The WHO keeps sticking up for China as the coronavirus gets worse and experts paint a far darker picture

The WHO delayed declaring the coronavirus outbreak a health emergency, and today made a point of praising China's response.
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Alleged CIA Leaker Joshua Schulte Was Made Scapegoat for Being 'a Pain in the Ass,' Defense Argues

Defense lawyers for former CIA software engineer Joshua Adam Schulte say that the CIA and federal prosecutors don’t actually know for certain who was behind a 2017 leak of cyber espionage documents, let alone whether it was their client, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. Instead, they said he really pissed…Read more...
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How Birds of Prey Stands Out in DC's Post-Wonder Woman World

Margot Robbie has been hoping to get a movie like Birds of Prey on screen for years—and this Friday, that dream will finally be achieved. But in the time since Birds of Prey first became an idea over at DC, the superhero cinema landscape has slowly but surely begun to change. From Wonder Woman to Captain Marvel,…Read more...
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No One Wants to Pay for Apple News+

Apple is looking for a new exec to lead its Apple News+ business, because no one wants to pay $10 a month for magazines when there are so many things to watch on TV.Read more...
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CEO of Creepy Face Recognition Firm Clearview AI Says He Has First Amendment Right to Billions of Photos

Hoan Ton-That, the CEO and founder of a face recognition company that he freely admits could help lead to a surveillance “nightmare” and a “dystopian future or something,” says he has a First Amendment right to scrape whatever images he damn well pleases off public websites like Twitter to pad out his company’s…Read more...
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Alphabet's Jigsaw Develops Tool to Help Journalists Identify Manipulated Imagery

The proliferation of doctored or misleading images that manage to spread like wildfire has required that newsrooms, fact-checkers, and journalists be especially wary of disinformation and targeted campaigns in various media. Jigsaw, an Alphabet-owned company, has announced a new tool aimed at helping journalists…Read more...
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Instagram brought in more money than YouTube in 2019

There's little doubt that Instagram is important to Facebook's bottom line, but how big is it, really? It might be larger than you think. Bloomberg sources say Instagram racked up $20 billion in ad revenue in 2019, handily eclipsing YouTube's $15.1 billion -- yes, the most popular video site on the planet wasn't as lucrative as a photo-focused social network. Instagram unsurprisingly played an important role in Facebook's finances, accounting for more than a quarter of the...
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Couple Receives 55,000 Identical Bills from Student Loan Company In the Mail

Having delivered the last of this season’s letters to Santa, the United States Postal Service marches into bad winter determined to ferry bundles of wishlists from the wide-eyed children of the College Avenue Student Loan Company, who really really wanted a couple to pay their bill this quarter. The company addressed…Read more...
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The Wuhan coronavirus and SARS share 80% of their genetic codes. Here's how the 2 outbreaks compare.

SARS killed 774 people between 2002 and 2003. The new Wuhan coronavirus shares 80% of its genetic information with that coronavirus.
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Disney+ Reveals When The Mandalorian Will Return and When Marvel Will Arrive

When the summer movie season ends this year, Disney+ heats up. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced today that Marvel Studios’ first streaming show, The Falcon and Winter Soldier, will debut in August. It’ll be followed by season two of The Mandalorian in October, and WandaVision in December.Read more...
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These dogs may save the citrus industry from a devastating pandemic

Researchers find that dogs can be trained to sniff out the bacteria that causes citrus greening, with 99+ percent accuracy
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Jackass penguin call shares traits of human speech, scientists say

Researchers analysed 590 recordings taken in Italian zoos of birds’ distinctive sound The call of the jackass penguin, a wheezing bray that sounds like a donkey in distress, follows some of the same linguistic laws found in human languages, scientists have found.Researchers say that, just like in our own speech, more frequently used sounds within the call tend to be shorter, while the longer the call, the shorter the sounds within it. It is the first time this pattern has been shown outside prim...
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US working with drug firm on new coronavirus treatment

The United States is working with a pharmaceutical company to develop a treatment for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, using a class of drug that has boosted survival rates among Ebola patients, officials said Tuesday. The partnership between the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Regeneron will develop monoclonal antibodies to fight the infection, a different line of treatment to the antiretrovirals and flu drugs that have also emerged as possible defenses against the disease. "Emer...
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A Second Butterfly Defender Has Been Found Dead in Mexico

Two butterfly activists have been found dead in Mexico in less than a week.Read more...
Tags: Murder, Science, Activism, Mexico, Butterflies

Nighttime Camera Catches Coyote and Badger in Absolute Cahoots

Wild animals of different species going on adventures together is a fiction invented by animated films—or is it? A new video, in which a coyote and badger are seen traveling together at night, has us questioning reality as we know it.Read more...
Tags: Science, Animal Behavior, Badgers, Coyotes, Animal Intelligence, Highway Crossings, Inter Species Cooperation

This $6 Berrylicious Container Keeps All Your Small Fruits Super Fresh!

