Is it time to re-think the love story?

When it comes to love stories, what makes a great novel a classic rather than a guilty pleasure?
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Amazon Wins Court Injunction, Halting Work on $10 Billion JEDI Contract It Lost to Microsoft

A federal judge just put the brakes on a major military contract after Amazon argued it only lost out to rival Microsoft because the president wanted to “screw” CEO Jeff Bezos.Read more...
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Trafficking industry hit as ‘sex worker’ chatbots fool thousands

Campaign to lure men seeking to buy sex triggers big decline in online searches in SeattleSex trafficking in a US city was significantly disrupted by a non-profit group that deployed decoy chatbots in conversations with tens of thousands of men.During a two-year period, Seattle Against Slavery posted fake online adverts that connected people with chatbots that initially posed as sex workers, before delivering a deterrence message. The campaign, which also involved placing more than 2m Google adv...
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Vertical Movies Are Coming Whether Anyone Actually Wants to Watch Them

Smartphone cameras have become so good that they’ve turned us all into amateur directors. But because social networks like Snapchat and Instagram encourage vertical videos, we don’t shoot the horizontal footage that makes sense for, say, a movie. That’s fine when an Instagram Story video is only 15 seconds long. But…Read more...
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NASA's iconic 'Pale Blue Dot' photograph turns 30 on Friday. It shows Earth in the void of space from nearly 4 billion miles away.

Thirty years ago, Voyager 1 snapped its iconic "Pale Blue Dot" photograph of the Earth from nearly 4 billion miles away.
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Looks Like Huawei Might Be Screwed This Time [Update: Huawei Responded]

The Department of Justice announced on Thursday that it was unsealing a superseding indictment against Chinese tech giant Huawei, charging the company and several of its affiliates under a law traditionally used to take down sprawling criminal syndicates that operated under multiple layers of secrecy.Read more...
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Looks Like Huawei Might Be Screwed This Time

The Department of Justice announced on Thursday that it was unsealing a superseding indictment against Chinese tech giant Huawei, charging the company and several of its affiliates under a law traditionally used to take down sprawling criminal syndicates that operated under multiple layers of secrecy.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Crime, China, Espionage, Department Of Justice, Sanctions, Huawei, Racketeering, Trade War, Corporate Espionage, US China Trade War, Trade Theft

Australian wildfires claimed the mothers and habitats of these baby kangaroos. New photos show their lives with animal carers.

The devastating bushfires in New South Wales have finally all been contained, officials announced Thursday.
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The Coronavirus Robot Is Real Swole But Real Dumb

The coronavirus robot has one thing going for it: out of all the androids that have asked me if I’ve experienced diarrhea in the past seven days, this one is definitely the most swole. Sadly, the machine (called Promobot) is also a total himbo—ultimately just a laggy iPad attached to a large, imposingly muscular metal…Read more...
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Last month was the hottest January on record

In 141 years of climate records, January 2020 was the hottest January yet, according to scientists from NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information. Global land and ocean surface temperatures were 2.05 degrees Fahrenheit (1.14 degrees Celsius) above the 20th-Century average, beating the previous record set in January 2016 by 0.04 degrees F (0.02 degrees C).
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NASA picks missions to Venus, Triton and Io as finalists for Discovery funding

NASA has selected four proposed Discovery-class interplanetary missions to receive $3 million to flesh out their concepts, with the aim of choosing one or two of them next year for further funding. Two of the proposed missions focus on Venus: DAVINCI+ (Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry, and Imaging Plus), which would send an spherical probe through Venus' atmosphere to study the cloud-covered planet's atmosphere all the way down to the surface; and VERITAS (Ve...
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NASA Releases Remixed Version of Iconic ‘Pale Blue Dot’ Photo

A humbling photo of Earth taken by the Voyager 1 probe from a distance of 3.7 billion miles has been reprocessed by NASA to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the image. Read more...
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CDC is hopeful weather will suppress coronavirus, others unsure of weather's role

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) on Thursday confirmed the 15th case of novel coronavirus in the United States after a Chinese evacuee was flown to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. The 14th U.S. case of COVID-19, the official name for the strain of novel coronavirus that has infected tens of thousands mostly in China, was confirmed on Wednesday night.The death toll for the virus reached more than 1,300 total fatalities as of Thursday morning, the vast majority of which have occurred i...
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Mysterious Object Beyond Pluto Could Help Explain How Our Solar System Formed

Nothing you encounter is truly “pristine.” Nearly every atom on our planet has been processed in some way, either by humans, the Sun, Earth’s core, or other influences. But on New Year’s Day 2019, the New Horizons mission flew past one of the most pristine objects in the solar system: Arrokoth, an object far beyond…Read more...
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How a space snowman called Arrokoth is shedding new light on planetary origins

The space snowman that was the focus of a close encounter with NASA's New Horizons probe last year is helping scientists answer a cosmic question: How did the building blocks of the solar system get their start? "This is a game-changer," said Alan Stern, a planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute and principal investigator for the New Horizons mission. Stern and other members of the New Horizons science team shared their latest findings about the snowman-shaped object now know...
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Overwatch's YouTube Deal Makes A New Brigitte Skin Costly For Most Players

