Court Agrees That Postmates Couriers Are Employees Entitled to Unemployment Benefits

In a pivotal win for gig workers on Thursday, the New York State Court of Appeals supported a previous state ruling that Postmates workers should be considered employees, and thus eligible for unemployment insurance. While the gig economy’s precarious nature has come under fire in recent years, the covid-19 pandemic…Read more...
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Xplore’s Xcraft space probe lands in Xtronaut 2.0 board game — and STEM students are the winners

Seattle-based Xplore isn't due to launch its first Xcraft space probe until late 2021, but it's already landed in an educational board game. Xtronaut 2.0, a multiplayer game devised by planetary scientist Dante Lauretta and Xtronaut Enterprises CEO Michael Lyon, will feature Xcraft as one of the deck's playing cards. Players can combine the cards to create their own game-board missions to deep space. The arrangement is part of a sponsorship deal for Xtronaut 2.0's Kickstarter cro...
Tags: Science, Seattle, Michael Lyon, Dante Lauretta, Xplore, Xtronaut Enterprises, Xcraft, Xtronaut

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Now Highest in the World

The United States now leads the world in the number of confirmed cases of covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus now devastating the globe.
Tags: Science, United States, Donald Trump, Coronavirus, Covid 19

PS5 and Xbox Series X Code Stolen From AMD and Briefly Put on Github

Yesterday AMD issued a statement regarding IP stolen in December 2019, but details of what was stolen or who stole it was scarce. Now AMD has filed multiple Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take-down notices against GitHub to get its GPU source code removed from the website, which GitHub immediately complied…Read more...
Tags: Science, Leaks, Amd, Gpu, PS5, Xbox Series X

Uber Is Now Asking Drivers to Make Delivery Runs Between Rides

In these scary, lonely times, delivery—be it for groceries, made-to-order food, or household essential—is seeing far more demand than usual. Now, in a move ostensibly intended to help its drivers “find new ways to earn,” Uber is asking them to make food deliveries for its courier service Uber Eats.Read more...
Tags: Uber, Science, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

We Can Increase Life Expectancy Without Fossil Fuels

Oil and gas companies love to tell us how much we need their products.Read more...
Tags: Energy, Science, Fossil Fuels, Fuck Fossil Fuels

Does Your State Allow Voting by Mail? Should It?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ripple its way across the Lower 48, the debate over whether to expand voting options has exploded. States such as Georgia and Nevada have already moved to postpone primary contests while others that have come and gone have already faced disruptions. All of this has given rise…Read more...
Tags: Science, Voting, Georgia, Nevada, 2020 Elections, Coronavirus, Covid 19

He's Doing the Dumb Thing

On Thursday, Donald Trump previewed his nightmare plan to encourage state governors and local officials to loosen social distancing guidelines put in place to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus through the nation, saying people need to be allowed to physically return to their workplaces soon.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Donald Trump, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2, Social Distancing

Adorable Animated Super Mario Chain Chomp Toy Will Help You Practice Safe Social Distancing

If you’ve played the various iterations of games like Super Mario and Mario Kart over the years, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself at the dangerous end of a Chain Chomp more than once. The character can be a terrifying baddie to stumble across in a game, but in real life it’s the most adorable way to keep other people…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Gaming, Toys, Science, Video Games, Tech, Mario Kart, Super Mario, Consumer Tech, Chain Chomp

The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in April

The Nerd’s Watch is a little more meaningful this month. With many people staying at home due to the covid-19 pandemic, we find ourselves bored and in desperate need of good shit to watch. Thankfully, io9 is here to provide you with a plethora of film and television options.Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Streaming, Hulu, Amazon Studios, The Nerds Watch, Disney Plus

The Fate of a Dark Matter Theory Hinges on These Unidentified X-Rays

Despite decades of searching, no one has yet cracked the mystery of dark matter. One hypothesis to explain it relies on strange x-rays emanating from distant galaxies and galaxy clusters, but a new paper appears to rule out dark matter as producing these mysterious x-rays. Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Milky Way, Dark Matter, Astrophysics, X Rays, Xmm Newton Telescope

