The US is telling Americans with pre-existing conditions to avoid trips to Italy

US issues level two travel warning for Italy, which now has the highest number of COVID-19 cases outside of Asia.
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Coronavirus live updates: fourth Diamond Princess passenger dies as Japan closes some schools

Concerns mount that the spread of Covid-19 cannot be stopped as stock markets fall amid investor fears. Follow latest newsCoronavirus outbreak is pandemic ‘in all but name’, says expert Stocks fall as virus fears hit global marketsIran denies cover-up after reports of 50 deathsWhat is coronavirus and what should I do if I have symptoms? 3.17am GMT Some sobering statistics from Chinese state media on the economic impact of the virus – 60% of firms face difficulties, with 6% facing bankruptcy....
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Bloomberg May Be Taking Hits in the Polls, But He's Crushing the Social Media Cringe Finals

Former New York City mayor and billionaire oligarch Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign hasn’t had the best week since the Feb. 19 Democratic primary debate in Nevada, where he was more or less mechanically separated into meat byproducts by the rest of the field on everything from his support for stop-and-frisk…Read more...
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The Cherokee Nation Becomes First US Tribe to Store Seeds in Svalbard Doomsday Vault

Tuesday marks a milestone for indigenous farming. A collection of Cherokee traditional seeds has reached the Arctic Circle to be preserved in the world biggest seed bank, after a 4,147 miles (6,674 kilometer) journey.Read more...
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In True Star Wars Style, a Very Silly Hashtag May Have Just Revealed an Intriguing Clone Wars Secret

Only a franchise as gleefully dumb as Star Wars could drop a major tease via the medium of...secret emojis?Read more...
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The CDC is warning travelers about visiting 5 countries because of the coronavirus. Here's the US government's guidance for Americans.

The US government has issued travel warnings for multiple countries affected by the novel coronavirus. Here's where you should avoid going.
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Tiny Chinese seaweed is oldest green plant fossil ever found

Proterocladus antiquus carpeted seafloor 1bn years ago and was size of rice grainScientists have found in rocks from northern China what may be the oldest fossils of a green plant ever found: tiny seaweed that carpeted areas of the seafloor 1bn years ago and were part of a primordial revolution among life on Earth.Researchers on Monday said the plant, called Proterocladus antiquus, was about the size of a rice grain and boasted numerous thin branches, thriving in shallow water while attached to ...
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Four Babies in NYC Have Recently Gotten Herpes From Controversial Circumcision Ritual

A seldom-practiced religious ritual has led to a cluster of herpes cases among infants, New York City health officials said Sunday. At least four infants have contracted the potentially fatal viral disease since last September, all after undergoing a circumcision during which the circumciser placed their mouth on the…Read more...
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On Twin Peaks Day, We Want to Know: What's Your All-Time Favorite Moment on the Show?

It’s been 30 years since Agent Cooper drove through the evergreens and into the town of Twin Peaks for the first time, changing his life and TV history forever. Though Twin Peaks technically premiered in April of 1990, Coop notes the in-show date as February 24—thereby making today Twin Peaks Day. Let’s rock!Read more...
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Coronavirus live updates: stock markets tumble amid global investor alarm

Concerns mount that the spread of Covid-19 cannot be stopped as deaths outside Asia continue to rise. Follow latest newsCoronavirus outbreak is pandemic ‘in all but name’, says expert Stocks fall as virus fears hit global marketsIran denies cover-up after reports of 50 deathsWhat is coronavirus and what should I do if I have symptoms? 11.30pm GMT As losses in Sydney extend to 2.4%, traders are braced for a huge fall of almost 7% in Tokyo when trading starts there in about 35 minutes. Live Ma...
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'Trailblazer,' 'human calculator,' 'hidden figure': Tributes to Katherine Johnson, who helped put men on the moon, pour in following her death

Public figures are celebrating the work and legacy of mathematician Katherine Johnson, who helped NASA launch the first men into space.
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The US has confirmed 57 coronavirus cases. Here's what we know about all the US patients.

The US has confirmed 14 local cases. Three dozen people from the Diamond Princess cruise ship and three evacuees from Wuhan also tested positive.
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One map shows how the coronavirus outbreak has spread to 35 countries around the world

Cases of the coronavirus has been reported in 34 countries outside of China, with 53 cases in the US.
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Here's the Pro-Bernie Climate Scientist Op-Ed the Washington Post Wouldn't Run

On Sunday, the Washington Post published an opinion piece by Fred Hiatt, the opinion page’s editor, entitled “How Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Both Reject the Reality of Climate Change.” This false equivalence is, to put it bluntly, absolutely one of the most idiotic things I have ever seen.Read more...
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The coronavirus death toll is still rising, but US interest in the outbreak is plummeting