Until February 19, Blizzard is offering Overwatch players a skin nobody asked for, but that is, admittedly, pretty funny: “Goat Brigitte,” a horned, blue-and-purple number meant to commemorate the notoriously unpopular “GOATS” meta that dominated OWL season two last year. There’s just one problem: It’s currently…Read more...
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Marvel's First Big-Screen Queer Couple Will Be Eternals' Haaz Sleiman and Brian Tyree Henry

Last summer, Marvel head Kevin Feige cleared up some confusion about when audiences could expect to see the studio’s first queer superhero fighting to save the world on the big screen. After initial reports that Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie would explore her canonical bisexuality in Thor: Love & Thunder, Feige explained…Read more...
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It's Straight Up Balmy in Antarctica

Picture this: It’s 68 degrees Fahrenheit. You’re comfortably rocking a light denim jacket. You’re sipping a gin and tonic. You’ve got a picnic blanket and a spread of raw veggies and dips. The wind is in your hair. So nice to be in…the Antarctic.Read more...
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With Our Delightfully Nerdy Valentine's Day Cards, You Can Become a Clan of 2

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (and right before a holiday weekend)! To celebrate this horniest of days, io9 is back with our latest collection of nerdy Valentines—featuring cameos from the Mandalorian, Jean-Luc Picard, Harley Quinn, and, of course...a Witcher in a tub.Read more...
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Scoby Slime a Sustainable, Edible Packaging Possibility

As single-use plastic waste continues to pile up, packaging solutions comprised of alternative materials are in high demand. While recycled material offers the opportunity for adaptive reuse, options that are naturally available could provide even more sustainable solutions. Scoby, an edible and natural byproduct of the process of fermenting kombucha, could be a zero-waste option for packaging dry and semi-dry goods. Polish designer Roza Janusz …
Tags: Wellness, Food, Drinks, Science, Design, Environment, Packaging, Plastic Waste, Linkaboutit, Kombucha, Plastics, SCOBY, Single Use Plastics

Eerie photos show travelers quarantined in motels, detention centers, and cruise ships due to the coronavirus

France has placed evacuees in a seaside resort, while Australian nationals are being held in a detention center on a remote island.
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Plastic waste is a problem, but wasting what the plastic is wrapping is many times worse.

Judith Thornton questions the conventional wisdom about plastic packaging. She has a controversial point.
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Heading a Soccer Ball Can Worsen Cognition for Up to 24 Hours, Study Finds

A new study of soccer players seems to show that repeated mild blows to the head can affect athletes’ brain function, at least temporarily. It found evidence that players perform worse on simple tests of eye coordination and cognition right after heading a ball than players who simply kick it around, for up to 24…Read more...
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Human brain parts left over from surgery boosts research

Experts are developing a better knowledge of the brain by studying tissue left over from surgery.
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The New Frontiers of Farming Come With Huge Climate Risks

Not sure you’ve heard, but the planet is getting hotter. The heat is making farming harder in some places, but it’s also making it possible to bring agriculture into new areas. Farmers are growing food in northern Alberta, Canada. Russia plans to “use the advantages” of global warming to expand its agriculture…Read more...
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‘Sensorized’ skin helps robots understand where the hell they are

Clumsy robots have been offered hope of improving their coordination after MIT researchers found a new way to help them find their bearings. The system gives soft robots a greater awareness of their movements by analysing motion and position data through a ‘sensorized’ skin. It works by collecting feedback from sensors on the robot‘s body. A deep learning model then analyses the data to estimate the robot‘s 3D configuration. [Read: Scientists used stem cells to create a new life-form: Organic ro...
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How I Discovered a 40-Million-Year-Old Whale in Kitchen Limestone

Late one night last September, I received a phone call from a stranger. The man, the owner of a stone-cutting workshop near Cairo, told me he had seen something strange—some kind of fossil—while slicing into a large block of limestone that was to be used in building a kitchen. As a professional paleontologist with a…Read more...
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Trolls Force Artist to Cancel a Planned Greta Thunberg Mural in North Dakota

Drama is afoot in the capital of North Dakota. The state is the site of both the famous Standing Rock protests of 2016 and some of the country’s greatest crude oil reserves. And it was going to be home to one amazing mural of 17-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg in Bismarck, North Dakota until a whole bunch of…Read more...
Tags: Art, Photography, Science, North Dakota, Bismarck North Dakota, Greta Thunberg, Greta The Great

The largest study of coronavirus patients so far suggests it could take up to 24 days after exposure for symptoms to show

The novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, has killed at least 1,370 people and infected more than 60,000 people in six weeks.
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FuckJerry Pivots From Stealing Content to Helping Bloomberg Buy Elections

A squall of Michael Bloomberg-approved “memes” swept Instagram virtually overnight, and all the thirsty hitmakers are here: FuckJerry, , Sonny5ideup, Four Twenty, kalesalad, Tank.Sinatra, thefunnyintrovert, and the grapejuiceboys. They’re not funny and they’re not technically memes, but they are content.…Read more...
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