Coronavirus: flight evacuating Britons from stricken cruise ship leaves Japan

Thirty-two British and European passengers from Diamond Princess on board plane due to land in England on Saturday, Foreign Office says The British government has begun repatriating its citizens trapped on a coronavirus-hit cruise ship in Japan for more than two weeks.“The evacuation flight from Japan has now departed with 32 British and European passengers on board, as well as British government and medical staff,” the Foreign Office said in a statement on Saturday. Continue reading...
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Study finds quarter of climate change tweets from bots

Researchers at Brown University found bots were far more likely to post tweets denying climate change.
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Coronavirus outbreak: South Korea church cluster drives huge jump in cases

Central city of Daegu is at the epicentre of the infections, health officials say, as China’s Hubei province sees 106 more deathsSouth Korea has reported another huge jump in cases of coronavirus as the country fights to contain the spread of the deadly disease.The number of infections has increased by 142 to 346, officials said on Saturday, with most of the cases linked to the city of Daegu and surrounding region two hours south of Seoul. Continue reading...
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SETI and other alien-hunting strategies are dealing with new tools — and new troubles

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence, better known as SETI, is taking advantage of a widening array of strategies — ranging from sophisticated laser searches, to a new type of wide-angle optical observatory, to arrangements to conduct the search simultaneously with other scientific efforts. But new technologies are also bringing new challenges: For example, how will radio astronomers deal with the noise created by a fast-growing number of satellites in low Earth orbit? The technological ...
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Canadian Privacy Commissioners to Investigate Creepy Facial Recognition Firm Clearview AI

Canadian authorities are investigating shady face recognition company Clearview AI on the grounds that its scraping of billions of photos from the web might violate privacy laws, Reuters reported on Friday.Read more...
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2 studies of coronavirus patients suggest the disease's incubation period could be longer than the standard quarantine period of 14 days

The novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, has killed at least 2,250 people and infected more than 76,000 people in about eight weeks.
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A Quarter of All Climate Tweets Come From Bots—and They're More Likely to Peddle Denial

The bots are taking over, man. Researchers have found that bots are largely fueling climate denial propaganda on Twitter. Read more...
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Amazon's Trash Chute of a Marketplace Is Now a Hotbed for Products Claiming to 'Kill' Coronavirus

It’s no secret that Amazon’s marketplace is overrun with garbage—literal or otherwise—and that the company struggles and often fails to manage its own massive marketplace that lumps legitimately trustworthy brands and products in with third-party sellers. Amazon’s latest challenge appears to be regulating a burgeoning…Read more...
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The Diamond Princess cruise ship, where at least 691 people caught the coronavirus, is setting sail again in April. Here's how it's being cleaned.

A spokesperson for Princess' parent company Carnival Corp. said the ship will be sprayed with a standard disinfectant after the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Sanders Rebuffs Alleged 'Help' From Moscow, Says None Needed From an 'Autocratic Thug'

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday responded to a report in the Washington Post stating U.S. officials had warned the Vermont senator that Russia was attempting to aid his presidential campaign as part of a larger effort to sow discord in the Democratic contest. Read more...
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Activision Subpoenas Reddit to Uncover Mysterious 'Call of Duty' Leaker

Reddit’s had its fair share of leakers in the past, with more than a few dedicated to the task of sharing leaks from video games, movies, tv shows, and the like. Last week, one of these leakers posted a now-deleted clip that they claimed was from the game’s new “battle royale” mode coming to Call of Duty in…Read more...
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Hot Wheels Made a Mini Tesla Cybertruck Complete With Broken Window Stickers

If you thought stepping on a Lego Brick was painful, Mattel is about to up the ante with the introduction of Hot Wheels versions of Tesla’s angular, brutalist Cybertruck. Out of the box they arrive in pristine condition, but a set of included decals lets you customize at least one of the vehicles with shattered, …Read more...
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Sex Offenders on Tinder, Other Dating Apps, Spur Probe by House Members

House Democrats on Thursday revealed they are investigating reports of registered sex offenders across a slew of popular dating apps owned by Match Group, including Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid, and are questioning whether Match Group is taking appropriate steps to protect users from sexual violence. Read more...
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World's Biggest Fossil Fuel Funder Notes Climate Change Could End 'Human Life as We Know it'

The finance industry is issuing some of the direst warnings about climate change while funding the industry most responsible for it. Today’s example: JP Morgan.Read more...
Tags: Science, Fossil Fuels, Jp Morgan, Climate Crisis

Private Equity Firm Trying to Take Over .Org Registry Pinkie Swears to Only Be Sort of Evil for a Limited Time

There’s no good reason for the nonprofit Internet Society’s Public Interest Registry, which controls .org registration across the planet, to be sold off to private equity vampires that exist only to suck value out of other ventures. But that’s slated to happen, and buyer Ethos Capital is trying to sweeten the deal by…Read more...
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We asked 12 climate scientists where they'd live in the US to avoid future natural disasters. Here's what they said.

