Siri Doesn’t Know Who the King of Spain Is

Siri is apparently having a really hard time figuring out what’s going on in Spain lately. Apple’s voice assistant made headlines in the European country today for providing two answers to the question, “Siri, who is the king of Spain?” The first answer, Felipe VI, is indeed the real king of the country. However, the…Read more...
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Alphabet CEO Sides With EU on Facial-Recognition Tech Moratorium, But Microsoft Isn't Convinced

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently came out in support of a European Union proposal for instating a temporary ban on facial-recognition technology until officials beef up privacy regulations.Read more...
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Scientists invent robot that climbs surfaces like Spider-Man

A pair of researchers from Zhejiang University in China have developed a device that allows humans or robots to scale walls like the Amazing Spider-Man. Researchers Xin Li and Kaige Shi developed a novel vaccuum suction unit capable of gripping rough, uneven surfaces. Until recently, if you wanted to suction-cup your way up a wall it’d have to be made of glass, slick marble, or some other unbroken surface. Standard vaccuum devices rely on an unbroken seal between the atmosphere and the gadget‘s ...
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Lexus Designers Draw Up Some Sweet Moon Whips

Even if NASA does somehow end up making its 2024 Moon landing deadline, it still has another big problem to reckon with: How to get its astronauts around in style. Because let’s face it, Boeing’s bare-bones moon buggy of yesteryear is so mid-century gouache.Read more...
Tags: Space, Science, Nasa, Lexus, Moon, Toyota, Boeing, Lunar, Lunar Rover, Fly Me To The Moon, And Let Me Kick Its Fucking Ass, Let Me Show It What I Learned, In My Moon Jujitsu Class

Harley Quinn Is Absolutely Nailing How Hard Getting Over Bad Breakups Can Be

Having broken up with the Joker in the first episode of her new DC Universe series, Harley Quinn’s been spending her time in Gotham bonding with Poison Ivy and getting together a crew of criminals in order to make a go at becoming a member of the Legion of Doom. Harley’s all too ready to grow beyond her past with the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Relationships, Dc Comics, Gotham, Animation, Streaming, Harley Quinn, Batman, Warner Bros, Domestic Abuse, The Joker, DC Entertainment, Harley, DC Universe, Poison Ivy

Doctor Who's Latest Champions Invention With a Collection of Old Ideas

Four episodes in, and so far this season of Doctor Who feels like a major pitch back to its past. Old faces, more monsters, stark messages. It’s all good and proper Doctor Who. But a commitment to bringing back the vibe of Doctor Who also brings with it a familiar problem: episodes that feel like something you’ve seen…Read more...
Tags: Science, Doctor Who, History, Bbc, Nikola Tesla, Bbc America, TV Recap, Doctor Who Recap

Blame Your Old Air Conditioner for Melting the Arctic

The ozone hole was caused by chemicals formerly used in air conditioners and refrigerators. But new research shows that the same stuff is also behind half of the warming the Arctic experienced between 1955 and 2005.Read more...
Tags: Science, Arctic, HFCS, Ozone Hole, Ice Ice Maybe

Monday's Best Deals: Protein Bars, Meat Slicers, Nintendo Switch Lite, and More

A huge Timbuk2 bag sale, 2TB Crucial internal SSD, smokeless grill, and Anker headphones lead off Monday’s best deals from around the web. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everyone!Read more...
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A Medical Student Creates Intricate Anatomical Embroideries of the Brain, Heart, Lungs & More

My first thought upon seeing the delicate, anatomy-based work of the 23-year-old embroidery artist and medical student Emmi Khan was that the Girl Scouts must have expanded the categories of skills eligible for merit badges. (If memory serves, there was one for embroidery, but it certainly didn’t look like a cross-sectioned brain, or a sinus cavity.) Closer inspection revealed that the circular views of Khan’s embroideries are not quite as tiny as the round badges stitched to high achieving Gi...
Tags: Google, Art, New York, Science, Biology, Etsy, College, Creativity, Cardiff, Khan, Public Domain, Facebook Twitter, Willis, Nina Paley, Emmi Khan

Human impact on nature 'dates back millions of years'

The impact of humans on nature may have been far greater and longer-lasting than we thought, say scientists.
Tags: Science

17 Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Easter Eggs and Tips for Riding

Did you see Finn? How about the TIE Fighter that messes everything up? Which path did you take?Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Disney, Theme Parks, Disneyland, Lucasfilm, Walt Disney World, Easter Eggs, Star Wars Galaxys Edge, Rise of the Resistance

Barometric pressure in London 'highest in 300 years' at least

High pressure at Heathrow Airport reaches 1,049.6 millibars - a record for the UK's capital.
Tags: UK, Science, London, Heathrow Airport

The spread of China's mysterious fatal Wuhan virus is poised to get infinitely worse as the Chinese New Year travel rush begins

At least three people have died from the Wuhan virus, or 2019-nCoV. Scientists say officials aren't doing enough to spot and prevent it.
Tags: Science, China, Wuhan

Pyrenees glaciers 'doomed', experts warn

Glaciers nestled in the lofty crags of the Pyrenees mountains separating France and Spain could disappear within 30 years as temperatures rise, upending ecosystems while putting local economies at risk, scientists say. "We can't set a precise date but the Pyrenees glaciers are doomed," Pierre Rene, a glaciologist with the region's Moraine glacier study association, told AFP. The United Nations has said the past decade has been the hottest on record and warned that persistent greenhouse gas emi...
Tags: Science, France, Spain, United Nations, Afp, Moraine, Pierre Rene

SpaceX to send its first astronauts to space between April and June

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk stated this past weekend that the company is planning on launching humans into space for the first time in just a few months. As reported by CNBC on Sunday, Elon Musk's SpaceX will be launching its first crewed mission sometime during Q2 of 2020. The news came from Musk himself when speaking to the press after the company completed a successful test run -- a "picture perfect" run according to Musk -- of the Crew Dragon vessel's in-flight abort system.
Tags: Spacex, Elon Musk, Science, Cnbc, Musk

What's the Most Monogamous Animal?

