Google Assistant Now Sings You Through the Proper Way to Wash Your Hands

As part of a collab with the World Health Organization, Google announced a new Assistant command Friday to walk (or, rather, sing) users through one of the most basic yet crucial defenses against spreading potentially fatal contagions: washing your hands.Read more...
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One chart shows how Italy's coronavirus outbreak continues to spiral out of control as nearly 6,000 new cases and 627 deaths were reported in one day

On Friday, Italy reported a huge jump in new coronavirus cases — about 6,000 — and its highest single-day death toll: 627 deaths.
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What to know about the coronavirus outbreak in 19 charts and maps

Here's where the coronavirus has spread, how quickly the case total has grown, and how the outbreak compares to others.
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What to know about the coronavirus outbreak in 20 charts and maps

Here's where the coronavirus has spread, how quickly the case total has grown, and how the outbreak compares to others.
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How the Navy's largest hospital ship can help with the coronavirus

As the coronavirus spreads, the government is trying to find ways to assist local hospitals. The US Navy is sending a hospital ship.
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What a coronavirus quarantine does to your body and brain, and how to cope

Staying home or quarantining yourself in the age of coronavirus may be necessary, but isn't comfortable. Here's why you go stir crazy and how to deal.
Tags: Science

The psychology of why you go stir crazy when stuck at home or in quarantine, and how to cope

Staying home or quarantining yourself in the age of coronavirus may be necessary, but isn't comfortable. Here's why you go stir crazy and how to deal.
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Starbucks is closing thousands of cafe-only stores across the US, keeping drive-thrus open and paying workers for 30 days whether they come to work or not

Starbucks will switch to a drive-thru- and delivery-only model for the next two weeks.
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Healthcare startups Nurx and Carbon Health ship at-home COVID-19 test sample kits

Efforts to get at-home test kits for the COVID-19 coronavirus are ramping up quickly, and two more health industry startups are bringing their own products to market, with both Carbon Health and Nurx starting shipping of their own in-home sample collection kits. Both of these new offerings are the same in terms of approach to testing: They deliver swab-based sample collection hardware that people can use at home to collect a mucus sample which they then ship back using including safety approved,...
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NASA confirms Commercial Crew still a priority, but James Webb Telescope testing and other activities paused

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has been sharing regular updates about how his agency is approaching the rapidly changing global coronavirus pandemic situation. This week, NASA escalated its response multiple times due to changing circumstances, including changing the state of working conditions at all of its facilities across the country, and on Friday the agency summarized the current status of each of its facilities and major projects in a comprehensive update. Work continues on a few m...
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On the frontlines battling the coronavirus, 3 American nurses say their hospitals are making it impossible for them to get tested for the disease

Nurses around the world are on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, providing bedside care for COVID-19 patients.
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Why some say they're comfortable exercising outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic

Amid the sweep of COVID-19 across the world and United States, hundreds of millions of Americans are finding themselves with far more time indoors than ever before. While officials and experts continue to urge citizens to isolate and practice social distancing, the value of exercise may be more important than ever.However, as many states move toward closing non-essential businesses, workout enthusiasts are finding gyms with locked doors, pushing more exercisers outdoors.In New York, the country&...
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MovieFone Sells for Just $1 Million as MoviePass Owner Liquidates Remaining Failures

Film listing service MovieFone just sold for a paltry $1 million in Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings for owner Helios & Matheson, the company behind the MoviePass clusterfuck, Deadline reported on Friday.Read more...
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An infectious disease expert explains how we'll achieve herd immunity against the coronavirus and why we're not there yet

The only safe way we'll achieve herd immunity against the coronavirus is with the help of a vaccine, which will be available in at least 18 months.
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A mix-and-match coronavirus testing strategy has allowed New York to screen 32,000 people — far more than any other state

New York Governor Cuomo said the state is now testing 10,000 people per day. That's roughly on par with testing volume in South Korea.
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'The only thing more contagious than a virus is hope': Former top Navy SEAL who oversaw the bin Laden raid says Americans will 'prevail' against coronavirus

"Today, the coronavirus has thrown us all in the mud," ret. US Navy Adm. William McRaven wrote. "We are cold, wet and miserable."
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Reddit’s Imaginary Maps Show Us It Could Always Be Worse

