NYC Regulators Sue Airbnb Software Partner Guesty, Accusing It of Illegal Business Model

The New York City government has been battling short-term rental service Airbnb, which has been blamed for an explosion in illegal hotels that have helped drive housing scarcity and rising rent in the city, for years. Now it’s suing Guesty, a concierge service and Airbnb preferred software partner that the city…Read more...
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The US has reported 6 coronavirus deaths among more than 100 cases. Here's what we know about the US patients.

All six deaths were in Washington state. In total, US coronavirus patients are being treated in 13 states.
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Washington state is buying a motel to isolate coronavirus patients

Six patients have died from coronavirus so far in the US. All of them were being treated in Washington state.
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‘Didn’t quite make it’: Data glitch forces Astra to miss out on $2M DARPA Launch Challenge prize

The once-stealthy California company known as Astra came within 53 seconds of sending up a rocket to try winning a $2 million prize in the DARPA Launch Challenge today, but ended up scrubbing the launch. If Astra's "One of Three" rocket had successfully launched its payloads to orbit from the Pacific Spaceport Complex on Alaska's Kodiak Island, it would have won DARPA's first-stage prize — and it could have been in the running for the $10 million grand prize with a second orbital lau...
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'They are a very hungry people': Fox News host fuels racist tropes about Chinese over coronavirus outbreak

"They are a very hungry people," Fox News host Jesse Watters said. "The Chinese communist government cannot feed the people."
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Gina Torres Joins The Brides TV Pilot, and We're Suddenly Very Excited About the Vampire Soap

We’ve known for a little while that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the creator of the singularly bonkers Riverdale, was working on a steamy drama series about the Brides of Dracula. The Brides, which is still in the pilot stage at ABC, has just cast its first star—and our mild interest is now sky high, because it’s Gina…Read more...
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Stock Trading App Robinhood Experiences Widespread Outages Right During Market Rally

Free stock trading app Robinhood, valued in July 2019 at over $7.6 billion, underwent a major outage on Monday amid a major rally on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Per TechCrunch, the error resulted in numerous users being locked out of their accounts and unable to trade using the service throughout the day.Read more...
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Delays and errors have put the US far behind other countries in testing and treating coronavirus patients: 'We are trotting along while they're racing'

Less than 500 Americans had been tested for the coronavirus as of Sunday, according to the CDC. South Korea has drive-through testing facilities.
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NASA is hiring new astronauts to go to the moon

The astronauts will participate in the agency’s next big mission — to help establish “sustainable exploration” on the moon by 2028.
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New York's governor is forcing health insurers to cut patients' costs for coronavirus testing

The US has reported nearly 100 cases of the novel coronavirus and six deaths, and New York recently recorded its first case.
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A New York City man wasn't tested for the coronavirus even though he had symptoms and had gone to Japan. It highlights the troublingly limited scope of US testing.

"They kind of left me in this state which was kind of a choose-your-own-adventure," the man said. He said he was told he could take the subway.
Tags: Japan, Science, New York City, US

A New York City man wasn't tested for coronavirus even though he had symptoms and had gone to Japan. It highlights the troublingly limited scope of US testing.

"They kind of left me in this state which was kind of a choose-your-own-adventure," the man said. He said he was told he could take the subway.
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9 US coronavirus patients — including 4 who died — have ties to a nursing home near Seattle. Here's how the outbreak may have spread in Washington.

Researchers recently estimated that Washington state could already have 570 coronavirus cases. The state has reported 18.
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Of Course Spotify Is Charging Artists to Promote Their Music to You

In an effort to boost ad sales and generate more revenue, Spotify is reportedly exploring a handful of ways to charge artists and labels for access to listeners—including by asking them to pay up to promote their music. RIP to your organic music recommendation playlists.Read more...
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'It's been a bit of a roller coaster': Fickle weather to determine fate of D.C. cherry blossoms

As March beckons forth the warmer weather while looking ahead to spring, cherry blossoms in D.C. are taking their cue to start the six-stage blooming process. However, one ill-timed chill from the madness of March weather could severely hinder their progress."We've had a relatively mild winter, but mild temperature days have been punctuated with a couple few days in a row of fairly frigid and below-average temperatures, so it's been a bit of a roller coaster this year," National Park Ser...
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You Can Learn a Lot About Yourself From a DNA Test. Here’s What Your Genes Cannot Tell You