Animals, we know, typically lack the hang-ups that make human mating so difficult. You won’t find a bonobo moping around, stewing in jealousy. Nor will you find a bonobo contentedly fucking his or her bonobo-spouse to the exclusion of all other viable bonobos for months or decades at a time. And though that particular…Read more...
Tags: Science, Sex, Animals, Monogamy, Polyamory, Mating, Offspring

Australian bushfires didn’t just destroy specific species, but entire ecosystems

The sheer scale and intensity of the Australian bushfire crisis have led to apocalyptic scenes making the front pages of newspapers the world over. An estimated 10 million hectares (100,000 sq km) of land have burned since 1 July 2019. At least 28 people have died. And over a billion animals are estimated to have been killed to date. Of course, the actual toll will be much higher if major animal groups, such as insects, are included in these estimates. The impacts of climate change – in particul...
Tags: Startups, Science, World, Syndication

A video of medics in Hazmat suits scanning plane passengers for China's mysterious Wuhan virus is stoking fears of a global epidemic

The Wuhan virus has spread to Beijing, Shenzhen, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. Not much is known about the illness, which is likened to SARS.
Tags: South Korea, Science, China, Wuhan, Beijing Shenzhen Thailand Japan

Stuff All Your Stuff Into a New Timbuk2 Bag With up to 40% Off

Timbuk2 Bag Sale | Amazon
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Spacewalking astronauts wrap up battery improvements

A pair of spacewalking astronauts successfully wrapped up battery improvements outside the International Space Station on Monday, completing a job begun last fall. NASA's Jessica Meir and Christina Koch installed the last new battery in a set of six launched to the orbiting lab in September. This marked the women's third spacewalk together.
Tags: Science, Nasa, International Space Station, Christina Koch, Jessica Meir

Grab Anker's Excellent Hi-Res Audio Headphones For Just $30 This Week [Exclusive]

Anker Soundcore Life Q10 | $30 | Amazon | Clip the coupon code on page and use the promo code KINJA3032Read more...
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Netflix Just Picked Up 21 Studio Ghibli Movies, But Not In North America Or Japan

The good news is that Netflix just got the rights to stream pretty much every major Studio Ghibli release, from Totoro to Princess Mononoke to Ponyo. The bad news is that, if you’re in North America or Japan, that news doesn’t apply to you.Read more...
Tags: Japan, Science, Netflix, North America, Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro

On the edge between science and art: Historical biodiversity data from Japanese 'gyotaku'

Japanese cultural art of 'gyotaku,' which means 'fish impression' or 'fish rubbing,' captures accurate images of fish specimens. It has been used by recreational fishermen and artists since the Edo Period. Distributional data from 261 'Gyotaku' rubbings were extracted for 218 individual specimens, roughly representing regional fish fauna and common fishing targets in Japan through the years. The results of the research are presented in a paper published by Japanese scientists in open-access jour...
Tags: Japan, Science

Prolonged breath-holding could help radiotherapy treatment of cardiac arrhythmias

A technique that enables patients suffering from heart conditions to hold their breath safely for over five minutes could have potential as part of a new treatment for cardiac arrhythmias, say researchers at the University of Birmingham.
Tags: Science

Nearly 9 in 10 parents say teens spend too much time gaming

Eighty-six percent of parents agree that teens spend too much time gaming, but many may be mistaken about the extent of their own child's video game habits, a new national poll suggests.
Tags: Science

People with inadequate access to food 10% to 37% more likely to die prematurely

Adults with food insecurity (i.e., inadequate access to food because of financial constraints) are 10% to 37% more likely to die prematurely from any cause other than cancer compared to food-secure people, found new research in CMAJ.
Tags: Science

Refining breast cancer classification by multiplexed imaging

An imaging approach developed at UZH enables the study of breast cancer tissue in greater detail. It uses 35 biomarkers to identify the different cell types in breast tumors and its surrounding area compared to the current standard of testing single markers. This increases the precision of tumor analysis and classification - and improves personalized diagnostics for breast cancer patients.
Tags: Science, UZH

Combined prenatal smoking and drinking greatly increases SIDS risk

Children born to mothers who both drank and smoked beyond the first trimester of pregnancy have a 12-fold increased risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) compared to those unexposed or only exposed in the first trimester of pregnancy, according to a new study supported by the National Institutes of Health.
Tags: Science

Want to know what climate change will do in your back yard? There's a dataset for that

The 7-terabyte dataset, the largest of its kind, helps envision climate-change scenarios at scales as small as 1 kilometer. A new review validates and describes the dataset.
Tags: Science

Wisdom of the crowd? Building better forecasts from suboptimal predictors

Scientists at the University of Tokyo and Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. have shown how to combine the forecasts of a collection of suboptimal 'delay embedding' predictors for time series data. This work may help improve the forecasting of floods, stock market gyrations, spatio-temporal brain dynamics, and ecological resource fluctuations
Tags: Science, University Of Tokyo, Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc

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