We’ve all mapped out some mental image of the world we live in, and it’s not great. Whatever our doomscape looks like, though, we can probably agree that it still beats a medieval patchwork of theocratic states after an unspecified Event, a zombie-colonized Britain, or a Pacific Northwest after Oregon’s fallen into…Read more...
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What We Think We Know About the Coronavirus Is Going to Keep Changing

With new information about the novel coronavirus seemingly arriving every hour on the hour, it’s perfectly understandable to feel confused and discombobulated. With that in mind, here’s a mantra I’ve held close to my hopefully healthy lungs for almost three months now: The things we think we know about covid-19 are…Read more...
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Here's how to get a coronavirus test in New York City if you're feeling sick

New York State has opened a drive-through coronavirus testing facility on Staten Island. You can call 888-364-3065 to make an appointment.
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At Least One Computer Chip Can Now Smell

Loihi, a neuromorphic research chip developed by Intel, has learned to smell, according to a recent report from PCWorld. Intel teamed up with Cornell University to train Loihi to recognize the scent of 10 potentially hazardous chemicals, like acetone, ammonia, and methane. This artificial nose seems to be closer in…Read more...
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Jalopnik  Chrysler Built Hemi Engines With A Major Engineering Defect And I May Try To Profit From It   | Jezebel  The Week the Dream Sank   | The Root  We're Just Not Built for This (and It's Fine to Admit That)   | The A.V. Club  Watch a short documentary about the time Johnny Carson caused a toilet paper shortage   | Read more...
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Italy once again reported the highest single-day death toll for any country since the coronavirus outbreak sparked: 627 deaths

Italy has overtaken China as the country with the most coronavirus deaths. By Friday, COVID-19 had killed 4,032 people in Italy and 3,253 in China.
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10 ways to cope with coronavirus anxiety, according to psychologists

Anxiety about the coronavirus is normal. To manage it, control what you can, virtually connect with loved ones, and practice gratitude.
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4 potential coronavirus treatments that researchers are working on right now

There's no FDA-approved treatments or vaccines for the coronavirus, but researchers are looking at ways to repurpose existing drugs.
Tags: Science, Fda

An infectious disease expert explains why herd immunity probably won't work in the fight against coronavirus

The only safe way we'll achieve herd immunity against the coronavirus is with the help of a vaccine, which will be available in at least 18 months.
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Google I/O 2020 Just Went From Being Online-Only to Totally Canceled

When info regarding the spread of covid-19 began circulating, Google decided to reformat its annual developer conference—Google I/O—into an online-only event. But now, due to the increased severity of covid-19 and resulting government guidelines, Google has decided to cancel Google I/O entirely. Read more...
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Netflix Pledges $100 Million to Help Entertainment Workers Impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic

As social distance and shelter-at-home orders continue to force the entertainment industry to suspend production and cancel or shift scheduled premieres, workers from all corners of the film and television worlds are being impacted as their work grinds to a halt. Now, Netflix says it’s created a $100 million relief…Read more...
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The subreddit r/coronavirus is a pretty great COVID-19 news source with 1.2M+ members

About a million of the people who are members of the Reddit discussion group r/coronavirus joined in just the past week. The subreddit is getting some recognition now as a pretty reliably good source of community-moderated news and information about the COVID-19 pandemic. Probably helps that the subreddit's team of volunteer content moderators include people like Emerson Boggs, 25, a Ph.D. student and virologist at the University of Pittsburgh. Other members of that volunteer mod group include...
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Japanese spacecraft fired cannonball into asteroid

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) Hayabusa2 spacecraft fired a copper cannonball into Ryugu, an 850 meter-wide near-Earth asteroid. The 2 kilogram "Small Carry-on Impactor," a bit larger than a tennis ball, hit the asteroid at approximately 7,200 kilometers/hour and blew out a 14.5 meter wide crater with a depth of .6 meters. After a year of analysis, scientists have reported their analysis of the plume created by the impact and properties of the crater. From The ...
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ICYMI: A look back at America's worst tornado, weather and the spread of COVID-19, and BIG snow out west

What's the link, if any, between weather and the spread of COVID-19 cases in the Northern Hemisphere? Some new research shows that high temperatures and other factors may reduce the disease's spread.As spread of the new coronavirus illness exploded in the U.S., anxiety also grew this week. Officials issued extreme measures in attempts to slow cases, including in California, where Gov. Gavin Newsom has ordered all Californians to stay home. A bit of good news came during this surreal time...
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