For more than 2 weeks, state labs were told they couldn't use the CDC's coronavirus tests — but the tests could have been used all along

The FDA and the CDC took 16 days to notify state labs of the solution to their faulty test kits: tossing an ingredient that had never been necessary.
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For more than 2 weeks, state labs were told they couldn't use the CDC's coronavirus tests — but the tests were working all along

The FDA and CDC took 16 days to notify state labs of the solution to their faulty test kits: throwing out an ingredient that had never been necessary.
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Vampire bats 'French kiss with blood' to form lasting bonds

Researchers observing the mammals saw them sharing regurgitated blood with their neighbours.
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Almost half of coronavirus patients experience nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea before they get a fever. It could be one of the first signs of COVID-19 infection.

Though the virus primarily causes fever and difficulty breathing, these symptoms sometimes appear first.
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Coronavirus: what happens to people's lungs when they get Covid-19?

Respiratory physician John Wilson explains the range of Covid-19 impacts, from no symptoms to severe illness featuring pneumoniaFollow the global coronavirus live blogFollow our latest Australia coronavirus blog for live updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageWhat became known as Covid-19, or the coronavirus, started in late 2019 and early 2020 in the Chinese city of Wuhan as a cluster of pneumonia cases with an unknown cause.The cause of the pneumonia was found to be a new virus – severe acute ...
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G7 to convene remotely and Covid-19 death toll in Italy overtakes China – as it happened

US says vaccine is 12 months away, Hubei reports no new cases and cases in Peru rise 61% in single day. This blog is now closedFollow our latest coronavirus blog for live news and updates 12.32am GMT We are going to close this live blog now. Thanks for following along. You can find all of our coverage of the latest coronavirus developments at our new blog here: Related: Coronavirus live updates: California warns 25m could become infected as Italy deaths pass China 12.28am GMT Frontlin...
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'This is an order, not a request': Los Angeles bans public gatherings over the novel coronavirus

Los Angeles County is ordering its 10.4 million residents to stay in their homes and stop going to work.
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YouTube Launches Verified Coronavirus Coverage Hub on Homepage

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, YouTube announced Thursday that its homepage will now feature a news shelf of trustworthy COVID-19 coverage for users to easily source up-to-date news.Read more...
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2 regions of Italy took different approaches to fighting the coronavirus. Their results show that widespread testing and early social distancing really work.

A region of Italy that took earlier and more aggressive measures to fight the coronavirus is now seeing fewer cases.
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Bill Gates says US lockdowns should have come sooner to slow the coronavirus' spread, and that social distancing 'can get the cases down to low levels'

In a Reddit AMA, Gates explained the US' urgent need for social distancing and why he doesn't think 2.2 million Americans will die.
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Sen. Richard Burr Sold Up to $1.56 Million in Stock While Publicly Saying U.S. Is Ready for Coronavirus

Just a few weeks before telling wealthy constituents in private that the global spread of the coronavirus would be “akin to the 1918 pandemic” and while he was in a position to receive briefings from intelligence agencies on the matter, Senate Intelligence Committee chair and Republican Senator Richard Burr sold off…Read more...
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How to prepare for severe weather in the age of social distancing

The coronavirus pandemic has changed life on Earth dramatically the last several months. Countries have completely closed their borders, businesses have shuttered, schools have emptied and major cities have turned into ghost towns as millions self-quarantine in their homes to help reduce the spread of the disease.But one thing that hasn't changed in the U.S. is that the return of spring comes a spike in severe weather, and in turn, an increase in tornadoes.Many communities across the country...
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'This is it for me and my children': 3 coronavirus patients share their stories from quarantine

Three coronavirus patients describe what it's like to get tested and how they've been coping with separation from friends and family.
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Study: Soot From Massive Wildfires Led to Dino-Killing Mass Extinction

When a gigantic asteroid struck the Earth some 66 million years ago, it triggered an “impact winter” that extinguished over 75 percent of all species on Earth. New research suggests it was the resulting low light, and not frigid temperatures, that drove this horrific mass extinction.Read more...
Tags: Science, Climate, Earth, Asteroids, Asteroid Impacts, Soot, Dinosaur Extinction, Chicxulub Asteroid Impact, Cretaceouspaleogene Extinction Event, Kpg Mass Extinction, Impact Winters, Climate Modeling

