Xplore forges partnerships for spacecraft propulsion system and in-space refueling

Seattle-based Xplore has selected two new technologies for propelling and refueling its Xcraft spacecraft as it makes its way to the moon and beyond. Xplore is designing Xcraft to serve as a "space as a service" platform for payloads heading beyond Earth orbit, to the moon, Mars, Venus and other deep-space destinations. Founded by veteran investors Jeff and Lisa Rich, the company aims to have its first mission to the moon launched as early as next year. The Xcraft design will incorporate feature...
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Postmates to Offer "Non-Contact" Food Deliveries Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

With the novel coronavirus outbreak continuing to spread in America, gig economy titans are facing increasing scrutiny for their lackluster directives to a workforce that can’t always afford to take a sick day. Several companies such as Uber and DoorDash have issued warnings to their independent contractors that echo…Read more...
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Trump said he wants to keep Grand Princess cruise passengers on the ship so that US coronavirus numbers don't 'double.' That strategy failed in Japan.

"He can come on board if he wants and serve us our food and bring me my towel," a Grand Princess passenger responded.
Tags: Japan, Science, US, Trump

FCC Looks to Require Providers Adopt Anti-Robocall Tech—Finally

It seems the Federal Communications Commission is sick of asking nicely for telephone companies to implement anti-robocalling technology. In a Friday press release, the agency announced it plans to mandate service providers adopt so-called SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) and STIR…Read more...
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Watch SpaceX launch the last of its original Dragon spacecraft to resupply the ISS tonight

SpaceX is launching its 20th resupply mission the International Space Station tonight, but this one has a bittersweet twist: It’s the last such mission that will use the first iteration of the Dragon spacecraft that has flown on all of the company’s missions for NASA thus far. Starting this summer, its successor will take its place. Tonight’s mission will bring a variety of supplies, experiments, and new components to the ISS as usual. Launch is scheduled for 8:50 PM Pacific time, and you can...
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Patients of sick doctor in Melbourne traced by coronavirus authorities – as it happened

Doctor likely fell ill in the US before flying back to Melbourne and treating 70 patients, says Victoria’s health ministerCoronavirus – live updates 1.36am GMT Helen Sullivan here, head over at our new blog below, where I’ll be liveblogging the very latest coronavirus news for the next while. Related: Coronavirus live updates: Australia traces patients treated by sick doctor as US cruise ship cases rise 12.54am GMT In Australia, here is the latest on the story of a Victoria doctor wh...
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21 on cruise ship off San Francisco test positive for coronavirus

By OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ SAN FRANCISCO— Twenty-one people aboard a mammoth cruise ship off the California coast tested positive for the new coronavirus, including 19 crew members, Vice President Mike Pence announced Friday, amid evidence the vessel was the breeding ground for a deadly cluster of at least 10 cases during its previous voyage. Federal officials have been working with the state and “we have developed a plan to bring the ship to a non-commercial port,” Pence said. “All passengers and cre...
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ICYMI: March roars in with deadly tornado swarm around Nashville, California sets an unwanted record and DC sees early signs of spring

As several states across the country geared up for Super Tuesday, residents in parts of Tennessee were bracing for severe thunderstorms that ending up producing devastating tornadoes and claiming dozens of lives. One survivor of the outbreak says AccuWeather's app may have helped save him. Meanwhile, lack of rain in California could mean a devastating - and early -wildfire season. Here's a look at the biggest weather news of the past week. Over 20 killed in Tennessee twister outbreakF...
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One slide in a leaked presentation for US hospitals reveals that they're preparing for millions of hospitalizations as the outbreak unfolds

The spread of the novel coronavirus in the US could push the healthcare system to its limits.
Tags: Science, US

Scientists discover strong evidence of life on Mars

We’ve been expecting aliens from Mars for decades now, but what if life was vanquished on the red planet before evolution ever got the chance to take hold? A pair of researchers recently published an analysis of 3.5 billion-years-old soil samples from Mars containing chemical compounds called “thiophenes” that could, potentially, be organic. If they are, it would be highly likely that bacteria once lived on the planet. Terrestrial thiophenes are considered tell-tale signs of life by Earthbound b...
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Patients of sick doctor in Melbourne traced by coronavirus authorities

