This VFX Team Made a Tupac Deepfake to Rap with Snoop Dogg

I’m going to go ahead and file that under “headlines I never imagined I’d be writing in 2020.”Read more...
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Coronavirus tightens grip on daily life around the globe

By JOE McDONALD and ANGELA CHARLTON BEIJING — The coronavirus tightened its grip on day-to-day life around the world on Saturday as ports in several countries turned back ships with infected passengers, Iran declared a “sacred jihad” against the virus and the Vatican announced it would livestream the pope’s weekly blessing. Around the world, more and more countries were bracing for a big increase in virus cases. Western countries have been increasingly imitating China – where the virus first eme...
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Coronavirus: How to find hidden infections? Stanford and UC fast-track new tests

Feeling mildly feverish? Have a cough? Are you a little short of breath? To test you for the flu, your doctor will do a simple nasal swab and then send you home. But a coronavirus test, if it’s available, is more like a triathlon. Even as cases escalate, tests remain limited, despite White House assurances. So you must first be approved by government health officials for testing, and share your name, address and contact information. Your doctor can’t test you; only the county health department c...
Tags: Health, South Korea, Hong Kong, Europe, Politics, New York, Science, News, Medicine, Cdc, Washington, Stanford, White House, China, Boston, California News

Dozens Trapped After a Chinese Hotel Being Used for Coronavirus Quarantine Collapses

A hotel in southeastern China collapsed Saturday, trapping about 70 people among the wreckage, Reuters reported. According to local media outlets, the building had recently become a quarantine center due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.Read more...
Tags: Science, China, Reuters, Quarantine, Coronavirus, Covid 19

James Wan Is Developing a New Monster Movie For Universal

Universal is never going to stop dreaming of monsters. Read more...
Tags: Science, Universal, James Wan, Universalmonsters

Apple Will Fix Your iPad Air for Free If You’ve Got Blank Screen Issues

Apple announced a new worldwide service program for 3rd generation iPad Air models that experience a strange problem with their screens. According to Apple, the screens on some iPads apparently flicker or flash before going blank permanently, which means bye-bye iPad. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Repairs, iPad Air

Hundreds attend service for NASA pioneer Katherine Johnson

Three black astronauts joined hundreds of other mourners Saturday at a memorial service for pioneering African American mathematician and NASA researcher Katherine Johnson. Johnson, who calculated rocket trajectories and Earth orbits for NASA’s early space missions and was later portrayed in the 2016 film “Hidden Figures,” about pioneering black female aerospace workers, died Feb. 24 at the age of 101. "I think about the journey that she's going on now," astronaut Leland Melvin said.
Tags: Science, Nasa, Katherine Johnson, Leland Melvin, Katherine Johnson Johnson

Q&A: ‘Cosmos’ author Ann Druyan muses about possible worlds — and what Carl Sagan would do

How many dimensions does the cosmos have? If we're talking about string theory, it could be 10, or 11, or 26 dimensions. But if we're talking about "Cosmos," the TV series made famous by the late astronomer Carl Sagan 40 years ago, there are now three dimensions. It all started with the original "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage," which brought cosmic topics such as stellar evolution and extraterrestrial life to prime-time TV in 1980. Eighteen years after Sagan's death in Seattle, the show ...
Tags: Science, Seattle, Carl Sagan, Sagan, Ann Druyan, Cosmos

This 'isn't Mad Max,' Australian police say after 3 women get into a brawl while panic-buying toilet paper during coronavirus epidemic

Video from the scene shows a woman saying, "I just want one packet." But the person with the cartful of toilet paper says, "No, not one packet."
Tags: Science

Sherlock Almost Lost Martin Freeman His Role as Bilbo in The Hobbit

One of Martin Freeman’s most iconic roles is as Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. Say what you will about that trilogy, but the casting is perfect. No one else could have played that Bilbo the way Freeman did. Unfortunately, he was almost certain he was going to have to pass on the part. Read more...
Tags: Science, The Hobbit, Guillermo Del Toro, Martin Freeman, Warner Bros, Sherlock, Bilbo, Peter Jackson, Freeman, New Line Cinema, Bilbo Baggins, Sherlock Almost Lost Martin Freeman

Big Tech Will Pay Its Hourly Workers Even as Full-Time Staff Stays Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

Various big tech companies announced this week that they will continue to pay hourly employees that provide their offices with much-needed services, such as food catering, security and cleaning, even as an increasing number of tech giants ask their full-time employees to work from home to contain the novel coronavirus …Read more...
Tags: Health, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Science, Microsoft, Coronavirus, Covid 19

At least 95 airlines have canceled flights beyond China as the coronavirus spreads globally — here's the full list

As the coronavirus spreads airlines are cutting services on routes that don't even touch Chinese territory in places like Italy and South Korea.
Tags: Science, China, Italy

Tessa Thompson Says That Christian Bale Is Playing the Villain in Thor: Love and Thunder

Tessa Thompson let a secret slip. A big one. Though, honestly, I don’t feel like I know much more about the movie than I did before.Read more...
Tags: Science, Marvel, Disney, Christian Bale, Thor, Valkyrie, Natalie Portman, Marvel Studios, Tessa Thompson, Taika Waititi, Thor Love And Thunder