Venice's Historic Canals Have Transformed During Italy's Lockdown

There’s nothing good to say about the novel coronavirus pandemic hitting the globe right now. Nearly 10,000 people have died globally, and Italy has officially become the hardest-hit nation after China, with 41,000 documented cases.Read more...
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A top US military health official says the coronavirus outbreak is a chance for Americans to fix 'bad habits'

"Despite all the tragedy that is coming from this," the Army general said, "if it teaches us good habits, then at least something comes out of it."
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A demographer says Florida could be 'like an uber-Italy' during the coronavirus, and it shows why it's so important for young people to stay at home

Florida faces unique coronavirus risks because it attracts both college spring breakers and retirees. The mix could "silently spread" the coronavirus.
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The Five Best Snacks I'm Stress-Eating to Distract Myself Right Now

Alright, I’ve got about 40 minutes until my next virtual meeting so let’s make this a quick one.Read more...
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GameStop: We Can Stay Open During Lockdowns Because We're 'Essential Retail'

The struggling video game retail chain GameStop told all of its stores this afternoon to stay open even in the event of state or city lockdowns to protect against the covid-19 pandemic, emphasizing that it is “essential retail” alongside groceries and pharmacies and should therefore be exempt from enforced closures.Read more...
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Elon Musk and President Trump are touting a 1940s malaria pill as a potential coronavirus treatment. But supplies are already running short as prescriptions spike.

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine have rapidly gone into shortage, as demand spiked for the potential COVID-19 treatments.
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N95 Mask Listings on Amazon Are Flooded With Fake Reviews

While Amazon has banned more than a million fraudulent products claiming to cure or protect customers from the coronavirus, Gizmodo found that third-party vendors continue to use fake reviews, bot farms, and other deceptive methods to sell suspicious N95 masks to a panicked public.Read more...
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NVIDIA makes its GPU-powered genome sequencing tool available free to those studying COVID-19

NVIDIA is making its Parabricks tool available for free for 90 days (with the possibility of extension, depending on needs) to any researcher currently working on any effort to combat the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic and spread of COVID-19. The tool is a GPU-accelerated genome analysis toolkit, which leveraged graphics processing power to take a process that previously took days, but that through its use can be accomplished in just a matter of hours. Researchers will still need access t...
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Student Scientists Worry About Their Futures as Universities Shut Down Over Covid-19

Research institutions around the United States and abroad are reacting to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic by moving classes online, sending students and researchers home, and in some cases, closing labs. Among these various responses, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers are cutting off experiments midway,…Read more...
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Hong Kong Introduces Invasive Location-Tracking Bracelets, Promises They're Not That Invasive

While we all have tech-based privacy intrusions to deal with on a daily basis, Hong Kong residents are seeing that taken up to a new level thanks to the coronavirus’s spread—and it’s only getting worse.Read more...
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How long the COVID-19 coronavirus lasts on everyday surfaces

The Coronavirus could live on plastic and stainless steel for 2 to 3 days. It's important to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
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Elon Musk and Trump are touting a 1940s malaria pill as a potential coronavirus treatment. But supplies are already running short as prescriptions spike.

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine rapidly went into shortage as demand spiked for the potential COVID-19 treatments.
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The probability of dying after developing coronavirus symptoms is 1.4% in Wuhan, China, new research suggests — far lower than initial estimates

According to a new study of coronavirus cases in Wuhan, the chance a patient who shows coronavirus symptoms dies is 1.4%.
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Open Channel: Show Us Your Work-From-Home Stations

Workstations, battlestations, command centers, whatever you want to call them, with so many people stuck indoors while trying to avoid covid-19, home computer setups have recently become an incredibly hot topic.Read more...
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Japan has a remarkably low number of coronavirus cases that experts worry may lead to a 'false sense of security'

An expert on viral pathogens says that Japan may have more cases of coronavirus than thought. It just hasn't tested enough people to find out.
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One graphic shows how long the coronavirus lives on surfaces like cardboard, plastic, and steel

New research shows that the new coronavirus lives for two to three days on stainless steel and polypropylene plastic.
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