At-Risk Kids Need Laptops to Learn, but Nonprofits Are Overloaded

With the majority of the US now at home, many of them working or attending school remotely, it’s not just critical that every household member who needs a computer and internet access has it—it’s a basic necessity. For many non-profits focusing on providing technological resources, that not only means providing…Read more...
Tags: Science, US, Laptops, Nonprofit, Covid 19

Neanderthals Enjoyed Seafood, Too, New Evidence Suggests

Neanderthals living in Portugal during the last ice age consumed copious amounts of seafood, according to new archaeological evidence. The discovery suggests Neanderthals, like our modern human ancestors, made the most of marine resources.Read more...
Tags: Science, Anthropology, Portugal, Seafood, Neanderthals, Human Origins

Timex's New GPS Smartwatch Ain't Cute, But It's Cheap

When Timex announced earlier this year that it was getting back into the smartwatch game, I was a little perplexed.. That’s mainly because, at a glance, the new Ironman GPS R300 looks much more like the kind of smartwatch-fitness tracker hybrid that was popular back in 2016 than a device you’d relaunch a product line …Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Wearables, Science, Smartwatches, Timex, Timex Ironman Gps R300 Review

'The Human Brain Is Just Not Meant to Process This Much Extreme Change'

Welcome to Sick Days, a series documenting how jobs are changing during the coronavirus pandemic, as told by workers themselves. This week, we hear from an Amazon worker in one of the company’s many delivery stations, an out-of-work Waymo operator, a psychotherapist who has moved to telemedicine, and more. Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Labor, Sick Days, Waymo

Sean Astin's Audition for The Goonies Is Predictably Adorable

Even kids with famous parents need a big break. For Sean Astin, that break was The Goonies. Astin, son of well-known actors Patty Duke and John Astin, had done only two small TV movies before landing the lead role in the Steven Spielberg-produced film. From there, he became an instant star, forging a career filled…Read more...
Tags: Science, Warner Bros, This Is Awesome, Nostalgia, Steven Spielberg, Sean Astin, Patty Duke, Goonies, John Astin, Astin, Audition Tapes

Android Apps May Be Snooping on You More Than You Realize

At this point we’re all familiar with apps of all sorts tracking our and sharing that info with pretty much every third party imaginable. But it actually may not be as simple as tracking where you go and what you do in an app: It turns out that these apps might be dropping details about the other programs…Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Privacy, No Surprises Here

Cave find shows Neanderthals collected seafood, scientists say

Discovery adds to growing evidence that Neanderthals were very similar to modern humans Neanderthals made extensive use of coastal environments, munching on fish, crabs and mussels, researchers have found, in the latest study to reveal similarities between modern humans and our big-browed cousins.Until now, many Neanderthal sites had shown only small-scale use of marine resources; for example, scattered shells. But now archaeologists have excavated a cave on the coast of Portugal and discovered ...
Tags: Science, Anthropology, Portugal, Archaeology, Evolution, Neanderthals

Scientists Save Quantum States in a Diamond, a Tiny Step Toward a Quantum Internet

A newly created system can enhance quantum communications over longer distances—a small but crucial step toward a quantum internet.Read more...
Tags: Science, Encryption, Quantum Computing, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Communications, Quantum Internet

Space Force to Get the Hell Off of Earth

The U.S. Space Force is scheduled to launch its first mission to space in a two-hour window beginning at 2:57 p.m. ET on Thursday from Cape Canaveral, sending a communications satellite into orbit aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.Read more...
Tags: Space, Science, Technology, Earth, Military, US military, Satellites, Spaceflight, Ula, United Launch Alliance, Cape Canaveral, Space Force, U S Space Force, Atlas V

