 2020 AV2, is the first asteroid found to orbit entirely within the orbit of Venus.” 2020 AV2 orbits entirely within the orbit of Venus.PHOTO: Bryce Bolin/Caltech More from the Caltech media announc...
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Inside the Spectacular Implosion at the Romance Writers of America

The Romance Writers of America, one of the country’s largest writers associations, is in chaos. In late December, the RWA board made the perplexing and instantly controversial decision to censure, suspend, and ban author Courtney Milan from ever holding national office in the organization again—essentially, because…Read more...
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The 20 Best Mobile Games You Probably Have Not Played Yet

Your smartphone is a pretty decent gaming machine, which you might forget about when streaming videos, sending emails, or taking photos. In the last two years alone, 20 amazing games have launched on Android and iOS (or both).Read more...
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Colin Trevorrow's Alleged Star Wars Episode IX Ending Features Some Familiar Themes

The worst thing about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker not being universally beloved is it makes people ask “What if?” What if other decisions had been made? Could the movie have been improved? These kinds of questions feel natural with this movie in particular because Colin Trevorrow, the original director and…Read more...
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Cat Parasite Makes Mice Less Fearful, but Not Just of Cats, Study Finds

The relationship between a notorious parasite spread by cats and the mice it infects might be more complex than we thought, according to new research out this week. It suggests that mice infected with Toxoplasma gondii aren’t just less afraid of cats—they’re more mellowed out in general.Read more...
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Video: 5 California mountain lions hanging out together, home surveillance camera footage

This is some pretty amazing and highly rare video -- seldom do you get footage of five, count 'em FIVE, California mountain lions all hanging out together. The big cats were captured on home surveillance video, in a rare gathering of the typically solitary critters. “We shared the videos and photos with several of our wildlife biologists and none of them could recall ever seeing five mountain lions together in the same photo or video," said California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesp...
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CLIMATE: 2019 was hottest year on record, NASA and NOAA report

It's official. NASA and NOAA report today that 2019 was Earth's hottest year in recorded history. Excerpt from the joint January 15, 2020 announcement: Earth's global surface temperatures in 2019 ranked second-warmest since 1880, according to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Global temperatures in 2019 were 2 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 degrees Celsius) warmer than the late 19th century, according to scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institut...
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Watch: Add drain cleaner to sugar for an an awesome science experiment

If you're looking for a fun (but dangerous - wear gloves and eye protection!!) science experiment to do at home, here's a good one. Simply stir drain cleaner (98% sulfuric acid) into some sugar, and watch as it turns into a black monstrous blob that pushes its way out of the glass. The science behind it? From ThoughtCo: The sulfuric acid removes water from the sugar in a highly exothermic reaction, releasing heat, steam, and sulfur oxide fumes. Aside from the sulfurous odor, the reaction smel...
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Watch: Add drain cleaner to sugar for an awesome science experiment

If you're looking for a fun (but dangerous - wear gloves and eye protection!!) science experiment to do at home, here's a good one. Simply stir drain cleaner (98% sulfuric acid) into some sugar, and watch as it turns into a black monstrous blob that pushes its way out of the glass. The science behind it? From ThoughtCo: The sulfuric acid removes water from the sugar in a highly exothermic reaction, releasing heat, steam, and sulfur oxide fumes. Aside from the sulfurous odor, the reaction smel...
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Neanderthals dived for shells to make tools, research suggests

Study adds weight to claims that stereotype of knuckle-headed Neanderthals is wrongNeanderthals went diving for shells to turn into tools, according to new research, suggesting our big-browed cousins made more use of the sea than previously thought.The study focuses on 171 shell tools that were found in a now inaccessible coastal cave in central Italy, known as the Grotta dei Moscerini, which was excavated in 1949. Dating of animal teeth found within layers alongside the shell tools suggest they...
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Scientists used stem cells to create a new life-form: Organic robots

Straight out of the 1990s and the plot of Jurassic Park, a team of scientists have successfully created an entirely new life-form using stem cells derived from frog embryos. The new species is called a xenobot and it’s unlike anything else in nature. The researchers call it a “living robot” because, though it’s made entirely of organic material, it’s not so much grown as “developed.” Joshua Bongard, a researcher from University of Vermont who co-led the research, said: These are novel living mac...
Tags: Startups, Science, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, University Of Vermont, Joshua Bongard

Star Trek Can Be Horny as Hell, But It's Not as Simple as You Think

Science fiction is, in many ways, an extremely horny genre. The futures it depicts are ones where we have grown beyond the confines of our planet, reached into the stars, often met new civilizations...and promptly got the hots for them. So it should come to the surprise of no one that Star Trek, one of sci-fi’s most…Read more...
Tags: Science, Sex, Fucking, Star Trek, Cbs, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek The Original Series

No Number of Avengers Can Save the Boring, Unfunny Dolittle

Just when I thought Dolittle couldn’t get any less funny or idiotic, Robert Downey Jr. sticks his arms up a dragon’s asshole. And I do mean that literally.Read more...
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Nuts Don't Have as Many Calories as You Think

Whole nuts have fewer calories than were previously thought. For a few years, research confirming that fact has been trickling in, but now the labels on foods are beginning to change. One KIND bar that was formerly 200 calories, for example, will now be labeled as containing 180 calories.Read more...
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Bernie Is Right: Trade Is a Climate Issue

During last night’s Democratic presidential debate on CNN, a moderator asked candidates about their position on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Senator Bernie Sanders explained he didn’t support the controversial trade deal because it doesn’t take the climate crisis, “the greatest threat facing this planet,”…Read more...
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Earth: Still Hot

The clearest indicator of the climate crisis is heat, and Earth is frickin’ hot. In fact, we just wrapped up the hottest decade in recorded human history. The 2010s saw eight of the planet’s 10 hottest years on record. And last year was a particularly hot one.Read more...
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