Cities like Portland, Tulsa, and Minneapolis rank among the preferred locations for avoiding effects of climate change.
Tags: Science, Minneapolis, US, Portland Tulsa

11 Horror Movies Featuring Creepy, Haunted Apartments

Haunted houses may get all the attention, but apartment buildings can give off some mighty terrifying energy, too—whether it’s in the form of something that follows you in, or something that pounces once you’ve signed your lease. Here are 11 movies featuring apartments you’re glad aren’t part of your rental history.Read more...
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YouTube Will Look Like Ass on Election Day, Reportedly

All but ensuring that the American public will not forget who’s running for president on election day, a certain president has bought out YouTube’s masthead space for the days leading up to and on November 3rd, . It didn’t have to be like this; according to Bloomberg, Google had considered barring all…Read more...
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Star Trek: Picard's Latest Guest Star Momentarily Broke My Brain

Star Trek: Picard is a show that takes us further into the franchise’s future than any previous Trek series before it (well, until Discovery takes the crown by a century or nine). But it’s also a show about familiar faces, and catching us up on beloved characters. So much so, that one guest star in this week’s episode…Read more...
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Here Are Some Gulls Playing With a Dildo

Conservation photographer Jennifer Warner visited the Children’s Pool in La Jolla, California on Tuesday in order to photograph the pupping harbor seals that have taken up residence on the beach. She soon noticed some juvenile gulls chasing each another around and causing a ruckus; one of them had what she thought at…Read more...
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These 9 cities are saving big-time on heating costs this winter

Estimated heating costs have substantially decreased year-over-year in many U.S. cities so far this heating season. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan) The brief Arctic outbreak this week in the Midwest and Northeast that brought temperatures near 30 degrees Fahrenheit below zero in northern Minnesota, for instance, was an aberration for a winter that has been warmer than normal.Since the beginning of 2020, temperatures have averaged nearly 8 degrees above normal in Boston, more than 6 degrees above nor...
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Bird That Looks Like It Died Yesterday Turns Out to Be 46,000 Years Old

On Jacquelyn Gill’s first day doing field work at the Siberian permafrost caves during the summer of 2018, a local fossil hunter approached her with a dead bird in his hands. The translator hadn’t yet arrived, but from the freshly dead look of the bird, Gill assumed it had just recently flown into the cave and died. A…Read more...
Tags: Science, Siberia, Paleontology, Ice Age, Gill, Wildlife Trade, Pleistocene, Jacquelyn Gill, Birdmodo, Horned Larks

Seems Like Star Wars: The Clone Wars Will Cross Into Revenge of the Sith After All

Star Wars fans know Revenge of the Sith begins with the end of the Clone Wars. So, most people assumed The Clone Wars TV show would end before that, or at least right at that moment. But if there’s one thing you should never do in the world of Star Wars producer Dave Filoni, it’s assume anything.Read more...
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ICYMI: Floodwaters slowly recede across the South, winter weather makes roads dangerous and police pull off a dramatic rescue

Winter will soon come to an end, but on its way out, Mother Nature unleashed a fury of snow, ice and whiteout conditions that wreaked havoc from parts of Canada down to the northern tier of the United States. Meanwhile, the South battled torrential flooding as states of emergency were declared, and a Chicago man's intense rescue from the largest of the Great Lakes was captured on camera. Here's a glance back at the week in weather news.Cross-country winter storm leaves crews, residents d...
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Final week of February to bring multiple chances for snowfall across the nation

As February enters its final week, AccuWeather forecasters are eyeing two storms -- one weakening, the other strengthening -- that have the potential to dump snow on areas from the central Plains and middle Mississippi Valley to the Great Lakes region and the interior Northeast.Parts of the I-95 corridor, which have received well-below-average snowfall so far this season, will continue to miss out on any snow that develops, AccuWeather meteorologists say.The first storm began in Southern Califor...
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Things Are Not Looking Good for Stopping the Coronavirus

The prospect that the new coronavirus, whose outbreak has been so far largely confined to China, could become a pandemic is seeming more likely today. This week, several countries have reported local clusters of the disease outside of mainland China, suggesting the virus is freely circulating there. Meanwhile, a new…Read more...
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SpaceX reportedly seeking to raise $250M as Starlink and Starship efforts ramp up

SpaceX is seeking to bring in about $250 million in new investment during a funding round that's still underway, amid a burst of activity related to the company's Starlink satellites and Starship super-rocket, CNBC reports. CNBC quotes unnamed people familiar with the investment round as saying it's expected to close by mid-March, resulting in a roughly $36 billion valuation for the company. Privately held SpaceX raised more than $1.2 billion last year, according to filings with the ...
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Google Is Finally Making Android Apps Treat Your Location Information More Responsibly

Google has informed developers that it’s about to enforce new restrictions on Android apps that unnecessarily track user location data in the background. It informed developers that all apps in the Google Play store will need to have express approval from the company to collect such data or risk being pulled entirely.Read more...
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6 students killed as flash flooding strikes Indonesia

At least six students were killed and five are still missing after heavy, drenching storms produced flash floods on the Indonesian island of Java on Friday.The victims were a part of a large group consisting of about 250 students and teachers that was conducting scout activities along the Sempor River in the Sleman district of Yogyakarta, according to The Straits Times. Rescuers search for victims following a flash flood in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Friday, Feb. 21, 2020. The flash flood hit hun...
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Antidepressants could lead to lifelong dependence, doctors warn, since going off them can trigger agitation, headaches, and flu-like symptoms

Antidepressants aren't known to be addictive like other prescription pills, but going off them can lead to unpleasant physical effects.
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