“Have you found an article of clothing with a suspicious stain?” asks the website of one Florida-based company called All About Truth DNA Services, which informs readers that “aprrpoximately [sic] 60% of husbands and 40% of wives will have an affair at some point,” and recommends consumers wait for their “suspicious item” to dry and then send it in for testing. Also accepted: cigarette butts, toothpicks, hair. The landscape of the consumer genomics market now would have been barely recogniz...
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The Invisible Man Is a Hit, But Its Director and Star Haven't Talked About a Sequel Yet

With a $29 million opening weekend against a reported production budget of just $7 million, The Invisible Man is officially a hit. And, if you’ve seen the movie, you know it very much ends in a way that could set up a sequel. Those two facts seem to suggest a follow up could be coming, but when io9 spoke with the…Read more...
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Coronavirus: four more deaths announced in US – as it happened

Six deaths now confirmed in America, as South Korea reports almost 500 new cases This blog has closed: please follow our continuing live coverage here 11.50pm GMT Thanks for following our live coverage of the coronavirus outbreak today. We are about to close this live blog, but you can pick up our live coverage here.In the meantime, here’s a summary of the key points so far: Related: Coronavirus live update: WHO says world in 'unchartered territory' 11.34pm GMT The republican broadcas...
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Cool, Here's Another New Smartwatch That Looks Like an Apple Watch

Because we certainly don’t have enough Android smartwatches to choose from, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo leaked a photo of its new Oppo Watch in a tweet announcing its upcoming phone event.Read more...
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6 people from the Diamond Princess cruise ship have died from the coronavirus

The most recent death was a British man who died on February 28. He was being treated in a hospital in Japan after disembarking the ship.
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Google's Second Pixel Feature Drop Adds 12 Helpful New Software Tweaks

Pixel feature drops are part of an ongoing effort to improve Google’s homegrown phones with new upgrades and software over time. The first Pixel feature drop enhanced Google’s Call Screener, memory management, and more, and now Google’s second Pixel feature drop is bringing 12 new tweaks to the Pixel line. Read more...
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The coronavirus could pass between people who are up to 6 feet apart, the CDC warns

The coronavirus jumps from person to person in saliva and phlegm droplets, and those typically travel 3 to 5 feet.
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NASA Recreated What Apollo 13 Astronauts Saw While Circling the Moon in a Glorious 4K Visualization

Despite not actually getting to walk on its surface, the Apollo 13 astronauts were still able to visit the moon from a distance of around 158 miles which is closer than most of their fellow Earth dwellers will ever get to it. You can, however, see exactly what those astronauts saw while encircling the moon thanks to a …Read more...
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Black Hole Photobombs Asteroid

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft set out on September 8, 2016 to study the asteroid Bennu. But last fall, one of its experiments detected something surprising: a flare from a black hole.Read more...
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Does Disney Want Us…Dead?

Marvel overlord Kevin Feige and his two heralds imbued with the Power Cinematic—the Russo Brothers—all made guest appearances on this week’s episode of The Simpsons with a special message befitting the company that gobbled up 20th Century Fox in its quest for global domination: “S…Read more...
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Swiss Government Files Criminal Complaint Over CIA's Decades-Long Global Encryption Racket

As senators and U.S. tech companies scream their fears of Chinese spyware (TikTok) and state-funded telecoms (Huawei) from the rooftops, the U.S. is being called to face up to its own penchant for planetary surveillance. Announced Sunday, a Swiss government agency has filed a criminal complaint against U.S. and German…Read more...
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The leader of a fringe religious sect at the center of South Korea's coronavirus outbreak has apologized as Seoul's mayor files a lawsuit accusing the group of 'murder' and 'injury'

Calling Shincheonji's leader the "chief director of this crisis," Seoul's mayor pushed for a "rigorous investigation" and "strict punishment."
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Hey, Steve Wozniak: What the Fuck?

There’s a lot of information about coronavirus online right now, some of it useful, much of it alarming, and even more of it just confusing noise. Today, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak contributed to that last category, tweeting that he recently returned from China and believed that he and his wife Janet Hill “may…Read more...
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Paleontologists Are Skeptical About Baby Dinosaur Cells Supposedly Found in Fossil

With our deepest regrets to the Jurassic Park franchise, DNA does not preserve well, and no genetic data has ever been recovered for dinosaurs. Recent news suggesting that scientists have found dinosaur DNA certainly sounds exciting, but it’s an extraordinary claim that warrants skepticism.Read more...
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NASA is hiring astronauts to go to the moon and Mars. Applications are now open — here's what candidates need on their resumes.

You can apply to be in NASA's new class of astronauts. The missions could involve setting up a station on the moon and traveling to Mars.
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