Pharma Giant Gilead Retracts Request FDA Extend Monopoly Status on Experimental Covid-19 Drug

Pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences on Wednesday retracted its effort to score extended monopoly rights and tax breaks on its antiviral drug remdesivir, which scientists are evaluating as a possible treatment in the novel coronavirus pandemic.Read more...
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Help needed to rescue UK's old rainfall records

Pre-1960s handwritten rain gauge data can inform drought and flood planning, but only if digitised.
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Tokyo governor tells residents to stay home to avoid coronavirus 'explosion'

Amid a worsening outbreak in Japan’s capital, Yuriko Koike urges people not to go out at the weekendCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe governor of Tokyo has asked the city’s residents to stay at home this weekend to avoid an “explosion” of Covid-19 infections following a rise in the number of local cases.Yuriko Koike described the situation as “severe”, but stopped short of calling for the kind of restrictions on movement now in place in other countries. Continue rea...
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DC Kids Camp Wants to Inspire Young Readers to Become Creators

With more and more schools across the world mandating that students of all ages stay home amid the ongoing covid-19 epidemic, many parents are finding themselves having to find activities to occupy their children’s time. With that in mind, DC Comics has just launched DC Kids Camp, a series of fun courses to inspire…Read more...
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Spain overtakes China as second worst-hit country by Covid-19 – as it happened

India locks down; Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus; Senate and White House reach stimulus deal. This blog is now closedFollow the latest coronavirus blog for live news and updates 12.25am GMT That’s it from this blog for today. We’ve launched a new one at the link below, where I’ll be taking you through the most important new developments in this unprecedented crisis: Related: Coronavirus live news: Third of world population under lockdown as global deaths pass 21,000 12.08...
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Spring-heeled: concept that could see Usain Bolt rocket to 50mph

Prototype of revolutionary running device being worked on by scientists at US universityA wearable spring-based contraption that attaches to the legs has the potential to boost human running speeds by 50%, according to researchers who hope to build the first prototype over the next year.Scientists came up with the concept after computer models showed that it was possible to dramatically increase the amount of energy people put into each running step by enabling them to do work when their feet ar...
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Washington National Cathedral Finds Thousands of N95 Respirator Masks in Its Crypt Level

Like in a David Blaine illusion, respirator masks are coming from strange places. Amidst a national shortage of protective gear, we learned this week that companies are sitting on stockpiles of N95 respirators: first, Facebook produced 720,000 (leftover from Occupational Safety and Health Standards regulations…Read more...
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The Truth of Coronavirus Might Be Worse Than the Conspiracy Theories

The covid-19 pandemic is a disorienting, fast-moving, dangerous crisis that has basically everyone in the world in its grips. As is so often the case in times of disaster, people, including political leaders, are promoting conspiracy theories about the origin, spread, and seriousness of the new coronavirus. Read more...
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How one company is fast-tracking development of potential plasma-based treatments for the coronavirus

Medical biotech company Emergent BioSolutions is one of the many health industry players turning its efforts towards addressing the current global coronavirus pandemic. Their work includes a two-pronged effort to pursue plasma-based treatments that could help lessen the impact of COVID-19 on health care systems, with a fast-tracked development timeline that could see human clinical trials start as soon as this summer. The company is simultaneously working on two different therapeutic approaches,...
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Small Trial Finds No Evidence That Hydroxychloroquine Works Against Covid-19

A small trial from China may already throw into question whether a treatment touted as a way to save people with severe covid-19 can really work. It found no evidence that the existing drug hydroxychloroquine alone was more effective for patients hospitalized with the novel coronavirus than standard care. However, the…Read more...
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Digimon Adventure's Hard Reset Is Key to the Franchise's Evolution

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, the latest film in Toei’s Digimon franchise, is set to bring the story of the eight children who saved both the real and Digital Worlds by partnering up with living, digital creatures to an end. But it isn’t the end. Much in the same way that Digimon can’t truly “die,” the…Read more...
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Twitter Deletes Post by The Federalist Calling for Coronavirus Infection Program

Twitter has removed a tweet from the right-wing site the Federalist after it shared an article by an unlicensed dermatologist urging the public to be exposed to the novel coronavirus en masse and the social network temporarily locked the site’s account.Read more...
Tags: Health, Twitter, Science, Technology, Social Media, Disinformation, Coronavirus, The Federalist, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2, Did The Coronavirus Write This, Coronavirus Infection Program

Calling all kids: Send Blue Origin a space postcard while you’re stuck at home

Are you looking for educational activities to occupy the kids while you're cooped up due to the coronavirus outbreak? One option is to make space postcards for the Club for the Future, an educational campaign created by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin space venture. Last year, Blue Origin collected thousands of student-decorated cards, and sent them to space and back on its New Shepard suborbital craft. After the flight, the cards were stamped "Flown in Space" (in some cases, by Bezos...
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Chris Chibnall's New Doctor Who Short Story Is a Deeper Glimpse Into Regeneration

The circumstances of the Thirteenth Doctor’s regeneration were particularly momentous because while she, like most Doctors before her, was able to regenerate just fine, moments later she was flung out of her ship above the Earth and left to fall to the planet’s surface as her TARDIS both exploded and…Read more...
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Animal Crossing Needs a Rent Freeze

We are all seeking an escape. It’s that desperate need for the world to slow down, for the people to take a minute, for Republicans to develop an ounce of compassion, Democrats to grow any sort of backbone, and all us schmucks with zero power to just...take a goddamn breath. Animal Crossing, a game where you join a…Read more...
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Study behind updated FDA guidance shows self-swab tests are as effective as those done by clinicians