Prepworks Berry Keeper | $6 | Amazon
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This General Grievous Cosplay Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

Few Star Wars characters are more difficult to cosplay than General Grievous. He’s a skeletal being, more machine than anything else, with four arms and a very distinctive way of moving. It’s simply not something a normal person can do. Read more...
Tags: Science, Disney, Lucasfilm, Cosplay, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Revenge Of The Sith, General Grievous, Wicked Armor

Does Beyoncé Know That She's Trying To Help You Raise Your Credit Score?

Look at the screenshot above, from the website for credit-repair company Finance Council, featuring noted mother-and-daughter pair Tina Knowles-Lawson and Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, and you may think, “Well, that’s obviously fake. Anyone can put any picture on their website and say it’s a celebrity endorsement.”…Read more...
Tags: Science, Beyonce, Credit, Sponsors, Tina Knowles, Tina Knowles Lawson, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter, Finance Council

The UK Plans to Ban the Sale of Gas and Hybrid Cars by 2035

The UK is going hard in its game to ban cars. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced at the launch of talks related to COP26, the next chapter of international climate talks, that his government would accelerate its ban on the sale of gas- and diesel-run vehicles from 2040 to 2035. Leaders are even adding hybrids to…Read more...
Tags: Transportation, UK, Science, Boris Johnson, Hybrids, Greenhouse Gases, Ban Cars

Drone footage shows the 11-million-person city of Wuhan, China, empty during the largest quarantine in human history

Chinese authorities have placed Wuhan — where the coronavirus outbreak began — under quarantine. The city has become a ghost town.
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One map shows where the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has spread — more than 24,000 cases are confirmed across 26 countries

Cases of the coronavirus has been reported in 25 countries outside of China, with 11 cases in the US.
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1,400 pounds of shark fins worth about $1 million were seized in a Miami port

Officials believe the shipment was on its way from South America to Asia, where shark fins are used for cooking and traditional medicine.
Tags: Asia, Science, Miami, South America

One map shows where the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has spread — more than 23,000 cases are confirmed across 26 countries

Cases of the coronavirus has been reported in 25 countries outside of China, with 11 cases in the US.
Tags: Science, China, Wuhan

The MTA Is Dangling a Big Bag of Money in Front of Uber and Lyft

It’s been said that, despite a robust transit system, all New Yorkers do is complain about the subway. This is true! We like complaining. But every bit of bile stored for the next unplanned service outage is nothing compared to the gallons of piss and vinegar that should deservedly be poured onto the MTA’s pilot plan…Read more...
Tags: Lyft, Uber, New York, Science, Mta, Neoliberal Economics

LG Pulls Out of Mobile World Congress, Citing Coronavirus Concerns

Mobile World Congress, the biggest phone and wireless industry trade show of the year, is just weeks away, but the coronavirus outbreak is causing at least two companies to put their announcements on hold.Read more...
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Fujifilm's New X100V Could Make a Great Everyday Travel Camera

Cameras on phones have gotten pretty good over the last few years (especially the ones with multiple rear lenses), but sometimes you just want something that snaps pics with a bit better quality, and with the new X100V, it feels like Fujifilm has made an everyday travel camera that fills the gap between phones and…Read more...
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Face mask and hand sanitizer hoarders face $42,108 fine and up to 2 years in prison under new South Korean law amid coronavirus spread

Stores in the country, including Costco, have reportedly had trouble meeting the demand for face masks.
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The Wuhan coronavirus has spread to 26 countries. Here's how to protect yourself while traveling.

More than 60 airlines have canceled flights to China and several countries have imposed their own travel restrictions.
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You Can Now Build Your Own Login Security Key With Google's Free Software

If you genuinely take your online security seriously you should be using two-factor authentication paired with a security key every time you log in. There are lots of options out there, including Google’s own $50 Titan security key set, but the company has also recently released software you can use to build your own…Read more...
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Climate Change Is Making It Harder for Polar Bears to Raise Babies

Polar bears are basically mascots of the environmental movement owing to the risks the climate crisis poses to them. And y’all, they’re doing really, really badly!Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, Polar Bears, They Call It Global Warming For A Reason, Ice Ice Maybe

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