AI Trained on Moon Craters Is Helping Find Unexploded Bombs From the Vietnam War

There’s still no completely safe and surefire method for locating unexploded ordinance after a war is over, but researchers at Ohio State University have found a way to harness image processing algorithms, powered by machine learning, to study satellite imagery and locate hot spots where UXO are likely to be located.Read more...
Tags: Science, Artificial Intelligence, Ai, Satellite Imagery, Vietnam War, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Bombs, Uxo, Ohio State University

3.3 Million Unemployment Claims Are Likely the 'Tip of the Iceberg'

According to the Department of Labor, 3.3 million Americans—roughly the population of Utah—have filed for unemployment insurance since last week. Huge doesn’t even begin to capture the scale of mass job loss, and yet there’s every reason to believe the reality is even worse.Read more...
Tags: Utah, Science, Labor, Unemployment, Gig Economy, Department of Labor, Coronavirus

The Neo Geo Mini International Edition Is Down to $50

Neo Geo Mini International | $50 | Amazon
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Science, Amazon deals

"Old gas blob from Uranus found in vintage Voyager 2 data"

Yes, that is actually's brilliant headline on this story about a new discovery from data collected in 1986 by NASA's intrepid spacecraft. When the probe neared Uranus (heh heh), it measured the planet's surrounding magnetic field. Recently, NASA scientists Gina DiBraccio and Daniel Gershman analyzing Voyager's old data found a "wobble" in Uranus's magnetosphere indicating a plasmoid, a bubble of plasma traveling away from the planet. From Scientists have studied the...
Tags: Post, Space, Science, News, Nasa, Earth, Neptune, Geophysical Research Letters, Voyager, Gina DiBraccio, Daniel Gershman

Plex Is Giving Away 3 Months of Free Live TV as the Nightmare Continues

Plex, a popular do-it-all streaming service that also supports live programming, is currently offering three months of live television for free. The announcement comes as other services, including CBS All Access and Sling TV, are also giving out extended trials like candy as folks are spending more time at home amid…Read more...
Tags: Science, Streaming, Live TV, Streaming Wars, CBS All Access and Sling TV

How Fossil Fuel Companies Could Profit From the Covid-19 Stimulus Package

On Wednesday, the Senate approved a $2 trillion covid-19 stimulus package. It could spell disaster for the climate.Read more...
Tags: Science, Senate, Fossil Fuels, Stimulus, Coronavirus, Covid 19

Ferocious Raptor Discovered in New Mexico Was a Speedy Hunter

As the Jurassic Park films made abundantly clear, raptors were not to be trifled with, owing to their medium build, speed, and agility. A newly discovered raptor from New Mexico is further reinforcing our perceptions of these extinct predators.Read more...
Tags: Science, Dinosaurs, New Mexico, Raptors, Theropods, Dinosaur Evolution, Cretaceous Period, Dromaeosaurids

Jupe is a new startup aiming to address hospital room shortfalls with modular, mobile space

We’re already entering into a healthcare crisis due to the global coronavirus pandemic, and creative solutions to address shortfalls in supplies, protective equipment and more are being developed to help where possible. A new startup, with a founding team including an emergency room doctor, a crisis response expert and a public health researcher is hoping that its novel approach can help address the impending lack of space that hospitals and health care facilities will encounter. Jupe is a brand...
Tags: Startups, TC, Mobile, Texas, Science, Housing, Tech, Hospitals, Airbnb, Care, Emergency preparedness, Modular, El Paso Texas, Kasita, Jeff Wilson, Disaster Response

The Best Garbage TV to Stream After You Admit You're Not Gonna Read Shit

Whether you’re currently sheltering at home, limiting your time outdoors, or self-isolating, you’ve probably eyed that untouched stack of books in your living room as a nice possible distraction from the world. More likely, though, you’ve exhausted your favorite binge-watches and are looking for something new to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Streaming, Bad TV

Hotter Days May Leave You More Stressed, Depressed

The world is warming. That’s no secret. Extreme heat isn’t only dangerous for our physical health, though. New research shows hotter days may hurt our mental health as well.Read more...
Tags: Science, Economics, Mental Health, Extreme Heat

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