Earlier this week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it would be updating its guidance to allow self-swab tests for COVID-19, in which a patient collects a sample for their own nose for a health professional to test. On Wednesday, UnitedHealth Group revealed the results of a peer-reviewed large scale study that provided the science behind the decision to switch to the less-invasive sample collection method. The self-swab process doesn’t change where FDA-approved testing ...
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Patty Jenkins Is Grateful She Didn't Direct Thor: The Dark World

If all went according to plan, Patty Jenkins would’ve been the first woman to direct a Marvel Cinematic Universe film six years before anyone else. The Wonder Woman director was set to make the Thor: The Dark World back in 2013 but left early in the process due to “creative differences.” Now, years later, she’s opened…Read more...
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My Weird Cat Taught Himself to Piss in the Toilet—and Showed Me the Meaning of Life

I don’t know how else to say this: My cat taught himself to piss in the toilet. Yes, the people one. Yes, on his own. Without any instruction, my cat has effectively potty-trained himself, squatting over the toilet bowl in an eerie approximation of human bathroom use—and now I don’t know what to believe.Read more...
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This Ankle Exoskeleton Was Designed to Make Running Easier

Running is one of the most affordable forms of exercise, but it’s also one that people love to groan about—and for good reason. It’s a high-impact sport that can be hard on the body, and that’s without factoring in however you might feel about your individual athleticism. But Stanford engineers have found a wearable…Read more...
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Thrown Rocks Are No Threat to These Drones That Have Mastered Dodgeball

The days of knocking an annoying drone out of the air with a precisely thrown rock might soon be over. Researchers at the University of Zurich have upgraded a drone with a special camera that can quickly spot approaching obstacles, allowing the craft to avoid them with reaction times as fast as 3.5 milliseconds.Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Cameras, Drones, Dodgeball, University of Zurich

Ancient Mercury Had the Right Stuff For Life, Surprising New Research Suggests

Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, is one of the last places we think about when considering the potential for life in the solar system. New research suggests the planet’s interior once contained the basic ingredients for life, a finding that could change the way we view this toasty, tortured planet. Read more...
Tags: Science, Chemistry, Mercury, Extraterrestrial Life, Astrobiology, Planetary Science

South Korea Names Man Allegedly Behind Online Video Blackmail Ring

South Korean authorities reportedly have taken the rare measure of publicly identifying a man who authorities say sexually exploited 74 women, including 16 minors, into producing graphic and dehumanizing videos of themselves that were then shared with paying members of private chatrooms on Telegram.Read more...
Tags: South Korea, Science, Telegram, Blackmail, Sexploitation

Maybe Sony Will Finally Fulfill One of Playstation's Oldest Promises

Loading screen-free direct gameplay on the PlayStation has been an ambition of Sony’s for a while, and maybe it’s actually getting closer to finally implementing that in its consoles. According to TechRadar, Sony recently filed a patent that will allow players to skip the loading screens and cycling through menus…Read more...
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The growth of an organism rides on a pattern of waves

When an egg cell of almost any sexually reproducing species is fertilized, it sets off a series of waves that ripple across the egg's surface. These waves are produced by billions of activated proteins that surge through the egg's membrane like streams of tiny burrowing sentinels, signaling the egg to start dividing, folding, and dividing again, to form the first cellular seeds of an organism.Now MIT scientists have taken a detailed look at the pattern of these waves, produced on the surface of ...
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The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Just Won a Major Court Victory Over the Dakota Access Pipeline

A federal court ruled Wednesday that the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline was built in violation of key environmental laws. To that effect, the Army Corps of Engineers will have to conduct a full environmental impact statement for the 1,172-mile-long crude oil pipeline. That’s what the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe…Read more...
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Missing Basketball? Here Are Seven Ways to Get Your Mind Back on the Court

Remember basketball? It’s this sport people used to play where two teams would try to put this rubber ball through a hoop on the opposite side of a hardwood court. It probably feels like a lifetime since the sport was played but in actuality it’s only been about a week since the NBA put their season on hold and the…Read more...
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It's fun to watch tardigrades squirm around on Twitch, adorably

Watch Quick test! from atinyworld on What the world needs now are tardigrades, sweet tardigrades. 'A tiny world' is a fun little internet window into the microscope with Julie Laurin, who lives in Ottowa, Ontario. They recently set up a Twitch feed with some adorable little tardigrades that Julie collected during a recent rainstorm. Check 'em out! Good morning! Here's a little Tardigrade that I collected in a sample of balcony water yesterday. :)@tardigradopedia pic.twi...
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Coronavirus live news: global death toll passes 20,000, as Spain overtakes China as second worst-hit country

India locks down; Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus; Senate and White House reach stimulus dealCoronavirus key questions: everything you need to knowDeath toll in Spain overtakes China as lockdowns extend around globeUK coronavirus updates – liveUS coronavirus updates – liveSee all our coronavirus coverage 6.24pm GMT Brazil gangs have imposed strict curfews to slow coronavirus spread, write Caio Barretto Briso and Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro. Drug traffickers in one of Rio de ...
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Sam Witwer on His DC Universe RPG and GMing While Social Distancing

Thanks to shows like Critical Role, The Adventure Zone, and Queens of Adventure, it’s more popular than ever to watch others play tabletop roleplaying games. DC Universe has now gotten into the game with DC Universe All Star Games, based on a classic 1980s DC RPG, and io9 spoke with Game Master Sam Witwer (Star Wars:…Read more...
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AI program could check blood for signs of lung cancer

Scientists hope that if software passes trials it could boost screening ratesScientists have developed an artificial intelligence program that can screen people for lung cancer by analysing their blood for DNA mutations that drive the disease.The software is experimental and needs to be verified in a clinical trial, but doctors are hopeful that if it proves its worth at scale, it will boost lung cancer screening rates by making the procedure as simple as a routine blood test. Continue reading...
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