Doctor likely fell ill in the US before flying back to Melbourne and treating 70 patients, says Victoria’s health ministerCases pass 100,000 globally as Iran threatens force to restrict spread‘More scary than coronavirus’: South Korea alerts expose private livesHas Covid-19 mutated? Busting the mythsEssential guide: can I catch it on public transport, and how sick will I get?Share your experiences 12.54am GMT In Australia, here is the latest on the story of a Victoria doctor who treated 70 p...
Tags: South Korea, Europe, Science, Greece, Australia, China, US, UK News, World news, Iran, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, Victoria, Melbourne, Wuhan, Mainland China

Scientists figured out how to fool state-of-the-art Deepfake detectors

A team of researchers from UC San Diego recently came up with a relatively simple method for convincing fake video-detectors that AI-generated fakes are the real deal. AI-generated videos called “Deepfakes” started flooding the internet a few years back when bad actors realized they could be used to exploit women and, potentially, spread political misinformation. The first generation of these AI systems produced relatively easy-to-spot fakes but further development has lead to fakes that are har...
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The coronavirus may be driving up divorce rates in a Chinese city, officials say

A record high divorce rate has been reported in the city of Xi'an in China — officials said it's likely due to couples stuck in quarantine together.
Tags: Science, China

So You Have to Work From Home

The novel coronavirus has, as of Friday, infected more than 100,000 people and killed more than 3,400 globally. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt are pervasive. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but it’s safe to assume that whatever it is will be a shitshow of historic magnitude—it’s already a tragedy for thousands of…Read more...
Tags: Science, Coronavirus, What Fresh Hell Awaits

Down The Strange, Sometimes Upsetting Rabbit Hole Of Twitch Streamers' TikToks

Over the past 72 hours, I’ve spent an ungodly amount of time watching TikToks created by Twitch streamers. It all began with a simple question: Can people whose whole line of work is built around creating the lengthiest, least-filtered form of pop culture possible excel in a medium where minimalism thrives?Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Youtube, Streaming, Twitch, Mixer, Fortnite, Tiktok

The Search for Aliens Is About to Get a Serious Upgrade

Construction is set to begin for a large telescopic array dedicated to detecting natural and artificial sources of optical and infrared light. Once operational, the system, called PANOSETI, will be capable of scanning the entire sky, significantly boosting our chances of detecting alien laser signals.Read more...
Tags: Science, Aliens, Seti, Optical Seti, Panoseti, The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Coronavirus concerns cancel SXSW festival in Austin

Austin city officials have canceled the South by Southwest arts and technology festival. Mayor Steve Adler announced a local disaster as a precaution because of the threat of the novel coronavirus, effectively cancelling the annual event. The announcement comes days after several high-profile companies, including Netflix, tech news outlet Mashable, video-based social media platform TikTok and U.S. chip maker Intel, pulled out of the festival. More than 50,000 people had signed a petition seeking...
Tags: Health, Science, Technology, News, Washington, Sport, Intel, Austin, Netflix, Things To Do, Soccer, Associated Press, Houston, Ucla, Sxsw, Southwest

Coronavirus latest updates: man in 80s confirmed as second UK death

First cases reported in Vatican City, Peru and Serbia, while France has further 190 patients, bringing total number to 613Cases pass 100,000 globally as Iran threatens force to restrict spread‘More scary than coronavirus’: South Korea alerts expose private livesHas Covid-19 mutated? Busting the mythsEssential guide: can I catch it on public transport, and how sick will I get?Share your experiences 10.12pm GMT Here’s the full statement from the organisers of South by South West on the event’s...
Tags: South Korea, Europe, UK, Science, Greece, France, Scotland, China, UK News, World news, Iran, Austin, Medical Research, Infectious Diseases, NHS, Serbia

Study says travel restrictions can delay, but can’t defeat a global coronavirus outbreak