Serious outbreaks outside of China have been reported in Italy, Iran, and South Korea in the last week.
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My Hero Academia's Class 1-A Tells All About Growing Up and Going Beyond for Their New Movie

My Hero Academia’s meteoric rise to one of the buzziest manga and anime series around has gifted fans with not just the excellent show’s continued adventures, but now two movies too, the second of which is finally about to make its Western debut this week. To find out more, io9 put class in session for the English dub…Read more...
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Study Shows Big Oil Rewards Members of Congress With Cash After Anti-Environment Votes

It’s no secret that the oil and gas industry is in the pockets of our elected officials. I mean, a climate denier doesn’t sit in the White House by accident, right? A new study, however, confirms just how powerful contributions from the oil and gas sector can be.Read more...
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Netflix Will Finally Tell You What the Most Popular Movies and Shows Are

Netflix’s recent pivot to churning out originals has meant that it’s been throwing a lot of shit against a wall to see what sticks. This—combined with whatever algorithm is in place to determine what you like based on what you’ve watched or selected—makes for a pretty muddy discovery process for users hoping to find…Read more...
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A conservative group with a history of climate change denial has hired a German YouTuber to challenge Greta Thunberg's 'climate crisis'

German YouTuber Naomi Seibt is on a crusade against Greta Thunberg's climate activism, which she rejects as a "dystopian agenda of climate alarmism."
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Max Q: How to build a Starship

Max Q is a new weekly newsletter all about space. Sign up here to receive it weekly on Sundays in your inbox. Busy week for SpaceX – across funding, space tourism, and next-gen spacecraft. There’s also a space station resupply mission coming up that it’s getting ready for, and signs (this time literally) continue to suggest that its first human spaceflight mission is imminent. Lots of other news, too, including our own: We announced this week that NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is goin...
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3 Ways Universal's Dark Universe Went Wrong

Imagine you’re sitting down to watch a Universal monster movie. It starts off normally enough, with the Universal logo flying across the screen—only to be replaced with a new one, for the Dark Universe. This was a message that we were getting the newest mega-cinematic universe. But just as soon as it started, the Dark…Read more...
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YouTuber Banned From Every EA Game And Online Service After Rants, Threats

Kurt ‘Kurt0411’ Fenech, a FIFA Pro who is probably more notorious/famous for his YouTube presence, has been hit with one of the most severe online punishments I’ve ever seen, having been banned by EA from playing any of their games online or even accessing any of their online services.Read more...
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Watch Researchers Giggle While They Electrocute a Lifelike Robot Child

It seems we’ve learned absolutely nothing from cautionary tales like the Terminator films, because researchers in Japan have upgraded a robot that looks like a human child with the ability to feel the pain from an electrical charge applied to its skin and wince in pain.Read more...
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Don't be fooled by what decreasing flu activity means

A flu patient places a cold compress on his forehead. So far, 29 million million people in the U.S. have experienced flu illnesses. (AP Photo/David Goldman) The 2019-20 flu season is beginning its predicted decline as the second wave of flu activity decreases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, because of this year's unusually high level of flu activity, the end of this season is still more active than even the highest peak of last year's diffi...
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Coronavirus cases spike in South Korea and Italy, sparking new fears

Less than a month after world leaders told the public that the coronavirus would be contained quickly and swiftly, the virus has not only escaped mainland China but has also wreaked havoc throughout other Asian countries and claimed lives around the world.On Feb. 14, an 80-year Chinese tourist died in a hospital in Paris, the first coronavirus death outside of Asia. At the time, the man's life was the fourth claimed by the virus outside of mainland China.As of Feb. 24, the virus, officially ...
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The Shows on Netflix That Could Be Triggering Your Smart Speaker

As smart speakers have become a ubiquitous part of our day-to-day lives, so too has it become clear these devices may not be as private as they appear at first blush—that they may be listening in even when they shouldn’t be, that recordings may contain sensitive information that we didn’t realize was being uploaded to…Read more...
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Solar Storms Could Confuse Whales and Cause Mass Strandings

Gray whales seem to strand themselves more often during solar storms, according to a new study.Read more...
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Bear that strolled through CA neighborhood is back in forest where he belongs

The large black bear in this video was observed ambling around a Monrovia, California neighborhood last Friday morning. The bear walked through residential lawns, driveways and rested in a nearby alley. The Monrovia Police Department says officers observed the bear's activities, after people phoned in, and called state Department of Fish and Wildlife workers to the neighborhood. From the Associated Press: The bear was eventually tranquilized and taken to the nearest suitable forest habita...
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Leaks Suggest New Over-the-Ear AirPods Could Be On Their Way

There have been rumors swirling for a while about Apple holding a product launch event sometime at the end March, but now, a leak from an internal product inventory at Target could give us clues about what kind of devices Apple might show off later this spring. Read more...
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