More than 100 airlines have canceled flights beyond China as the coronavirus spreads globally — here's the full list

As the coronavirus spreads airlines are cutting services on routes that don't even touch Chinese territory in places like Italy and South Korea.
Tags: Science, China, Italy

Diego Luna Is Haunted By His Thirst for Jabba the Hutt

Once upon a time, on the press tour for a little-known film called Rogue One, actor Diego Luna expressed a desire. A forbidden desire. Since then, he has not known peace. Read more...
Tags: Science, Disney, Lucasfilm, Rogue One, Diego Luna, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Cassian Andor, Jabba The Hutt, Jabba The Hutts Intriguing Texture

The number of coronavirus cases outside China could jump tenfold every 19 days without 'strong intervention,' a study says

Researchers believe that "34 unobserved founder patients" with "mild symptoms" triggered the spread of COVID-19 outside mainland China.
Tags: Science, China

SpaceX launches its original Dragon capsule for the last time

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft made history in 2012 by becoming the first ever commercial spacecraft to dock with the ISS. Last night, the space company sent the first-gen Dragon on its 20th resupply and its last mission ever -- starting in October, SpaceX will use the upgraded Dragon 2 capsule for it ISS trips. That's not even the only reason this mission is far from your typical resupply run. SpaceX also pulled off its 50th rocket booster landing when the Falcon 9 it used for the flight touc...
Tags: Spacex, Science, Cape Canaveral

Springlike warmth to surge across a large part of the US

Spring fever alerts may have to be issued across the bulk of the United States in the coming days as warm air builds from the Great Plains to the Eastern Seaboard.High pressure sitting over the eastern two thirds of the country will provide dry conditions and springlike warmth to these areas this weekend. "Even though most record highs this time of the year are likely to be out of reach during the warmup, temperatures will still surge to well-above-average levels," stated AccuWeather Meteorol...
Tags: Science, Minneapolis, Boston, New York City, US, Chicago, Atlantic, United States, South Dakota, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Detroit, Accuweather, New England, Ohio Valley, Richmond Virginia

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declares a state of emergency and confirms 76 cases of coronavirus in the state

Cuomo announced that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in New York has surged to 76.
Tags: New York, Science, Andrew Cuomo, Cuomo

Play Through The Last of Us in Time for the Discourse With This $300 PS4 Pro Deal

PS4 Pro | $300 | Woot
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science

The Truth About Bioplastic

If you’re not the type to bring a reusable bag to the store, bioplastics have become an increasingly attractive alternative to the plastic that is slowly strangling the oceans, rivers, municipalities, and the very sediment record of Earth itself.Read more...
Tags: Science

A medical expert is going viral for a passionate post warning that mass panic about the coronavirus could do more damage than the disease itself

Abdu Sharkawy's post, shared more than 300,000 times, said the biggest danger is people's selfish behavior in a crisis.
Tags: Science, Abdu Sharkawy

The Trailer for Black Lightning's Season 3 Finale Is Intense

War has come to Freeland, and only Black Lightning can put an end to it. Read more...
Tags: Science, Superheroes, Cw, Trailer Frenzy, Freeland, Wayne Brady, Black Lightning, Cress Williams, Trailer for Black Lightning

People are stealing masks and other sterile supplies from hospitals and research facilities amid a global shortage

As demand for masks increases, they have been reported stolen from hospitals and other facilities where they are necessary, like a Harvard lab.
Tags: Science, Harvard

UN Cancels In-Person Preliminary Meetings for Climate Summit Due to Coronavirus

Due to mounting coronavirus concerns, the United Nations announced Friday that it’s canceling in-person meetings in Bonn, Germany and elsewhere through the end of April. These meetings were intended to prepare for November’s global climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, predicted to be the most important round of…Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate Change, United Nations, Un, Glasgow Scotland, Bonn Germany, Cop25

Saturday's Best Deals: Flannels, PS4 Pro, 4K A24 Movies, and More

An A24 movie flash sale, an REI clearance sale, and a $7o air fryer kick off Saturday’s top deals of the day.Read more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science

The UK has reported 211 coronavirus cases and 2 deaths. Here's what we know about how the virus is spreading across Britain.

The UK has confirmed two coronavirus-related deaths and 211 total cases. Experts say a British epidemic is highly likely.
Tags: UK, Science, Britain

A Way Too Thorough List of the Way Too Many Shows and Movies Coming to Quibi

A new oddball streaming service is gearing up to enter the streaming fray. And with just weeks before its official launch on April 6, the company has revealed it’s initial rollout will include 50 shows—yes, five-zero—with episodes of each running 10 minutes or fewer.Read more...
Tags: Science, Streaming, Streaming Wars, Quibi, So Much Content

Dozens of people remain trapped hours after a Chinese hotel being used to quarantine coronavirus patients collapsed

People who tested positive for COVID-19 or had come in contact with someone with coronavirus had been quarantined at the Xinjia Hotel in Quanzhou.
Tags: Science, Xinjia Hotel

Chinese hotel being used to quarantine coronavirus patients collapses, trapping 70 people under rubble

Around 34 people have been rescued from the Xinjia Hotel, but it remains unclear what caused the collapse.
Tags: Science, Xinjia Hotel

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