Comparisons of the real-world spread of the COV-19 coronavirus with computer models indicate that the travel restrictions imposed by authorities in China and other nations have delayed the progress of the outbreak by a matter of days or weeks. The models suggest that the best way to mitigate the epidemic isn't through travel restrictions, but through early detection, public health interventions and behavioral changes. The open-access findings were published today by the journal Science, by a...
Tags: Science, China, Italy, Seattle s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Elizabeth Halloran

21 people aboard a cruise ship off the California coast tested positive for the coronavirus after tests were helicoptered in

Vice President Mike Pence said on Friday that 46 people were swabbed, and 19 crew members and two passengers tested positive.
Tags: Science, California, Mike Pence

Senator to Uber and Other Gig Companies: Have You Considered Just Giving Workers Sick Days?

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread—thanks in part to the disastrously inadequate response by failing governments like those in Iran and the United States—events are being cancelled faster than reporters can keep track of them, and employees in various industries are being asked to postpone all travel and…Read more...
Tags: Lyft, Uber, Science, Labor, Iran, United States, Postmates, Doordash, GrubHub, Coronavirus, Covid 19

What to do if someone in your home has the coronavirus, from leaving meals outside their door to finding a dog-sitter

As coronavirus spreads around the world, an increasing number of people everywhere are being told to self-quarantine.
Tags: Science

AccuWeather estimates the total damage from the Tennessee tornadoes will approach $2 billion

AccuWeather estimates the total damage and economic loss caused by the tornado outbreak in Tennessee in the early morning of Tuesday, March 3 will be between $1.5 and $2 billion, according to AccuWeather Founder and CEO Dr. Joel N. Myers. This is. based on an analysis incorporating independent methods to evaluate all direct and indirect impacts of the tornadoes based on a variety of sources, statistics and unique techniques AccuWeather uses to estimate damage developed over a decade.This estimat...
Tags: Science, Tennessee, Noaa, Nashville, Nws, Accuweather, Wilson, Putnam County, Nashville Tenn, Myers, National Weather Service NWS, Mark Humphrey, Lee County Alabama, DirecTV Frontier, Alex Sosnowski, Joel N Myers

One chart shows 11 countries' current coronavirus death rates, based on the known number of cases and deaths

The death rate for the coronavirus varies around the world — but that's likely because some countries are testing more people than others.
Tags: Science

Did China's Travel Bans Help Delay the Outbreak? It's Complicated

New research looking into China’s early containment efforts of the deadly new coronavirus suggests the government’s strict travel restrictions may have bought the world some time, if not China itself. But it also seems that other travel restrictions to affected areas won’t really help prevent the outbreak from…Read more...
Tags: Travel, Science, China, Outbreaks, Pandemic, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

NASA's selfie-taking Curiosity rover just gave us a view of Mars unlike any other

While millions of people celebrated Thanksgiving with family and friends, the Mars Curiosity rover was hard at work, capturing more than 1,000 images over the extended holiday weekend to give NASA the highest-resolution photo of the planet's surface to date -- and the incredibly detailed image was just released this Wednesday, showing the mountains and valleys surrounding the robotic explorer.Since arriving on Mars in 2012, Curiosity has been navigating the rocky Martian landscape to explore...
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Photos show why hand sanitizer doesn't work as well as soap and water to remove germs

Actress Kristen Bell posted photos on Instagram showing how many germs are left on your hands after a rinse versus a 30-second lather. We tried it.
Tags: Science, Kristen Bell

Nevertheless, She Combusted

Tags: Science, Oil, Ads, Shell

Nevertheless, She Combusted [Update: She'll Not?]

Update 6pm ET: This is possibly a hoax—but reportedly not. CBS Los Angeles, which originally reported the supposed campaign, has deleted its story, and Shell has not responded to Gizmodo’s request to confirm its legitimacy. (Sam Gavin’s tweet above, which contained a video promoting the “She Will” campaign, has also…Read more...
Tags: Science, Oil, Los Angeles, Ads, Cbs, Gizmodo, Shell, Sam Gavin

Pregnant women are concerned about hospital births in light of coronavirus outbreaks and little information about how it might affect them

A few months ago, they were given baby showers and considering names. Now, they're worried about making hospital visits during coronavirus outbreaks.
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